Premium Japanese Steel Knives: A Cut Above The Rest

Using a high quality sharp knife is one of the best ways to improve your cooking experience. It’s safer, more efficient, and can help you to create better-tasting food with far less time and effort. I find cooking to be such a meditative and mindful experience and love preparing homemade, fresh and nutritious vegan meals for my family; investing in premium Japanese steel was just the treat that my culinary tool kit deserves!

Cooking can quickly become frustrating if you’re using dull or inadequate knives. A sharp knife is therefore an absolute kitchen essential that can make all the difference to your cooking experience and blade size and sharpness isn’t something to shy away from. Let’s took a look at why…

Why you should use a sharp knife:

  • Improved safety: A sharp knife requires far less force to use, which means that you’re less likely to slip up and cut yourself. Dull knives require more force which often lead to accidents that can be avoided in the kitchen
  • More precise cuts: With a sharp knife you can make a clean, even cut that will improve the presentation of your food. Dull knives tend to tear and shred up food which can make it look so messy in comparison
  • Better flavour: Sharp knives preserve the cell walls of your food, which helps to lock in the flavour and nutrients. Dull knives tend to bruise and damage food, which ultimately affects its taste
  • Faster prep time: Sharp knives glide through food effortlessly, which can significantly reduce your prep time. Whereas, dull knives require more effort to use them which will only slow you down
  • More enjoyable cooking experience: I find that when I have a sharp knife in my hand, cooking becomes far more enjoyable. It’s easier to control the knife, and you can achieve such incredible results without the fuss and frustration of equipment not working properly

How to keep your knives sharp

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using a sharp knife, it’s important to know how to keep your kitchen knives sharp. Here are a few tips:

  • Invest in a good quality knife sharpener. There are many different types of knife sharpeners on the market, so do your research and choose one that is right for you
  • Sharpen your knives regularly. How often you need to sharpen your knives will depend on how often you use them and how hard you use them. A good rule of thumb is to sharpen them once a month or so
  • Store your knives properly. Don’t store your knives in a drawer where they can bang against each other and dull the blades. Invest in a knife block or magnetic knife strip to store your knives safely

The Haruta (はるた) 5 inch Utility Knife

Santoku Knives are an online supplier of high quality and exquisitely unique knives worldwide. With unparalleled craftsmanship, their Haruta-Kyokuto Series is a work of art, forged from VG10 Damascus steel with 67 layers in a fusion of strength and beauty, designed to captivate every cooking enthusiast and amateur alike.

With a striking feather blade pattern and scalpel-like sharpness, the ergonomically crafted oval-shaped wooden handle and the blade’s perfect balance ensure the most comfortable and efficient cutting experience meal after meal. The elegant high-carbon steel construction provides longevity and peak performance whilst the beautiful solid wood scabbard sheath ensures safe storage.

The knives available in this stunning set include: a 4-inch Paring Knife, a 5-inch Utility Knife, a 6-inch Boning Knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife, a 7-inch Nakiri Knife, a 7.7-inch Nakiri Cleaver Knife, an 8-inch Gyuto/Chef Knife, an 8-inch Kiritsuke Knife, a 10-inch Bread Knife and a 13-inch sharpening steel.

I have the 5″ utility knife which is wonderfully versatile, making trimming, slicing and cutting a breeze, with its smaller size offering greater control for maximum precision. Used by some of the worlds best chefs in the finest restaurants around the world, it’s clear to see why this is such a popular choice for thousands of happy customers.

If you’re tired of struggling with dull knives, and mealtimes have become a chore, why not invest in a new set and see the difference for yourself. I promise you, you’ll fall in love with the art of food all over again!

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