Mr Blanc Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Strips


When it comes to teeth I have such a thing for perfectly straight white pegs, and I twitch a little when I notice my smile fading to a dull yellow. I’ve seen many horror stories about teeth whitening over the years, and so it’s important to point out that you can cause serious damage to your enamel if you use the wrong products at the wrong strength. Mr Blanc have non-peroxide teeth whitening strips that you can do from the comfort of your home, and as I’ve had a few too many curries and cups of tea recently I’m due a top up!

Mr Blanc Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Strips

Mr Blanc Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Strips

The whitening strips work by absorbing into the enamel to remove deep staining in a safe and effective way, this in turn provides a visibly whiter smile in just 14 days. Although as I’m using mine as a top up my results will be a lot quicker than somebody who has never whitened before, as I only need the one treatment, but a beginner would have one treatment each day for two weeks.

The flexible clear strips are coated with a tooth whitening gel that you peel off and stick directly onto the top and bottom teeth, folding over any excess strip to the back of the tooth to ensure it stays in place. They are worn for thirty minutes once each day for as long as you require them, which is until you reach your desired tooth colour. The whitening gel removes the stain build up on the surface and within the tooth giving instant results that get better and better as time passes.

The strips hold brilliantly onto the teeth, and because I always find it a little funny trying to talk with whitening strips on my teeth, I tend to stay quiet so as not to build up too much saliva which can lift them off. A great time to pop them on is after dinner once I’ve had all my food and won’t be staining them again, I first brush my teeth and dry them off, waiting half an hour for any coating to come off of my teeth before applying my strips with a little evening television.

The strips are very comfortable to wear with a wonderful minty freshness that I’ve never had before from whitening strips. They don’t sting or burn at all, but should you find your teeth feel sensitive or tender then take them off and brush with a sensitive toothpaste immediately. When I first started whitening my teeth several years ago I suffered burned gums and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and had no idea what I was doing. Now I’ve literally experienced every form of teeth whitening and no longer have any side effects or discomfort because I only use brands that are 100% safe, which is why I’m happy to recommend Mr Blanc. Within just half an hour my teeth are back to the brightest white on the chart and I’m ready for a summer of dazzling smiles. As a top up I whiten my teeth around once every three to four weeks depending on staining and special occasions.
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  • Hi Tracey,

    I’ve previously used Crest Professional Effect Whitestrips that you reviewed, and they worked very well.

    I was looking to top up and was wondering which strips you found to be the most effective. Crest professional effects, Crest Supreme Flex fit, or Mr Blanc?



    • Hi Am, I enjoy all three of them which is why I’ve recommended them to my readers but I suppose it’s down to personal preference of use. I like my whitening strips to stay in place and not taste strange or hurt my teeth which pretty much sums up this selection, they’re brands that I trust and use frequently so if you happen upon them then give them a try and decide which suit your needs best. I’m tied!

  • Hi Tracy, as someone that has only used Crest, I am looking at trying Mr Blanc and read both your reviews on Crest and Mr Blanc respectively.

    Tell me, If you had to choose, which is better, with no official crest uk website, unlike Mr Blanc it’s hard to distinguish. I think, with crest you have to use the crest toothpaste and crest mouthwash to fully get the use out of strips, i wonder if that’s the case with Mr Blanc.

    Also, do you ever get to a point, where if you apply the strips everyday for two weeks, it only gets to a certain shade of white? In the first week, my teeth became considerably whiter, but by the end of the second week, after so many strips they were still very bright white, but not getting any whiter.


    • Hi Eli, I think everybody has their own experience with products. I have used Crest for many years and love their range but it’s important to remember that our teeth are only capable of reaching our personal maximum white so once you reach that they won’t go any brighter. Be careful not to over whiten your teeth or you may find they become sensitive and uncomfortable. I used Mr Blanc as a top up treatment rather than a total treatment from yellow to white and it lifted my teeth to my maximum whiteness again which I am very happy with. I hope this helps.

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