Masturbation To Improve The Immune System

I’m no stranger to speaking out about sexual health and fitness matters on social media spanning the past several years in the media and decades of discussions with friends and social circles beforehand. Society has a plethora of taboos that nobody wants to discuss publicly, yet we all worry and fret about the very same issues behind closed doors, sometimes confiding in friends, other times searching for answers online or bottling it up and denying it entirely. Since when did burying our head in the sand get us anywhere?

Masturbation To Improve The Immune System

Whilst I love sharing my opinions, thoughts and feelings with the world I wholeheartedly encourage you to do your own research, read about world events from different sources, consider the opposing perspective, search out studies online, speak to friends and family and make up your own mind – knowledge and the ability to learn is a wonderful thing.

To celebrate the importance of masturbation for a healthy immune system I’ve teamed up with Inferno Official to create my very own sex toy which I’ll tell you more about at the end of this blog – but first the science behind it all!

The Importance Of Addressing Taboos

The problem with taboos is the lack of time and light that we give to them to firstly understand them and secondly shed light and open up a healthy debate. When we’re told not to do something, not to look at something or think about something we are rarely told why – we just know that it’s “bad” or “wrong” because. The door is slammed closed and communication non-existent as the opinions of others are forced upon us. In order to fully appreciate and understand anything in life we must first have a full perspective, healthy debate and ability to experience, or at the very least assess, all attributing factors from opposing views and variables before a true conclusion may be drawn.

We are all individuals, what one person or culture fears or dislikes others may love and delight in. We need to have the ability to understand what is best for us, regardless of what is best in the eyes of others and their motives for doing so. We should all make our own life choices in an informed and safe manner without causing harm or suffering to others, the more we experience and understand the more informed and safer those choices may be.

If we all believed everything we were ever told in life to be true without seeking the facts and meaning behind that truth then the world would be an entirely different and (more) dangerous place. The freedom of thought and speech is immensely important if we are to see the bigger picture. So now that I’ve rabbited on about why I find it so important to talk honestly about embarrassing, taboo or even shocking subjects, let’s breech the topic at hand here – pun fully intended – masturbation!

Masturbation For Sexual Wellness

Cuffing the carrot, saucing the taco, bashing the bishop, burping the worm, buffin the muffin, choking the chicken, painting the pickle and flicking the bean – whatever you choose to call it we’ve all tried it! Masturbation is a natural and normal part of life and something we need not be embarrassed nor ashamed about. We’re all adults here and can look at the purpose and point if this in a sensible and factual manner.

Sexual Pleasure Has Become More Of A Taboo In Recent Years

In a nutshell masturbation is the process of extracting sexual pleasure from touching and caressing your genitals, breasts and/or anus – something that most people choose to do in the absence of, or as foreplay before, sexual intercourse.

A study was conducted in 2018 and reported by Bustle to establish how often 18-34yr olds masturbate each week. They discovered that not everybody masturbates, but 84% had tried masturbating between the ages of 18-74yrs. Breaking down these results 92% of men had experienced masturbation versus 76% of women. Of those who masturbate, the study found 52% do it at least weekly with the average being 5.3x per week which declines with age.

Personally I masturbate 2-3x per day, basically whenever I’m in bed on days when I haven’t been sexually intimate with my partner and need a sexual release. I realise that this may seem like an extremely high amount that most women couldn’t match let alone dream of discussing or confessing. But we’re all individuals and all have different sex drives and needs at varying times of life.

I was asked to discuss my high sex drive on a television programme called “The Sex Clinic” where I was able to sit down with a sexual health expert and discuss my high sex drive and establish if I could in fact be a sex addict; in the past I’ve had partners who could not match my stamina in the bedroom and felt that I had an unhealthy need for higher quantities of pleasure than what is normal. It’s something I’d never considered before as I don’t smoke, consume alcohol frequently, gamble or take drugs so I didn’t think that I had any addiction or unhealthy traits in my behaviour, but often addicts don’t realise they have a problem until it’s diagnosed, so I agreed to a consultation.

Despite being on television, the advice and guidance that I was given is the same as any doctor, GP or health professional would provide, I hoped in sharing my situation it may help others going through the same as it had put a great strain onto my relationship at the time for my then-partner to feel that he couldn’t keep up with me. Ultimately we broke up.

To establish if my desire for pleasure was healthy, safe or acceptable we discussed how, why and when I masturbate and how it makes me feel. I find that if I don’t receive pleasure at night that I’m unable to unwind, relax and sleep as soundly as I have pent up sexual tension that keeps me alert much like drinking a coffee or energy drink.

At times when a partner wants to go to sleep without being sexually intimate I would then masturbate instead in order to relax, which can cause tension in the relationship as the partner may feel that they have been unable to please you. Equally, having a high frequency of sex at the start of a relationship which dwindles off to being far less often with time is a sticking point as a partner can feel that they’re not enough for you and can’t keep up and worry that you may seek pleasure elsewhere with somebody else. The way that I view it is that when you really love, enjoy and benefit from something it makes you want it all the more and should be taken as a compliment rather than an insult: “you’ve done such a great job can you please do some more for me!” “I really enjoyed that cake you made, perhaps I’ll have another slice because it was so good!” “I’m feeling great working out/ running/ swimming maybe I’ll do another 5mins/5reps” etc.

