MINERVA Research Labs Pure Gold Collagen 10 Day Program

Anti-ageing is big business as it’s a beauty dilemma that we will all undoubtedly face. We can approach ageing in three ways, to refuse to let it happen and resort to expensive and risky surgery, botox and fillers to turn back the clock, to do nothing at all and bravely grow old gracefully if not prematurely, or to take preventative measures and naturally supplement our youth. I believe that we should always make the best of what we have as you only live once and I for one would rather feel good about myself than look in the mirror and be disappointed or shocked by what I see. Youth doesn’t last forever, but with proper supplementation we can maintain and promote youthfulness, delaying those tell tale signs of age and perhaps look a little younger, rather than older than what we actually are. And with Minerva Gold Collagen it’s incredibly easy to keep youth on your side.

MINERVA Research Labs Pure Gold Collagen 10 Day Program

MINERVA Research Labs Pure Gold Collagen 10 Day Program

Pure Gold Collagen is developed to offer a unique combination of collagen and supplements in a daily dose to promote younger looking skin, skin hydration, healthy looking hair and nails and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Ageing is often associated with decreased collagen levels which is responsible for providing the skin with its firmness and elasticity, so by making collagen part of a daily diet the body can continue to work at maintaining a youthful complexion.

The added supplements zinc and biotin contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails, with copper for pigmentation and connective tissues, Vitamin C, E and B6 for cartilage, protection of cells against oxidative damage, a healthy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The active ingredients nourish the body from the inside out by drinking just one 50ml bottle each day and the peach and passionfruit flavour is absolutely delicious.

With no sugar, artificial preservatives or colourings, the Gold Collagen is a fresh and fruity supplement to a healthy active lifestyle. I’ve found since completing the 10 day program my hair is glossier, my nails are not as flimsy and my skin more responsive to hydration. It certainly makes a difference to properly supplement the body with what is lacking, and by taking steps today I can sustainably hold back the signs of tomorrow without the need for scalpels and short term fixes.

The 10 Day Program costs just £35.99 from Minerva, with 30 Days costing £107.98 and 90 Days costing £323.92.

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