Semen/Sperm Facial Mask

I am 26yrs old and a single mother of two, my eldest daughter Millisent – spelt purposely as I call her Millie Sent From Heaven – is six and my son Gabriele is two. Sleepless nights, teething, central-heating, messy play and cold morning walks to school have no doubt taken a toll on my skin, let alone that wonderful foe of ours, age. I have had erythematotelangiectatic rosacea (ETR) since I was little which causes facial redness and flushing, with visible blood vessels and leaves my face sensitive, dry, stinging and hot; my face often becomes dehydrated and worn looking which cracks my foundation if I don’t moisturise or impose some kind of quenching facial mask each week. Women are most prone to this skin condition, as well as those with a fair complexion and blue eyes, and a family history of rosacea, all of which applies to me. There are four types of rosacea affecting men and women which can either present itself from birth, like me, or develop around middle age. There is no cure for rosacea but there are creams available and lasering can help to lessen the effects, as well as avoiding sunlight, alcohol and spicy foods, which are unfortunately three of my favourite things in life.

Healthline states: “People who have rosacea suffer considerable emotional distress because of the appearance of their skin. A study by the National Rosacea Society revealed that 41 percent of people with rosacea avoided public contact and canceled social engagements (AAD). In addition, the same survey found that close to 70 percent of people with rosacea said the condition lowered their confidence and self-esteem. According to the National Rosacea Society, rosacea is a chronic skin disease that affects more than 16 million Americans (NRS).” Sadly I was bullied my whole childhood until I left school, simply because of how I looked; try growing up being tall, lanky and red faced with uneven sized breasts.

I also have the onset of fine lines and wrinkles, as do most my age, with creases appearing on my forehead, laughter lines and crowsfeet, but they are not to the extent of botox just yet, if ever I would. After having PIP breast implants at the age of eighteen at a reputable clinic in Harley Street, London, which has since thankfully closed down whilst shirking all legal responsibility and left me, and thousands of women alike, with illegal silicone leaking into my body and years of pain, followed by an allergic reaction to an unknown allergen which caused my head to swell uncontrollably, it is safe to say that I much prefer the natural and holistic approach to beauty over that of chemicals and dangerous poisons.

I Prefer Natural Ingredients To Chemicals And Poisons

I Prefer Natural Ingredients To Chemicals And Poisons

Speaking with my beauty therapist I enquired into the benefits of having a facial peel, which is performed with a mild form of acid that removes the top layers of dead skin from the face in order to reveal a beautiful baby fresh complexion, but my excitement was soon quashed when my rosacea and sensitive skin made me an unsuitable candidate. She suggested I try a more natural approach and look at home remedies and inexpensive natural treatments that I could maintain, which is when the topic of semen facials came up, so to speak. When I returned home I began researching the use of semen as a facial ingredient and found American actress Heather Locklear of 90210 was a big fan and many experts had confirmed its benefits.

I can imagine that to some, the thought of using a semen facial mask may turn stomachs, but for years no secret has been made about the beauty benefits of using live and natural ingredients such as placental extracts, algae, mud, minerals, live yogurt, vegetables, oils and even blood. And we’ve all heard of wacky home remedies from grandmothers or great aunts who swear by applying strange and unsavoury ointments and potions in all sorts of places, as many people did years ago before todays modern skincare brands became so readily available. In the interest of beauty I see semen as being a fresh, active and stimulating ingredient, which gives my skin the glow and freshness that I require for a healthy skincare regime for my sensitive condition. Obviously consistency and quality will differ between each batch and source, and you may be hard pushed to ever find a supermarket which stocks the mask; it is therefore worth investing in a reliable male with a healthy diet and stamina to ensure a plentiful supply, perhaps a boyfriend, husband or in my case a health conscious friend. Whoever you choose to provide a donation it is important that you use the same caution you would around all bodily fluids, always ensure that they have had a sexual health check and are eating clean and nutritious food a few days before instead of smoking, drinking and bingeing on junk or the quality will suffer. I would never condone using anonymous semen and in no way encourage this to become a sexual act, I am simply looking at this from the angle of beauty. You have to strip away the shock-horror of the ingredients and any preconception of how it may feel, smell or look and base it solely on what it does.

I Have A Facial Once A Week

I Have A Facial Once A Week

As the beauty consumer, it is our own personal preference to ensure that products we use are acquired from an organic and sustainable source, manufactured in a safe and non-hazardous way and not tested on animals if this concerns you as it does me. Unfortunately for my semen facials a human organic cock is badly beaten on a regular basis in order to produce a mask, which some people may find disturbing; however I am reliably informed that the level of distress was kept to a minimum at all times, as obviously battery cocks cannot provide the produce required or I would have been well stocked for life. I would also like to stress that I am not present during the donation process, as I simply receive it in a plastic container fresh from a sensible friend who delivers it to me after in his own time.

Depending on quantity and texture which varies from day to day and frequency used, I mix an egg white with a few drops of lavender oil to give the mask its consistency and durability to cover my face, it also helps it to smell nice and can be stored in the fridge until needed. After washing my hands and face I take a towel and place it around my shoulders before titling my head back and applying the semen mask to my chin, cheeks and forehead with my fingers. My chosen method is to apply the semen in a circular massaging motion to ensure that it is evenly spread across my face and just like any mask you must take care to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth. Some ladies may choose to have it applied directly to their face on their behalf by their partner, however being a spinster, and in the interest of research, I require strategic placement in controlled areas to achieve optimum results. I then close my eyes and put my feet up with my semen face mask in place to avoid any movement or runs, waiting fifteen minutes or so before washing it off with warm water.

Afterwards my skin is fresher, brighter and looks and feels so much better. My makeup sits nicer on my skin without cracking or caking, and my skin tone is improved and less reddened as it cools and soothes my face. With all skincare, if you don’t maintain it then the results won’t last, so I typically have a facial once or twice a week depending on how my skin feels and when I receive a donation. We all need to look after our skin in our twenties and thirties in order to remain youthful and supple in our forties and fifties and beyond. Gone are the days of chain-smoking sun bed worshipping as anti-ageing is gradually focusing its attention upon prevention rather than cure. I would definitely not like to look like a chewy old leather handbag in twenty years time, so if science discovers hedgehog saliva, tulip milk, or babies tears leave you with healthier skin then I’m all for it. You can pay hundreds of pounds for face creams packed with chemicals and wacky ingredients which are suited to the masses instead of individual skin conditions, or you can turn to nature and source and construct your own. So long as it provides the results you desire and doesn’t harm anyone then who is to say what is socially acceptable or not?

I think this topic is very much down to the individual to either understand it for what it is, a beauty procedure, or to take offence and have a negative opinion of it. But that’s perfectly fine, we’re all entitled to our own opinion. Millions of men, women and teenagers all over the world on a daily basis apply heavily manufactured cosmetics to their skin, have invasive beauty procedures, cosmetic surgery and body alterations in order to improve their appearance and achieve the results that they desire; knowingly packing their bodies full of chemicals, toxins and poison. As we never physically see the ingredients that go into our luxuriously glossy face creams in expensive glass containers and purposely designed packaging, we never truly consider its contents and instead view it solely on its benefits; does it work for me or not? If every chemical name and number, animal produce, extract and element were to be photographed and displayed on the packaging we would never use cosmetics again. Being almost vegan I find the texture of raw egg whites on my face makes me gag more than the thought of semen; and as semen helps to create babies then I’m happy to use it to make my skin baby soft.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the semen facial, are you for or against homemade remedies? Have you tried the semen facial? Are you considering it after reading this? All feedback, good or bad is welcome.

UPDATE: Closer Magazine

My views on the semen facial have been printed in Closer Magazine, Issue 15 April 2014. How exciting!

I Am In Issue 15, 2014 Of Closer Magazine Talking About Natural Skincare

I Am In Issue 15, 2014 Of Closer Magazine Talking About The Semen Facial

I have asked that all fees from the magazine are donated to my JustGiving page to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK whom I have chosen as my charity to support this year.

UPDATE: 15/04/14 My Beauty Review Goes Worldwide

So my blog about a natural beauty treatment has now gone worldwide in just a matter of hours and it seems the controversial headline published in a UK magazine “I cover my face in sperm to stay young!” has caused quite a stir. It is incredibly interesting to see the uncensored thoughts about you through the eyes of the public based solely on a magazine article. I know that it is their job to deliver punchy, shocking and unusual content to interest and entertain their readers, which makes for some pretty hilarious scrolling through page upon page of comments and first impressions from people all over the world. What an eye opener!

My Blog Has Become Quite The Talking Point Across The World

My Blog Has Become Quite The Talking Point Across The World

It’s not surprising that people focus on the key points of the story being ‘young’ ‘single’ ‘mum’ using her ‘friend’s ‘sperm’ to defy ageing. And I’d imagine to the majority I may come across as a complete self-centred lunatic who is breaking the heart of my poor friend via unrequited love, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Does being twenty-six years old mean that I don’t have dry and sensitive skin because of my lifelong rosacea? Or as I’m a single parent surely I must be irresponsible, never mind the fact that I actually stuck around to raise my two children single-handedly whilst working. Oh look, I also have breasts, which yes are fake because sadly mine didn’t develop properly as a teen which some call a deformity, and I call a private cosmetic procedure which I paid for to save the costs to the NHS who treat thousands of women each year with implants, reductions and corrections. Ah, and yes I’m single, because obviously I must be a complete and utter bunny boiler who stalks men and forces everyone to leave me; so let’s pretend I wasn’t just in a 6yr relationship with a ring on my finger and my needy cravings for daily semen were just too intense to stick around for. And the fact that I ask my friend, who is a man, to provide me with the only ingredient that I cannot source myself is unfair to him? Well, you’ve all heard of the saying save a tree eat a beaver? I’m sure billions of men across the world waste a heck of a lot of potential children multiple times a day, so what is the harm in my using some from a reputable and safe source every now and then? Is it male exploitation? Or am I making the peril of semen useful so that it’s short life needn’t be in vain? And I’m slim, so clearly I’m self obsessed and must starve myself in my quest for perfection as I’m not healthy or active at all, again please totally disregard my fitness blogging and reviews too. Oh and look, when I smile bags form under my eyes, this must mean that I’m definitely in my late thirties, a whole decade above my age, because I’m an irresponsible self obsessed porn star mother? Or perhaps not. I just have chubby cheeks which bunch up like a toddler when I smile and otherwise disappear when I have my regular blank face in position.

