Surefire Ways To Beat Feeling Lonely This Winter

No matter where you are in life, it’s quite easy to feel lonely. You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling this way. It might be that lockdown has put pressures on your relationship, or you’re just biding your time until you can begin dating again, or maybe you’ve just been trying to move onto a better social circle, no matter where we are, these life scenarios can take us by surprise and leave us quite unsure of where to go next.

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Let’s get this straight to begin with, no matter where you are in life, you deserve love, compassion, comfort and the ability to feel like you’re connecting with those you hold most dear. No matter if you’re waiting for your spousal visa uk to go through, or if you’re just in ‘cocoon mode,’ that is improving your mental and physical health to one day be your best after lockdown, what matters is to consider healthy, not disruptive measures to deal and even thrive in the midst of feeling lonely, rather than acting in a manner you could regret.

Spend Time With Those Closest

Spending time to those closest to you is paramount. It can seem so obvious and so simple, and sometimes even not worth mentioning. But of course, ‘spending time’ is more difficult when travel is limited. It could be that organizing a bi-weekly Skype or Zoom call with your family members can help everyone feel like they’re connecting on the same page. You might just up your movie nights with your children, theming them and even getting dressed up. Silly fun is the name of the game here. Don’t feel guilty for practicing it.

Spend Time In Reflection

There is a thing as too much reflection, but it’s also worth using this time to consider what you want going forward. Many of us are still quite busy, but also have a chance to sit down and consider, using our free time in the best way. You might ask if you’re ready for a new relationship, and if not, that’s fine too! You may find that after journaling a little, that you have to attend to something in your personal life that has been alluding you thus far. It could be that you decide to learn from the lessons of the last year by carefully analyzing them. This sounds like quite a lonely affair, but actually, understanding yourself can be quite an empowering thing to do. We’d recommend it.

Pamper Yourself Unapologetically

Take the time out to pamper yourself. Go for that massage treatment, invest in that skincare, opt for better products than you do usually, or just purchase something that helps you feel complete. Being pampered is not a dirty concept, even if that means going for an in-depth intensive massage that irons out every kink in your body. It might be that pampering yourself means trying a commemorative tattoo, or treating yourself to a new appearance, or thoroughly replacing your wardrobe bit by bit. If you act as your best friend who wants the best for you, well, you don’t have to feel alone at all.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy this winter without feeling as though you’re alone. You never are.


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