JD Harris Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercise Weights

When it comes to childbirth, the last thing on my mind when I delivered my two bundles of joy into the world was the health of my pelvic floor muscles. Like most mothers, and ladies of a certain age alike, I have experienced the need to rush to the toilet after jumping on a trampoline, working out or crying with laughter. Fortunately I’ve never had a ‘little accident’ and I don’t feel that I have a dramatic issue with incontinence, but I realise that as time goes on my control will weaken and it will become more of a concern for me to improve my pelvic muscle control. So much like keeping my body fit and taking regular exercise, it’s time that I start working my pelvic floor muscles with the JD Harris Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercise Weights as I approach my 28th birthday so that I can stay feeling like an 18yr old for as long as possible!

JD Harris Kegal Pelvic Floor Exercise Weights

JD Harris Kegal Pelvic Floor Exercise Weights

The biggest reason that I never did pelvic floor exercises after having children was because I couldn’t work out how to do them, and when my sweet mother and mature midwife both smiled at me with knowing sympathy I awkwardly smiled back oblivious to what they were on about. Fast forward to my daughters 8th birthday and I’m pretty keen to snap my pelvic floor muscles back to their pre-pregnancy firmness, not only for future incontinence worries but more prominently for my own personal satisfaction and gratitude.

The Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights by JD Harris are a natural way to build strong pelvic floor muscles in just 15 minutes a day effectively and easily. The weights are shaped and designed to exercise the muscles in the pelvis and nothing else, with the age-old recommended method being to ‘crunch’ and hold your pelvic exercises whenever you can and many women get this wrong, lose momentum and have no way to measure their progress. There are many muscles groups in the pelvis and more often than not we use the wrong ones when thinking we’ve found our pelvic floor, which is why the Kegel weights only target one specific muscle.

For those who suffer from mild incontinence when laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping or tripping unexpectedly then improving the pelvic floor muscles can put an end to any embarrassing accidents. Also the weights can benefit every woman sexually to restore the pelvic muscles and make intimacy far more enjoyable. The Kegal weights come in six different colours ranging from white to pink and finally purple in colour, with the darkest weight weighing the most. Each weight is exactly the same small size for all women and they increase in weight as your control does. The six sealed weights are smooth, comfortable and easy to insert with a fixed string to retrieve them and store away safely and discreetly in a handy carry case.

It’s recommended that you begin with the lightest weight which range from 25g White, 40g Rose, 55g Pink, 70g Magenta, 85g Violet to 95g Plum. Using the lightest white weight allowed me to test my muscles and work out how to isolate my pelvic floor. I have always used tampons during my period and these are very similar to insert, if not a little easier because they’re smooth instead of absorbent. I soon realised that when I clenched to retain the weight I was in fact pushing down on it rather than pulling it upwards inside with my pelvic floor muscles. However after a few minutes of standing and holding it in place I began to realise the sensation of my muscles tightening around it and I went from standing and retaining my weight, to walking, coughing, jumping and even pulling on the string whilst keeping it inside with only my pelvic floor muscles.

After my initial practise I was able to successfully retain the lightest weight for several minutes, and so I switched this for the next higher weight and darker colour, repeating the same process over to ensure I could retain the weight with each kind of movement and time frame before moving on to the next. Once I reached the fifth violet coloured weight of 85g, the second heaviest, I found that I could stand with the weight inserted but was unable to jump or pull on it whilst still retaining it, and this indicated to me that this is the weight that I should begin my training with. My aim is to keep it in place for as long as possible each day, eventually building up to fifteen straight minutes whilst moving and pulling on the string, just as I had done with the white weight.

The JD Harris Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercise Weights are the heaviest available on the market and therefor provide the best exercise for rebuilding and tightening your pelvic floor muscles, with results being noticeable in just a few weeks time. The weights are manufactured to clinical standards to provide the most effective form of non-surgial treatment for mild female incontinence that is natural with no discomfort or side effects. Unlike other products available you don’t have to take them apart, measure weights or purchase further add-ons, as each weight is hygienically sealed, colour coded for ease of weight recognition and wipe clean with soapy water. These little beauties change lives and have already made such a difference to a very important part of my body that I have always overlooked, but I now have such great respect and appreciation for my pelvic floor muscles and long may it continue through regular training.

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