Mink & Stone Create Your Perfect Jewellery

Jewellery is such a precious part of life, from fashion statements to friendship, marking a special occasion, giving a gift to a loved one or to make yourself feel good. We all have that one piece of jewellery that means the world to us and makes us feel a million dollars when we wear it. And when shopping for jewellery I often spot pieces I like but find myself thinking “That would be perfect if only it wasn’t so long /dark /small /expensive” etc. Incredibly at Mink & Stone you can create your own perfect jewellery by building it piece by piece online. Here I’ve designed a beautiful choker.

Mink & Stone Create Your Perfect Jewellery

Mink & Stone Create Your Perfect Jewellery

There are literally a gazillion different necklaces to choose from, with pages for inspiration, existing collections and a create your own section at a very reasonable price. Having two young children I often catch long necklaces on little hands or when doing the housework, so I chose to design a choker necklace at 42cm on a silver lobster clasp chain, with the others ranging upwards in length to the Lariet of 150cm, and bracelets also available.

Once you have your chain it’s then a case of adding the beads, and these are split up in many different sections, by colour, size, feature and material. I chose a selection of glass, crystal and acrylic beads in various shades of pink, silver and deep purple, with hearts and jewelled spacers in between. And it couldn’t be easier to build a necklace as you simply drag and drop the beads into position and can add as many or as few as you like. I loved designing my choker as it’s something I’ve never done before and means so much to me to have such a personal and perfect piece of jewellery. Once my necklace was complete I simply saved my design and headed to the checkout, and it arrived by post within a couple of days.

I love how unique my design is, and the fact that it has been handmade in the UK. I was able to select the exact shades, sizes and beads that I wanted and now have a stunning piece of jewellery that I will cherish forever. It arrived in a delightful velvet gift bag with Mink & Stone printed onto it, and the piece is so beautifully made. Despite it being so short in length it has a nice weight to it, the beads are cut perfectly and it’s clear to see the quality of the materials used.

My handmade choker from Mink & Stone cost £40.47, with the price varying for each design based on the individual materials used and chain length. I love how it twinkles and catches the light, ties in perfectly with my wardrobe and is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The perfect gift idea for loved ones and a wonderful treat for my jewellery box.

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