Summer Is Here!

This week seems to have been a bit of a write-off as I’ve spent the majority of it highly medicated in bed resting up following my breast reconstruction surgery after liposuction to my hips and stomach. I’m thankfully healing well, but possibly the world’s worst person to be told to sit still and do nothing, and if it wasn’t for the horrible pain and tenderness you can be sure I’d have been climbing the walls by now with boredom.

I’ve literally been in a zombie like daze for an entire week now as I’m constantly medicated and on antibiotics to ensure that the fat taken from my body has a chance to knit into my chest and establish a food and blood supply to replace my breast tissue. Fingers crossed my wounds will heal quickly and this is the end of my going under the knife, but if it doesn’t take properly then I’ll be back in hospital for round three! Gulp!

The Holes In My Chest From Where My Body Fat Was Injected To Replace My Breast Tissue

The Holes In My Chest From Where My Body Fat Was Injected To Replace My Breast Tissue

I was disappointed to have a phone call from the police a few days ago regarding the hit-and-run driver who damaged my car in a car park in town whilst I was shopping a few weeks ago. It seems after being caught red-handed and the threat of prosecution under five counts of breaking the law, the driver of the offending vehicle is now denying hitting my car at all and claims they were only in the area at the time but didn’t hit me. Oh no you didn’t! Fortunately the supermarket, witness and police are on my side as well as my insurance company to stop the weasel from shrugging it off and if this means that it goes to court then bring it on. If it’s possible to stoop any lower than hitting someones car and driving off, then denying it and trying to run away is surely the lowest of the low and unfortunately for them I’m not in the mood for forgiveness. What has happened to our justice system? I’m considering making myself a bright pink latex costume to wear under my ordinary clothes a la superman style for occasions such as these. Possible superhero names on the back of a postcard please; I’m swaying towards the idea of JusticeKiss!

As summer is now well underway I love waking up to the blinding bright sunshine pouring through the window and pretty little birds singing; it gives me such an effervescent zest for life and I feel like I can take on the world. Just the thought of a beautiful hot day, people smiling and the perfume of the flowers makes everything seem so much more attractive, even if it’s just taking out the bins, I don’t mind wheeling rubbish down the street so long as it’s sunny. And the sun has a lot to answer for, it feeds us with UV light and vitamin D and improves our mood and emotion, we all need sunshine to balance out the darkness. Life really is about striking a happy balance, not just physically but emotionally and metaphysically as well. Whatever we do in life we have to find balance and equality, if we lean too far one way we will overindulge or lean too little and we’re likely to perish.

I was born in October for which my 26th birthday is shortly approaching, and as a Libran I like to think I’m fairly level headed with everything that I undertake. Out of curiosity I decided to check my horoscope and personality trait for Libra and can’t believe what I found, or rather I can believe it because it’s so me! The strange thing is, Luca is also Libran and we are so different we’re almost poles apart, but extremely similar at the same time. It’s as if we’re the direct opposite of each other but both like the same things and know how to balance one another out. Like ying is to yang. Love and hate. Bill and Ben. Ha.

The Scales are the symbol for Libra, representing their strong sense of justice and fair play. If you are a Libran harmony is of key importance to you. You have a dislike of discord, tension, cruelty and injustice and your humanitarian nature will encourage cooperation and peace in your environment. However, if ever injustices do occur you’d be the first to fight on behalf of the victim. Generally however, the Libra is patient and easy-going. Occasionally, you can be quick to anger. Oh yes, not only do I want world peace and to save the planet, but I hate seeing others bullied and refuse to let it happen on my watch.

With the sun in Libra in your horoscope, despite your need for harmonious relationships, you can also be independent. The Libra’s friendships are important and you’re apt to be honest and trustworthy. But you are nobody’s fool! A Libra will have a keen sense of perception and being able to judge wisely, you’ll be aware when someone tries to take advantage of your generous nature. You’ll just have your own more subtle ways of dealing with these people rather than encouraging an open confrontation! Naturally I can’t help but go all out to help those that I love and care about, but when I’m crossed then revenge is definitely a dish best served cold after consideration and patience!

