Self Healing Diet: By Brian Clement & Anna Marie Clement

When I heard about the Self Healing Diet by Brian Clement and Anna Marie Clement book signing coming to London I immediately booked my 15yr old daughter Millisent and I first row seats. As a mother I feel that it is important to introduce a healthy foundation for our children from a young age to prevent them from falling foul of preventable illnesses and diseases caused by a poor diet, a lack of nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

Focusing on the actions of millions of people worldwide today who follow an unhealthy lifestyle, attract illness, disease, premature ageing, chronic malnutrition and life-threatening obesity into their lives, Brian and Anna Marie highlight the connection between lifestyle and wellbeing which is profoundly misunderstood in society where cheap convenience foods and TV screens are King.

(L) The Self Healing Diet: By Brian Clement & Anna Marie Clement (R) Millisent Kiss, Brian Clement, Tracy Kiss

Backed by scientific research, this book explores how our environment and lifestyle directly impact our health, longevity and the wider planet as a whole. As a fellow vegan, a massive amount of what this wonderful couple talk about resonates so deeply with me, and the rest? I am yet to learn! If you asked me to compare and contrast Brian to others who are in their 70’s then it’s clear that he is living proof that his actions in life speak just as loud as his words. He is an incredibly vibrant, youthful fountain of knowledge surrounding health and wellbeing that we can all learn such an enormous amount from to better our quality of life and increase our life expectancy.

Centred upon vitality and wellbeing, this presentation discussed nutritional and therapeutic protocols whilst encouraging the audience to embrace the life that you’ve always deserved and desired, captured beautifully within these pages for all to experience at home.

I Had My Copy Of The Self Healing Diet Signed By Brian Clement

Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N. leads a global mission to transform how people think about their lives, raise consciousness and show respect and compassion for ourselves and our precious planet. To be within a room filled with like-minded individuals, asking questions, seeking answers and challenging the beliefs of over-eating instilled in us from a young age from generations who rationed their food versus todays confectionary and fast food establishments who purposely create unhealthy addictions for profit – this event was a breath of fresh air to the soul.

At the young age of 20 years old, Brian embarked upon his journey with a degree in biochemistry and a free-thinking inquisitive mindset; guided and mentored by such great minds, he was inspired to embrace a living food, plant-based diet. Co-founder and director of Hippocrates Wellness, Ann Wigmore, battled with stage 4 colon cancer which guided her to embrace living foods where she experienced the miraculous, restorative power of wheatgrass juice, vitamins and enzyme-rich foods, as she started to heal herself through her new lifestyle.

Brian Clement At The London 2023 Self Healing Diet Book Signing

Brian Clement Ph.D, L.N. was joined by his lovely wife Anna Maria Clement Ph.D, L.N. in Marble Arch, London, for this exclusive event where they spoke for 3hrs about the ‘Self-Healing Mission’ and shared over 60 years of knowledge and insight regarding the connection between what we eat and our health; highlighting the harmful impact of many commonly consumed foods and how we can revolutionise our long-term health through our diets.

I became vegetarian at the age of 5yrs, having had a severe dislike for meat and dairy from as early as I can remember. I formally identified as vegan in my 20’s when I realised what my diet was socially classified as. Around this time my dairy and gluten intolerance was discovered which may explain why I have naturally avoided all animal products since childhood, directly against the wishes of my family, without knowing the scientific reason until now. Throughout my life I have simply listened to my body and consumed what made me feel the most healthy and energetic, avoiding foods which caused me discomfort. To hear this supportive plant-based message is so heart warming and I hope that these words will reach far and wide to improve the lives of so many across the world.

Brian Clement & Anna Marie Clement London 2023 Self Healing Diet

Throughout their distinguished careers, Brian and Anna Maria have supported many influential names, including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Kenny Loggins, Elle Macpherson, Venus and Serena Williams, Vanilla Ice, Rebel Wilson, Olivia Newton-John, Heather Mills, Mick Fleetwood and Edgar Mitchell to name but a few. To be in their presence and witness their journey was awe inspiring to say the least.

Millisent 15yrs says: “It was interesting to see a different point of view from what the media and advertising shows us, which made me think about the importance of diet and how we live which can prolong our lives if followed correctly. Teenagers just don’t talk about these things, but we should. Health is everything.”

I highly recommend this book to everybody who wants to live. To create, celebrate and thrive upon a higher quality of life and to enjoy the miracle of life with a body, mind and soul that works with us rather than against us. I’m wholeheartedly planning to be healthy, active and hold onto my faculties well into my old age whilst others continue to stare into screens, dwell on aches and pains and see age as fragility rather than a blessing and opportunity.
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