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Single-use plastic is undoubtedly having a devastating impact on the world’s oceans. Each year, millions of tonnes of plastic waste enter the marine environment where it is ingested, entangled, and suffocates marine life. Plastic pollution is not only harming marine ecosystems but disrupting entire food chains. The impact of single-use plastic on the oceans is an incredibly serious problem.

Heartbreakingly, plastic debris can be found in every part of the ocean, from the beautiful surface waters down to the deepest trenches. It is estimated that there are now more than 150 million tonnes of plastic our oceans which is slowly breaking down into microplastics – plastics that are less than 5mm in size – which are found in everything from plankton to whales.

Marine animals mistake plastic for food and consume it, leading to starvation and malnutrition, as plastic cannot be digested. Sea turtles, whales, and seals are all at risk of becoming entangled in plastic bags, fishing nets, and other plastic debris which fuels the cycle of drowning, suffocation, and starvation for these beautiful and innocent souls.

Plastic pollution is also extremely harmful to marine ecosystems as plastic debris smothers coral reefs, preventing them from growing and thriving. Plastic debris is disrupting food chains at an alarming rate, as animals are no longer able to find food that is free of plastic.

The impact of single-use plastics on our oceans is a very serious problem and we must take action to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is entering the marine environment. This includes shifting to reusable bags, bottles and containers as well as improving waste management systems so that plastic waste is properly disposed of and does not end up in the ocean.

Sustainable Containers By Kept For Life

Kept For Life was created by a team who share a passion to clean up our oceans from plastic waste, for this generation and future generations to come. With a deep desire to set up an enterprise that would expedite the everyday use of reusable products, they believe that beauty need not come at the cost of the environment, as it can be sustainable.

Not only do they design, and bring to the world, beautifully crafted flasks and food containers, but they also actively support charities whose ethos and theirs are intertwined. Proudly supporting Surfers Against Sewage, whose wonderful work in the field of cleaning up beaches is there for all to see, they truly grasp how businesses can positively affect change in the environment – first by reducing the amount of single use plastics they we buy, and secondly by actively supporting the cleaning up of the mess that is already there.

For every Kept bottle that you buy, we can reduce our single use plastic count by two hundred in just one year! We use, on average in the UK, a staggering 36 million plastic bottles everyday and nearly half of those aren’t recycled.

These elegantly designed and crafted vacuum sealed sustainable bottles and containers feature a double walled high grade steel shell to keep food and beverages at the temperature that you desire. I have the Kept Complete Bundle in colour Sandstone which consists of a 600ml water bottle, a 340ml travel mug and 540ml food jar. Finished with a high quality powder coating to maintain and protect these reusable containers, they are not only beautiful and practical but also BPA free, leak proof and fully recyclable.

Each item is is also beautifully gift packaged in a matching card tube, making them the perfect gift for loved ones and a useful storage space for pens, arts and craft materials or trinkets after unwrapping. The single biggest problem facing our oceans today is undoubtedly single use plastic which is something that we consume every day, often without a second thought. From plastic straws in on juice cartons in children’s lunch boxes to vending machine drinks, shopping bags, fruit and vegetable packaging and disposable cutlery at lunch.

We simply have to walk along a local waterway – be it a river, the beach or canal to see littered crisp packets, plastic cutlery, straws and crushed bottles which devastate the local ecosystem. That’s why Kept have such a warm place in my heart and I cherish their range of high quality, change-inducing products.

Kept have a no compromise approach to quality control, using only the finest materials and inspecting every bottle after production, to deliver products that are not only beautiful but also sustainable. What a wonderfully necessary and convenient addition to my daily routine, and mindful reminder to keep sustainability at the forefront of my actions throughout my day.

Please note: The colour of the packaging and containers may vary in photos due to natural lighting, their high sheen finish and the use of a camera flash.

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