Having My Bodylooks West London Clinic PIP Implants Replaced – Mr. A. Khan Aurakzai

In 2005 at the age of eighteen I had a breast enlargement at Bodylooks in Harley Street London at The West London Clinic hospital by the surgeon Armando Cason. I paid £4,000 for silicone implants to be put under my breast muscle which took me from a 32A to a 32DD.

I healed well after my surgery, loved my new found confidence and went on to become a glamour model. Fast forward almost eight years and I now have two children, my five year old daughter Millie and my one year old son Gabriele. My implants changed with the years, they loosened and became painful to touch which resulted in me undergoing a second surgery two days ago to have my implants replaced. Bodylooks Harley Street clinic went bankrupt some years ago and the hospital was converted into a nursing home. My surgeon Armando Cason was struck off following a botched face-lift and has since retired to Autralia. The news broke in 2011 about PIP implants being a threat to implant patients used widely across the UK and Europe and as my medical notes contained no information regarding my implants I couldn’t find out if I was at risk.

The Bucks Herald Covered The News Of My Implants Being PIP

The Bucks Herald Covered The News Of My Implants Being PIP

I contacted various solicitors about my position and received the same information from all of them:

I am sorry to hear that you have been caught up in the PIP Scandal. Unfortunately, the court deadline for PIP claimants to register their cases on to The Group Litigation Order (“GLO”) was 8 April 2013.

In addition, I regret to inform you that Bodylooks have been declared as insolvent with no suitable insurance. This means that, even if the court were to allow your claim to be registered and found in your favour, there would be no assets or insurance with which to satisfy any judgement (e.g. pay you any compensation if your claim were to be successful).

You could try and apply to the court for permission to register your claim and join the group action, but I doubt that the court would permit for the reasons mentioned above. As a result, we would not be able to assist you with such an application on a no win no fee basis.

If the situation changes and/or the court makes any other relevant orders then we will let everyone know via our website (www.cosmeticsurgerylaw.co.uk) and invite you to get in touch, but I regret to say that we will not be able to further assist with your PIP claim against the clinic and/or surgeon at this stage.

The good news though is that if you paid for some or all of your original PIP surgery using a credit card then you may be able to bring a claim for compensation against your credit card provider under Section 75 Consumer Credit Act. Slee Blackwell.

I paid for my surgery with a bank loan from Natwest and not a credit card so there was nothing that I could legally do to confirm the identity of my implants, reclaim, or replace them as Bodylooks went into administration and the surgeon had left the UK. So for the past eight years almost I have not known what went into my chest and had no way of getting them replaced under guarentee.

I Had My PIP Implants Removed On 22/04/13

I Had My PIP Implants Removed On 22/04/13

Two days ago I had my second breast surgery carried out by the UK’s leading surgeon Mr Vikram Vijh at The Nuffield Health hospital in Hereford where my implants were confirmed to be PIP. You can see Vik’s advice about PIP implants here.

'PIP' Is Stamped On The Reverse Of The Breast Implants That Were Removed

‘PIP’ Is Stamped On The Reverse Of The Breast Implants From Bodylooks

I can confirm that Bodylooks used PIP implants instead of the silicone they showed to their patients in the consultation room. Mr. A. Khan Aurakzai founded Body Looks Cosmetic Surgery in 2000 and boasts of his ten years previous experience of working from Harley Street with a BA. BSc. MBBS. FRCS. CCST Plastic Surgery – Ire.

This man knowingly used non-surgical grade PIP implants in his patients, as did the surgeons working for and on behalf of Bodylooks. The implants cost Bodylooks one third of the usual price of implants and were obviously of a poor quality with no paperwork which is why the patients were left without any details of their implants. This was not a mistake, it was a deliberate decision to make the company higher profits on surgery at the expense of the unknowing patients.

My Removed PIP Breast Implants Had Hardened Inside And Were Underfilled With Non-Medical Grade Silicone

My Removed PIP Breast Implants Had Hardened And Were Underfilled

And like every other PIP supplying clinic, Bodylooks closed down to avoid replacing the bodged surgeries and reopened again under a different name weeks later leaving thousands of patients across the UK with no medical comeback and dangerous implants. And Khan Aurakzai is still trading and operating on innocent people!

