David Baddiel’s The Person Controller

When my eight year old daughter Millisent told me that she wanted to read a real book I smiled at her and asked her what she meant, she elaborated by saying “you know Mummy, one with chapters and a strong cover that isn’t made of paper but has lots of words and makes you feel like you’re actually watching a film!” and I knew exactly what she meant; my wonderful daughter has inherited my love of reading, the joy of holding a book and actually turning paper pages.

David Baddiel's The Person Controller

David Baddiel’s The Person Controller

And I knew just the book for her as I’d been eagerly awaiting the latest release from Harper Collins Children’s books of The Person Controller by the hilarious David Baddiel for which Millie is a great fan of his previous book The Parent Agency. I’ve spent many years watching David on-screen as a comedian and am delighted that he’s now writing children’s books because he has such a captivating sense of humour that really brings characters to life and perfectly personifies childhood for todays generation.

Millie particularly loved that the main characters Fred and Ellie are twins, just like her baby cousins which made it all the more real for her. The story unfolds as the gaming-loving brother and sister meet a mystery man who gives them a special games controller that isn’t for their computer but actually works in real life! Not wanting to spoil the plot I’ll instead let you know that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my daughter so captivated and giggling her head off with her nose stuck in a book reading happily on her bed; I actually have to prize it off of her in the evening to ask her to go to sleep for school!

When I asked Millie what she would control if she had her very own controller she said that she would stop time so that she could finish reading her book without having to go to bed and get up early when it’s still dark to go to school; how very practical. The Person Controller is also available on Amazon and now proudly takes pride of place on Millie’s bedroom bookshelf, a wonderful addition to her reading collect and one that will last her many years as a sturdy hardback. Harper Collins are also hosting a competition to win a PS4 and I’m hoping it doesn’t come with a real life Person Controller because if the children have their way then us adults could be in for a bit of a shake up!

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