Category - Miscarriage

This is a diary that I kept when I found out I was pregnant, sadly it ended in miscarriage but I really believed it would be ok and the doctors would be wrong. Some bits I wrote as they happened and some I wrote looking back that evening. It’s from my heart and it’s my last memory of the baby I never got to have. I hope others can learn from and come to terms with a miscarriage from my experience, and that it may help other broken hearts to heal. In loving memory of baby Kiss 15.06.11.

Tracy (Aged 23)

Day 3

I felt like a kid at Christmas today and every time I said the word ‘pregnant’ to the select few we had chosen to tell that you are with us, the corners on my mouth form an irresistible...

Day 1

You scared me so much at first, when all of the signs pointed to you being there and my hands shook as I took the test. I hid in the bathroom counting, trying to pace myself with an...