The fact that I get I.D’d when buying alcohol or sharp objects for which the age threshold is 25yrs really annoys me, as I drive, have two children and left home more years ago than I care to remember. People are always so wrong about my age, if I wear jeans they think I’m a teenager, and if I wear something to show my figure they think I’m a retired porn star who has had millions of pounds worth of surgery in a desperate bid to try to look young. Alas, I am just young-ish, at the ripe old age of 26yrs with a surgery free face, no botox, and no fillers, or believe me I’d expect to look a thousand times better if I had!

The comments I am reading online are hilariously addictive, and I find myself scrolling through them and chuckling over biscuits and lentils in the early hours of dressing gown time. People are actually having arguments about the size of my breasts, defending and attacking how women should properly measure their assets; and by way of winning the fight, keyboard warriors are correcting each others spelling and punctuation telling one another to get a life and STFU for good measure – that means shut the fudge up apparently? Politics, religion and demographics have also been dragged into the mix, and for as many people that are hailing me and showing the article to their wives and girlfriends, there are just as many who think I’m a typical bunny-boiling self-obsessed female who they’d never marry but would still “give her one though”. Perhaps I shall wear dark glasses and a duffle coat in public for the next couple of days, oh dear.

I wonder how different the public’s reaction would have been if I were referred to as a “taxi driving newly-married lesbian who uses elderly widowed neighbours sperm as a facial in order to appear older!” I would like to state that I am not a taxi driver, nor am I married, nor a lesbian, nor are my neighbours old or widowed and I most definitely don’t wish to purposely look older than I am. I do however like to blog about beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle which I find interesting and helpful. So I welcome you to have a read of my blogs and form your own opinion. And by that I mean share my opinion, I’m a perfectly normal female, it’s just society that’s weird. Obviously.

UPDATE: Hashtag #Sperm Domination

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier, after appearing in hundreds of random peoples pictures and profiles across my social media accounts from them posting the magazine article and sharing with their friends, it now seems that I have conquered the hashtag of #sperm. Wow.

I Appear To Have Dominated The Hashtag Sperm

I Appear To Have Dominated The Hashtag #Sperm

Now there are many hashtags that I like to use when describing my pictures, mostly #cute #sweet #adorable #happy and #love, but I can safely say that sperm has never been one of them. To have thought that one day it would be possible to dominate a single word from the English dictionary, my chance to leave my stamp on life, my moment of shining glory and claim to questionable social media recognition; and of all the words in all of the world, I end up with sperm. Which is a noun, semen; synonyms – semen, seminal fluid, spermatic fluid, seed, ejaculate, emission; milt; technicalspermatozoa; informalcome, cum; vulgar slangjism, jissom, jizz; vulgar slang – spunk. Hmm. Well let’s look on the bright side here, at least it’s one rung higher on the ladder than ass.

UPDATE: Comments From Across The Web

As I’ve been laughing so hard my ribs now hurt, I thought that I would share with you a little taster of the comments posted about my magazine article online. I have not edited, censored or corrected any of the feedback or spelling. I had absolutely no involvement in the content other than copying and pasting quotes to my blog here. I welcome you all to pull up a chair, pour yourself a nice brew and get ready for a taste of keyboard warriors, strange strangers and angry girls. What the fudge…!? As this may be a little confusing to distinguish between my thoughts and the publics comments in plain font, I shall be chirping in with my two cents in red throughout. Enjoy!

It seems that some men are a little concerned that providing their sperm for a girls facial may actually be used for an ulterior motive…

[–]sexual_camel 51 points 1 day ago
I don’t think I would just hand over my sperm to a girl who may have a few screws missing. Who knows where else she could put it

[–]jesse059 17 points 1 day ago
THIS! never know that day the switch flips from i dont want wrinkles to im bat shit crazy i need a baby…

[–]SCTetra 1 point 22 hours ago
Just get her to sign a form saying you are not responsible for shit. Same thing like dontating sperm at a sperm bank.

Like a sperm release form?

[–]AllSpunOut 1 point 17 hours ago
Sperm denatures very quickly. You’d be safe.

[–]Techoblanco_Mod 182 points 1 day ago
One girl I slept with did this but I was freaked out because she locked herself in the bathroom with my cum. I thought she was trying to get pregnat or something so I kicked the door open and she was just rubbing it on her face.

How funny, he thought she was being a psycho but she was just having a sperm facial!

[–]DarkDubzs 1 point 11 hours ago
She has a nice couple of semen extractors.

I think he’s talking about my breasts?

[–]kirliry 4 points 23 hours ago
She has some big tits

[–]kankouillotte 129 points 1 day ago
Boobs like that must help the delivery speed.

I wouldn’t really know.

[–]Unicorn_Ranger 6 points 18 hours ago
Those are also very wrinkle free.

Very observational. 

[–]crappysurfer[S] 25 points 1 day ago
Plus, refrigerating things doesn’t really kill most bacteria, it just slows them down and/or induces dormancy.

It seems people are becoming concerned about the ability of my fridge to house the sperm before it reaches my face.

[–]stealingyourpixels 3 points 22 hours ago
Isn’t there bacteria everywhere?

[–]moush -1 points 20 hours ago
Not in your body’s closed systems. Urine and Semen are going to be completely sterile until they come into contact with bacteria from the outside world.

[–]DeniedClub 23 points 22 hours ago
Well if the temperature falls below 40F then bacteria can’t grow (but it doesn’t kill any bacteria that was already there)

[–]sprankton 34 points 1 day ago
More importantly, it would coagulate the semen.

[–]zorn96 3 points 4 hours ago
yes and no. there are a lot of coagulation factors such as the number of ions in solution, the weight of the molecules, the length and polarity of the molecules, etc.
if proteins denature and break down then this can cause coagulation, however you can also have coagulation without this. you can also have proteins denature without coagulation. of course, in this case, coagulation is being used misleadingly and they just mean that the hydrates would evaporate from solution, leaving a near-solid precipitate

That’s pretty deep…

[–]simpersly 16 points 23 hours ago
The danger zone is between 40 and 140 °F ( 4 to 60 °C) give or take a few depending on the food.

[–]supercool5000 2 points 16 hours ago
My understanding is that fish used for sushi is frozen in a particular way to kill microorganisms, including bacteria. Is that not the case?

[–]Cocktorpedo 2 points 10 hours ago
i’ve never heard of that. it’s almost certainly frozen to preserve its shelf life though.

[–]burlesqueduck 39 points 1 day ago
your phone has more bacteria per area on it than your toilet any cup of water has at least a few microbes swimming around in it. you only get sick if there’s a lot of them so they can easily start a colony (and if they’re harmful) every day of your life you have billions of micro-organisms in your intestinal tract. Some of them are even so important to you that you’d die without them. molds are constantly trying to grow in your lungs and your body’s defense is always going to try and weed them out.

Have I inspired others to try it from my results?

[–]Maclimes 134 points 1 day ago
I knew a woman who swore that this works. Every morning, she would jerk off her husband before work, apply semen to face, and then … I don’t know. I guess let it set?
All I know is, she had nice skin. Maybe it was genetic. Maybe it was cum face. I dunno.

I think men have a greater understanding than women on this matter.

[–]Nerobus 53 points 1 day ago
As much as I hate to admit it, I have noticed it has a nice effect on my hands..

[–]poo-poo 8 points 8 hours ago
I’ll never forget the day my dad shook my hand and stated “you have such soft hands, these are hands that have never worked a hard day in his life.” Semi jokingly. But internally all I could think was “Well I jerked it with lotion last night, so that could be it too.”

Slightly creepy.

[–]hjonsey 5 points 21 hours ago
Actually had it on my face by chance last night and I noticed the softness this morning. It does work, number one rule is you gotta protect the eyes (I had to learn that the hard way)

[–]explainittomeplease 9 points 18 hours ago
I used to do this. My ex used to love coming on my face, and I would just massage it all over and wash it off 10 minutes later.
I swear, my face was softer, and I broke out less. If I started dating another guy that enjoys spilling his seed on my face, I’d start doing it again.

Ok, if we really have to bring up my age then let’s do this quickly. I’m 26yrs old/young whichever way you look at it, and the article states that.

[–]bobojojo12 7 points 22 hours ago
Wow I thought she was inn her mid 30s

Thanks a lot!

[–]monga18 2 points 8 hours ago
And she looks… exactly 26.

That’s more like it!

[–]wilkes9042 75 points 1 day ago
I know, right? That’s all I could think about. She’s twenty fucking six. No wonder she looks young.

[–]JewBacon 30 points 1 day ago
She doesn’t even look 26. She looks like she’s in her late thirties, early forties.

Oh. Em. Gee. Oh no you did-un JewBacon!?

[–]leif777 3 points 1 day ago
I love the hair in pigtails too… she’s trying really hard

My hair isn’t in pigtails and I didn’t even bother to straighten it, it’s in a ponytail to keep it out of the way for my facial…

[–]Yrrebbor 7 points 1 day ago
She’s had plastic surgery, and it sounds like she decided to start using semen as an alternative to the annual Botox treatments she was already getting.

I’ve never had botox, let alone on an annual basis. I wanted to try a natural non-invasive remedy. Awks.

[–]wilkes9042 0 points 1 day ago
The difference is that she takes it from a pot, that has been prepared for her – it’s fucking weird. Clinical. Now if it was straight from Ben’s beanbag, delivered by means of ejaculation – straight to her grid. I’d be cool. Ben would be happy too. But no, she’s a fucking creep about it.
If I was Ben – (which I am, but not that Ben) I’d be wanking dogs off into a pot, then I’d gleefully deliver it to her to smear all over her ridiculous 26 year old face.