The Libra can be surprisingly vain. You love to be loved and tactful persuasion, you are well aware, will win others over to your way of thinking. However the Libra’s main concern is the need to please and to avoid unpleasantness. I learnt about vanity the hard way in life, being bullied for being ugly as a child, becoming a glamour model as a teenager and my whole life revolving around my appearance to now being a hectic mum of two and disregarding my needs. Vanity was certainly vital before I became a parent, like all teenagers you do become self-obsessed, everything is me me me, I want this, I need that, I’m not happy etc. But having become a parent I’ve learnt to put others first, think of what my children need over that of myself and eventually as they grow and become more independent I’m getting my time back and can pamper myself once again. Without having been bullied over my appearance I would possibly have never discovered vanity, self awareness and what makes me truly happy with my body so in a way it’s been a double edged sword for me, but one that I had to discover. I like to think I’ve found my balance now as I neither cake myself in makeup nor let myself completely go, I like to think of my appearance as fairly natural.

You are not a meek little lamb. You may try, during your life, to avoid harsh, violent and filthy situations but, when the need arises, the Libra can show a huge amount of stamina. As much as I try to keep the world running and all the plates spinning, when it undoubtedly comes crashing down I’ve learnt to do and say something about it. You can’t go on through your entire life trying to please everyone because it will never happen. You are guaranteed to offend or displease others which whatever actions you take in life, either directly, indirectly or through others making your private life their own business. So the only way to keep a sane head is to stand up for yourself, voice your opinion and if it means shouting then by God you have to shout. Up until a few years ago I would never dream of having a screaming hissy fit, but I’m a mother of two now, my life is hectic, nothing is handed to me on a plate and I don’t have time for silliness so I won’t stand for it. I am a strong and dominant female and I will not be walked over by anybody.

The Libra is generally easy-going with such a strong need for harmony, that no matter where you are, you should try to avoid circumstances which may result in stress. You enjoy light sports and dancing; such pursuits being beneficial to your physical health. Overdoing things can perhaps lead to nervous strain, so this should also be avoided by the Libra whenever possible. Well I’d beg to differ here, as even though I don’t welcome stress it always seems to find me because I literally stack myself up like a pack horse with chores and tasks and push myself to do and achieve more. I’m rubbish at dancing but I do like sports and keeping fit, having an active lifestyle leads to a peaceful and controlled mind so I start from within and focus on my health and fitness first.

Your appreciation of beauty encourages an excellent dress-sense. You’ll have clear awareness of which colour suits you best and which colours to avoid. You have quite expensive tastes but you’re not a one to overdo things. You do, however, enjoy your little luxuries and money tends to burn a hole in your pocket.I think since becoming a mum I’ve kind of wandered off the path of fashion and fallen into the comfort bucket at the end of the washing line. But I guess whenever we have an event or special occasion to go to I always pull out the classic card and put on a LBD where you can’t really go wrong. I love the things that I love, which do happen to be designer and quirky, not for the money but more for the style, possibly from my diploma in Interior Design. And like anyone I probably have a few cheeky purchases that you can’t justify in everyday life, like my £300 reading lamp!

In a relationship, = as mentioned before, the Libra will seek harmony. Though unfortunately you don’t always get this especially if you have to deal with a jealous partner. The Libra is prone to getting hurt in romance when your romantic ideals sometimes prevent you from seeing the wolf beneath the sheep’s clothing. I have to admit I’m not the best person to be in a relationship with. A small part of me still resents how I’ve been treated and hurt by boyfriends in the past and I’ve become extremely independent to avoid it happening again. I daydream about romance and an idyllic marriage like something out of a movie because it’s the perfection we all deserve; but in reality I’m happy for what I have, Luca is my chalk and I am his cheese, we have our own balance and can’t ever be accused of being sickeningly overly sweet lovey dovey saps! But I do like a nice cuddle.

And as summer is drawing ever closer it’s also a time to feel good. I love how the sun gives me a golden glow and hides the dark circles that lurk under my eyes so that I look vaguely human and/or healthy for a few weeks of the year at least, I may even trick people into thinking I sleep too. But as far as summer fashion goes I’m so rubbish at knowing what to wear, and I mean shockingly rubbish to the point of the fashion police having me on speed dial. As soon as it gets hot I sweat like a pig in cling film on a windowsill and feel so incredibly uncomfortable in all of my clothes; I believe it’s down to my insanely hot blood that I can’t stand to wear closed over tops and jeans on a warm day, but equally wearing something revealing when you’re white, soft, pasty and pale is just as terrifying.