Having A High Sex Drive Led Me To Use Orgasms As A Way To Reduce Stress

Through speaking openly and honestly about my sexual needs with a specialist we were able to determine that I am not a sex addict, I just have a high sex drive and would be best suited in a relationship to a partner that is more on par with me rather than opposites. I do not seek other partners, I do not cheat, I do not masturbate in bizarre places and don’t feel that it controls me, I just take care of my own sexual needs if a partner doesn’t – which I’m sure is the case for most people who masturbate.

The definition of addiction is having no control over something you are doing to the point where it starts having a damaging effect on your life. I didn’t feel that this was the case for me personally, but also confessed that I can’t go without masturbating without it interfering on my ability to destress, relax and unwind. The specialist told me that was perfectly normal, just as we can’t go without sleep, food or water and those aren’t an addiction unless they start to be consumed unhealthily in excess such as laying in bed all day and missing work, alcoholism and obesity which go on to damage our health and prevent us from living our life in a normal manner.

We established that I have a very busy and responsible life for which I use masturbation, pleasure and orgasms to de-stress relax and unwind whilst others may perhaps choose to have a glass of wine, smoke a cigarette, read a book, listen to music or play a computer game instead. It’s a case of different strokes for different folks!

The Health Benefits Of Masturbation

Now that we’ve established masturbation – even in high frequency – is safe, healthy and acceptable let’s take a look at the health benefits of masturbation:

  • releases sexual tension
  • you become more in tune with your body
  • improves your heart health
  • helps you to sleep better
  • reduces the risk of prostrate cancer
  • strengthens the pelvic floor
  • reduces risk of vaginal infection
  • increases your immune function

Whilst it’s not a replacement for exercise, masturbation gets the heart and blood pumping which can contribute to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and weight gain and is something enjoyable that can supplement a healthy lifestyle. After we orgasm we are bathed in endorphins and oxytocin which is a feel good hormone our body releases to help us to sleep more easily and achieve a deeper quality of sleep.

Following ejaculation men flush toxins from the body that have been stored, thereby reducing the risk of prostrate cancer with a Harvard Health Professionals study discovering those who ejaculate 21x or more each month experienced a 33% lower risk of prostrate cancer compared to those who ejaculate 4-7x per month.

The pelvic floor is a very important muscle that we often overlook and is especially important with age as contractions that are caused by orgasms help to strengthen the muscle which in turn helps to improve urinary issues, incontinence and erectile function. Likewise, the tenting of a woman’s cervix which happens during orgasm helps to reduce cervical infections and UTI’s.

At the point of orgasm cortisol is released naturally by the body which stimulates immune function and helps to ward off colds and flu as well as contributing to our defence against illness and disease.

Masturbation is a great was to receive and enjoy many health benefits with or without having a partner as you are free and able to reduce your stress levels, enjoy pleasure and boost your mood. The more in-tune you are with your body the more confident, accepting and in control of your life you become, which can have a very positive and uplifting affect on all that you do.

The Impact Of Stress On The Immune System

We established that I use self-pleasure and masturbation as a key factor to reducing stress in my life so let’s take a look at why stress plays such a key part in our body’s immune system.

In a nutshells, when we are stressed our ability to fight off antigens is reduced by the immune system and we become more susceptible to infections which is caused by the stress hormone corticosteroid that is released in times of worry, anxiety and upset; lowering the number of lymphocytes and suppressing the effectiveness of the immune system means that we are more likely to become sick and weak.

Times that this has been most present in my life is during a stressful breakup in a relationship where I’m unable to eat or sleep, I can’t think or focus on things properly, I cry, my nose becomes blocked, I feel weak and develop mouth ulcers – to the point where I can’t get out of bed and need to rest up and recover. Yet when I’ve parted ways with a partner without stress, on mutual terms feeling good about the decision I haven’t been stressed or upset, I’ve continued to eat, train, masturbate, see my friends etc. and my immune system is such as strong and effective as always.

We often experience stress throughout our days whether it’s dealing with a family, having deadlines at work, rushing to make appointments, feeling uneasy in social situations, having bills to pay, worrying about things outside of our control or not being able to do the things that we like often enough. Burning the candle at both ends, having an endless to-do list and not getting enough time to yourself can all contribute to stress on a daily basis which can both initially impact and have long-term effects of lowering your immune system. Considering our immune systems are under threat from the Covid19 pandemic we really need to get our stress levels under control!