When will the law recognise the thousands of UK people suffering in silence with faulty implants through no fault of their own, whilst the monsters doing this to them are free to cheat the system, jump companies and continue to put lives at risk for their own profit. This is disgusting and must be stopped.

I am now thankfully safe from my PIP implants but thousands of others are not. This is not humane, lives are at risk and we need to do something about this before it’s too late.

I Am Healing Well Following My Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

I Am Healing Well Following My Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

Something needs to give, the laws on cosmetic surgery need to be tougher and regulated; people at risk need to speak out and make their voices heard. This is 2013 and human life should not be toyed with so lightly by wolves in sheep’s clothing. We must out the conmen and prevent thousands of others from suffering in the same way that I have.

Who will be responsible for the thousands of patients caught in this loophole like I was? I will fight this from my hospital bed for those still suffering, please do not give up on hope. Seek immediate medical advice if you believe your implants may be PIP.

You can see my repair surgery on Extreme Beauty Disasters here (18+):

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  • I had pip implants from Dr Aurakzia at Bodylooks in Sale Cheshire I managed to get my case to the court in time & had all relevant paperwork a copy of the consent form & signed medical form & proof of payment by cheque & letters from him admitting surgery after I complained straight after surgery about them not being or feeling right but all that information still wasn’t enough I was told by my solicitor I didn’t actually have a signed contract so could not claim anything back, I am devastated as I still have my pip implants in & can not afford to have them replaced. I don’t know where To turn or what to do I’m in bits and to think that man is still trading but at a different hospital. I spoke with my solicitor again today to see if there is anything at all I can do but awhile no nothing, he spoke with Dr Aurakzai today apparently & was told Bodylooks ceased trading not long after I had surgery & the Dr was going back to Pakistan. Which I do not believe at all, he is currently working at a hospital which infuriates me.


    • Suzi I am so sorry to hear this and my heart goes out to you because he knowingly did the same to me. Can you ask your solicitor if there is a petition you can start or a law that you can challenge to have this matter addressed. We can’t just let him walk away from tr thousands of women he has done this to, if you need me to fight with you and protest I will do whatever I can to help. Please keep me informed and stay strong.

    • Cason is a brilliant surgeon. He retired from practise. the person who tried to sue him is nuts. She claimed she had bad scarring yet she smokes and drinks regularly. That woman needs to be informed about just how crazy she is. It’s people like her (Shirley Hills) who cause these gifted surgeons to retire early and have ridiculous malpractice insurance, which causes the price of cosmetic surgery to go up!!

  • Sorry for misunderstanding Ms Sigston

    A lifetime Guarantee is 10 years for ALL products in the UK (including Windows)—ONLY VALID IF THE COMPANY IS TRADING. YOUR COMPANY HAS GONE BUST. Product Liability is 6 years.

    Surgeon Negligence FOR BAD SURGERY Liability is 3 years.


    As explained earlier, i was just the “fitter ” working for various companies.

    For whole of last decade, PIP were the market leaders in the WHOLE WORLD, supplying 47 Countries!!, and were given a Kite Mark by the MHRA UK. My job as a surgeon is to make sure every product I use has a CE kite mark.

    In those days , just starting out in Private practice after 13 years in the NHS, i just believed the employer


    ALL the big companies I used to work for had contracts with CloverLeaf – the sole distributor for PIP. AND they were the only implant on the market with a Lifetime Guarantee (normally 10 years) I may have said , they should last longer, as indeed they have, I HAVE HUNDREDS OF PATIENTS WITH PIP IMPLANTS OLDER THAN 15 YEARS.

    My fee for fitting the implants even today is £419. Gross per case. of this 50% is Tax!!!! ( Standard Transform Surgeon fee) I have no idea what the Company charges the client.. Indeed the Company makes sure there is no contact between the Surgeon and Client direct, bypassing the Company.

    Transform the Company have a contract with Allergan (now they are the cheapest implant) but has a CE kite mark so All surgeons have to use Allergan, we do not have a choice.

    I also work for the BMI, they have a contract with NAGOR (Scottish ) they are the most expensive implant on the market (600 a pair) but they are offering me buy one get one free for every ruptured PIP implant I remove!! MAKING IT CHEAPER THAN ALLERGAN—-SO WHO DO YOU TRUST.