My hair also loves to abuse me in the sun, it looks for any excuse to have a dig at me and pounce into a frizzy thatch or wispy, curly mess springing out from around my ears, defying gravity and kinking on top of my head like a prematurely groomed pubic chicken. I would love to have smooth glossy hair that just stays where it should and looks amazing and tumbles to my shoulder and cascades around my face when I sweep it back and people fall as strangers fall at my feet in awe and profess their undying love for my hair care products. In reality I resemble a box of microwave McCain Homefry’s that haven’t cooked properly and always look unfinished and unappetising, despite the several hours I’ve spent washing, conditioning, blow-drying, straightening and fixing into place. Perhaps I’ll have to invest in a giant set of hair straighteners and fifty cans of hairspray or maybe just a wig?

And why is it whenever I decide to get my legs out in a pair of shorts, as I hardly ever wear a skirt for fear of underwear exposure, my thighs always seem to stow away a long stray hair that I don’t notice until I’m out in public without the assistance of my tweezers. It’s ridiculous, even when I spend twenty minutes in the shower shaving my legs, as soon as I’m out in public with the sun at the same time my kneecaps deliberately reveal a sprig of stray hairs or a suspiciously low looking pube on the back of my thigh that even I have to question. How is this possible? I nearly always end up leaving a stubble patch at the bottom of my shin, which equally drives me insane and leaves me crossing my legs at awkward angles to cover it up as I’m forever trying to deflect people from looking down at my feet just incase they spot it.

Also when I try to walk in sunglasses I have the whole John Cleese thing going on where I unexplainably stomp and lift my knees really high because it feels as though my peripheral vision is thrown outwards and I’m walking below ground. So rather than walk like an army cadet in dark glasses, I squint my way through the day instead and crack the foundation around my eyes which barely masks my dark circles because I’ve screwed my face up way too much from trying to shelter out the sun. Any eyeliner or mascara craves its chance to dab itself onto the bottom of my eye and panda-print itself around the top of my cheek much to my surprise, and my summer shimmer lipgloss gathers either in the corners of my mouth like balls of spit on a camel or between my two front teeth which I embarrassingly lick off in a lump unexpectedly during mid conversation to someone and gag as I swallow. I seriously think my makeup hates me and my body resists summer at every turn possible, but despite this, it only serves to make me fight harder and soldier on to venture out on a sunny day. Summer is my unwilling friend, but a friend nonetheless and I love nothing more than being outdoors. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t love me back!

So anybody who has some essential summer beauty tips and tricks, please feel free to drop me a comment below because sister I need them!

On the other hand, summer loves my beautiful children and their giggles and smiles, toys and teddybears explode across my garden filling it with love and colour and I stand on my decking with a glass of chilled juice and smile as I survey my kingdom.

Millie And Gabriele Playing In The Garden

Millie And Gabriele Playing In The Garden

Millie is naturally the garden maiden, swooping around the flowers and bumblebees with daisies in her hair, singing sweetly to the birds and showing little Gabriele the wonders of the minibeasts she finds along the way. She is perfectly equipped for the garden; her hair is beautifully conditioned and falls naturally into soft curls, her feet are delicate and petite and don’t look like bent meat shovels when she tiptoes gracefully across the grass, and the rabbits and guinea pig run over to her when she brings them carrots and apples.

Gabriele Loves Playing With Tubs Of Water In The Garden On A Hot Day

Gabriele Loves Playing With Tubs Of Water In The Garden On A Hot Day

And Gabriele is undoubtedly the protector of the garden, the brave hero and fearless warrior. He concocts potions of tap water and grass, splishing and splashing with teaspoons, cups and saucepans and squealing his call to war as he stands proud at the edge of the grass in just a nappy and dripping wet face unable to contain his infectious grin and ten shiny white teeth.

My little angels, they melt my heart in every way possible and never cease to amaze me with their imagination and creativity. Which in turn pushes me to try harder and achieve more and show them the wonders of the world, to be thankful for the amazing opportunity we have all been given in life and to make the most of every second we spend together.

For me the summer is a time to see the world at its best, people at their happiest and life at its brightest. And who could want for more in life than a bundle on the grass from your two favourite superhero’s!?

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