Purition Natural Wholefood Protein Shakes

As a hectic single parent I find mornings the most busiest and stressful time of the day because not only do I have my two young children to get up, dressed, fed and out the door but I also have to think about myself and rustling up a nutritious meal to set me up for the day with very limited time. Being vegan I don’t have cereal, toast or croissants to hand and fruit on its own just wouldn’t give me the energy or focus I need, which is why I start my day with a wholefood Purition shake.

Purition Natural Wholefood Protein Shakes

Purition Natural Wholefood Protein Shakes

Purition are a UK based nutritional brand creating natural, nourishing, cleansing and energising wholefood shakes to benefit a healthy active lifestyle. The high fibre shakes can be used as meal replacements to assist in weightloss and reduce cravings by having them for breakfast or lunch, or a pre or post-workout to help the body to recover from exercise thanks to their high protein content. Being low carb, low sugar, gluten and dairy free, high in protein and fibre and packed with healthy fats without colours, flavourings, gums or GM ingredients these shakes are ideal for stirring into a glass of chilled coconut water, cows milk, oat or almond milk for an instant on the go meal.

Making up a shake takes all of twenty seconds and tastes absolutely delicious. I spoon four or five scoops into a glass of chilled almond milk and I love how smooth and creamy it is with a sprinkling of linseed, chia, sesame and crushed up pumpkin and sunflower kernels floating throughout to give it a nice texture and substance that is far more palatable than many of the alternatives I’ve tried. A single 500g bag contains 50 scoops making each serving less than £2.95; healthy, happy and honest – you are what you eat!

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