Jst Jodie Jbrek Protein Porridge

I have disgusting flashbacks from my childhood of lumpy, wet, grey porridge that dribbles down your chin and tastes alarmingly like a soggy newspaper. I like to eat healthily, but in some cases healthy isn’t always appetising, with porridge oats certainly treading on thin ice for me. Porridge oats with water repulses me, with honey I find it too sweet, and with milk it’s rather plain yet bearable. I much preferred the creamy smoothness of Readybrek as a child, yet it’s sugary sweet taste was no doubt unkind to a bikini body. Nowadays I am a massive fan of rice pudding, semolina and custard and prefer my desserts cold and creamy. Yet as hard as I try to eat healthily I can’t ever shake off my sweet tooth, which is where Jst Jodie Jbrek Protein Porridge fills that void in my life!

Jst Jodie Jbrek Banana Protein Porridge

Jst Jodie Jbrek Banana Protein Porridge

Jbrek from INBF champion Jodie Marsh is a modern breakthrough in the supplement industry to provide quality and effective protein based meals to supplement a healthy active lifestyle. The protein rich porridge is infused with several key ingredients for optimal performance and nutrition including potassium, vitamin B6, thismine, pantothenic acid, zinc, iron and calcium.

Being a vegetarian for over 23yrs I find that my lack of meat, fish, eggs and limited dairy has a direct effect on my energy levels and workout ability. When I go to the gym without supplements I run on around 60% of my ability, yet with a pre workout I can easily reach 100% and the results are far noticable.

The protein porridge is simple to prepare, as the churned up powder is measured by a single 37g scoop which you can combine with water or milk to suit your taste. You can add 200-300ml of water to a shaker with a scoop of porridge, or serve it hot with milk to your preferred consistency. I mixed a single scoop of protein porridge with around a cup of whole cold milk to create a custard consistency which provided me with half a bowl of porridge. Much like a protein shake, the powder stayed gathered in dry lumps which I stirred through the milk with my spoon to try to disperse them but couldn’t remove them completely. I then heated my porridge for thirty seconds in the microwave only to take the chill off the milk but not to warm it, so that it was more of a cool pudding rather than a hot breakfast.

My first spoon was out of this world. I am literally the hugest semolina fan, and as the sweetly thick and creamy banana porridge glided over my tongue it totally blew my tastebuds, with the little lumps of powder that were left putting me in mind of those foam banana sweets mixed with raw cookie dough, for my next bowl I’ll totally leave it lumpy and request that it be renamed “Banoffee Custard”. I’m ecstatic that this is so good for me as it certainly tastes devilishly naughty and nurses my sweet tooth a treat! I literally ooh’d and ahh’d my way through every spoon never wanting it to end. And the best part is that it can also be used as a protein rich snack between meals too. Priced at just £19.99 for 518g from Jst Jodie, a single tub of banana protein porridge provides a whopping 14 servings and is available in a range of delicious flavours including apple and cinnamon, blueberry muffin and strawberry.

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