Magical Designs Face Painting, Nail Art, Glitter Tattoo’s & Henna

Until today, my 2yr old son Gabriele has only ever had his face painted once, for which he was desperate to be a little tiger but ended up fidgeting around, rubbing his hands all over this face and trying to bite the face painters sponge as he sat on the stool terrorising the poor lady who tried her best to paint him. After several tragic minutes of wrestling face paints and little fingers Gabriele emerged more smeared tortoiseshell than terrifying tiger. So one year on and we decided to give face painting another go, with Gabriele hopping up onto Susie’s stool asking to be a “rar rarr tiger!” and amazingly she managed it!

Magical Designs Face Painting, Nail Art, Glitter Tattoo's & Henna

Magical Designs Face Painting, Nail Art, Glitter Tattoo’s & Henna

I don’t know if it’s all little boys, or just my son, but Gabriele doesn’t do sitting still too well. If he’s kept entertained and active he’s absolutely fine, but as soon as he’s asked to sit still, close his eyes and not move he seems to want to do anything but that. Susie and I came up with the ingenious idea of letting Gabriele watch his tiger facepaint unfurl by showing him his progress on my iPhone. I put my phone on camera mode and flipped the screen in front of him so that he could see what was happening, and it stopped him from reaching for the mirror on the table to see or poking his fingers in the rainbow spread of paint pots.

Susie was wonderfully cheerful and patient, a quality that not all face painters possess, and it really helped to put Gabriele at ease, because as soon as he notices annoyance in others he reacts by refusing to participate and tries to get away. With children, the attention and care that you put in results in the response that you get back, and having time, consideration and a softly softly approach is precisely what’s needed. Within minutes Gabriele had his first full proper facepaint and became the little tiger he’d always wanted to be. The smile on his face was infectious and everybody we passed commented on how cute he looked for the rest of the day which he loved and it made me feel very proud to see him so happy, thank you Susie and Magical Designs.
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