Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup Thai Tuk Tuks & Tumeric

I have quite a fascination with soup, as ever since I was a child I craved thick tinned cream of tomato with a slice of warm white generously buttered bread or a chunk of french stick. Fast forward a few decades and I enjoy making soups myself, yet they always seem to turn out a rather unappetising brownish grey colour and taste nondescript, exactly the same no matter what ingredients I put in them. I seriously detest watery, bland or stodgy soups and crave flavour, which is why I enjoy Thai food, yet I’ve never tried a Thai soup before. So when I saw the Glorious SkinnyLicious Thai Tuk Tuks & Tumeric soup in Tesco’s baring my initial ‘T’ I just had to give it a go.

Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup Thai Tuk Tuks & Tumeric

Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup Thai Tuk Tuks & Tumeric

It can be difficult to find a good vegan friendly and conveniently sourced soup that doesn’t taste like water or cardboard, and more often than not brands use meat stock for flavour or dairy products for thickening soups, with local stores and supermarkets tending to the masses tastes rather than thinking of us niche market nibblers. Veganism seriously lends itself to home cooking because of the restrictive diet, but it’s so nice to eat out and try new things when you unexpectedly find them.

I was elated to spot this chilled fresh soup pot and drove home with a smile on my face in anticipation of having it for lunch. I opted for the microwave reheating method which involved removing the lid and covering it back over to heat it for 6mins on full power, stirring half way and allowing to stand for a minute after. The second I broke the seal of the pot I was hit by the delicious scent of tumeric and lime, and as it heated in the microwave it sent my senses into overdrive and brought my kitchen to life.

I took my soup pot into the garden with a spoon and enjoyed my Thai escape in the sunshine whilst reading a book without the hassle of washing up after. The soup itself is very much like a carrot and coriander soup for colour, texture and taste, only with a zingy lime and spiced coconut twist that screams Thai cuisine. It’s beautifully juicy and refreshing, uplifting and thick enough to not be watery, yet smooth enough to not be lumpy or stodgy.

With only 1.7% fat and 238kcal for the entire tub, it’s amazingly healthy, gluten free and vegetarian and vegan friendly whilst being surprisingly filling too. I’ve always believed that if you eat a meal that satisfies your taste buds then it’ll take away your cravings, as it’s quality over quantity every time. The soup is made from a fusion of carrot, lemongrass, ginger, lime, coriander and a little coconut, with spice oils, lime leaves, red chilli and tumeric to deliver an explosion for the senses that instantly transported me to Thailand.

The flavours are sensational and knock the socks off of anything I’ve ever had from a can. Being in the chilled section this soup has a shelf life of three weeks from when I purchased it, with the fresh ingredients certainly making a world of difference to the taste and texture. Glorious have produced the vegan creme de la creme of fresh healthy soups and I can’t wait to try all of the flavours in their range.
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