Chin Up Mask The Non-Surgical Facelift

It seems that no matter my effort to watch my weight, eat a healthy diet and exercise frequently I just can’t shift that little extra inch of skin under my chin, and when I look down it’s double-chin central as my neck folds up like a turkey. Not a good look! The revolutionary Chin Up Firming & Contouring Mask boasts the results of a non-surgical instant face lift by slimming, lifting, moisturising, contouring and firming the skin around the neck, cheeks, jaw and chin. It claims to provide a more angular facial contour, with the results lasting several days at a time and suitable for repeat usage when necessary.

Chin Up Mask The Non-Surgical Facelift

Chin Up Mask The Non-Surgical Facelift

The process involves applying a slimming mask to the neck and chin which is held in place by a stretchy slimming band for thirty minutes at a time. The mask is enriched with Vitamin E to protect skin cells from free radicals, acting as an antioxidant to encourage improved moisturising and elasticity to the skin. The Q10 coenzyme stimulates cell strengthening to promote the regeneration of skin, giving immediate relief to areas that are dry or dehydrated with anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties. And the specially formulated Skintronics serum works to convert fat cells into fibrous tissue around the cheeks, jaw and chin, boosting the density of collagen and cell tension to uplift the face instantly. Finally corum 9235 provides a warming sensation when applied to the skin to promote the loss of chin fat and aid in the absorption of the serum.

In short, the loose and sagging skin around the chin is tightened, hydrated, nourished and firmed to trim off some centimetres and provide a cleaner, slimmer jawline. It’s recommended that you measure your individual results before and after treatment with the paper band provided, and keep the mask in place for a full thirty to forty minutes to achieve results. Having never tried a treatment for my loose chin before I have very little to compare the results to, other than judge them of their own accord, and before starting my treatment I’m rather sceptical that an area of my face can just disappear so quickly and remain that way for an entire week.

But I love a good beauty find and eagerly begin my treatment by cleansing my face of makeup and measuring from ear to ear along my chin for a starting length of 27cm. Next I take the sealed mask out of the foil packet and it’s soaked in a glossy serum that smells beautifully fruity, fresh and zingy. I peel the mask open and lay it across my neck and chin and it holds in place nicely on my face much like a wetwipe would. I then take the slimming band and place it over the mask, fixing it in tight at the back of my head with the adjustable velcro so that it is comfortable. There are ear holes on the side for ease of wearability and I am free to go about my usual activities for the next half an hour as my treatment begins.

Within the first few minutes I can feel the heat of the serum taking effect on my skin and it’s a tingly, warm feeling very similar to applying deep heat only minus the potent smell. The mask smells delicious and the band sits tightly in place holding my jaw and face in alignment. I’m glad that I had a glass of water before starting my treatment as the tension of the slimming band makes it delicate to speak or drink, so I spent my half an hour reading a book and the time passed rather quickly with little fuss. I can’t say that I’d like to step out in public wearing my slimming band, but to pop it on whilst making the dinner or taking a bath is very little bother and easy to fit into a beauty regime from home.

After my time was up I undid the velcro of the slimming band and removed the mask, with my skin still moist from the serum. I spent a couple of minutes rubbing the excess into my chin, cheeks and jawline and it was a relaxing and soothing motion following the restrictiveness of having worn the band. Looking in the mirror my face instantly felt slimmer and more angular as I inspected my results. The real proof came with my tape measure when I measured from ear to ear across my chin once more and I now had a result of 25cms, a whopping 2cm loss.

Perhaps to the untrained eye my results don’t look massively dramatic, but when you put them side by side with my before and after photos you can really see the difference. Where my chin used to protrude before and hang downward like a cows belly, following my first treatment it now sits level with my neck and my skin is as tight as a drum. My jawline has more definition changing from round and plump to actually now having an edge and definitive line. I’m thrilled with my Chin Up Mask results and certainly wasn’t expecting to see such a difference so quickly, I’m so pleased to have found my new secret weapon to fighting facial flab.

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