Love Layla Valentine’s Cards

This Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to send Valentine’s cards to my children and loved ones, rather than just a partner, to remind them how much I love them and how thankful I am to have them in my life. So I’ve stocked up on Love Layla’s finest family-friendly greetings cards – and I’ll leave their hilariously naughty stuff for other couples this year!

Love Layla Valentine’s Dat Cards

Their cards are always printed on the most beautifully thick and high quality paper stock with bright and bold colours, aesthetically pleasing text and creative puns and themes for every season and special occasion.

As I’m such a hugger when showing affection, these two cards make me chuckle so much for their use of “lego” and “beary” which will no doubt cause my loved ones to laugh and roll their eyes when they open them. Happiness in an envelope!

My Favourite Cards To Send To loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to dating, I think the majority of singletons these days rely on dating apps such as Bumble to find love – I certainly have! – and so this Bumble Bae card literally made me snort out loud to myself when I saw it.

Some say they’re dad jokes, others call it an innate sense of humour, either way I know that I enjoy my jokes and puns with an extra serving of cheese and a grin so hard that it gives you crows feet! Whether you’re feeling naughty or nice there are a huge range of cards for every age and sense of humour.

Bumble Bae; Doing It For The Dating Apps!

I hope that you too can celebrate the people that you love and cherish in your life this Valentine’s Day as it’s not just for couples, but a warm reminder that we are all capable of loving and being loved in whatever shape or form that may take.

Please feel free to use the code “KISS10” for a heartfelt discount at Love Layla!
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