7 Cleaning Hacks for a Clutter-Free Mind: Boosting Mental Health Through Tidiness

Your home serves as a haven offering solace and tranquillity that reflects your individuality and contributes to your mental well-being.

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Therefore I’ve compiled seven cleaning tips that can have an impact on your mental health.

Understanding the Link between Clutter and Mental well-being

Have you ever wondered why something as insignificant as a pile of laundry in the corner can affect your mood significantly? Research indicates that a cluttered environment has the potential to elevate stress levels considerably.

Cleaning Tip 1: The 10-Minute Daily Tidying Routine

Let’s face it none of us have hours to spare for cleaning sessions. Fortunately, by dedicating 10 minutes each day to tidying up you’re already taking measures to minimize future stressors. Start by clearing crumbs or washing the dishes. This simple act of tidying allows your mind to reset and prepare for tasks.

Cleaning Tip 2: Simplify for Enhanced Mental Focus

Consider embracing minimalism when it comes to what you choose to display in your home. Streamline your decorations. Opt for furniture that serves the purpose of creating an illusion of spaciousness within your living space. This approach grants you a sense of freedom.

Cleaning Tip 3: The Influence of Organization and Color Coordination

Now let’s tap into our zen master.

Being organized goes beyond arranging things; it becomes a way of life. Embrace the practice of organizing, labelling and styling your shelves. You can also try trying colour coordination to bring a sense of harmony into your home.

Cleaning Tip 4: Aromatherapy and Cleaning

Imagine yourself scrubbing your kitchen counter while being surrounded by the soothing scents of lavender or invigorating citrus wafting through the air. Having a house that smells amazing instantly lifts your spirits. Puts you in the mood for cleaning.

Cleaning Tip 5: Music as a Mood Enhancer

When it comes to cleaning music truly becomes your companion. So turn on some tunes and grab your vacuum cleaner. You’ll be surprised that you can actually enjoy cleaning – including cleaning the toilet. In fact scientific studies have shown that music has an impact on our mood. Listening to our favourite songs triggers our brain to release dopamine leaving us feeling happier and more motivated to do any task.

Cleaning Tip 6: Establishing Cleaning as a Habit

Remember that consistency is key. Establishing a routine and sticking to it can have an impact on your well-being. It’s not about tidying up; it’s about making a commitment, to taking care of yourself by maintaining an organized home. Also, keeping a clean house is a form of pest control since bugs and rats aren’t that fond of clean spaces.

Cleaning Tip 7: Embrace the Help of Professionals

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when it comes to cleaning your home. Let the experts take care of the task relieving you of that stress. It may be a bit more costly; just think of it as an expense for your mental health. 


Maintaining a home is crucial for your well-being. It fosters feelings of peace, focus and motivation as you go about your routines. In this day and age safeguarding our mental health is an act of self-love.


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