Hazel + Kent Good Works Crystal White Leather Bracelet

I have a thing for bracelets and absolutely love wearing them as my wrists seem to look so bare without them. But at the same time as a busy single parent constantly dunking my hands into washing up tubs, folding laundry, cooking and cleaning up after my little cherubs I can all too easily snag chains, pull pendants and ruin watches. So I usually only wear jewellery when going out, which is where this beautiful Hazel + Kent bracelet works perfectly for everyday wear.

Hazel And Kent Good Works Crystal White Leather Bracelet

Hazel + Kent Good Works Crystal White Leather Bracelet

The fully adjustable white leather bracelet features clear crystals in a silver surround with text printed in various silver fonts including: ‘Good Works’ ‘Make a difference’ ‘Plant Peace’ ‘LIVE IN UNITY’ ‘FREEDOM’ ‘ACCEPT DIVERSITY’ ‘Speak kindness’ ‘pave the path’ ‘LEAD THE WAY’ ‘BE AWARE’ ‘Give Back’ ‘SEEK WISDOM’ ‘COME TOGETHER’ ‘TRUTH’ ‘FORGIVE’ ‘STRENGTH’ ‘COURAGE’ ‘DREAM’ ‘believe’ ‘faith’ ‘SOW’ and ‘LOVE.’

The bracelet can be wrapped into tight bands or overlapped in a criss cross to create a variety of straps. Although I have rather slim wrists and always need to have my watches made smaller, the buckle fastening allows it to fit snug against my wrist without falling off or catching on things. I love the casual, laid back vibe of this bracelet, and as it’s white it’s super easy to match to my outfits. Priced at £39.95 from Hazel + Kent it’s thought provoking and feel good fashion at its finest.

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