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The rabbit hops into Chinese New Year celebrations not just as an adorable creature, but as a vessel brimming with auspicious meaning. As one of the twelve zodiac animals, the rabbit symbolises a constellation of positive traits and brings hope for a prosperous and peaceful year.

I was born in the year of the rabbit in 1987, my very first pet was a rabbit, and my parents lovingly gave me the nickname of Bunny growing up. So when I spotted this stunning Rabbit Portrait from The Wall Art Club, it was the easiest art purchase of my life.

One of the most significant associations with the rabbit is longevity. Rabbits have long lifespans in the wild, and in Chinese folklore, they are often depicted as companions to deities associated with immortality. During Chinese New Year, rabbit imagery adorns decorations and food, reminding people to cherish good health and long life which is such a wonderful sentiment for all.

The rabbit also embodies peace and harmony. Its gentle nature and graceful movements resonate with the desire for a tranquil year after the potential turbulence of the previous one. During celebrations, lanterns in the shape of rabbits are displayed, and people exchange well-wishes for a year free from conflict and filled with understanding. To bring this into my home for all to experience and enjoy is so heart warming.

Furthermore, the rabbit represents creativity and resourcefulness. In the famous race associated with the zodiac order, the rabbit, despite not being the fastest, cleverly hitches a ride on a dragon to secure its fourth place. This cunning and adaptability inspire individuals to approach challenges with ingenuity and find elegant solutions which we may be mindful of with every glance of this beautiful artwork.

Finally, the rabbit is associated with fertility and abundance. Its rapid breeding symbolises prosperity and growth, a welcome blessing for families and businesses alike. During Chinese New Year, rabbit images are often paired with symbols of wealth and fortune, hoping to attract prosperity in the coming year which I’m sure that we can all agree we’d like to welcome into our life.

Therefore, the rabbit’s connection to my life, as well as Chinese New Year, goes far beyond aesthetics. It’s a symbol of longevity, peace, creativity, and abundance, elegantly weaving hope and optimism into the fabric of the celebrations. As we embrace the spirit of the rabbit, we invite these positive energies into our life, setting the stage for a prosperous and harmonious year ahead.

I chose to have my Vivid Atelier Rabbit Portrait print put into a black frame, in A1 size, with no mount as it already has a two inch white border around the print. It is printed onto high-quality matt 230gsm fine art paper within a FSC certified solid wood frame. Using archival-quality inks, it means that this print is resistant to fading and can enjoy a lifetime of bringing joy to my home.

The Wall Art Club welcome customers to experience unparalleled craftsmanship with their collections which are dedication to excellence in every inch of their pieces, from the flawless frames to the exquisite images housed within. Each frame is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans to ensure that a perfect display is achieved for each and every piece of art. The robust structure of each frame and its elegant design make it not just a border for the art, but an enhancement to the artwork itself and I love how it fits both strikingly and seamlessly into my minimalist home.

Printed onto luxurious matt 230gsm fine art paper, each piece of artwork boasts a smooth, high-quality texture which reflects a commitment to artistry and excellence. The heavyweight paper used in these prints exude sophistication, giving depth and intensity to the image and bringing my beautiful rabbit portrait to life with each and every stand of fur, whisker and glisten of the eye.

Vibrant, long-lasting colours are achieved by using only the finest archival inks. Renowned for their durability and rich colour payoff, each piece of art is reassuringly fade-resistant which allows it to maintain its beauty and vibrancy for many years to come without having to be hidden away or shielded from daylight.

There is an undoubted excitement surrounding receiving a new art to add to a collection, which is why The Wall Art Club enthusiastically quickly ship all unframed orders within 3 working days, and framed orders within 5 working days to bring joy to your space without the wait. Their production hubs are located in the US, UK, and EU, to ensure a quick and eco-friendly delivery without compromising on quality. This means that each piece is able to meet the highest of standards, regardless of where in the world that you are located or which hub that it’s been produced in.

I love that all framed artworks arrive conveniently ready to hang, which allowed me to transform my space instantly upon arrival. I simply opened the cardboard delivery box, peeled off the clear plastic wrap and lifted it into place so that I could stand and admire the love and light that it brought into my home.

If you want too want to experience premium art, from your fingertips to your doorstep in just a couple of clicks, then I highly recommend The Wall Art Club. I will love and cherish adding to my art collection for many years to come.

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