Laser Tattoo Removal At NAAMA Studios

Having around 80 tattoos, it’s safe to say that I’m quite a fan of body art, however some of my tattoos have been wiser choices than others! Over the years I have had a number of cover-up tattoos to disguise old, faded, discoloured and unwanted ink at a time before permanent tattoo removal was ever thought possible. Hoorah for technological advancements!

Many still have the mindset of tattoos being for life, and as such, live with unnecessary regret for past choices when there is a safe and easy method to remove unwanted ink for good thanks to laser tattoo removal. The dots that I have on my hand have faded, blurred and discoloured dramatically over the past few years, despite having them topped up with extra ink, and as such I am having them removed via laser as the hand struggles to retain ink due to the volume of blood flow and excessive movement.

I will be documenting my journey with laser tattoo removal here in order to detail all that is involved in the process, share my progress and healing along the way, and finally reveal my before and after pictures as I’ve had so many questions from my friends and family since I mentioned I’d be removing my hand tattoos.

If you’re considering laser tattoo removal yourself then it’s important to choose a reputable studio with experienced technicians. NAAMA Studios in Great Portland Street, London where I am heading for my very first treatment is a leading provider of laser tattoo removal services and use the latest and most effective technology to achieve the very best results. Let’s hope that the results will speak for themselves!

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal breaks up the ink particles of a tattoo that are held within the skin so that it can be absorbed by the body’s immune system and removed naturally over time. The number of treatments required to remove a tattoo entirely varies depending on the size, colour, placement and age of the ink.

NAAMA Studios use the LightSense™ laser system, which is one of the most advanced laser tattoo removal systems in the world and led me to choosing to use them for my treatment. Not only is it safe, effective and more gentle on the skin than other lasers, but it is also able to remove a wide range of ink shades including black, blue, green, red and yellow. The tattoos that I am having removed are all black ink and I’ve had them for around 11yrs on my ring finger which has blurred and around 2-3yrs on my thumb and index finger which have faded.

NAAMA Studios have a team of experienced technicians who are highly qualified in laser tattoo removal, which is essential for safe and effective results. I really like how they work with each client to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your own individual needs, as we all have different skin types as well as the varying age and extent of body art which is important to take into account.

They also offer a free consultation to all potential clients, which was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the laser tattoo removal process, and to ask any questions before having my first treatment. It’s best to ask as many questions as possible when considering any type of aesthetic treatment to ensure that you have a realistic expectation of what results can be achieved, over what time span and at what cost as an individual.

Despite having having a wealth of before and results and glowing recommendations from previous customers who have travelled from far and wide to have treatment, NAAMA Studio’s prices are still competitively affordable with a variety of payment options available to make treatment accessible for all.

What To Expect Before & After Treatment:

Prior to treatment it’s best to avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before and after, which includes tanning beds and spray tans also. If you like, you can exfoliate the area around your tattoo for a few days before your treatment to assist in effective results, but it’s not compulsory.

It’s also recommended that you avoid taking any blood thinners or aspirin in the days leading up to your treatment, and drink plenty of water before and after. The cheerful technician started by taking before photos of my hand tattoos to examine and document the condition of the ink within my skin. My dots were blurry, faded and uneven and looked even worse close up on screen!

I was given a pair of dark goggles to protect my eyes from the laser as she then cleansed my skin, before using a handheld device to blow very cold air onto my hand to numb the area around my tattoos and make my treatment more comfortable. Seeing as I have dots which are 1-2mm in diameter, I knew that this would be quick and easy to treat, and from having a previous tattoo removed by laser a few years ago I was expecting it to feel very hot and sting when the laser flashes.

With my hand nicely numbed from the cold air, the laser was then positioned just above my skin and I took a deep breath in anticipation. The laser breaks up the ink particles in the skin, turning it instantly white or lighter, which will re-darken shortly after treatment to look as though nothing has changed, before being absorbed by the body’s immune system and naturally removed over time.

