Forever Living Aloe Hand & Face Soap

Forever Living are a natural aloe vera based company, growing and producing natural aloe vera based skincare and products since 1978.

The Aloe Hand & Face Soap is described as a rich, pearlescent, moisturising hand and face cleanser with a generous amount of aloe. It is said to leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and silky avoiding the usual drying irritations of soap whilst being suitable for sensitive skin. As it has a ‘no tears’ formula it can be used by the whole family and also makes an ideal shampoo. Well it certainly sounds impressive, but how will it perform in everyday life? To the bathroom I go!

Forever Living Aloe Hand And Face Soap

Forever Living Aloe Hand And Face Soap

Pumping a squirt of the Aloe Hand & Face Soap from the dispenser I was greeted with a sweet, fresh fragrance similar to that of a health spa. The soap is gorgeously shimmery-smooth like melting white gold and as soon as you rub it together in your palms. It becomes immediately thicker and glossy white in texture like a good quality moisturiser which you want to rub all over the backs of your hands and wrists for how soft and soothing it feels. And it’s certainly a handwash that makes washing feel like a beauty treatment, as after rinsing with water it left my skin feeling smooth, glossy and healthy. Who would have thought after doing the dishes and scrubbing floors, simply washing your hands could make them far smoother than they were before you even started!

I’ve only previously used liquid pump soaps which do exactly what they say, they clean the skin and nothing more; so I would never have cleaned my hands to apply a separate moisturiser as I’d have to wash them again before touching food. To have a natural hand cleanser that cleans, moisturises and protects the skin is the epitome of hand care and something I wish I’d discovered far sooner. Despite it being December and having to still do the dishes, housework, cooking, cleaning and walking from the cold into the dry central heating, my hands have remained beautifully plump, soft and healthy. A huge thumbs up for aloe vera!

For more information on the wonders of Aloe Vera and the full range of products available you can visit Forever Living here. I sourced mine directly through Forever Living distributor and representative Hazel Loutsis.

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    • I’m afraid I wouldn’t know this as it’s a product I have used but do not sell. It may be worth contacting Forever Living directly to query this first, if you do please let us know the outcome.

    • Hi Jazee, The Hand and Face lotion is purely a skincare product. The Forever Living Product that is best for your dishes and all multi purpose cleaning is known as ‘MPD’. But although it removes grease and is also environmentally friendly, I haven’t seen good results on Pots and Pans. However I really do recommend it as a detergent, in cleaning floors, especially where pets are contributing and removing stains from cloths. It lasts ages as it is concentrated and is best dispensed via a spray bottle. Please visit my store or email for further information.

  • What lotion is best after using that aloe hand&face sop or therz no need of using lotion after using that soap?

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