    My advice at this stage in my life is that there are NO guarantees and NO warranties in human life, Life does NOT come with Guarantees. anybody going for a breast enlargement does so at their own risk.
    FOR EXAMPLE: Alcohol, definitely kills, causes cancer, impotence in men, depression in everyone, liver damage etc etc. it is a poison worse than cocaine (medically speaking —yet we All choose to drink this poison, WITHOUT BATTING AN EYELID!.


    So please if you are going for new implants, please do so at your own risk. Any New implants will need changing every 10 years or so like Windows. and ongoing costs. when you are older , you will need an uplift, which is major surgery.

    You still have a great result, and look fantastic, –like windows, if they are not leaking, leave them alone. if you are worried , ask your GP for a scan for peace of mind. you and 50,00 other women, are living proof PIP is safe.

    In the end all i can say is that Alcohol and tobacco kill, PIP Does not.——your choice.

    Costs: less than 3 years free of charge remove and replace. No surgeon fee
    3 – 6 years —-basic cost price 2850 for allergan implants and 3100 for nagor Implants —no surgeon fee.
    After 6 years- reduced fee of 3500 for PIP only.




    On 20 Jan 2012, at 09:02, Sarah Sigston wrote:

    Mr Aurakzai,

    Thank you for your reply. When I had my initial consultation with you I was told, by yourself, that my implants MAY need changing after15 years. You also said that if there was nothing wrong after 15 years, these implants could, indeed last a life time. I understand you cannot diagnose anything from a photograph but I have attached a photo and would be interested to see if I am imagining things or that my left breast (coincidentally the breast that has lumps and had the milk ducts removed due to bleeding) is a strange shape – I’m looking at the area from quarter past to half past – if you were to be looking at a clock. To me, it seems to have an angle – I have asked a doctor who said “that’s just the shape of your implant, it’s fine” ????
    Whilst I am e-mailing you, there is one thing I would really like to ask. Can you say, as an educated man and a plastic surgeon, hand on heart – that you did not realise you were fitting an inferior product???? The reason I ask this is that I can’t get the fact out of my mind that everyone in the industry must have known that PIP implants were incredibly cheap. I think you were looking at £90 a pair – compared to £400.00 a pair for quality product. The percentage in price difference speaks volumes alone.
    My husband is a Window Fitter – he has been in the trade for 23 years. He has a reputation that precedes him – the reason being – he ONLY installs quality products – that will last. To you and I – we may not be able to tell the difference by looking, at a good quality window or a bad quality window, however, those in the trade and with the knowledge – know at a glance and also by the price and manufacturer. He would never, ever compromise his reputation buy installing any of these inferior goods as it would be unethical to the customer. Whilst I’m using analogies – I am an artist. If you, Mr Aurakzai, were to pick up a pencil – you would deem it as fine to write with, myself – I would be looking at the quality of the lead to draw with it. I could go on – it’s the same with every business selling a product. Like I said before, surely a surgeon of your expertise and intelligence – must have known something about the quality of the implants, or at least that something wasn’t quite right due to the price factor ???
    My aim of this e-mail, is not to apportion blame. I believe that everyone from the MHRA to the clinic to the surgeons all need to take some responsibility in the sad and sorry state of affairs. I am one of thousands of women living through a very very frightening time, many of us have children – who we have now had to tell about our situations, we have had to inform our workplaces. This was an extremely private matter to all of us, that through no fault of our own has become public. We’re having to fight to see NHS doctors – it’s a massive struggle to get anything sorted. And it’s though no fault of our own. I would appreciate any comments you may have – at the least, regarding the attached photograph.

    Yours sincerely

    Sarah Sigston
    On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 6:25 PM, A K AURAKZAI wrote:
    Hi, If less than 3 years no charge.
    More than 3 years of use but less then 6 years, just basic cost price of 2850.

    After 6years of use; there is no product liability, so reduced price of 3500 for PIP.

    For any other make of implants, normal Remove & Replace price of 5200.