I’m a creep for NOT playing with my friends man piece? And Ben writing this comment, who isn’t the actual Ben, thinks Ben should trick me with dog semen instead? Ben who isn’t the actual Ben, does this work well for you? 

[–]iamnotimportant 15 points 1 day ago
I see you didn’t read it, it’s not for anti aging it’s to treat rosacea, apparently it’s reddening of the skin.

Actually it’s a compilation of gradual age, sleep deprivation and sensitive skin that I require facials, the rosacea certainly doesn’t help with dehydration, but I wouldn’t class sperm as a treatment for rosacea.

[–]sin_eater82 2 points 1 day ago
Did you read it? The woman herself claims that it smooths out wrinkles.
It is mentioned that she has rosecea, but she talks about wrinkles and this getting rid of them.

[–]iamnotimportant 2 points 20 hours ago
Yes… but she talks about rosacea as the cause of those wrinkle and fine lines.
“I suffer from rosacea and I’d started to get fine lines around my eyes and mouth” Her quote.

No, rosacea hasn’t caused my wrinkles, not that I’m a wrinkly mammoth, just when I smile or frown or have an expression on my face you can see lines. Rosacea contributes to my dry and heated sensitive skin which is why I find facials essential.

[–]sin_eater82 1 point 20 hours ago
I have blue eyes and I like orange juice.
I understand why you may have taken it that way, especially if you weren’t already familiar with rosacea. But i think it’s just slightly poorly written.
Wrinkles are not a symptom of rosacea to my knowledge.
Now, this is a woman who is putting her friend’s cum on her face and talking about it in a print magazine with photos of her with it on her face. Could she possibly think that rosacea is causing wrinkles whether it actually does or not? It’s possible. But I think it was more like “I have blue eyes and like orange juice” than “I have blue eyes and because of that I like orange juice”. Although, more related in that they’re both skin things.

I do have blue eyes and I do like orange juice, how strange? Maybe this is making me look so old?

[–]iamnotimportant 1 point 19 hours ago
K, so the girl is an idiot we’ve established that. Doesn’t change the sentence composition, she’s not doing for anti-age. there is no mention of that, all I pointed out. All I pointed out was her reasons for doing it, which is apparently rosacea, you go ahead and research this condition and try to prove that it’s not a cause for whatever stupid shit is going thru her head. You’re going too far.

Where have ‘we’ established I’m an idiot? I mean, really? 

[–]sin_eater82 1 point 19 hours ago
I didn’t research it. I knew it already and just provided sources for your benefit. You’re going too far with your assumptions.
But let’s talk about sentence composition.
I x AND y means that I x and I (also) y. It does not mean that x causes y.
Now what do people mean when they saying “anti-aging”? They mean getting rid of wrinkles.
The girl specifically talks about this smoothing out wrinkles even outside of the sentence that talks about rosacea and wrinkles. You cannot deny that she talks about smoothing out wrinkles. It’s in the article. You could deny that smoothing out wrinkles has anything to do with anti-aging, but that would be a bit silly.
You are correct that rosacea was one reason she gave. But she also gave getting rid of wrinkles as a reason. People can do things for multiple reasons. Things can treat multiple things.

Go to war on those keyboards random girls!

[–]iamnotimportant 1 point 18 hours ago
Stubborn? Pedantic? Scrupulous? Painstaking? Perfectionist? Fussy? What’s the word I’m looking for? I’m sure you’ll give me a short essay. For the fun of it.

Over to Ben…

[–]nthensome 73 points 1 day ago*
SHHH, her ‘friend’ has got a good thing going here.
Don’t ruin it for him.

[–]Pkacua 1 point 1 day ago
She just wants to rub sperm on her face.

Erm… Yes and no.

[–]Amtye 4 points 18 hours ago
Well I can’t tell if Ben has a decent or miserable gig here but either way it’s the beginning to a quirky romcom

I can see it now.

[–]hmcbabe 210 points 1 day ago
Her friend Ben donates sperm for Tracy’s unusual facials
There is friend zoning, and then there is this

[–]Tsurii 14 points 1 day ago
“Maybe if I poke her with it she’ll be in the mood”

[–]normalism 17 points 23 hours ago
luckiest guy on the planet.

[–]KittyKat1986 88 points 1 day ago
He’s just doing what any fitness coach would do.

[–]msfrance 6 points 23 hours ago
Oh Ben…that poor bastard…

Seriously he’s just a friend who isn’t secretly in love with me!

[–]amolad 55 points 1 day ago
There’s nothing “romantic” between her and Ben.
That’s what she thinks.

[–]prodikl 5 points 13 hours ago
so damn close, but ultimately friendzoned

[–]ProcrastinHater 21 points 1 day ago
Now we just have to convince the rest of them.

[–]VictoriousPickle 35 points 1 day ago
In the larger scheme of life… aren’t we all Ben?
Ben stands for every one of us. Young and old. Every male in existence.
Let us stand together and shout from the rooftops.

Wow, Ben has extracted blood from the stone that is man. I feel as though I should bow my head for some reason or at least toast a glass of wine to this moment.

[–]stephenjr311 32 points 1 day ago
Until she realizes that it was something special about Ben’s sperm and other guys’ sperm doesn’t work. Then the tables will truly have turned for Ben and he’ll be calling all the shots.

[–]MrPeoples 4 points 18 hours ago
Does she not have a sexual partner? I hope Ben doesn’t think he has a chance or something.

I’m sorry but ‘single’ surely means no, who in their right mind would be in a relationship and seek sperm for a facial elsewhere over that of their partner? I’m not weird!

[–]MrPeoples 3 points 13 hours ago
She’s obviously crazy. We can’t rule out that she uses Ben for his refrigerated and scented sperm, friendzones the shit out of him, doesn’t let her sexual partners untreated sperm anywhere near her face, and is too embarrassed to ask any of her actual sexual partners to donate their sperm because of the absolutely ridiculous process it entails.

How many sexual partners do these men believe a single 40-something-looking woman has the ability to harvest sperm from? Wait, I can answer this for you. None. Just one health conscious friend who I trust to bring me human semen in a tub.

[–]Fenor 103 points 1 day ago
could we request an AMA from her friend Ben?

I had to look AMA up, apparently it’s internet slang for ‘ask me anything,’ I presume they want to know Ben’s emotional investment.

[–]taishidaioh 19 points 1 day ago
Yep. He somehow made her think this actually works. I’d love to have an AMA with that guy.

[–]PieterPlopplop 58 points 1 day ago
I think it’s fair to say the person in this picture has never had semen on her face.

Apart from the semen on my face in this picture of course…

[–]inhale_exhale_repeat 1 point 23 hours ago
I dunno, I’m 25 and I’ve already noticed some sun damage and “worry lines”. I use anti-aging stuff too but I wouldn’t go so far as a facial.

[–]captain_craptain 386 points 1 day ago
Seriously. How do you not respond to her request for your spunk with a counter-offer that she harvest it herself? Tell her that way he won’t have to charge her for the collection and delivery.

Ben doesn’t charge me, he doesn’t usually sell and deliver his sperm to women, but he brings some over to me when we catch up each week.

[–]DidntGetYourJoke 2 points 1 day ago
Goddamn, when will high quality television like that come to the US?

[–]thinkinggrenades 22 points 1 day ago
She clearly absorbs the life energy of the sperm.


[–]A1A5KA 51 points 1 day ago
Here is Tracy’s own page. It’s just her thing to do with Ben’s sperm, until she needs to find someone else’s sperm to use.

Things to do today: Replace Ben as and when. Or not. 

[–]Whuzza_reddit 30 points 1 day ago
After reading her page, pretty clear this is all a marketing ploy. She’s a genius.

Is it a marketing ploy? Or is it my beauty blog that was picked up by the press and carried by social media? Maybe I should actually clarify this just incase, it is infact my beauty blog that was picked up by the press and carried by social media.

[–]Higher_Primate 43 points 1 day ago
Nah if she was a marketing genius thery’d be more pictures of her tits.

You’d think so?

[–]bastegod 4 points 1 day ago
Came for the ridiculous story; stayed for the tits.

[–]captain_craptain 12 points 1 day ago
This girl is weird. I like her though.

God bless the internet.

UPDATE: 29/04/14 Hello Australia, Indonesia, Italy & Singapore

So it’s been a few days now since I’ve dared to check the feedback surrounding Semengate, and it seems the world is still spreading the love of my blog review. One article I found both heart warming and disturbing at the same time was in Italy from Corriere Adriatico:

Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

Corriere Adriatico Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

The title translates from Italian as:”Tracy, from ugly to sexy star: Use against sperm facial wrinkles” hmm, thanks for calling me an ugly child, the first paragraph reads:
“LONDON – Tracy Kiss is an English model of Hungarian origin, well known at home for his stunning performance in front of goal. The 26 year old, however, has not always been so lovely and launches a singular beauty secret to women.
Tracy, who lives in Buckinghamshire, in fact told that he had started to suffer from the age of 12 years, a particular form of acne rosacea. That problem during the early teenage years, he had exposed widespread derision at school, where he was targeted by bullies, poor fools, they did not see the potential of the girl.”

As you can imagine the rest of the article is entirely misinformed and Narnia inspired. Now there are a few possible reasons behind this strangely twisted statement, either Google translate is having an off-day, the journalist who wrote this doesn’t know their masculine and feminine singular and plurals, or chinese-whispers have spread to such an extent around the world that I have now morphed into a male goal keeper with acne. I would just like to state for the record here that I was born female, albeit with uneven breasts which I later had surgery for, but I have no connection with balls, whether it be through goal keeping or otherwise. And finally I have never had acne, I’m aware that there is a form of rosacea which is based upon this, but mine causes redness and sensitivity. I am not a spotty manly goalie. Yet. I have also had a few more choking-on-a-hob-nob moments when flicking through new online comments, note to self, stop snacking when reading offensive and/or derogatory feedback. Here are just a couple that left me creasing:

christmas 19-04-2014, 09:44 PM
i think it is a lie…a lie to cover her sexual fantasy and fetish, most probably


CandyDoll 20-04-2014, 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by smoob:
She is 26 years old and a single parent of two, a boy and a girl.

yup and the two kids, if I’m not wrong are fathered by two different men..

