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Between staring at blinding screens for hours on end each day, rubbing my eyes with achy contact lenses and chasing restless sleep, come each evening my eyes are, at times, literally crying out to be thrown into a bucket of ice water for relief. Whenever I think of taking care of my eyes and the delicate skin around them, slices of chilled fresh cucumbers and eye drops instantly come to mind, but never heat!

So when I discovered this at home spa treatment from Marie Reynolds London, which focuses on heating the eyes, my interest was curiously piqued. Could this be a game changer to my beauty regime? Or shall I stick to my trusty chilled cucumbers? I guess we’re about to find out…

I firmly believe that we should be open-minded when it comes to beauty, and welcome different, new, quirky and unusual treatments into our self-care in order to achieve maximum benefits as individuals because what works wonderfully for one may not work for all and vice versa. Beauty is most definitely not a one size fits all, and so moving from the cold into the heat could be just the switch up that I need to take better care of my poor tired eyes.

What really intrigued me about this MRL Eye Spa treatment is that it’s a self-activating hot compress designed specifically for the eyes. It has been expertly created to improve stagnation and congestion of the sinus cavities as well as relieving congestion and throbbing pains from migraines, headaches and sinusitis alike. I find my eye sockets can ache and throb in and around my eyes when I’ve overworked myself, so any relief and ease of these symptoms for long and stressful days is greatly welcomed.

Backed by science, recent research concludes that applying a hot compress to the ocular surface increases retrobulbar blood flow behind the eyes and can be used to improve blood supply to this area. This simple and inexpensive at home treatment may also play a key part in the treatment of glaucoma. 

The application of warmth around the eye and surrounding area helps to pull in moisture from the surface of the skin to the deeper layers, hydrating delicate superficial fascia whilst stimulating oil glands and lipids that contribute to the tears that hydrate the eyes.

The heated mask naturally and positively influences energy on the surrounding meridian points to gently relieve migraines and headaches. Made from cotton infused with chamomile, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory actions, the eye mask consists of three layers of fabric with a patented 2mm thermostatic control middle layer. The thermostatic layer has free 12mm central area for pupil protection with surrounding areas made of innovative nano far-infrared fibres. 

Once treatment is complete, the mask is recyclable after the layers are separated and the middle layer disposed of. The non-medicated, single use masks come in a pack of five and feature spun lace non-woven fabric with elastic ear hooks, iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, water, salt and chamomile oil for the most warm and soothing at home spa treatment.

Using the eye mask could not be easier, as you peel open an individual mask sachet and instantly the mask begins to warm up when opened. Finely perforated ear straps fold out to allow you to slip the mask on, with the white fabric comfortably against your closed eyes. It’s recommended that you keep the eye mask in place for 30mins with no additional pressure required.

What a game changer this treatment was! It took all of around five minutes for me to fall fast asleep as I slid into bed, lit a candle and put on my mask, listening to a guided meditation as the beautiful warmth sunk into my eyes and soothed my sockets, lids and surrounding tissue. It felt like the most peaceful and relaxing hug, a stark contrast to the chilling shock of applying cold cucumbers which become room temperature within minutes and make my eyes water.

Whilst I was expecting applying heat to my tired eyes to be an unusual sensation that I might have to give the benefit of the doubt to in order to adjust, it was so naturally welcoming and relaxing and felt incredible. The mask warms to a gentle heat which sustains throughout the half an hour treatment and has left my eyes feeling reborn, melting away all tension and tiredness and giving me back my sparkle. It looks as though I’ll be saving my cucumbers for my salads and smoothies from now on!

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