The technician told me that the treatment may cause me some discomfort, but most people find it to be tolerable, and the length of the treatment will vary depending on the size of each tattoo. My treatment took less than two minutes, with each zap of the laser being around half a second in duration and consisting of a warm flash to my skin which felt a bit like standing in front of a bonfire for a split second before the sensation instantly disappeared.

Compared to my previous laser tattoo removal some years ago, which was red ink on the top of my thigh, the black dots on my hand were far more comfortable to treat. I’m aware that the technology used today is far superior and some areas of the body are more or less sensitive than others. But if you can sit through having a tattoo in the first place then you can definitely cope with having it removed with this state of the art laser which was far kinder on my skin.

Following my treatment the technician applied a cooling gel to my skin and left the treated areas uncovered due to it being on my hand, as normally they would dress it before providing instructions on how to care for it at home. It’s important to keep the area clean and moist for a few days after treatment as well as avoid sun exposure and any strenuous activity.

There may be redness, swelling and blistering to the area around the tattoo which is normal and subsides within a few days, but in my case I didn’t experience any symptoms aside from redness and within an hour it looked and felt like I hadn’t had anything done.

These pictures were taken at the studio before and directly after my first laser tattoo removal treatment and the major difference was the appearance of the ink was instantly lighter, with some dots along my thumb in particular having instantly disappeared.

I was fully expecting the ink to return, as I was told is part of the healing process, so that the body can gradually break it down over the next few weeks, before I return in 21 days for my second treatment. It’s really hard to say how long this process will take as the dots on my ring finger are over a decade old and the dots on my index finger and thumb had already naturally faded as my body attempted to break them down from the day that I got them a few years ago.

The Conclusion:

I’m excited to see that my tattoos are already lighter and less noticeable and can fully understand how people just wake up one day and decide to remove an entire sleeve or back piece in order to return to blank skin after years of having tattoos. Whilst I’m still a huge fan of body art, and love all of the other pieces that I have, I’m incredibly excited to see that there is finally a comfortable, affordable and effective way to permanently remove blurry, faded and unwanted ink so that tattoos no longer have to look worn out or become unwanted with time.

I’m now taking bets on how many treatment it will take to remove my dots, and will continue to share a before and after picture here at each session. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal then I can personally recommend NAAMA Studios in Great Portland Street, London as the staff are amazing and the service is exceptional. Stay tuned for my progress!

My Second Treatment

These past three weeks have absolutely flown by and I had to do a double-take on my calendar to make sure that my next appointment was today. With the build up to Christmas I seem to blink and whole days have passed.

Whilst busying myself with work, and life in general, I haven’t been clock-watching my tattoo progression, and so when I attended my appointment today it was a great chance to reflect upon the progress made.

It’s estimated that my tattoo may take around 6 sessions to remove, which spaced at 3wks apart for recovery totals 18wks. My ink did return to a dark colour following my first session as expected, but was markedly lighter with some dots all but disappearing on my thumb which was so exciting to see so soon into my removal journey.

Today the staff used another setting on the laser to achieve the frosting, or whiteness, to the surface of my tattoo to indicate that it has been successful. The technician explained that the body can get used to the laser and so tweaking the settings as the ink changes with each session allows them to achieve maximum results in the shortest time.

Within around an hour of my treatment my tattoo colour returned to my hand as expected, but this time showed a pinkish red colour in and around some of the dots which is a sign of the ink within the skin lightening and disappearing in places which is most noticeable on my thumb.

My second session was just as quick as the first which conveniently means that it slots perfectly into my lunch break so that I could return to my day immediately after. I can’t wait to see my results in three weeks time, stay tuned!

My Third Treatment

Whilst it may seem like slow progress, there is undoubtedly process being made as my body gradually breaks down the pigment of the ink and naturally metabolises it. As you can see from the left hand side photo, before beginning my laser tattoo removal journey, compared to the right hand side photo, after treatment three, my thumb is very noticeably clearing as the rest of the ink is fading.

