Vegan Life Live Exhibition 2019

Whilst I get ridiculously excited each time that I discover a new vegan-friendly product in my local village, you can imagine my excitement when an entire vegan exhibition descends upon London for an entire weekend! The team behind Vegan Life –  the UK’s premier vegan magazine –  creates the most fantastic hub of plant-based living at the historic Alexandra Palace.

Packed with advice, guidance and products to helps people make healthier lifestyle changes, reduce our impact on the world and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle; I find meeting the owners of the brands, sampling new products fresh to the market and deepening my understanding of health and plant-based living is invaluable. I love discovering new products, tasting new foods and watching veganism grow and evolve at such a rapid pace year on year – it’s also a great way to try to convert my carnivore boyfriend by immersing him in veganism and showing him just how deliciously health-conscious it it! Here are my top picks of the new products that I discovered this year…

Vegan Life Live Exhibition 2019

Vegums Multivitamin Gummies are carefully blended vitamins and minerals that are suitable for ages 3yrs+, tailored specifically to a plant based diet. With a mouth-wateringingly juicy natural flavour from real strawberries and a vibrant red colour made from black carrot extract they’re a delightfully pleasant way to get all of the good stuff into your diet and my children adore them! Packaged in biodegradable cellulose made from corn starch and stored in a bespoke Vegums ‘click-clack’ metal tin they’re super handy for popping into my bag to keep my family healthy on the go.

Awesome Supplements are launching their very first protein treat range and I being a peanut butter addict I simply couldn’t resist their peanut crunch bites. Awesome Supplements was created for people fed up of the bold claims, under-dosed products, rubbish tasting powders and shoddy customer service.The brand prides itself on honesty, keeping it simple, being 100% research proven and research dosed, all with an awesome taste promise and I’m pleased to see them extend their product line with these generous slices of protein-packed heaven!

Vegan Life Vegums Multivitamin Gummies & Awesome Awesome Supplements

Happy Scents create the most beautifully scented candles without using any bees wax or animal fats. Producing luxury handmade ribbon-wick scented candles, reed diffusers and wax melts, all of their products are naturally cruelty free, hand poured with love, contain no parabens and are vegan friendly. With quirky scents such as this Espresso Martini candle, there is something for every taste!

One of the hardest things about being vegan has been giving up the treats I absolutely adored – namely cheese! These Qwrkee plant-based puffs bring back fond memories of eating Wotsits as a child and are the world’s first probiotic snack. Made with a blend of gluten free plant-based flours and real vegetable seasonings, these puffs have the added benefit of over 1 billion live bio cultures in every serving which are proven to aid good digestion and gut health.

Vegan Life Happy Scents & Qwrkee Plant Based Puffs

Loving Earth are all about quality, organic, real chocolate and work with small producer communities around the world. Kind to the planet, they pride themselves on using whole food ingredients for activated breakfast cereals, organic superfoods and delicious fair trade raw organic chocolate.

Young Living use 100% organic beautifully fragranced aromatherapy oils which are grown on their very own farms and can be rolled onto wrists or smelt directly from the bottle for an instant ‘pick me up’ and  feel-good mood. Having IBS they were able to bottle up a special blend that I can roll onto my abdomen to combat a flare up and it smells and feels lovely.

Loving Earth & Young Living Lifestyle Aromatherapy

THK The Health Kitchen create artisan hand-made protein cookies to fuel the body whilst you’re on the go. If you need a guilt free healthy snack to get you through the day then look no further! I had a wonderful chat with the founder of the brand about his vision for healthy, wholesome goodness, as well as a nibble of all of the flavours available and couldn’t resist picking up one of each to take home with me.

Vegan Outfitters create cruelty free earth-friendly apparel with the most quirky, cool and uplifting slogans. Here I have their herbivore dinosaur unisex tee in navy blue and love rocking it with some skinny jeans for daytime casual wear. I’m proud to be vegan and think that this is a super cute and unimposing way to share positive vibes whilst opening up the discussion of living a plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan Life: THK The Health Kitchen Protein Cookies & Vegan Outfitters Herbivore Unisex Tee

Returning to Qwrkee and my love for their cheese puffs, they also have a fantastic range puff flavours, of vegan jerky and pea milk which deserves a mention as I came home with quite possibly their entire range. Being able to sample flavours and future products is so helpful as you can discover not only things you didn’t know existed, but also flavour variations of what you already know and love.

Made from the purest pea protein with a creamy smooth texture, the pea M’LK has been developed to match all the nutritional benefits of dairy. Lactose, nut and soy free it is high in omega 3 and protein, as well as a source of fibre, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorous and vitamins B2, B12, D and A. The Qwrkee vegan jerky is hailed as the best alternative to meat jerky, made from soy protein with a texture to match meat jerky perfectly. Available in four flavours whilst being high in both protein and dietary fibre, it is completely gluten and GM free and is my meat-eating boyfriends favourite vegan treat. I shall convert him to veganism with delicious meat-free alternatives!

Vegan Life Qwrkee

Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan or just looking for health-conscious products to contribute to a healthier lifestyle then Vegan Life Live has something for everyone. It’s incredible to meet so many likeminded people in one space, and rather than being a minority dietary requirement we suddenly become the majority.

With live cooking demonstrations, motivational speakers, fitness, nutrition, beauty and fashion choices and samples, there is always something new to discover and see. Conveniently there are 1,500 free parking spaces on site which I always take advantage of by arriving and parking up at 10am when the doors open – ready and eager to be one of the first ones in.

Vegan Life

My advice to you if you’re thinking of attending for the first time and want to discover a new, healthier way of life is to arrive early, bring a reusable carrier bag for all of the goodies you’ll want to buy and come with an empty stomach because the dairy-free handmade cakes, treats, biscuits, pastries, pies, burgers, hotdogs, waffles and curries are divine!

There is something incredible and wonderful to be discovered by everyone at Vegan Life Live, from stunning artwork and ethical clothing to naturally flavoured teas, lovingly carved wooden bowls, handmade scented candles, cruelty-free beauty products, holistic therapies, healthcare, cookery classes, holidays and wellness retreats. Bring some cash to splash out, come with an open mind and treat yourself to a better way of living – you deserve it!
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