Exhibit Expandable Tattoo Jewellery Set

Not too many years ago now if you wanted this tattoo style you’d have to endure the pain of a needle and the prospect of lifelong body art as the nineties and noughties were all about upper arm barbed-wire tattoo’s. Fortunately these days fashion is far more flexible just like these gorgeous one-size-fits-all tattoo’s from Exhibit.

Exhibit Expandable Tattoo Jewellery Set

Exhibit Expandable Tattoo Jewellery Set

Chokers are smoking hot this season and this expandable set is not only safer than a metal chain choker because it can stretch and is never tight, but it also doesn’t stain your neck green or tarnish like some metals do. I’m a major health and safety freak and can’t stand anything too tight against my neck which is why I love the soft loops of this choker because they can never catch or snag and are safe for children too.

Here I’m wearing the choker necklace, bracelet and ring all together but you don’t have to use them as a set and wear them all at once, they’d also look pretty hot as separates and whether you’re wearing them with your LBD and heels on a Saturday night or jeans and a vest to grab a sandwich from the cafe this stylish tattoo set from Exhibit is always a winner!

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