Muscle Food High Protein Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Chocolate is the kyrptonite of every human, and strangely most dogs too, despite it being awfully bad for our waistlines and therefore banned from the diet sheets of every sensible workout. But my God doesn’t it taste good! And on a cheat day I seriously enjoy sucking on a chilled block of glossy smooth choc and savouring the sweet flavour and creamy smooth texture, even if it has more calories than my entire daily allowance! But when it comes to getting results from your workout routine you have to be crucial with your calories to keep the excess pounds at bay, which is why Muscle Food have come up with the most amazing chocolate spread that is kind on your curves!

Muscle Food High Protein Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Muscle Food High Protein Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

This chocolate hazelnut spread is high in protein, high in fibre and low in sugar, salt and saturated fat. With no added sugar and a great source of calcium, a single 15g serving contains just 39 calories which is surprisingly half that of a supermarket alternative, with a glorious 2.7g of protein and a whopping 3.8g of fibre making it a health conscious alternative to the other leading chocolate spreads on the market.

Breaking the seal of the jar I’m instantly hit with the rich sweet aroma of the cocoa, and when I dip in my spoon it’s thick and glossy like a lightly whipped mousse which spreads effortlessly. I can’t resist having a few cheeky spoons as I wait for my protein toast to cook as I prepare myself a workout friendly snack. The spread contains whole chopped hazelnuts which give it a creamy grainy texture that disappears into the mouth without a trace when you swallow without being tacky or sickly sweet. It’s satisfyingly chocolatey, quashes my sweet tooth cravings and tastes out of this world on it’s own, on protein toast or as a topping for my protein pancakes. Thanks to Muscle Food I don’t have to give up on chocolate after all, and I no longer have the guilt of messing up my results by eating what I love.

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