Jacobs Original Twiglets

I have had a love affair with Twiglets for as long as I can remember and everytime my mother would pop a small square pack into my school lunchbox I would shriek with excitement as they were the absolute bomb with my cheese and pickle sandwiches! I still have such a fond memory of watching Mr Bean at Christmas time when he reached out of his apartment window and cut twigs off of the tree outside to dip them in Bovril and make his own version of Twiglets for his unenthusiastic party guests; so when I found this huge sharing bag of Twiglets by Jacobs I had to bestow the honour of the humble nobble upon my children.

Jacobs Original Twiglets

Jacobs Original Twiglets

You may not have realised by Twiglets are 80% wholegrain and a great source of fibre, as they’re oven baked instead of fried they’re far healthier than crisps and sweets when you’re feeling those cravings, and with no artificial colours or flavours it ticks all of my boxes for child-friendly snacking too.

These vegetarian-friendly crunchy twigs of love have the most amazing punchy rich and zingy taste thanks to their yeast extract coating which I actually used to eat straight from the jar with a teaspoon when I was a teenager. I guess just like Marmite you either love it or you hate it and our family go ga-ga over these little darlings that also contain celery, vitamin B3 and B2 and make my entire face crinkle up with happiness; three cheers for Jacobs!

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