GoNutrition Strawberry Whey Protein Ice Cream

I’m a total ice-creamaholic and love the cool, smooth, sweet taste of creamy vanilla or sweet strawberry. From fluffy Mr Whippy’s in a wafer cone and a flake, to cookie dough with a spoon straight from the tub, I’m literally salivating at the thought of it. But ice cream is such a naughty treat and all of that sugar isn’t good for stripping back a six pack, which is why the GoNutrition Whey Protein Ice Cream is my new non-guilty pleasure post workout treat!

GoNutrition Strawberry Whey Protein Ice Cream

GoNutrition Strawberry Whey Protein Ice Cream

In order to repair your muscles after a workout, it’s important to get enough protein each day, which as a vegetarian I can struggle a little because I avoid all meats and egg. The protein ice cream conveniently provides 47g of whey protein in each 250ml serving, with no added sugar and 60% less fat compared to standard ice cream, making it the perfect cold dessert that won’t undo your hard work in the gym, as it helps to contribute to natural and healthy muscle growth.

And if like me you don’t have an ice cream maker, have never made ice cream and don’t have a cupboard filled with creams, sugar, flavourings or whatever else goes into making homemade ice cream then don’t worry, because it’s as simple as making up a protein shake. I start by pouring 190ml of skimmed milk into my protein shaker, along with one 60g scoop of the strawberry whey protein ice cream mix and shake it up to remove any lumps. I used a plastic sandwich tub to pour my ice cream mix into, but a bowl covered in cling film should do fine, so long as whatever container you use is freezer proof. And that was it, I popped the tub of ice cream onto the top shelf of my freezer and got on with my workout in the form of a 3hr bike ride.

It’s recommended that you stir the ice cream every 1-2hrs during freezing for the best results, but as I was out working up a sweat I was unable to come back to it and it still turned out fine. I left my ice cream freezing for 4hrs in total and it was perfectly frozen and much like a sorbet. The whey powder ice cream can also be used in an ice cream maker if you have one, or whizzed up by hand with a whisk or in a blender if you don’t have a shaker to hand, so long as it’s mixed thoroughly with the milk before freezing.

For my first experience of whey protein ice cream it’s a total knockout 10/10 for taste. The strawberry flavour is vibrant, refreshing and deliciously fruity which tantalises my sweet tooth a treat and wipes away the guilt of a sugary commercial ice cream from the store. It tastes great and is amazing for my body, supplementing my workout and satisfying my cravings. Here I’ve served mine with a sliced strawberry and sprinkle of sultanas as a post workout snack which has cooled me down a treat. This portion is about a third of the container that one serving makes and I like my ice cream nice and frozen to bite into, but you can leave it out to soften for several minutes first if you want it more creamy and lickable.

Priced at just £15.99 from GoNutrition, the strawberry whey protein ice cream provides 10 servings at an incredible £1.60 each, amazing fuel for your muscles and kind on your coins too!

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