Other Ways To Boost Your Immune System

There are many ways to reduce stress and boost the immune system, not just through masturbation, orgasms and pleasure, but it’s certainly a great addition to a healthy active lifestyle. Some other ways that you can strengthen your immune system include:

  • take a daily multivitamin / consume semen
  • quit smoking
  • eat more fruit and vegetables
  • exercise regularly
  • reduce your alcohol intake
  • get adequate sleep
  • improve your personal hygiene and cleanliness
  • reduce stress by doing more things that you enjoy

Introducing The Tracy Kiss Finisher

Finally, after dousing you in information about heath and food for thought about the immune system and stress allow me to introduce my very own sexy toy! I’m so excited to launch this to you as may already know that I am a keen advocate for sexual health, wellbeing and body confidence.

Masturbation is a key part of my day and keeps me smiling from ear to ear, a spring in my step and my stress levels blissfully reduced in order to be fit, healthy and happy in body mind and soul. Whilst sexual intercourse with a partner is my preferred method of pleasure, during masturbation I find that sex toys are a very effective and exciting way to achieve climax.

I’ve teamed up with Inferno Official to create the Tracy Kiss Finisher which allows men to experience ten kinds of pleasure at the simple press of a button. Made with the double stimulus of peristalsis sucking and elastic expansion this sex toy has been expertly designed to replicate the intense sensation of intercourse.

Completely waterproof and easy to wash, it is made from silica gel and has a vibration mode of 3 speeds and 7 frequencies complete with a charger for maximum pleasure and duration, oh and it’s based upon my vagina!

I’ve spoken in the past about my female circumcision in the media and on television and even appeared in Vogue to encourage girls and women alike from across the world to embrace, understand and make fully informed choices about their own body. Having a sex toy based upon my own body is such an empowering experience for me and I find it excitingly fascinating.

I made my media debut at the age of 18yrs old when I became a glamour model and page 3 star in a time when topless women in newspapers and bikini clad models in magazines were celebrated and highly desirable. For me, my self acceptance and comfort in my own skin has remained firmly in place throughout the years whilst society has gradually drawn the curtains on body confidence and driven the act of self-pleasure underground, instead making people feel wholeheartedly ashamed and embarrassed for being anything less than perfect and abnormal and dirty for discussing sex – how ridiculous!

Now moreso than ever we should have the freedom to speak openly and honestly, to have our voices heard via social media without the fear of judgement for being an individual or in the minority of social norms.

Having celebrated my glamour career since my teens, I continue to enjoy capturing and creating pictures and videos to celebrate and empower the female form even after having my two children. I hope in sharing my journey through life that I can normalise body confidence and make others understand that loving yourself isn’t a conceited or stuck up thing to do, but wholeheartedly necessary to achieve in order to have a positive quality of life. Being unashamedly yourself, eating nutritious food, exercising often and masturbating regularly to reduce stress can take care of every aspect of the body mind and soul in order to make your days positive, most effective and healthy.

Sharing my bikini and lingerie pictures and videos online to the world via my Onlyfans and Modelling Site not only allows me the freedom to express myself creatively by doing something I love and choose, but it’s also allowed me to raise a young family single-handedly and give them a good life. Regardless of whether it were my job or not, I would still – and have always – believe that we should love the skin that we are in and feel free and safe to express our innate needs and desires.

Equally, to know that men already use my pictures and videos to masturbate too and that is something that I feel incredibly uplifted by. I already experience the feel-good qualities and health benefits of masturbating by myself or with a partner, but to know that you have given pleasure to another person in a different part of the world and contributed to their happiness and wellbeing makes it all the more sweeter. Just as doctors give health advice, personal trainers fitness advice, nutritionists dietary advice and even teachers educational material, I believe giving the gift of pleasure is just as important for our sexual health and wellbeing and needs to be discusses and addressed far more frequently as a part of mental health.

I supposed not every mother or even woman would feel very comfortable wearing a bikini on a beach, let alone posting saucy pictures online for strangers to see or having their genitals fashioned into a masturbation device – but then guess I must not be like many other women and I’m ok with that. I’ve long since made peace with my body, my mind and my soul and live my life wonderfully upbeat, happy, healthy and filled with orgasms rather than the tense, uptight, stressy and angry Karen’s that come storming down the road to collect their screaming children from the school gates.

If we were all to masturbate a little more, stress a little less, lighten up, speak our mind and have more fun the world would be a much brighter and beautiful place and experience for all. Whilst I already know that my higher-than-average sex drive has attributed to my life choices and career I wouldn’t change it for a second! I’m immensely happy with the way that I am. I’m happy that pleasure can offset stress and keep me fit and healthy with my mental health on track and most importantly I’m happy to know that I can share the same sensations of pleasure and impact its many benefits onto millions of people across the world who I never would have otherwise known!

You can purchase the Tracy Kiss Finisher here!

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  • Hi Tracy saw your article in the daily star and felt I just had to say thank you for reading this topic as I can totally relate to what you are saying about masturbation and have always felt I was a sex addict. In a similar way I can’t go to bed without stimulation and find it hard to keep my hands off my penis Two or three times a day. Hope you don’t mind me admitting That I have used your pictures to masturbate over. Just reading your comments I feel like a weight has been lifted and maybe I’m not an addict and just have a high sex drive like you thanks for discussing this taboo subject.

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