Fifty Shades Of Grey by E. L James

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The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie focuses on the first book of the trilogy, where a clumsy virginal student named Anastasia Steele interviews young entrepreneur and billionaire Christian Grey, whom she finds intimidatingly moreish. Yet Christian has a dark secret and distances himself from the traditional world of dating, as he satisfies his sexual urges with a playroom filled with whips and chains into which he introduces sweet Ana. After taking her virginity, Ana struggles to understand how Christian can go from sweet and tender to cold and heartless as she becomes desperate to get close to him. The film is filled with stunning imagery, the city scape of Seattle, pristine glass buildings of enterprise, fast cars and billionaires boys toys in the form of a helicopter and glider. From James Bond style walk in wardrobes to the glossy black piano, chandeliers and a workforce of supermodels and bodyguards.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey

I guess that’s why imagination is so powerful, because no matter what level of excitement you desire you’re able to add your own thoughts into the mix and take it so much further than the words trapped within the pages. Yet on screen not only is the movie limited by time, but also by the physical interpretation of the characters, as I have to say that the Christian Grey I had in my mind was nothing like Jamie Dornan as I found him a little hollow and soft in his acting. Yes he’s attractive, but in a Hollywood cutesy Clark Kent kind of way and not the throbbingly tantalising, masculine and dominant figure the trilogy had painted in my minds eye.

Dakota Johnson played Anastasia Steele perfectly, innocent, endearing and fascinating to watch with beautiful big blue eyes and an angelic complexion, she was effortlessly at ease and believable in her role. And I have to say I was very excited about the sex scenes as the books had me gripped throughout, my pulse racing as I turned each page with every peak and trough of pleasure and pain. Yet the movie didn’t seem to portray any of this at all, as despite it being certified as age 18 and above, I struggled to see how it was any different to todays raunchy music videos and tongue in cheek pop stars. The sexual references in my opinion were very mild and brief.

Throughout the entire film I felt as though I was waiting to get into it, as for me it was extremely slow paced and tedious, despite my love for the trilogy and already knowing the characters. If I were to compare the movie to the sexual tension of the books then I would have to classify it as disappointing foreplay at it’s best. The film was very beautifully and tastefully shot, and at times when the music built and the atmosphere engaged you could almost hold your breath for the carnal instinct and gusto about to happen, but before it even began it was already over. And I’m sure there are many guidelines and rules in place to ensure that a movie is classified as a movie and not soft porn, and I wasn’t expecting to see actual sex, but more excitement, more grittiness, human expression and pleasure. The glisten in Christian’s eyes, the heaviness of breath, twitch of fingers and signs of heightened senses from arousal, but it was as if the movie was shot with crash test dummies and I felt no connection with the characters and their actions at all which was such a great shame.

The end of the film left me utterly shocked and appalled, as like a live television or radio broadcast that has overrun on time and has to abruptly end without warning, the movie was still trickling past and then suddenly out of nowhere the credits began to roll and my immediate reaction was “surely there’s been a mistake?” There was no build up, no climax and no cliff hanger at all, as the final scene was very mediocre, uneventful and certainly not the way I would have chosen to end it. I realise it is following the first book, but the way in which it was delivered was thoughtless. It certainly didn’t leave me wanting more and I really don’t think I could survive sitting through another two hours of the same in the hope that a second movie might be better.

I think it is an incredible shame that the most highly anticipated movie of the past two years has finally arrived and utterly failed to deliver. The passion and lust just wasn’t there and I wish it was. I was desperate to enjoy it and to see the characters from the books that I adored so much come to life and connect my imagination to the visual relativity of a new taste of pleasure. Not only did it fail to satisfy my desires but I actually think my own ‘vanilla’ bedroom experiences are far more sexually charged and adrenaline fuelled than the movie. How was it for you?

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