Candydoll has been doing her homework, I like how she points out my children have different fathers, clearly crucial information to assert her online message board status

Originally Posted by Mirror:
Think her ex husband cannot give her constant supply that y the relationship cannot work out bah …

not sure if that’s the reason, but think she was not married before..

As Mirror ponders over me bleeding my ex-husband dry of semen, Candydoll knows the score! I have never been married, a little strange how she knows this though?

NuttyProfessor 18-04-2014, 08:16 PM
tracy kiss… name sounds like a prawn star

An acne ridden Hungarian male goal keeping vegan prawn star no less! 

And it was surely only a matter of time before somebody made one of those funny words over a random picture about Ben and his sperm. I take my hat off to the guys at Joy Reactor for this little wonder nugget as it made me chuckle. Ben is still just a friend, I haven’t broke his heart, led him on or let him down. Men and women can be friends without anything underhand going on.

Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

Joy Reactor Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

And now for a whistle stop tour of yesterdays link backs to my site. Here we have a sex toy report from Australia:

Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

STR Australia Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

A splosh or two from Singapore:

Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

SHZ Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

Discuss SG Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

I have no idea what I’m doing in Indonesia:

Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

Indo New York Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

And finally some illiteracy from Italy:

Leggo Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

Leggo Report On My Semen Facial Blog Review

UPDATE: 29/10/14

As it’s been a good few months since I last updated this blog post I thought I should give you all a heads up, oh behave! As I wanted to fill you in on the progress, so far me and Ben are still unmarried and he hasn’t declared his undying love for me as he kindly continues to help me with my beauty regime which I am most pleased by.

I have had calls from television stations and documentaries to talk about the semen facial and my experience of it, however I haven’t taken part in any specific media to date as I’ve been rather busy doing other things such as turning 27 – eek – and watching Meerkat Manor on TV with the children whilst drinking green tea and sewing pumpkin patches for Halloween.

Every now and then I get the odd person asking me about the semen facial, which I’m always happy to answer questions about and give my opinion. Surprisingly it’s not a very successful chat up line from guys and I’m enjoying being a single parent to my two children, with Millisent having just celebrated her 7th birthday this month. Now I really do feel old! And funnily enough the original comments about me looking older than 26 are becoming more valid as I extinguish yet another set of candles on my birthday cake. I had a fabulous 27th birthday and am making it my aim to find a husband who will provide me with frequent facials, quite how I’ll work this into conversation I don’t know, perhaps after meeting the parents and parking my slippers at the door?

My Semen Facial Youtube Video Is Nearing 30,000 Views

My Semen Facial Youtube Video Is Nearing 30,000 Views

My semen facial video on Youtube is nearing 30,000 views which is pretty jolly as it means the message is out there and I hope that people are enjoying seeking natural free alternatives to their beauty regimes. If it helps just one person to live a more comfortable life then it’s worth it.

On another note, checking the traffic referrals to my site today I came across these comments at the top of the list on a forum, again I haven’t edited or changed any names, spellings or mistakes and my opinion is in red:

Well after you’ve had however many wanks a day don’t waste your spunk: (a screenshot of my semen facial magazine article)

Jesus christ the British are so bad at sex

Who said anything about British sex? It’s strictly donation only regarding my facial, but I’d like to think that I know a face from a phallus in the bedroom! 

There is no way this woman is not a porn star. Tracy Kiss? Really?

I have no doubt that you’ve googled me because the key words came up in the traffic terms to my site! I’m sorry to disappoint you that I’m not a pornstar just because my maiden name is Tracy Kiss, and funnily enough neither is my mother, grandmother or great grandmother either.

26-year olds really do struggle to look young.

I turned 27 this month and this comment makes my frown lines all the more prominent. Thanks!

-Fathis Munk
You have NOT seen her site (including the story of her botched boob job with many many pictures.)

Have you not? Of course, you probably just read the pictures as you;d have realised that my boob job wasn’t ‘botched’ as I had private self-funded surgery at Harley Street in London for £4,000 which eight years later was discovered to be made from illegal PIP silicone because of a dodgy company in France scamming the system to line their pockets. Hundreds of thousands of women across Europe were affected by the horrendous scandal, including NHS and cancer patients. So I didn’t suffer a botched boob job, but collapsed implants eight years after my successful surgery, like many others. 

I feel so loving sorry for her kid. Sure, lots of pornstars have kids, but how many feature their children on their page about botched surgery and spreading sperm all over your face? That kid is now associated directly.

I’m presuming that the moderators of this forum comically change the word F’ing to ‘loving’ here. I’m not entirely sure which kid you feel sorry for, my son or daughter singularly? But can I guess my daughter? No wait, son! Yes pornstars may well have children, something of which I know precisely nothing about. But mentioning the fact that I am a parent on a blog about beauty is hardly damaging my children. If I didn’t include all of the attributing factors to the condition of my skin and seeking a natural remedy to restore hydration, one being the fact that I’m a flustered single parent with a constant lack of sleep, then I wouldn’t be addressing the issue at hand. Please excuse the pun. As if you compared my skin to another 27yr old lady who has no children and sleeps 10hrs a night then I’m sure we’d be very different indeed.

-Wandle Cax
Well at least she’s a “humorous vegetarian”. They are so much more likable than those humorless vegetarians.

Somebody has read my bio. I quite like the witt towards my witt.

-im pooping!
so where the titty pictures?

Sorry was this directed at me or your mum?

-Magikarpal Tunnel
She looks pretty loving old for being 26.

God bless the moderators for changing F to Loving. Love you too!

-im pooping!
Actually I saw the video clip and she seems kind of repulsive in general. Then again I’m a 28 year old virgin so I follow the orgasm a day theory.

I’m guessing this is in reference to my Youtube video about the facial. Kind of? And in general? Well I can live with that, nothing too set in stone there and it’s always good to leave room for improvement. Generally.

-Angela Christine
What a loving idiot.

I want to meet these moderators and ching tea-cups with them. How this makes me smile! 🙂

-Fathis Munk
Goes on to have several boobjobs.

Several? I only have two breasts, one set were removed because they turned out to be PIP and the second was a reconstruction. Perhaps there’s more than one Tracy Kiss!? Breastgate? Facts straight?

*rubs personal trainer’s baby batter onto her face every day*

*sigh* Not everyday monkeytennis, just most.

Dear oh dear. How comical it is to read an internet forum filled with ill-informed opinions of yourself. Despite the updated knowledge of strangers debating my surname and body parts, I have however discovered this evening that red seedless grapes are far safer to nibble on whilst reading through comments, as when you laugh you don’t have to worry about choking on the little crumbs you get from biscuits and cookies. Always good to know. Have a fab evening and Happy Halloween to all!

UPDATE: 21/08/15

My 'I'm Almost 28' Face

My ‘I’m Almost 28’ Face

I thought I’d best give you an update on semengate as it’s been nearly a year and a half since my beauty blog went viral, and much to my dismay I continue to get older whenever I eat my birthday cake. I know what you’re thinking, just don’t eat it – right? But it’s harder said than done. And now I’m just over a month away from turning 28! Eek!

Ben is still my friend, hoorah, and he still pops over for a cup of tea and a delivery of otherwise toilet-bound semen which I very much appreciate. I’ve also now tested the direct delivery method with a non-Ben and I can highly recommend it, we all knew it was bound to happen eventually because I’m such a curious cat. Although you don’t get as even a coverage as when you apply it yourself and quite a bit can be wasted in the hair which sucks. I’d suggest rather than tipping your head back for direct delivery which is often the most favourable stance, brace yourself, close your eyes and be brave by going full frontal as it’s an easier target to hit and doesn’t end up all over the place or wasted.

My face continues to feel beautifully soft and healthy after each semen facial, and I have now joined the botox brigade to remove the lines on my forehead because I wanted to have something to compare it to, I’ve only had it once and I’m expecting it to run out by next month which will kindly give me back my forehead creases but now I can say that I’ve seen both sides of the beauty world. The semen facial isn’t about turning back the clock like a facelift would, but more improving the quality and surface of my skin, which for that it still works wonders. Botox however made a great difference to my frown lines on my forehead and I hardly even felt the little prick. Every pun intended. It all depends on what you’re prepared to spend and put up with.

I've Found The Full Frontal Brace Position Works Best For Direct Delivery

I’ve Found The Full Frontal Brace Position Works Best For Direct Delivery

I get quite a lot of mail and messages from people asking me if I’m the ‘real semen facial girl’ and as far as I know there’s only one of me in this world, but I have had quite a few strange people take my pictures and make fake profiles in my name pretending to be me, but fortunately my ID and birth certificate is always on my side to confirm my identity, and I suspect the people who think they’re me may be taking happy pills or deficient in vitamin C from a lack of sunlight. It takes all sorts I suppose!

Keep smiling, keep sharing with me your thoughts and experiences of the semen facial and never be afraid or embarrassed to talk about the beauty tips and tricks that work best for you. It’s 2015 and we’re well past giggling behind our hands. Own your actions and enjoy your youth. Can you freeze birthday cake? Or will bacteria form? 🙂

UPDATE 10/11/15 Semen Facial Demonstration

I have so many people asking me questions about the semen facial, how I do it and what it feels like so I thought the easiest way to answer your questions would be to show you in a video. I hope that this explains it all a little better and you can see first hand why I love it so much.

I had a feeling that it might blow up in the press again – let’s just allow that little pun there shall we. So here’s a round-up of world news and current views on semengate, my inbox is going off right now and I’m getting the most hilarious and amazing requests, so take a seat and perhaps eat some pineapple whilst you read this.