    New implants will also need replacing after every 10 years or so.
    And maybe an uplift in the future.
    So please think carefully before having a major operation for a theoretical risk from PIP.
    A K Aurakzai

    Khan A Aurakzai Sent using BlackBerry®

    • Hi Tracey sorry for late reply I have so much going on with my life & this is a major problem for me right now as my breast are burning & feel strange I am going to the hospital today to see if they have leaked! I have a feeling they have to be honest. Thank you so much for ur email & kind words & offer of help. I do think we should put our heads together to see what can be done I am willing to stand outside the hospital Dr Aurakzia is still working at to protest. It is ok him saying he did everything right & he hadn’t know at the time ect ect & all this bull about alcohol worse than pips, if Dr Aurakzia was so sure of these implants why did he not Have proper contracts as my solicitor pointed out & why did he cease trading in the name of Bodylooks to go on trading in the same profession but just a different hospital, this isn’t about a window or a car or any other material thing this our health our life & how little we are to him. My implants were done in March 2007 so 6 years in march just gone. So what he is saying is I have to pay £3500 to replace what I was told also would last 15 years. He even stamped on the implant he shown me to show how tough they were. I am fuming that we have to suffer like this & have to pay again for none fault of our own. Surely there is something we can do. How can we contact all his patients to protest with us outside his hospital & get the media to cover it?

      Thanks again love for your message.

      Suzi. Xx

      • Hi Suzi I hope that you’re ok and the hospital can help you. I too would like to get his patients together and protest. I find this whole situation sickening and inhumane and we deserve answers and justice for what he has done.

        • Hi Tracey,
          Thanks again for your reply,
          I will let you know how I get on at the hospital later, yes let’s try & name & shame Dr Aurakzai and hopefully change this ridiculous law. Any ideas how we start Hun?

          Suzi x

          • Hi Suzi, how are you getting on? If we can get a list together of all the ladies involved we can contact the media and see if they can help get our voice heard.

  • Hi

    It was great to read your story, I hope you are doing great now. In 2000 I also had breast implants at Bodylooks in Manchester by Mr Aurakzai. I have booked into have the implants replaced at my own cost but I keep having to cancel the surgery as I have been ill for the last three months with flu/virus like symptoms, neck ache, night sweats and fatigue. My doctors has done blood tests are they came back fine. I have been for a CT scan and get the results next week (fingers crossed its OK).

    Anyway I was on the internet doing a bit of reasearch about the surgeon who will be replacing my implants and I have come across a few people who a ruptured impants who are experiencing similar flu like symptoms as myself – maybe all along I haven’t had flu/virus and my illness is due to my implants leaking??? I never thought they were ruptured as the surgeon who examined me thought they were still intact. Maybe any rupture will show up on my CT scan. Its my own fault as i have left them in far too long although they did come with a life long guarentee.

    I am using MYA to have my implants replaced – surgeon is Dr Traynor who has excellent reviews.

    I am thinking now it might be better to get the impants removed asap even if I am feeling unwell.

    Sorry for maoning. I hope you are all OK.



    • Hi Venessa, thank you for getting in touch and I am so sorry to hear about how you’ve been suffering. Please let us know how your scan goes and I wish you all the best. It’s scary to think that a surgery you are told will last a life time can put your health in such danger so quickly. If we were told this at the consultation I don’t believe anybody would ever have had the surgery and the people who did this to us were aware of their deceit and should still carry responsibility for it.

      Thankfully I have healed now and am safe, may your corrective surgery go just as smoothly. x x

      • Hi girls, I have been waiting for my appointment from the hospital after going last week with symptoms of leaking pips & feeling poorly, I finally have my appointment at wythenshaw hospital breast clinic on Monday. I’m in bed again today can’t even move out of bed feeling weak & aching all over, my chest is really tight I feel dreadful. I can’t wait to get some answers on Monday I just want these things out now. I can’t afford to have them replaced as I was layed off from work last mth & now out of work with debts coming out my ears so replacing my pips is a no go. It breaks my heart as I know they will look dreadful as I was a DD cup & will make me feel awful with just the saggy skin I’m dreading it 🙁 if anyone has any ideas of how I can get help to get them replaced or to get some publicity to expose Dr Aurakzai who is still trading at Bridge water Hospital in Manchester. I would really appreciate it. I feel so angry today lay here helpless while he’s still working earning money without a care in the world. I worry about the long term affect all this is having on our body too. Please let’s get together & put this right. Vanessa are you in Manchester ? I live in sale near Manchester if anyone one wants to call me to discuss please call 07794713619
        Sorry for the rant I just feel really angry today, as must you ladies going through or having been through the same.
        Many thanks

        Suzi xxx

    • Hi Tracy can you give the email address for the TV show as the one in your link is not valid, Thanks.

      • Hi Donna, if the email address no longer works then I’d presume the show may have changed by now, the TV company that made it is Maverick it may be best if you contact them directly.

