Redink Hungarian Script Rib Tattoo

I’m becoming quite a collector of bodyart as I popped in to see John Capasao of Redink for my ninth tattoo. And although it was a rather spontaneous decision it’s actually one of my most treasured pieces of ink to date. I literally woke up with the irresistible urge to get another tattoo and dropped John a message, within minutes he’d booked me in for my appointment and I was thinking up the specifics of what I wanted.

Redink Hungarian Script Rib Tattoo

Redink Hungarian Script Rib Tattoo

This is my first written text tattoo, aside from the roman numerals of my children’s dates of birth on my wrist, and with all of my tattoos I wanted to capture words that have great meaning to me, for which I decided on ‘Love Is Blind’. Now to me, Love Is Blind isn’t meant in the traditional sense of being with somebody who treats you badly but you can’t see it. To me Love Is Blind means that I love with my heart and not my eyes, because it’s what’s inside that matters most, so wether it is my children, my pets, my family, my home, my hobbies or life in general, my ability to love is unaltered by the outward form. I don’t love based on looks or material possessions, I love for what cannot be seen, for the soul and essence of a person or a thing, and that’s what Love Is Blind means to me.

I also like to place my tattoos across areas of my body that are discreet and not on show all of the time, aside from when I choose to show them of course, as I believe that something that has meaning to you should be kept for you and doesn’t need to be advertised and pushed in peoples faces. So I decided to have this tattoo across the front and side of my ribs just below my bra line as it’s a part of my body that is only ever really seen on a beach or in the bedroom. As I’m of Hungarian descent I had it translated to: ‘a szerelem vak’

Tracy Kiss Redink Hungarian Script Rib Tattoo

Tracy Kiss Redink Hungarian Script Rib Tattoo

John began by cleaning my skin and marking an area and angle in green pen under my bust to indicate where the tattoo would sit and if I was happy with the size and placement of it when standing up straight with my arms relaxed in the mirror. He asked me what type of font I was looking for and I chose an understated handwritten script that he printed out to the correct size. As my tattoo is curved he then cut the script into individual letters and fixed them with tape in an arch shape to a piece of paper before scanning it through a machine and printing a carbon copy. He used the carbon copy to press onto my skin and mark a purple blue ink for where he would apply the tattoo.

After a final check in the mirror I lay on the tattoo table on my back with my arm resting across my chest so as not to pull my skin, as if I held it above my head it would change the angle of the tattoo. John used an outline needle throughout to embed the ink into my skin, which is a bit of a pinch across the ribs but nothing too bad, and within ten minutes my new tattoo was complete. I’m a massive fan of John Capasao’s work and his talent at creating such beautiful and intricate pieces is second to none. I awoke with an idea and meaning and he captured the essence of it beautifully for me yet again. Thank you John!
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