Tracy Kiss Demonstrating The Semen Facial For The Mirror

Tracy Kiss Demonstrating The Semen Facial For The Mirror

Feedlesticks Tracy Kiss Semen Facial

Feedlesticks Tracy Kiss Semen Facial

Tracy Kiss Demonstrating The Semen Facial For The Mirror Online

Tracy Kiss Demonstrating The Semen Facial For The Mirror Online

Tracy Kiss For The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss For The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss In Cosmopolitan

Tracy Kiss In Cosmopolitan

Tracy Kiss In Huffington Post

Tracy Kiss In Huffington Post

Tracy Kiss In Tap Lop

Tracy Kiss In Tap Lop

Tracy Kiss In The Glow

Tracy Kiss In The Glow

Tracy Kiss In The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss In The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss In The Mail Online

Tracy Kiss In The Mail Online

Tracy Kiss In Trneng

Tracy Kiss In Trneng

Tracy Kiss In UniLad

Tracy Kiss In UniLad

Tracy Kiss In Updates News

Tracy Kiss In Updates News

Tracy Kiss In Uproxx

Tracy Kiss In Uproxx

Tracy Kiss The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss UniLad

Tracy Kiss UniLad

Tracy Kiss Haber Kutsal

Tracy Kiss Haber Kutsal

Tracy Kiss HelloU

Tracy Kiss HelloU

Tracy Kiss In The Daily Star

Tracy Kiss In The Daily Star

Tracy Kiss Snap.PA

Tracy Kiss Snap.PA

Tracy Kiss 94HJY

Tracy Kiss 94HJY

Tracy Kiss Alto Sky

Tracy Kiss Alto Sky

Tracy Kiss Sharetu

Tracy Kiss Sharetu

Tracy Kiss SudInfo.Be

Tracy Kiss SudInfo.Be

As always the general public never disappoint with their comments, the majority of guys tagging their friends calling them w*ankers or complimenting them on their soft face/hands/stomach:

I for one can’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not like women have never had semen on their face before is it ? Also, I would point out that Miss Kiss has been involved in the self extraction of a great deal of semen by numerous individuals, all impressed with her outstanding …. skills.
My only concern is that this door to door delivery time may reduce the effectiveness of the solution. Therefore, an on site donor is probably much more effective in the provision of fresh product.
It just so happens that I have some free time coming up and could definitely under cut the competition, regularly.

When I find a husband I will most certainly toss my pot away!

‪-John Coyne‬ · Langley high school manchester
If only we could convice all women that this works hahaha

It actually does…

-Real Snyder And your sexy as hell two pluses
Unlike · Reply · Message · 1 · 8 hrs

-Dan Judge I bet her boyfriend is having the time of his life
Like · Reply · 503 · 9 hrs

I’m single *tumbleweed*

-Benjamin Shadden Well. I don’t know about you, but when I cum I keep it in a jar to put on my skin later. That’s normal, right?
Like · Reply · 406 · 10 hrs

Totally normally Ben

-Amrit ‘Ace’ Lulla Where is your feminism now?
Like · Reply · 281 · 10 hrs

‪-James F Liesicke‬ · Driver at Cab Driver
Wife material

Thank you, 99% wifey 1% elastane

‪-Adrian Halligan‬ · Works at Self-Employed
spread the word ,no man would refuse a chance to enhance such beauty.

Spread the word as well as sperm

-tewkewl 3 hours ago
Dang… I wish I was your husband. every freakin morning? damn. lucky guy.

I’m a three times a day kind of girl

-Euclides287 8 hours ago
British women are awesome!

Pip pip!

-Halil Halil Girls always used to comment that I have baby soft hands, and now I figured out why
Like · Reply · 235 · 9 hrs

-Brent Persad ‘not involved in the extraction.. Has a mate who delivers it in a take away pot’. This is a level of friendzone never seen before.
Like · Reply · 969 · 9 hrs

-Marissa McKenzie Tom Eccles she gets a mate to deliver it to her in a takeaway container holy hell friendzoned so hard
Like · Reply · 4 · 7 hrs

Yes, he’s a dear friend

-Emad Gical She must semen every night to keep stocks up.
Like · Reply · 391 · 10 hrs

I see what you did there Emad! High five

-Bernard Hillis This is why men don’t get wrinkly belly buttons
Like · Reply · 2 · 9 hrs

SO true

-Panagiotis Ampatzis “baby i need you to cum fast and many times” said no woman ever…. till now
Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs

I just had to reply to this guy, it was too tempting not to!

-Stuart Wood Perhaps it’s not the semen that makes babies skin soft, but the ovum. Try slavering your period all over your face, should work out just fine
Like · Reply · 50 · 9 hrs

-Tracy Kiss I’ll let you know how that goes in four days time thanks for the tip ?
Like · Reply · 22 · 8 hrs

-Natasha Natabus Ahahahahahaha omg omg I’m dying of laughter! Lol x
Like · Reply · 3 · 7 hrs

-Mike Doonunder Bloody hell…. Hahaha
Like · Reply · 5 · 6 hrs

-Udom Khchao Lol in China you pay like $60 American dollars for a jar of a random guy’s jizz coz it works say’s the mate dave had a rash on his back then his started rubbing his cum on his back now it’s gone.
Like · Reply · 2 · 9 hrs

-Peter Vallance That’s why she has a baby face
Like · Reply · 1 · 9 hrs

Thank you once again to my loyal followers for supporting me at this time, I’m pleased that so many of you have actually watched the full video to see how semen helps with my skin condition rather than just reading the punchy headlines in the press and freaking out. As with everything you should never judge a book by its cover, I appreciate your love and support in helping me to help others. Have a great day!


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    • Granted it isn’t the nicest of smells, it is fairly musky and teamed with egg whites it may not be to everyones liking, yet we happily use peroxide on our hair and manure to grow our crops. It is down to the individual.

    • Erm… I appreciate the thought is there but I think I’m alright thanks. I don’t let anybody put their bodily fluids anywhere near me, I’m perfectly capable of giving myself a friendly facial from the fridge.

  • hello Tracy, i’d like to donate some of my man milk, other than being disease free what are your requirements ?

    • Leave it on the skin until it dries and wash it off with water. It’s quite messy so a shower might be easier.

  • Have you investigated if there is a quality difference between normal semen and semen from a man who has had a vasectomy?

    Plus, you are quite stunning withOUT the “facials” and at 26 you shouldn’t be worried about your looks at all because you’re still very young (and did I mention stunning?)

    • I can’t say I have, as my friend is untouched. If you happen to come across such findings please feel free to share the results with us all. I did this as a beauty review and found it beneficial, prevention is better than cure.

  • Hi! just a nobody but i just can’t help it and got quite disappointed on how SOME people here reacted. Can i tell you that you’re really beautiful..? Come to think of it,you have 2 kids and a single mom yet you stay sexy, voluptuous and maintained that level of attractiveness for a lady of 26 (i really thought you’re around 22 or 23) Sure, the topic maybe a little off at first, but it was really educational.. to be honest, i thought it was ridiculous and that’s how i landed on this page but i ended up reading the whole thing..

    I might ask my girlfriend to try this, see if it works! I hope you won’t let those jerks with ADHD keep on disrespecting you.. 🙂 Stay gorgeous, you look wonderful..!

    • Thank you that’s very kind of you, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I know that this is a controversial subject. From the perspective of a beauty review I’m glad this has been received well.

  • Hey.

    So, I’m going to be honest and say that I originally came (hah) here because of the sensationalist story. Then I read the article, which was well-written and admirably aware of how people may feel about the situation.

    Then I read your responses to comments and I was in tears. So good.

    Now, I’d just like to say that your very brave and most charming. I wish you all the best of luck with your future career(s) and hope the internet doesn’t go too batshit.

    My only question is: which is your favorite ninja turtle?

    • Thanks! Ooh I’d have to say Raphael, because he wears red and his name sounds like a confused version of Rachel.

  • Who in their right mind would leave you?? Or did you leave him?? Idk, but either way, you didn’t be single. Every woman deserves a man who is willing, whenever and wherever, to bust a nut in his girl’s face..

  • Finally, someone has had the balls to publish what I’ve been observing for so long. I support you Tracy! A friend and I once talked about wouldn’t it be wonderful if she could just bottle up her ex’s sperm and use it as a lotion or a face wash a few times a week! I agreed that it’s wonderful, although best delivered fairly fresh rather than stagnant and spoiled.

    Any girl who has let a man c** on her face will have noticed the unbelievable smoothness of the skin afterward. Try it ladies, even if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll have made your man happy. (:

  • Hello Tracy my heavenly blessed beauty whose beauty is divine and ever lasting.

    I would like to donate some of my alpha semen to you. I am an male bodybuilder, 5’10 and weigh 220lb and maintain a bodyfat of 8-10% year round.

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    Myron Pecs.

    • Hello Mr Pecs, thank you for your message, I would have to say that I prefer Beta semen from a known source, although your stats sound impressive and I wish you all the success with your clean health.

      • This response made me laugh, out loud, so hard. You’re such a good sport about these foolish guys that are completely overlooking the point of your article.

        …beta semen … Lol!

  • You’re certainly not alone in using sperm to keep your face fresh! The only difference is most others don’t shout it out.

    I’m 27. I would guess you’re in your early 20s based on your pictures above. Oh, and I love your eyebrows.!

    …Now, if only I could convince my wife to try this, straight from the source. (That’s more for my enjoyment than her skin)

    • Thank you Josh, I too appreciate a good brow. Well to start with you could say that I whispered about the semen facial with my blog post on beauty, yet when the media caught up on it they shouted about it on my behalf much to my surprise. We’re all adult with a voice and I believe you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about the things that interest and intrigue you. I hope that your wife is enjoying your thoughtful donations.

    • If my daughter felt in her late twenties onwards that she wanted to use this method I would have no problem with recommending it to her, although I would imagine in twenty years time there would be alternate products available.

  • Never ceases to amaze me at how negative,boring and unadventurous people can be. I personally think there’s nothing wrong with this. I cant say I do it myself but I would much prefer a chemical free natural face mask as opposed to all the stuff they put in moisturisers these days and the way they test them on animals can be horrific. Time will tell and I’m pretty sure you will be the one laughing with your natural youthful looks. All the best Tracy. X

    • Thank you Alistair, have a fantastic day and I shall try my best not to laugh with my mouth open whilst applying my semen facials.

