EQUIP Waterless Wash Mitts

Whether I’m taking a bath or a shower I never feel clean without using some sort of mitt or sponge so that you can lather up the bubbles and water and wash away the dirt and grime of the day, scrubbing until your hearts content. But for those times when you can’t get to a bathroom and you start to feel less than fresh, piling on extra deodorant or perfume simply doesn’t cut it, and the smell of body odour only gets stronger the longer it’s left to stagnate. So when I saw the EQUIP Wash Mitts, a waterless form of washing on the spot in a compact little packet I let out a little squeal of excitement.

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Waterless Wash Mitts

Tracy Kiss Reviews EQUIP Waterless Wash Mitts

Each super thick wash mitt is created from individual spun lace, making it incredibly strong and large for those hard to reach areas. Being pH balanced and dermatologically tested they are mild kind on skin whilst being cleansing and moisturising. The mitts are super moist and glide across the skin, leaving behind a refreshing wet trail that absorbs into the skin.

The mitts are a generous size which will fit all hands, making it so practical and easy to wash without soap or water. Unlike tissues, traditional wetwipes or wet paper towels that tear apart and crumble up, the mitt is very well made and leaves you feeling shower fresh instantly. I love wearing flip flops in the summer but always end up with black soles on my feet which is so unsightly, flicks of mud and dirt always travel up the back of my legs and I get sweaty clammy skin from being out in the sun too long. The wash mitts easily removed all of the stubborn dirt, and because they’re so big you can turn it over and wash with both sides and inside out if you desire, effectively giving you four clean washcloths in one. I used the front of the mitt to wash my face and neck, the back of the mitt to do my arms, shoulder and then underarms, then turned it inside out to wash my stomach and legs with one side, and the final side for my feet. You can easily wiggle it between your toes, behind the ears, under the arms and even private areas because it’s so mild and safe.

Not only does it remove dirt and sweat, but it’s also beautifully refreshing and revitalising, so at times when you are out and feeling less than fresh considering head home so as not to smell of body odour, after a quick wash with the wash mitt you’re as fresh as a daisy and can hug, dance and raise your arms all night long. The wash mitts are such a clever idea and would be great for festivals, day trips, long journeys, children and even if you’re stuck in bed, literally anywhere where you don’t have access to soap and water. They are practical, time saving and the answer to on the spot hygiene. The ingenious EQUIP Wash Mitts get a huge thumbs up from this family of three!

For more information, a full product range or to purchase the waterless wash wipes you can visit Waterless Hygiene online here!

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