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  • Hi Tracy,

    I’ve been scouring the net searching for info & reviews on the BassBoomz & stumbled upon your great video review. Love it!

    Oh, I also took the liberty of reading through your About Me blog/post & I can understand how it must have felt going through what you did as I could relate to one (or more!) of the “issues”. Glad that it all finally worked out for you, like an inspirational Zero to Hero story!

    N’ways, I digress… Back to the topic. I’m in Malaysia & there is this Groupon deal happening right now & ending very soon. The price offered for the Bassboomz is I reckon, pretty darn cheap or perhaps if you prefer, an awesome value-for-money deal thingy. Well, I’m basing this on the positive reviews encountered (so far all have been positive) as I have yet to literally hear how it actually sounds like & I can’t make informed decisions & conclusions on the quality & quantity of sound of the BassBoomz vide my iPad loudspeaker! At the current exchange rate, the price of the Bassboomz here works out to approx. £26 or so!

    The expected gripe is that they are only available in 3 colours i.e. Green, Black & Silver. Just like in the BassBuds deal, of which I bought 4 pairs – 2 for me & 2 as birthday gifts – only 9 out of the 20 colours were available.

    The design concept of the BassBoomz especially that twist for bass extension is similar to my “egg” shaped speakers which I received free with the purchase of iPod Nano a few years back. I remember the egg speaker as being able to output sound a bit louder than one might reasonably expect it to considering its puny size but it had a huge appetite for battery & the sound quality wasn’t that refined again!

    Ok, in the midst of this, I have ordered the Silver one! I wanna buy 2 BassBoombs actually to double up the experience of the sound but I doubt the sound would be in stereo even if they are daisy-chained together. And I can’t decide whether to opt for the green or black & time is running & will run out soon! So Tracy, any quick advice or comments not contained in your video review??

    Oh yeah lest I forget, after watching the video, I concluded that you are really beautiful. And pretty too.. And through thorough & acute observation, I understand why you were chosen to appear in The Daily Sport!

    Cheers & regards,
    Ben Shah

    p.s. I’ve added you on FB

    • Hi Ben, sorry for the late reply! I take it by now you’ve purchased your Bassboomz and hope that you love them as much as I love mine. I would have opted for the green because the colours look beautiful in metallic and bold is always better in my books!

      I find putting the Bassboomz on a solid surface works better such as a counter top as opposed to on a box or vibratable surface (that really should be a word!) as the speaker has a lot of guts and power to it and can move if unstable.

      I hope this helps!

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