9 Must-Haves For A Spa Bathroom At Home

Our home is where we feel most comfortable; after all, it has everything we need under one roof. Plus, entertainment and relaxation at home are a lot cheaper than say a trip to the movies, dining out a restaurant, or going to the spa for a day. 

For these reasons and many more, it makes sense to design and kit your home out with the surroundings and things you most enjoy. 

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For this post, we’ll look at a few ways you can turn your bathroom into your very own spa room! To help you make a space that allows you to relax and recharge.

Calming Colours 

You’ll have noticed that spas tend to be decorated in soothing tones that induce warm fuzzy feelings and relaxation. Are the colours and textures in your room spa-worthy? 

If they’re not, consider painting or choosing new bathroom wall panels in neutral tones to decorate the walls. And try to steer clear of garish or cold colours. For instance, white walls can appear quite sterile and cold. Whereas blush pink, on the other hand, or beige, is much more warming, inviting and relaxing. Making these colours ideal for your spa room in your home.

Warm Lighting

Dim lighting is a crucial part of creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. And so to achieve a low level, warm lighting there are a few things you can do. 

Firstly changing fluorescent, white lights for warm light bulbs shall help. This will help you avoid bright, white, lighting – which tends to motivate us to feel active and wide awake. Warm lighting is much easier on the eyes and will help you feel more relaxed. 

Plus, think about installing a dimmer switch for the bathroom. It’ll enable you to turn down the lighting when you’re ready for your at-home spa. Dim, warm lighting is perfect for creating calm space.


Corner shelving with trailing ivy, small smart Ikea style pots with faux greener, or a large stone pot with a big banana plant in; there’s plenty of different greenery that’ll work in your bathroom. 

The reason why nature is so vital in your spa is because greenery induces happy feelings, enabling you to destress and unwind with ease.

Relaxing Aromas 

Candles, incense or bath oils are an inexpensive way to add a spa-like aroma to the atmosphere. To ease tension and worry during your self-care session in your spa room, the following scents can help:

  • Orange
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Rosemary
  • Ylang ylang
  • Lemon

Cushy Bathroom Linen

For a bit of luxury, invest in some thick, cotton-rich bathroom linen to give you additional comfort during your at-home spa. Think about buying a soft, comfy bath mat, oversized towels for after your bath. And of course, don’t forget a quality made, long, cuddly robe to wrap up in when you’ve completed your spa treatments.

Bath Board

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Rather than needing to get in and out of the bath to find your spa related goodies, buy a bath board! It sits across the middle section of the tub, and it can hold the pot of face mask you’re going to use, your nail brush, jade roller, and your Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Waterproof Radio 

Music makes all the difference when you’re trying to relax in your at-home spa. But you’re right to feel cautious about fixing up your stereo in the wet room. Luckily there are devices that you can take into the bathroom, and stick to the bathroom tiles. They’re entirely safe around water, and you can leave them in your at-home spa permanently. Waterproof radios are available online and instore.

Rainfall Shower Head

After your bath, some people prefer to rinse off with a nice hot shower to remove any excess conditioner and body wash. To gain the full spa experience, why not buy a showerhead often associated with luxury spa experiences – a rainfall showerhead! 

Glass of wine 

There’s one more thing your bath board will come in handy for, holding a much-deserved glass of wine. Be sure to order your favourite drink before your planned spa appointment, to sip away at while you enjoy your relaxing pamper session at home. Wine is the cherry on top that can help you achieve full relaxation. 

From those focused on their career, studies or taking care of their family, everyone needs time to relax, unwind, and let go of any stress and negativity. Taking a moment to step back, refresh and get back on top of your game is essential. 

While a spa day away can be expensive, an at-home spa day isn’t. With the tips above, you can have an affordable spa experience in your bathroom. Chances are after you’ve purchased your spa must-haves above; you’ll want to use your bathroom a lot more often. 


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