LookFantastic Renunail Nourishing Oil

After committing years of dedication to the nail bar for acrylic extensions every fortnight I was left with oxygen-starved, flimsy and yellowing broken nails that took almost a year to grow out and restore my fingers to something more human looking rather than a horror film. Now I very rarely wear nail varnish, firstly because I prefer the low maintenance look of natural nails, and secondly because I twitch at the appearance of chipped varnish. Thankfully Renunail from LookFantastic effortlessly provides everything I need to keep my nails nourished.

LookFantastic Renunail Nourishing Oil

LookFantastic Renunail Nourishing Oil

The nourishing oil is formulated with an expert blend of herbal extracts and natural ingredients such as jojoba, olive, apricot and sweet almond to condition and nourish the cuticles for optimum nail health. Translucent yellow in colour, the essential oil brushes directly onto the nail and rubs in clear, sealing in vitamins A and E for healthy, strong and glossy growth with powerful antioxidant benefits. It absorbs within seconds and leaves behind gleamingly fresh nails without being greasy or sticky and can be applied daily directly onto the nail and nail bed, or over the top of nail varnish as part of a healthy nail regime.

I love how fresh it leaves my nails looking, almost as though I’ve had them buffed or polished without having to wear varnish or worry about them chipping or cracking. My nails can breath, grow and remain strong and nourished with my new routine that takes just seconds to do and is priced at just £11.00 for 14ml from LookFantastic.

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