  • Love it, a great read! I am going to rush into my bedroom wake up my wife and explain how I am single handely ( actually it takes two!) save us hundreds of dollars. I loved it and it makes lots of sense. I liked the repusion to egg whites.. how funny i feel just the same way gooeey and suspiciously slippery.

    • Thank you Tim for your fellow repulsion to egg whites. I hope that your wife appreciates your selfless donation in the face of beauty.

  • Hello,

    2 tips: Putting semen in the fridge won’t kill bacteria, it simply slows it down, the freezer will put bacteria into suspended animation, it won’t kill it either, for that you need to heat it. As soon as you take it out of the fridge, the bacteria that is still in the semen will slowly come back to life.

    Final tip: get your donor to practically live off pineapple juice. It makes semen taste and smell nice My FB will only give me head if I do this and can’t get enough of it; google for more info 🙂


    • Thank you for the advice John, as I have to have my semen delivered, the only way it can be stored is in a container, and in the time that it takes for me to be able to use it, I prefer to store it in the fridge rather than leave it out on a warm day or in sunlight to dry up. Great pineapple tip. Literally.

  • Tracy, thank you for your candor. My girlfriend has expressed interest. May I confirm that direct application from the donor to the recipient is beneficial, as opposed to application after refrigeration?

    • I would imagine the fresher the source the better the effect would be, however I haven’t tried direct application. Perhaps surprise her with a bunch of flowers first to soften the blow so to speak, I can imagine your request may not be to every girls liking. Talk it through and see what she is comfortable with first.

  • Way to go! I applaud your boldness.

    Personally, I’d prefer to eat my semen than wear it. I think it has more benefits when ingested, but I’m going to have to give the semen facial a try.

    It would be interesting to do a long term study where a group of women apply semen to only one side of their face.

    • I wouldn’t recommend carrying out any long term treatment to just one side of the face as the effects could leave you uneven. In a controlled manner it would be interesting to see though.

    • We’re both single at the moment but if either of us meets a partner I wouldn’t expect him to still help.

      • Hi Tracy…
        So if your donor meets a partner, I will be happy to supply you…everytime I masturbate I can’t help to think: “what a waste, it could be used”….

  • Hi, Tracy. This is so interesting 🙂 but i have question for you. Do you consider with the lifestyle of the donors. i read an article about semen for beauty, it said if the man have healthy lifestyle, eat fruits, vegetables, drink more water it will improve the quality of the sperm. Do you notice the kind of stuff or you just do it.
    Thanks before.

    • Certainly, my friend doesn’t drink alcohol in the days leading up to providing a donation, doesn’t do drugs or eat junk and fatty foods and has a clean sexual health history.

  • Your responses literally had me in stitches. The science is there and it’s good you’re converting the masses into using something organic & cheaper. I wish you all the best!

    • As often as you need it, as everybody is different and skin types differ. I’m limited to the fact of relying on a friend to deliver me a donation which is usually once if not twice a week. However if I were to be in a relationship I would expect the frequency to be a lot higher!

  • I’m also 26 but male and I have been applying my own seman to my face for just over a year now and I can tell you that it does work. My skin is so soft and smooth.

  • Hi, Tracy. How long was it before you first started seeing results? I have low grade acne and whenever I do get a pimple, it often leaves an ugly reddish or purplish spot. I get tired of looking at it, so my mind is open to new things

    • Immediately after having the facial my skin is softer and more healthy looking, although I’ve not tried it as a treatment for spots, more for moisturising. Please let me know how you get on if you do try it for acne.

  • I know that my wife finds her food that I sometimes prepare tastes so much better when I add sperm into the ingredients. She says I seem to have a special way to make the very foods she likes better. I’ve not said what I add, I should but perhaps this would put her off. should I say she eats the liquid that makes me a man? I do enjoy oral sex but never cum into her mouth, so this is just the over flow!

    • Some marriages are based on trust and others on revenge and point scoring; you might like to inform her of your man liquid additives to her meals just incase she invites a friend around for lunch unsuspectingly. Although i would imagine in cooking the sperm you’re doing a good job in cremating them before they get to her fork.

  • Not gonna lie Miss Tracy, you get me excited, haha… your friend who supplies to you is a very lucky man. Do you pay him for all his hard work?

  • OMG… so much desperate freaks commenting here and proposing a “donation” etc… Mindless kids >,<

    • It’s ok Mr Serious, we’ll get through this together. When the sorry day comes that I don’t get offered a friendly facial by strangers I’ll know that I’ve passed my peak.

  • I really enjoyed your video blog. Some of your observations on the human condition are insightful. I also believe that you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing things just because of what other people will think of you.
    I also read the comments at the bottom of this article and was embarrassed to be a man reading what others have written. Are all men so lewd? Ya, if you were watching a video produced by Private, then these comment may be appropriate. But you produced a serious video on some research you have performed and these guys feel they have a right to make lewd comments. Sure its a fantasy of a lot of men (possibly some women too) to jizz all over the face of a pretty girl, but this is not the appropriate forum for these comments.
    My wife suffers from rosacea and am wondering on the best way to send her this video with out the ‘porn’ connotations.

    Thanks for the video. I don’t care what other narrow minded people say about you. You are a great role model for young people with a positive ‘can-do’ work ethic and outlook on life. Keep up the good work

    • Thank you TJ that’s very kind of you to observe. I would certainly recommend it to your wife, as with anything in life you will receive mixed reviews and opinions. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, unless it’s your job to please people that is! And that’s a whole different article!

  • As food changes semen, i need to ask, what diet does your friend have? Do you keep track of that? is he in good or bad shape? Thanks.

  • Tracy, you need make this to your own business make money become rich. You need scienst worker with you hired them lab on sperm. You should make this lab make money.

  • How, as a healthy clean living man can I apply to be a “Ben” for you? I think what you do is awesome, I don’t think its weird at all, good on you. Your video clearly shows you’re a normal intelligent woman. Haters gonna hate, but when they do make sure they kiss your cheeks when you meet them, lol.

  • I´m from Argentina, so my english isn´t so good, but i have readed all the article. I think its not so shocking, you just talk about something that a lot of people do, and its not perverted or something else. but what cause me more intrigue its that you have answered most of the comentaries, and a lot of them were being idiots. you seems to be a great women, but i think there are persons that doesn´t deserve not even a little of our time.
    good luck and keep doing like that, I am following you in the most of social networks, happy new year!!

  • Tracy I’m just curious in the near year that you’ve been applying the facials have you had only one source for semen the entire time?

    • It is down to your individual skin condition, as I don’t have acne I’m unable to answer this, but if you care to try and find out please share your results with us.

  • Alright I got to ask, do you plan on informing any future boyfriend/husband that you’ve been rubbing another mans jizz on your face? I guess I’m alone based on the comments but i could never get it out of my mind long enough to kiss a girl who I know has been rubbing another mans sperm all over her face.

    • I’d imagine that nearly every girl you’ve dated has at one point or another had a mans sperm on her face. I don’t go out with it on, it’s not a foundation just a treatment. Half the ingredients in womens makeup and lipstick contain smashed up bugs and animal fats etc. so I’d be more concerned in kissing that than I would a cleansed face.

  • What do your parents say about this? There has got to be another natural source of wrinkle cream. What about animal sperm does that work?

    • My parents say each to their own, they would never do it personally but they’re not opposed to seeking alternative beauty products. I guess some people are more squeamish than others.

  • I just want you to know: there is nothing more beautiful than a woman wearing a wall-to-wall sperm mask. Two or three times in my life I have kissed a woman when she was covered like this, and I shall never regret it. (And in each case the women loved it!) What I would like to know is, since this is such a pleasure, why do we never see women being kissed like this – are men just too cowardly to do it?

    • I think some men can be quite scared of semen, even kissing after oral sex can be a no no. On the other hand I believe sharing is caring, and if you work up a sweat or make a mess then enjoy it together, there is no shame in making love.

  • I do not know if I am going too far here, but if I do, please just delete me.
    I have given…well, I have no idea how many facials to women, and when I do, it goes like this:
    I sit atop of her (at her request), and I caress her entire face for a long time with my cock,
    then I WANK, slowly, VERY SLOWLY, until I can hold it back no longer,
    and I shoot my load, as evenly as I can, ALL OVER HER FACE.
    Then I caress her face with my fingers, and finally
    I wrap my arms around her and kiss her wet, shiny face.
    I have not yet met a woman who did not love this.
    I would love to be contradicted on this, for I cannot believe that it is something that just happens to me. I know it is not, for some women I have talked to are just shocked and appalled. Why?
    I just know what I love, and my relationships with women who want the same thing are just bathed in sperm. Loads of sperm. For mutual enjoyment.

      • Thank you, Tracy. I am not trying to tell other men or women what to do. I would just love to have women – yes WOMEN! – confirm what I have experienced (because men do not dare to), and that is that women I know love to have their faces flooded and THEN kissed – with sperm. And I love to kiss and hug them when they are. As long as possible. Sperm kissing and hugging. I am writing to you because I do not seem to get a real answer to this question. Am I wrong here? Is my own experience of kissing and hugging women who are wonderfully drenched in sperm too off the beaten track? I just love doing all that. What do you think? Sperm from your admirer, Bob.

  • Hi Tracy – a quick question – my hubby and I are disagreeing on method of collection – he wants to “donate” directly onto my face, I’d prefer to “collect orally” and then apply with my hands. But hubby thinks that enzymes in my mouth would have an effect on his “donation” Neither of us seem to like the tub method!
    Does he have a point? and does it work on other skin conditions ( ii’d love to sort his athletes foot out 😉 !!

    • That’s a very interesting question as I’ve only ever used semen from a tub so I’m unsure of how that would effect the results. I guess you’ll have to be a guinea pig and test it out, please let me know how you both get on!