It’s incredibly exciting to see the tattoo all but disappear directly after treatment, due to skin frosting, which gradually creeps back over the following hours and you can be forgiven for thinking that no progress has been made. That’s why I think it’s important to take before and after photos to appreciate your progress, as well as understanding that caution must be taken not to burn or scar the skin from such powerful laser techniques.

(L) My Tattoo Before Any Treatment (R) My Tattoo After My Third Laser Tattoo Removal

Considering the clinic initially suggested my ink would take around six treatments to remove, and now I am half way if that’s the case, I believe the majority of my hand will be clear at treatment six, however the deeper, darker and older dots may take another couple zaps.

My personal estimation at this point is eight treatments for my hand to be totally clear of all ink. Considering each laser tattoo removal session takes just a few minutes, it’s well worth it to do multiple tattoos / areas at once and tidy up any faded or unwanted ink. With my fourth session booked for January 2024 it feels like the perfect way to start the new year with clear skin! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas; if you’re stuck for a gift for yourself or loved ones, why not use my discount code “TRACYKISS50” at Naama to receieve £50 off of your first laser treatment!

My Fourth Treatment

Todays treatment was slightly different to that of my previous tattoo removal sessions as I progress through my removal plan. I was in a different room with two different lasers used, with one pass given for each – so effectively two treatments in one session.

As you can see from the picture on the left, prior to my appointment, the dots on my thumb have all but disappeared as well as more noticeable fading up my finger as my dots shrink and disappear. The picture on the right here was taken 24hrs after my treatment as my hand was wrapped for protection which made it unclear to see the true colour post-laser.

(L) Directly Before My 4th Treatment (R) 24hrs After My 4th Treatment

To see redness in place of where my dots are is incredibly satisfying, as it shows that the ink is fading enough for the colour of my treated skin to now show through. This time, blood came to the surface of my skin as the laser increases in strength with each session in order for the pigment to be broken down and the body’s healing response triggered.

The first laser was similar to the others that I had in previous treatments, but made a different noise and didn’t leave behind any frosting on the skin with each zap. The same cold air was used to numb and cool the skin throughout, but this was followed by repeating my first laser tattoo removal with a second different laser treatment that created a white frosted grid over each of my dots.

(L) The 1st Laser Used For My Treatment (R) The 2nd Laser Used For My Treatment

As you can see from the picture on the left, below, the frosting remained in a white grid ontop of each of my tattoos which caused my skin to redden and expel a pin prick of blood on the deeper darker large dots at the crease of my thumb and forefinger.

My hand was wrapped this time as it bled, despite the fact that I’ve never had it wrapped before due to the tricky location of it being on my thumb and finger, and I was advised to keep it covered for 72hrs and apply a barrier cream or vaseline for the next seven days.

(L) Directly After My 4th Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment (R) My Hand Now Remains Wrapped For 72hrs

Whilst the sight of blood may seem shocking, it’s a perfectly normal response to having a laser tattoo removal and didn’t feel any different to my previous treatments. The highly skilled practitioners constantly tweak and progress the strength and type of laser used in order to achieve the best results for each individual.

I have my next appointment booked for 4 weeks from now, and was advised from that point my return appointments will move to once every 6-8wks as I near the completion of my treatment. It’s fascinating to see the clarity and definition of my remaining dots fade to a distant blurry blue colour. I can’t imagine seeing my hand finally bare and ink-free, but come the summer I’ll look and feel like a new woman!

My Fifth Treatment

Treatment five crept up on me so quickly! I can’t believe how fast my next appointment popped up on the calendar, as it hardly feels as though four weeks have passed already. But I guess that time flies when you’re having fun!

This treatment involved using two lasers on the highest strength setting which drew blood on my skin as well as frosting to the surface, and I was assured that this is an ideal response and signifies that the pigment is being broken down.

