Jacobs Salt & Pepper Flatbreads

I feel as though we should be holding hands whilst you read this because my goodness are you in for a treat! If ever there were a more adult and sophisticated way to snack then I challenge you to show me because right here and right now some serious magic is going down at my desk as I tuck into my Jacobs salt and pepper flatbreads with a good old pot of hummus.

Jacobs Salt & Pepper Flatbreads

Jacobs Salt & Pepper Flatbreads

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike each 10.2g flatbread contains just 43kcal and 0.9g of fat making them absolutely perfect for lunch, and if like me you love a nice bit of taste and texture to your food then these high fibre, no artificial colours or flavours flatbreads are phenomenal. It seems salt and pepper is becoming this years most popular seasoning combination, almost replacing the traditional salt and vinegar title for the King of crisps.

What I love about flatbreads is their wholesome, crunchy texture that feels so exquisitely luxurious and actually fills you up rather than crisps which are nothing more than greasy puffs of air that fizzle away leaving you searching for something else to eat that is more satisfying. There are also Mixed Seed and Multigrain flavours available and they go ridiculously well with dips and soup. Here I am annihilating mine along with a pot of hummus and they are divine, nicely salty with a warm peppery aftertaste that is perfect with the mellow chickpea hummus and wash down exquisitely with a nice steaming cup of green tea to keep me going until dinner time. High five Jacobs, you’ve smashed crunched it yet again with this cracker of a (flatbread) snack!

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