5 Ways To Use Wood To Complement Your Home

There are so many home improvement projects you can undertake to create an atmosphere you want; using wood is one of them regardless of your modern or antique style home. However, homeowners usually face the problem of using wood tones and furnishings to create the natural yet eclectic look they want. If the idea of using wood in your home decor intimidates and confuses you, here are some tips that should help.

Choose the right wood tones for your home

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For wood to complement the design of your home, you should have them in the right shades. The choice of flooring depends mainly on what you like, as floors are more versatile. But your choice can end up changing the look of your room, whether positively or negatively. You can achieve a positive outcome but mixing a couple of tones. For example, if you have a dark-toned floor, opt for light-toned furniture – and vice versa.

Create a buffer

Although having a room of wood furnishings can be unique, it may give the space a dull appeal. However, this can be fixed. All you need to do is to create a buffer – something that sort serves as punctuation between two wood mixes or finishes. For example, you can use a beautiful rug as a buffer between your flooring and wooden furniture to help break the monotony. 

Don’t do too much

There is always such a thing as too much wood, so do not go overboard. So, if you are a lover of wood finishes, be careful not to put too much wooden furniture into one space. Doing this will not only lead to the monotonous setting, which you would want to avoid, but it will also lead to an interior decor that is merely a faux pas. In short, moderation is the key here.

Choose a dominant wooden piece

As already mentioned, it is vital not to do too much when mixing wood. One way of preventing this is by choosing one piece of furniture that offers a dominant wooden tone. You can go on to complement this by creating a matching pattern on the floor, as this will give it an added effect. For example, you can try combining laced-tone furniture and unique wooden Venetian blinds. S:Craft offers a variety of binds that would add to make your space more beautiful. Visit their online store on https://www.s-craft.co.uk/

Add a bit of colour

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You can never go wrong when you combine your wooden furnishings with white surfaces. From white walls to white curtains and rugs, these two elements always go well together. Adding some white to a room is useful in breaking the tackiness that having various wooden furniture causes. Alternatively, you can also create the right balance by mixing wooden furniture with different tones. For example, you can match walnut wood flooring or oak-finished furniture with dark wooden walls to create different styles. You can also add a bit of colour in the form of an indoor plant to break things up a little.


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