Get More B Vitamins Energy Drink

If you get that mid morning lull in energy, wake up feeling like you haven’t even been to sleep or drag your knuckles of an afternoon then it’s probably due to your B vitamin levels being too low. B vitamins are essential in turning food into energy with B6 and B12 tackling tiredness and B1 and B3 boosting the metabolism which is why I pop a bottle of Get More Drinks in my gym bag!

Get More B Vitamins Energy Drink

Get More B Vitamins Energy Drink

Each bottle of spring water is fortified with 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12 using natural flavours with no added sugar. Our bodies need vitamins to function properly yet it isn’t always easy or practical to get everything we need from food – unless you have a personal chef or spend your entire day cooking of course! I find this low calorie apple and raspberry spring water a refreshing way to stay ontop of my RDA’s and perk up my energy levels to keep me focused and active throughout my day.

Weight management isn’t about exchanging food for diet alternatives or starving, but moreso supplementing your lifestyle so that balanced healthy meals and fortified vitamins and minerals can work hand in hand to help you to achieve your goals. More often than not if you’re feeling lacking it’s down to a vitamin deficiency so the next time you’re out on the lunch run go for a healthy drink like this instead of a coffee or sugar-laden pop and you’ll really notice the difference.
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