#TeamKiss Monochrome Water Bottle

Every good gym bunny needs a water bottle when working out, yet hydration is essential for all no matter your level of activity. Our bodies are made predominantly of water, therefore in order for them to function correctly we need to consume between 6-8 glasses of water per day with the benefits of proper hydration¬†also improving our complexion, energy levels and digestion. And that’s precisely why everybody should drink more water – especially in an iconic #teamkiss bottle of course!

#TeamKiss Monochrome Water Bottle

#TeamKiss Monochrome Water Bottle

Made from robust aluminium in a flawless high-shine white gloss this is a water bottle to rival all others. Unlike the cheap plastic alternatives on the market that squeeze, stress, crack, cross-thread and snap this hardcore bottle can take you anywhere from your office desk to the peak of a mountain and back again. Featuring a bold black #teamkiss logo to match the interchangeable fasteners there are both a screw cap on a hook and spout spring attachment for personal preference and convenience.

With a 600ml capacity this handy sized bottle can pop into a gym bag, hook onto a backpack or link to clothing for hands-free activities. The suction cap mount is ideal for single-handed use when you need to open and close the lid quickly which I use whilst running on a treadmill, and the screw cap with hook is great for free-pouring for a great glug of water in one go without messing up your lipstick! Functional, fashionable and funky fresh!

Get your hands on a #teamkiss water bottle here!


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