Tracy Kiss Ask Me Anything August 2015

I gave my fabulous across social media the chance to ask me anything they like, with the promise that I would answer as many questions as possible entirely openly and honestly and I’ve done just that. Whilst this might not be a video that my friends and family will be 100% comfortable with watching thanks to questions involving superpowers, anal sex, dating and juggling skills, I hope that it gives you a little insight into my outlook because life is too short to anything other than be yourself.

Tracy Kiss Ask Me Anything August 2015

Tracy Kiss Ask Me Anything August 2015

I hope that you will never be discouraged to speak openly and honestly about your thoughts and feelings with others, and let’s face it it’s 2015 and high time that we rid the world of embarrassment and taboo’s. Please excuse my frizzy rained-on hair and sniffly nose, I have a stinking cold today and need to dive back under my duvet with a steaming cup of Lemsip and pack of tissues. Despite my fashion and beauty selfie posts to my social media I don’t feel the need to be glamourous and immaculate all of the time, and anyone who claims to be is straight out lying. Equally I don’t feel the need to dress myself up and cake on my makeup when I’m feeling poorly simply to make this video. My words are from my heart and in answer to your questions that you’ve kindly taken the time to ask me, so please accept my unglamorousness as a sign of our friendship. With all my love, Tracy x X x


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