(L) My Hand Immediately Before My 5th Treatment (R) My Hand Directly After My 5th Treatment

Aside from drawing blood on the dots within the fold of my hand, this was the hottest that I’ve ever felt the laser at maximum strength. Cold air is blown onto the skin throughout the treatment to numb the surface and make it as cool and comfortable as possible; I would liken this session to putting your hand into a hot oven to take out a tray of food – although rather than the whole hand feeling warm, it’s just the small area of where the laser is focused that feels the heat.

Again, the treatment took just a second at a time, being complete in just a couple of minutes, so by the time you feel the heat it is already over. My maximum strength laser was then followed by the criss-cross laser which helps to target colours as well as black ink, as the pigment fades it changes from dark black to a greyish blue beneath the skin, so this follow up process is really helpful for clearing the ink as it changes colour.

Bleeding To The Treated Ink Shows The Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure Is Effective

The criss-cross style laser leaves a white frosting on the skin in the shape of a grid, and I didn’t feel this process at all as the cold air entirely took away all temperature which was great after feeling the warmth of the first treatment.

As I was going shopping directly after my treatment, and out for dinner, I had my hand wrapped in protective film to protect the area that bled from germs. However, if I’d have gone straight home I would have left it undressed for the air to get to it like in previous sessions.

Over the remainder of the day, the heat from the laser left my skin in the treated areas which was replaced by blood coming up to the surface in the shape of the grid shaped laser used for the treatment. It certainly looks far worse than what it is, due to the red colour, as my skin is fine to the touch and isn’t sore or uncomfortable at all.

24hrs After My Tattoo Removal Treatment On The Maximum Setting I Have Blood At The Surface Of My Skin

The dots are losing form as well as opacity, as the pigment in the ink is dispersed and metabolised to be broken down by my body. My next appointment will now take place in 8wks from now, as the longer you leave between sessions, the more time your body has to process the pigment out of the skin. The practitioner advised that it will naturally continue to fade and disappear for the coming months, even if I spaced my appointments by several months at a time.

I asked again for any estimation on the completion of my tattoo removal as I’ve now completed my 5th session and they suggested perhaps 10-12 treatments, but it’s really not possible to tell as it’s down to the individual, recovery, age and placement of tattoo and the type of ink used. So I guess we’ll just watch this space and I’ll continue to update my progress!

My Sixth Treatment

Arriving for my 6th treatment today, the practitioner was really pleased with how well the pigment in my ink has faded and as a result of this was able to use the strongest settings on two lasers once more in order to clear my skin as quickly as possible.

Whilst I experienced blood on the surface of the skin during my last treatment, which is a perfectly natural response, this time it was just white frosting as the ink within my skin weakens and lightens with each session.

(L) My Tattoo Healed After My 5th Treatment (R) Immediately After My 6th Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

My thumb is almost entirely clear of ink now and the majority of the dots on the crease of my hand have significantly faded which is so exciting to see at each check-in, as you don’t tend to notice progress day to day, but comparing pictures between appointments really is a wow moment!

Two lasers were used again during this treatment, the first which makes the ink instantly lighten, followed by the second which frosts the skin into a white square which disappears within a few hours and it returns to looking as it did before having the treatment, but naturally fades with time.

With my last treatment being 8wks ago, my next treatment is spaced even further apart now at 13wks, allowing my body the maximum chance to break down the ink between sessions. The closer that I get to being ink-free the more enthusiastic I am about guessing how many treatments it will take to achieve my final result, and the practitioner today estimates potentially another one or two depending on how my skin heals from todays session.

Considering the dots on my hand have all had the very same strength of laser, number of treatments and healing time between sessions, it’s fascinating to see how some dots have completely disappeared already, whilst others have faded and some are still dark. It just goes to show how individual each treatment is, as my tattooists may have placed the needle deeper in some parts of my skin, used more ink in other places or have a different texture, movement or friction upon certain areas which will all contribute to the lifespan of a tattoo.

Either way I’m going to set my final guess at 8 treatments to achieve clear skin! So place your bets quickly as the finish line is in sight for summer!

NAAMA Studios have very kindly given me the discount code “TRACYKISS50” which you can use for £50 off of your first laser treatment!
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