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This week has been a fun and eventful one. We did our first ever murdery mystery tour in Berkhamsted which was great fun walking through the beautiful parks, down the serene canal and shopping on the old cobbled streets of Berko. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and when we returned home several hours later I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open; I’d walked so much, shopped myself out and ate for England, so laying face down on the bed fully clothed and snoring like a caveman was a lovely little treat indeed.

When I had Millie almost six years ago now I gave up my career as a model and TV personality to become a teenage single parent and it was a hell of a reality check to face up to my responsibilities and end a job that I absolutely adored and thrived on. But I did what was best for my daughter, I dropped everything and gave her my all, working evenings and weekends so that I could raise her in the best possible way whilst studying for a diploma, enrolling on business courses and founding my children’s company Dizkis. As I’ve now had my two beautiful children and given them the best start in life and an upbringing that I am very proud of, I now feel that the time has come for me to dabble once more in the entertainment industry and pick up from where I left off six years ago.

Filming As A Blog Writer With Ruth Watson (The Hotel Inspector) For Channel 4

Filming As A Blog Writer With Ruth Watson (The Hotel Inspector) For Channel 4

I had a lovely morning filming with Ruth Watson earlier this week for a new business rescue series on Channel 4. Excuse me whilst I pat myself on the back, straighten my cufflinks and adjust my silk tie, ahem, as a recognised blog writer and TV personality I was invited to bring my two-cents to the table over a business establishment needing marketing advice in the hope of upping it’s trade and maximising profit. Sorry, did you hear that? I was blowing the little brass trumpet I keep in my pocket just then. I’m shooting for five television stations this month, a magazine and a tv advert, yes, I know I go in at the deep end but you know what they say… Fish go deep! And also you can go deep or go home!? What either of them has to do with anything is beyond me, but like the trusty salmon I’m not afraid to swim upstream and work hard. I did however have to move my second eyeliner tattoo appointment back a week as I’m filming for the Lee Mack show in a few days time and didn’t want to look like a puffy panda! So as and when my features go to air and print I will keep you advised, in the mean time mum is the word, literally, so I’ll say no more and twiddle an invisible moustache instead in anticipation. Hmm.

My new breasts are healing fantastically (I can now inform you that I had them replaced on camera for a surgery show on the Discovery Channel) ooh, what a dark little horse I am, I know! But I’m grateful that the pain has subsided as my stitches munch their way together strengthening my scars and hopefully healing over so that I can soon get measured for a normal bra and find out my new cup size. As ever I am sat here clapping my hands like a wind up monkey with pure excitement over finding out my new bra size and finally wearing some pretty underwear. Hopefully in a few weeks time I will be given the all clear from my surgeon and brave the thought of wearing underwiring again because God knows my breasts are large and gravity is not a woman’s friend, so rather than having snoopy boobies in ten years time I’d like to keep these pert puppies properly supported from the get go.

Luca And I Had A Wonderful Dinner At The Riva In Gravesend

Luca And I Had A Wonderful Dinner At The Riva In Gravesend

Luca and I had an evening out as part of my business reviewing at the Riva in Gravesend. It was a bit of a drive on the North Circular past London to the docks out over the sea, but totally breath taking as we arrived late evening as the sun was just setting and the water glistened peacefully below the enormous ferries and cargo ships lit up like Christmas trees coming into dock. Business reviewing is something that I love doing, helping others and putting my skills to good use at the same time, and if it means visiting amazing places and sampling great products and services, well then that’s just an added bonus!

My First Outing In Shorts This Year

My First Outing In Shorts This Year

We actually had one warm day this week for the first time this year when wearing shorts was vaguely acceptable until the sun went behind the clouds and turned me into a purple goose fleeing for some jeans. Despite not having a tan nor a proper beach-body pampering yet, I braved the twenty degree elements and donned my cut-offs for a garden BBQ and had a really lovely time.

Millie And Gabriele In The Garden

Millie And Gabriele Sitting In The Garden

Millie and Gabriele loved being out in the garden, playing football, looking at the flowers and eating their ice-creams on the swinging bench. It’s lovely to see them playing and giggling together and it’s all of my dreams come true for them to be best friends and absolutely adore one another as they do. I took a few photos of Millie in the garden as she looked so adorable in her summer dress and hat, and finally got around to popping some pictures across to a few agents to see if she would like to try some children’s modelling. It’s something I’ve always thought she’d love, but I was hesitant to follow it through in the past as I didn’t think she was emotionally ready to go to work as it is, and I wanted her to enjoy being a child and not concerned with her appearance. But since becoming a big sister she has matured massively, she’s a level-headed sweet little girl and loves the camera, she enjoys making videos with me and reading children’s stories on camera so I know that she’s ready to progress to the next step.

Millie Has Her First Modelling Shoot In Regent Street In Two Weeks Time

After Taking Some Pictures Of Millie In The Garden On My Phone She Now Has Her First Modelling Shoot In Regent Street In Two Weeks Time

I had a call from a top London studio keen to train, shoot and manage Millie and when I told her she was over the moon. I would never push her to do anything she wasn’t happy with, but as she’s wanted to be a pop star for some time now I think modelling and TV work would be a great starting point for her and if she finds it fun then maybe we’ll look at some singing lessons and dance. She’s my delicate little petal and I want to give her the freedom and guiding hand to blossom and thrive, and gauging her reaction when I told her she was going to a studio in London and the ringing her excited squeal left in my ear, I think she’ll do just fine as a mini-model! 🙂

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