Family Lives Forever Tattoo By John Capasao

Say hello to my tenth tattoo; I think I’m officially addicted to body art! I believe in having found a tattooist that can put my feelings and passion into something visual and as beautifully artistic as John Capasao does it’s much like using a translator to help you to communicate with the rest of the world; John makes my dreams a reality for me.

So the idea behind my most recent tattoo is much carrying on from my theme I guess of peace, love and freedom within family. I have both of my children’s dates of birth, an infinity symbol, a dove, a feather quill, a heart and various other bits and pieces that are all rather discreet and well positioned to allow me to go about my day without anybody ever knowing that I have bodyart – that’s until they see me in a bikini on social media of course!

This is my second worded tattoo as I already have ‘love is blind’ written in Hungarian on my ribs to symbolise my family heritage and because I see these words as meaning true love comes when our eyes are closed because the sweetest things in life must be felt from within and not seen. This time I chose to have ‘család él örökké’ written on the top of my thigh which means ‘family lives forever’ in Hungarian because I always tell my children that I will be with them forever and always and I believe that the person I am today is the result of all of my ancestors living before me; we take physical attributes, feelings and our outlook on life from our relatives and with each generation we change, adapt and branch out on our own, like a hearty oak tree spreading its roots and widening its reach.

I love the simplicity of handwriting, the natural, good-hearted honesty of text and the way that it looks on skin. It was interesting to speak to John whilst he was doing my tattoo and discover that he found this to be the most tricky one he has done on me because the skin at the top of my thigh is soft and squishy and the letters were so thin that even a slight change in the angle of the needle would result in a blurred word or wonky line. He is incredible at what he does and I love this tattoo so much it makes my heart squeak. I’ll certainly be telling my great grandchildren all about it when I’m in my eighties!
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