CACI Synergy Facial Toning Treatment

Having discovered botox in my late twenties I appreciate the difference wrinkle-free clear skin makes to my appearance and outlook. On days when I have an outbreak of spots or look tired and worn in the mirror my mood becomes less upbeat than usual, I’m less likely to make conversation with people or want to draw attention to myself. Yet when I look good I feel good, I hold my head high, am upbeat and cheerful and find that my day is far more productive as a result. So when I heard about Kim Kardashians favourite facial I couldn’t wait to book in to try it out for myself.

CACI Synergy Facial Toning Treatment

The award-winning CACI facial is hailed as a non-surgical-facelift that has attracted adoration from celebrities including Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Sadie Frost, Michelle Collins, Anthea Turner and Kate Garraway – all looking to get their skin red carpet ready. The CACI non-Surgical facial works by lifting the facial muscles using a micro current technology to send tiny electrical impulses into the face and neck to tone the muscles, improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. CACI Synergy is the latest version of this non-invasive treatment which delivers LED light therapy skin rejuvenation and microcurrent facial toning at the same time to naturally lift the skin and boost the production of collagen. The CACI Hydro Mask is infused with rose water, hyaluronic acid and collagen to provide skin with an extra boost of hydration for a plumper more youthful effect.

Whilst I’ve often used botox and fillers as a way to temporarily relax or freeze the muscles in my face to reduce wrinkles, this method involves tightening and contracting the muscles with no injectables or risk of infection. The CACI packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements, seeing as this was my first facial I wanted to experience the full package in order to get the best results for my needs. I have a combination of dry to oily skin which is dry around my mouth and cheeks and oily on my nose as well as rosacea causing sensitivity, redness and heat to my nose and cheeks for which the blue light therapy used in this package was incredibly soothing and beneficial. I also get an outbreak of spots around my chin each menstrual cycle which can last around a week before dying down and coming back again each month – a whole list of ailments greatly improved by having a facial.

I Had My CACI Synergy Facial At Seduire London Beauty Clinic

Available at spas and salons nationwide, I visited the Seduire London Beauty Clinic in W1 to have my treatment and left 90mins later feeling 5yrs younger! How haven’t I discovered this sooner!? Greeted by my cheerful clinician Yasmeen Linton I was led to a fresh and tranquil private treatment room where I laid back onto a bed beside a set of CACI equipment and was offered a gown for comfort. Prior to beginning we spoke about my skin complaints and concerns of rosacea and spots, as well as the fact that I have botox to my forehead and crowfeet and fillers in my lips which wouldn’t be effected by this treatment as I had it a few months ago so it has already set in. I’ve also had rhinoplasty surgery to my nose a month ago and was reassured that my nose would be handled carefully.

Longterm this procedure creates fantastic results starting with a course of eight treatments, it’s recommended to have a minimum of two per week followed by maintenance once each month or every several weeks to maintain the result of muscle memory as the face muscles will build in strength as well as the neck to prevent and minimise signs of ageing. As the results last 1-2 weeks for a single treatment this is ideal for a special event, photoshoot, holiday, wedding or party and gives instant amazing results. My boyfriend couldn’t stop commenting on how fresh and young I looked and couldn’t put his finger on what I’d done differently but I certainly appreciated the compliments. Seeing as I have sensitive skin my face was slightly red immediately after my treatment which is usual for me as I glow red just from using a makeup wipe, but within an hour the colour had subsided and the facial was undetectable aside from its wonderful results.

CACI Synergy Facial

Taking 90mins in total the facial comprised of several treatments and factors working together to improve the tension, surface and hydration of the skin. My facial began with a relaxing cleanse to remove my makeup and de-clog my pores with a natural CACI milk. Seeing as I had eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara on my eyes were left alone and just my foundation removed which meant that I could go for lunch afterwards still feeling glam without being completely bare faced. Following the cleanse a light citric acid peel solution was used with an ultra sonic actuator to remove congestion from the skin and allow for deeper product penetration. The word acid may sound quite alarming but it’s not something to be feared; citric acid is a mild acid found naturally in fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, clementines and kumquats and assisted in the removal of dirt and grease from my skin with the process of microdermabrasion which is a small handset that gently sucks at the surface of the skin. This treatment was crystal free making it less abrasive and the disposable heads are not only hygienic but come in a range of fine, medium and course to suit all skin types.

This method of deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin removes dirt, debris and bacteria whilst helping to even out skin tone and texture by controlling trauma and increasing blood and oxygen to the area for natural skin renewal. I typically use makeup wipes and water to cleanse my face each night before bed and have often woke up in the morning with foundation on my pillows which I thought I’d completely removed. To have such an intensive deep clean is an incredibly refreshing and uplifting experience that I’ll be adopting into my routine beauty maintenance as my skin feels so light, clean and super soft. The next step begins the first half of the facelift with small slow movements to contract each muscle in the face for eight seconds at a time to educate the muscle, just like resistance training in the gym. A red light technology is used in conjunction the stimulate deeper layers ensuring the benefit of the treatment isn’t just superficial. This is followed by the wrinkle revolution which plumps fine lines as well as the lips by using a short sharp current and red light for immediate results. A numbing cream can be used to remove all sensation however I was happy to have this treatment without it as I simply felt a gentle tingle much like when you blow a raspberry onto the back of your hand with your lips.

CACI Synergy Facial

The second half of the facelift focuses on using quick movements to stimulate and remind the muscles, the equivalent of doing cardio in the gym, with a constant red light working on the superficial layers. This is finished by a clear and calming hydration mask filled with hyaluronic acid and glycerine for ultra-hydration and anti-ageing results as lymph drainage massage is performed to drain away toxins in the skin and face. Finally a negative and positive polarity combining blue light therapy, or wrinkle comb, is used to push the product deep into the skin, something that cannot be achieved manually. The blue light helps calm redness, kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, finished with a refreshing hydration cream, vitamin C serum and a sun protectant of SPF30 which is massaged into the face and almost sent me to sleep for how relaxing it was.

The heat, dryness, tiredness and sallowness of my face melted away in an instant as I was left with cool, calm, soft and plump skin for which my makeup now sits beautifully on top of without cracking, caking or causing imminent breakouts. All blemishes, impurities and residues have been completely removed and I feel so light and uplifted because of it, my skin is a vision of health and literally glows with radiance. Despite the popularity of botox and fillers, and my great love for injectables, I’m incredibly impressed with the results of the CACI facial which has made my skin so instantly youthful without looking fake, frozen or using a single needle. There is no risk of bruising or infection and this very relaxing, non-invasive, instantaneous treatment delivers astounding natural results. Combining Orbital Skin Resurfacing, Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing and the CACI Wrinkle Comb has been an ideal combination for me and certainly rivals surgery and fillers for rejuvenation and lift.

Before With Makeup & Immediately After My CACI Synergy Facial Without Makeup

My eye area, jowls, cheeks, smile lines, crows feet and forehead lines are noticeably smoother with my face lifted, tightened and contoured. Originally developed in the medical field to treat cerebral palsy and strokes this Hollywood A-lister favourite is something that all age ranges can benefit from. The clinic are also offering a 20% discount on all courses purchased – an ideal gift for my Mum’s 60th birthday!
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