  • I think a lot of cosmetic surgeons were using PIP implants and I think the government are more to blame as they were the ones who approved them to be used. I have recently had implants with Dr Aurakzai at Harley Medical and I couldn’t fault him, he has been amazing, caring and the aftercare has been great too.

    • Hi lauryn, I am glad that your surgery went well. It would be great if you could put me in touch with Dr Aurakzai to discuss the faulty PIP implants he used which leaked and caused me a great deal of suffering and expense.

      • I’m so sorry to hear you have had such a terrible time. Unfortunately I don’t think as easy as blaming the surgeon, the implants were government stamped and MHRA approved, they are the ones to blame. Surgeons used these thinking that they were safe, to be compensated maybe we have to see past the surgeon and look at the bigger picture. I hope you manage to get what you are looking for Tracey Xx

        • I was most fortunate to have had my chest rebuilt by a leading celebrity surgeon Mr Vik Vijh after many years of pain and suffering, and it’s safe to say that I was in a very bad way when they were taken out. I am incredibly grateful to have my health and life back and very sickened to have been told that the implants were obviously not up to standard, purchased at a fraction of the price of regular implants and were blindingly obvious to each and every surgeon that used them. Much as it would be obvious when people purchase fake sunglasses or watches, the quality is not the same, the markings and paperwork do not match and the price is ridiculously low. The surgeons who used them are just as responsible for this as the company who made them as they were the ones allowing the procedure to take place. How they can sleep at night knowing that they were putting so poor quality implants into women is disgusting. If they were being honest and transparent they would have performed the procedure for £2,000 or a likewise value of the cheap and dangerous materials they were using, and not charged £4,000 knowing that it wasn’t genuine.

      • Dear Tracy, Like you, my surgeon was also Dr Armando Cason, and i had my surgery through Bodylooks Cosmetic Surgery Group Ltd. in 2002
        I have since made some enquiries through a friend at Companies House UK, and wanted to share some information with your readers who also had PIP Implants through Bodylooks Group Ltd.

        The owner of Bodylooks Cosmetic Surgery Group Ltd, at the time was Mr Paul Hill and the Company secretary was Y Ridings.

        We Found a Dr A K Aurakzai trading as A K Aurakzai Ltd. Company Incorporated in 1998. ceased trading 2002
        Dr A K Aurakzai was not found to be an Owner or a Director with Bodylooks Cosmetic Surgery Group Ltd, at the time you had your surgery with Dr Armando Cason in London.
        This Company ceased trading So we hit a dead end there.

        There was also a second Company with same name Bodylooks Cosmetic Surgery ltd registered in Manchester , with different Company number to above — Managing Director Y Ridings, and Dr A K Aurakzai as Clinical Director.
        According to records at Companies House UK, this 2nd Company was bought by Dr Aurakzai as sole owner and Changed its name to “Lancashire Cosmetic Surgery Ltd in 2008, with Dr A K Aurakzai as Director. This also ceased trading 3 or 4 years ago.
        Dr A K Aurakzai is not registered as a Company Director with Companies House UK anymore.
        So no luck there either.

        Anyway moving on, Some good news , I have recently found that a lot of women in France (and from UK) who had PIP Implants, have successfully sued the German Company TUV Rhineland , the MHRA UK designated Body that certified the PIP implants to be of good quality and fit for purpose and awarded them the CE kite mark.
        Thousands of Women in Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal with PIP Implants are also suing TUV Rhineland. you just need a letter from your hospital or your surgeon stating that you have PIP Implants and then you can join a class action against TUV Rhineland. I have found hundreds of UK women have already got substantial compensation through this route.
        Best wishes
        Sophie Worthington

        • Hi tracey my name is debbie . I had my surgery at bodylooks in 2002 I had mghan implants I thought but turns out I had a rupture and they were pip implants . I have felt I’ll for a while so hoping now thy are removed things will improve

          • Hi Debbie, I’m sorry to hear this and hope that now you are safe and can heal finally. You said you felt ill for a while, was this because of the PIP implants? Can I ask what symptoms you had?

  • I had my op under this surgeon in 2001 and was told theyd gone into receivership in 2003. I went to see someone today after having some issues with them only to find out they’re PIP implants. I didn’t have a clue and now my health is at risk with no hope in sight as my situation is dramatically different to all those years ago.

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