  • Well, you do whatever works for you. I was a bit surprised on reading this post, and the comments were hilarious. Poor you for having to deal with those sods. 😀

  • I actually think that what you are doing is a wonderful thing. You identified that it may not be for everyone, but it is for you. More importantly, despite the fact that there are so many immature people criticizing you for your actions, I am VERY certain that there is a flock of women who are secretly trying this method out. I would actually be interested in other women responding indicating if this worked for them.

  • Have you ever read “The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress”? You may be interested to hear this is actually an ancient Taoist practice of rejuvenation. I stumbled across your blog actually because after reading it the book and trying it I typed “rubbing sperm on my face” into google. I was interested to see if anyone else was doing this. Thank you for sharing! I have started using my husbands sperm fresh from the source and my skin feels wonderful. To the comment above asking if saliva will ruin it the sperm, in the book it mentions that mixing it with saliva actually makes it more potent.

  • Hi, just wanted to ask when your friend isspanking the monkey to make a deposit in the container etc does he think of you to help him cum or do U2 not have any attraction and do you mind if he gets aroused at the thought the semen is going to be put on a face. I would imagine any guy would love the responsibility your friend has as you’re probably aware it’s a huge fantasy for many!

    • Nothing sexual has ever happened between us as we’re just friends so I’ve never asked what he thinks about when making a deposit for me. But when he brings it over we sit and drink tea and have a chit chat just like anyone else. Semen is something men come in frequent contact with and rather than wasting it I put it to good use.

  • I think that you are a truly amazing person with a great deal of courage. You have gone out of your way to tell other people your story. It is a story that easily attracts embarrassment, and ridicule, but you have been able to see past the briar patch to the betterment of others. I seriously commend you for your courage. Also, way to go being a single mom, one of the hardest jobs on the planet!!!

  • Would you consider rubbing semen into your breasts? I know a lot of women have issues with bras especially after a long day. Perhaps they need to take a load off with a load on.

      • Dont you feel yucky by applying sperm… i mean its smell stickiness etc, while applying on your face? And dont you feel erotic or get horny while doing this?????

        • I have no problem with it, some people like spiders and others don’t, some people are scared of cotton wool and others aren’t, some people like spicy food and others don’t. We all have different tolerances and tastes and I’m at ease with semen. I use it as a beauty mask, much like others may use their moisturiser so I don’t see it as anything sexual, it’s simply a lotion from a container for me.

  • First of all I’m a Belgian dutch speeking man so excuse me for my English. The “semen thing” works ! I do it once every two days on my face and almost immediatly I feel the strenght and softness of my skin .If people see me almost always the estimate me 10 to 15 years younger. I have to say that I eat healthy, non smoking and I live some parts of the year in the South of France. Just to say something about the quality of my semen. For those who will comment me I’m not gay (no problems with) not pervert or whathever so. !! I believe strongly in what nature gives us. Semen contains lots of nutrients wich are probably not yet fully discoverd and maybe never will. It is sterile and free of chemicals to preserve which you will find in cosmetics i.e. parabens, mercury, formaldehyde, fragrance and soooo many others. So your skin can benefit of this pure product. Like ALWAYS you have to try it out if it works for you. So start with a small area and wait for a while to see if it irritates . If not you can go for it and experience the benefits of human semen.
    After all what is the difference in getting a blood transfusion from an other human being and semen? Only use the product from healthy men non———- smoking, drinking, fast food , close to traffic i.e. benzene, ect. and be aware that the smell can be affected by the things you eat e.g. garlic, carrots ect. Try it out I would say. For the curious one… i have a university degree well educated, love life and of course La Douce France… St Tropez …

    To MissTracy Kiss. Thanks for reading you, your tips and trics and the fact that you dare to think
    out of the box. Good luck to you and your childeren ! … greetings from the South
    p.s. once more … sorry for the English.

    • You are a extraordinarily considerable human being for asking permission bevore engaging in your activity.
      It is however considered socially aceptable to do such things quietly and discreetly withaout telling or asking. No public anouncment required nobody ever needs to know.


  • I am a 41 years old mother and wife and business woman, apart from a healthy diet and doing sports, I started since 10 years ago to use my husband semen ocassionaly as a mask face now I will do it every 2 weeks, my skin is lovely and I don’t look my age but is true that I carry a healthy diet and since 3 years ago I also has done 3 /4 times a year the plasma theraphy

  • Hi Tracy, the last photo you posted is beautiful! This is definitely working for you – & all natural. My first sex experience @19, after a very long rail travel, to visit a girl I met in Europe, involved being woke up while sleeping by a really sensual BJ. I never had to ask for this. She went after it. Since then I met 3 more women who claimed they are semen ‘addicted.’ Prostaglandin is a mood lifting hormone which I believe does this. Knowing that diet and self care effects the load, careful grooming of the load can greatly enhance it for her. In return for doing the preparation, the guy really is rewarded with demands for more. I had a 19 year old lover girl who requested how I should care for myself, save up, etc. She collected over 100 loads from me with her hand that year into her other hand. She aroused me at first by licking and taking it deep. then remarked how she liked to feel it hitting her hand. Another woman who loved my pre-cum, kept me in her mouth 1-2 hours at a time by gently ‘edging’ me with light licking and sucking, sipping on my pre-cum. (which she cooed was ‘very delicious, & loved the taste) Internal collection is beneficial for mood lifting. -> *Herbal supplements absolutely increase the volume and quality of semen. If you want more and thicker for your mask, have him take these: [all are safe over the counter, no side effects]: Sunflower Lecithin 1200 mg {increases seminal fluid}, L-Arginine 1,000 mg {improves semen quality}, Pygium 100 mg {releases more pre-cum – more fluid}, Maca root powder {thickens semen}, Bromelain: pineapple core extract {improves smell and taste}, Semenoid volumizer tablets {greatly increase amount 300%}, Zinc tablet 50 mg, ASOX-9 {greater volume and force}. …After taking these pills 5 days a week, my volume and repeat volumes were tripled. Yes, multiple shots are possible. (if you want the sources I’ll mail them, because there’s lots of fake brands.) From experience, I’ve learned from ladies out there – who desire semen as a dessert or for skin scare – that bigger and more loads is better. These ladies would even write me into their calendar to show up and deliver some cream. 🙂 Nothing better than a hot girl standing before you demanding hot semen. Glad it worked for you.

  • I think your explanation regarding babies having soft skin because of the sperm is completely nonsense, as it’s the embryonic fluid that keeps the baby’s skin so soft, besides the fact that baby’s have brand new cell development which hasn’t been attacked by age and environment. Practically anything will make skin soft if it’s wet and left on the skin for half an hour or so, sperm doen’t actually have nutrients or benefits for skin other than it’s wetness and only tightens skin as it’s drying, the tightness not lasting very long after you’ve washed it off, so your daily regime of using sperm for your skin youthfulness, actually I thougyht you looked about 30 years old, is really very useless!

  • First, you are a lovely woman, and whatever you do to make your face look so sweet, keep it up,
    and in the face of all the clutter and chatter about if your nuts or not, who cares? You are you and who cares.. You are brave for keeping up with the blog and your humor is fantastic, love your comments to the replies.

    I’d be one happy man if you were my gf / wife. Not because of the need for a daily chowder delivery, but because how you handled all this, the daily course would be a benefit, but the real prize would be the lady with a great sense of humor, a spine, brains and a fun spirit.

    IF I ever was to be so lucky! LOL, good luck to you and keep it up, the reading is the puppies’ privates!

  • Tracy, I don’t think you would need all those semen facials if you went ahead and just relocated here to Clearwater Florida USA. Our humidity is so high that it would keep you looking like an 18 year old for many years to come! Much love from the “Sunshine State”!

  • The first I heard of this facial regime was yesterday when a friend sent me the video of Miss Kiss going through the motions of application. He didn’t comment but I’m guessing he (like me) was more than perplexed…

    If I’m being totally honest then I’d say there is a part of the male psyche that welcomes the revelation that what we produce naturally… being extremely beneficial to the female beauty regime…

    It’s a challenge to separate the actuality of a young lady applying semen to her face as part of a beauty regime (albeit to combat the ailments of Rosacea) from the obvious sexual connotation it conjures..

    And there (rightly or wrongly) lies my main issue… I couldn’t accept my girlfriend using another man’s produce in this or any other way lol. I’m sure your donar is an affable gent and takes great pride in contributing to your skincare regime however I’m quite sure that he’d find it difficult to supress the ego/pride he would feel if the youthfulness of your skin was commented upon by another in his presence of that of a future boyfriend/husband (well it would be hard for me to supress)

    I guess what we accept/reject is heavily dependent on how we are wired.. My adivce to my girlfriend would be not to rely on what I produce naturally as part of her beauty regime.. “There are other (and poweful) remedies that can be used to successfully treat the skin (minus the sperm) I would tell her”

    With all this said and done I do find Miss Kiss to be more than a pretty face.. behind the surface is an intelligent self-assured woman who is somewhat of a marketing guru.

    All the best!

    • Hi CJ thank you for your comment. I simply use my friends contribution because I don’t have a partner of my own which is my personal choice as I’m not short of offers regardless of my public beauty regime, I am just cautious of dating with children involved as I have been hurt in the past. Everybody comes in contact with sperm and I see this as nothing new, I would not avoid future dating simply because a man isn’t a virgin because we’re all adults and will all have a past. However if I met somebody I wouldn’t use my friend as a beauty source anymore because it would be inappropriate. I believe it’s a case of each to their own and we all have different tolerances, tastes and beliefs, who is to say what is right or wrong, I simply recommend what works best for me as a beauty blogger.

      • I guess the point you make about having different tolerences, tastes and beliefs is in essence what I was exploring in my original post..

        Sperm is natural and I can confirm that producing it is an extremely enjoyable process but using it as part of a planned beauty regime is a far stretch from the conventional way in which women usually come in contact with it; I guess your point about tolerences and tastes rings true here!

        Although I understand the point you make when you say you wouldn’t avoid dating a man just because he is not a virgin… I would not equate the sustained use of semen as a beauty regime as a realistic comparison in this instance; as a man I understand that my girlfriend will have a sexual past (just as any ex girlfriend of mine will have a sexual past with me) but her using semen as a beauty ingredient is not anything that I could prepare myself for psychologically. (That point about how we are wired comes to mind)

        Okay off to the gym I go… but with all this said and done and with this topic as interesting/stimulating as it is.. I will say (and I’ve had a look) there is much more to this site than just this particular subject matter… I really do appreciate your backstory and again applaud you on your presentation?

  • Hi, Tracy! I came here through your latest video on YouTube on semen facial. But I remember reading that article, maybe a year ago. At that time I just thought it’s probably a one-time thing and the magazine is making a big deal out of it. But a year later, I see that was no joke and you were serious about it.

    I don’t know how effective it is on the facial skin, since it’s pretty sensitive on the face as compared to the rest of the body, but I certainly did think that it’s good for skin, acting as a natural moisturiser-cum-facepack (pun intended :D), long before I read that article. And now I’ve seen the proof. I’m sure most people won’t believe it, or rather don’t want to believe it, but after watching that video many girls, and probably some guys too, are going to follow your advice. Since it’s obviously better than those chemical cosmetics available in the market. Plus, you’re not losing anything, it might just help you though. So, why not try it?

    I have an exam tomorrow and I’m here. But I’m so glad that I came (again, pun intended)! Your replies are so hilarious, and frank! And you reply to each one of them, and that too without being rude at all. Loved your two cents in red! Hats off to your humor, young lady! Please keep ’em coming (this is too easy :D). Though I’ll have to stay up longer at night to study, it was definitely worth my time. By the way, I’m a guy, 21 (yes, you have young followers too!)

    Also noticed you are running a campaign against cancer. Can you be any more goody-good? What else do you do? Seriously, we need more people like you. Anyway, I hope you the best in whatever you wish to do. May you find a husband who loves you soon (need to have that skin nice and smooth on a daily basis, right?), it must be difficult being a single mother and do all that you do. And no, you don’t sound like a llama. British accent is awesome! 🙂

    Cheers! Peace!

      • Glad to be of service, m’lady! 🙂

        Is there a way I could follow your work, as in, get notifications as soon as something new is out? Since I’m a guy, your beauty tips might not be much relevant to me. What I’m interested in is your witty comments and replies. Please let me know if there’s something like that. I’m interested in knowing more about you. 😀

        Cheers! Peace!

          • Hi again! Sorry for the late reply. I got busy with my exams.

            Yes, of course, I thought about doing that. But the thing is I’m really not as interested in looking at your photo-shoot pictures, however tempting that is, rather I’d like to read more of your writing. Apart from wits and humor, you have some serious pen skills as well. I can keep reading on to your stuff for hours! 😀

            By the way, I clicked on the ABOUT button on top of your site, expecting what every other site offers in that section, a brief introduction about what they do, what they sell. But I was totally amazed when I saw that your about section is actually about you. And the details! All of it was so well-written, full of life experiences and emotions at each stage. After reading that it’s clear that you’ve been through a lot, bad, worse, and the occasional good. But nothing ever stopped you, and you kept standing back up, stronger than ever. It’s an inspiration for many of us who’ve faced similar situations in the past. If only we all could be even half as tough as you are. Thank you, for encouraging us to stand up against the world! 🙂

            You might not be the Mother Teresa, but hey, at least you are Mother Tracy, which is far better, right? Who wants wrinkly, old skin like Teresa anyway? But Mother Tracy, you really need to work on your pancake flipping skills! :’D

            Cheers! Peace!

          • You day make me smile! My middle name is actually Teresa, I’m Tracy-Teresa and catholic as it happens. I hope all goes well with your exams 🙂

  • Hi Tracy, you are probably not short of offers but I’m a young vegan male, also a virgin and would be happy to contribute some sperm.
    I’m sure I can provide almost double as much as your current supplier please feel free to ask any questions

  • Whoa! And you think that’s a coincidence? Nah, I don’t think so. Wait! By middle name you mean your mother’s maiden name, right? That might explain your first name being Tracy. So, what’s the story behind your last name? Is it a common British last name?

    Thank you, Tracy, for your wishes! I, too, hope my exams go well. 🙂

    By the way, it seems I can’t reply to your comment. There must be a limit to the number of nested replies. Anyway, I won’t mind starting a new thread. Also, if at anytime you feel that I’m talking too much, and you don’t wish to reply back, just let me know and you won’t hear from me again. Okay? I understand that replying to everyone is a big task, let alone when someone keeps coming back.

    Cheers! Peace!

    • My full name is Tracy Teresa Mary Kiss, Kiss is Hungarian and my mother is also called Teresa, I named my daughter Millisent Teresa. We must really like the name 🙂 Have a great day!

      • Sweet mother of Jesus (hah) that is a long name! Yeah, you really must be fond of that name. But wait, does that mean your daughter’s full name is Millisent Teresa? Have you decided to drop Kiss altogether? I hope that’s not the case.

        Fun fact: There’s a town in Germany which is known as Kissing, and there’s other one called Wedding. So you can actually go from Kissing to Wedding in just 5 hours, if you own a car, and 5 days otherwise. Quite relatable to reality, isn’t it? 😀

        Cheers! Peace!

        • Ha! No my daughters name is Millisent Teresa Grace Kiss. I will need to visit Germany at least once in my lifetime for this very reason, thank you for informing me 🙂

          • Haha! That’s good! The legacy of Kiss must continue forever. Also, it makes way for some great pickup lines. 😀 You’ve chosen a lovely name for your daughter. Long, but still beautiful. Does everyone in your family has such long names? Well, if this pattern continues, your daughter’s daughter would be named something like Gabrielle Teresa Beth Kiss. What do you think about that? 🙂

            You’re welcome! It’s pretty easy for you to visit Germany, since it’s so close to you, it’s practically just across a narrow sea. And there are many more reasons to visit Germany, apart from the names of a couple of towns. Oktoberfest, for one, is another great reason, if you enjoy beer! 😀

  • Some things that occurred to me, though you’ve perhaps already thought them out.
    1. In the youtube video the semen in the cup seems really clear and liquidy. Makes me wonder if it actually has sperm, which lends the white color and thicker consistency to semen. Does your donor have a vasectomy? Sperm is incorporated only at the moment of ‘dispensing’, at which point it changes the chemistry of the seminal fluid Another way to think of it is that spermless semen isn’t ‘alive’, like seedless fruit is less nutritious than is fruit with seeds, or a fertilized vs. non-fertilized chicken egg. I’ve read that while exposed to atmospheric conditions, sperm can live (in semen) up to 3 days.
    3. Some vitamins are fat-soluble (A,D,E,& K, plus some minerals) and require fat, preferably animal fat, to be assimilated properly. And, of course a meat-based diet is higher in protein, an essential component of semen. So, it may be interesting to test ‘product’ from a source that consumes unrefined/unprocessed meats.

    • I had stored the sperm in my fridge in an airtight container which changes its consistency because I wasn’t able to use it right away. It starts off thick and white and gets looser with time.

  • I am trying the sperm facial just today. And guess what? The results are coming to live now!! The smooth and fluffiness of my cheek are appealing! I don’t want to say much about your story but I just want to say that the media propagates a lot to create more “dublin stories” to make it more interesting, don’t they? And I’m pleased to know your other beauty tips using any natural ingredients ???

  • Hello from Brazil!! This is interesting. I’ve been throwing this skin treatment away for my entire life (haha!). I’ll try it. Thanks.

  • Hi.I really appreciate your honesty in this topic. I am a 32 year old wife and normally get one in the evening directly from my hubby and leave it on my face. After that I fall asleep and clean my face in the morning. It works fantastic. If you had a parnter would you prefer it directly from his source or would you continue taking it from the bowl?

  • Funny, the doc comments one could use eggs instead, as a more natural way of getting the same effects. But aren’t eggs chicken ovulae? This cross-specimen fluids application should sound even wilder, lol.

  • The attention grabbing headlines don’t accurately reflect the story, I initially thought ‘wow, happy days for some bloke’ but after reading the story it’s clearly not the case. Then I couldn’t help but wonder how you started the conversation asking for his help.
    “Ben, I need a favour from you ………”

  • Hi Tracy! I’ve been following you on IG for some time, and had a Christmas outfit pic as my desktop one time. I recently found the system icon for that desktop hidden on my Windows PC and just had to visit your main site just to see how things are with you now. Thankfully I came upon this article and just had to sit down and read the whole length of it until coming to a fruitful conclusion (several years later than originally posted!). LOVE your humor, wit, candor, and responses. Just as in your IG/FB posts, which is great. Congratulations on this article becoming a sensation and garnering so many hilarious responses. Even more kudos to you for sharing excerpts here after the article and the many story-crazed news sites have carried it. Like the song says, “Let’s Marvin Gaye, and get it on”. In this case, a wonderful idea for a natural facial. Conga-rats!

  • Good evening Tracy I just watched your video article. And found it very enlightning. Certainly a bit different. Anyway have a nice evening. I will try to follow your blog kind regards camy😊

  • Hi tracy.. due to ETR u r suffering, u have been tried Semen facial, but what about the others (skin) who have been watched ur video. Whats type of skin may have? Can everyone try this?

  • So you use it like a traditional mask.
    Does it tighten as it dries, and does it remove impurities from your skin
    Like a traditional mask?
    I want to approach this clinically
    Of course. I understand you drink a dose
    As well. What are the benefits of consuming
    Semen? Besides the obvious protein content?
    I applaud your bravery.
    I notice that you said that it doesn’t
    Have the most pleasant smell

    This may have something to do with freshness though I understand the ramifications of discomfort with instant
    Fresh (within a few minutes) applucations,
    But warmth may very well be beneficial
    And when it is a few minutes fresh
    It tends to smell rather like fresh cut grass
    Than the rather fishy aroma of older stores semen.
    Any response would be appreciated

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