The Benefits Of Drinking Semen

Life can be a pretty stressful and uncertain journey even for the most positive people like myself; I’m a single mother to my two young children and have just turned twenty-nine with not so much as a hint of wedding bells on the horizon. We’re repeatedly faced with heartache, bad health and long working hours that undoubtedly take their toll on our bodies and as such supermarkets are packed full of pills, potions and remedies for waking us up and then helping us back to sleep again, numbing us from aches and pains and taking preventative measures towards allergies from our homes and the toxic lifestyles that we lead. But do we really know what goes into the cosmetics, foods and cleaning products that we use everyday and the shockingly negative side effects it has on our health?

Following the birth of my second child I struggled with sleepless nights, low self esteem and a rollercoaster of hormones which had me bursting into tears one moment and then smiling the next. Looking back I always felt better after having sex, or most precisely – having semen, which is possibly down to the fact that semen is natures antidepressant. A study by students at the University of New York found that female students who had intercourse without using a condom i.e. absorbed the semen into their blood stream showed fewer signs of depression than those who had no direct contact with semen.

I’ve been vegetarian since the age of five and turned vegan almost three years ago and pretty soon after I noticed a big drop in my energy levels. I constantly felt tired, could hear my heartbeat in my ear, got out of breath doing simple exercises and felt faint when turning corners too fast for which a blood test diagnosed me as anaemic due to my choice of diet. After much research online I came across semen as a natural supplement to help to target anaemia and depression thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content with a single teaspoon containing over two hundred proteins (our bodies building blocks which strengthen and repair hair, skin, nails, tissue and bones), minerals and vitamin C (essential for supporting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer and strokes and improving skin elasticity), vitamin E, vitamin B12 (combatting tiredness and assisting red blood cells), calcium (for strong teeth and bones as well as heart and muscle function), chlorine, citric acid, fructose, potassium (supporting the heart and kidneys, the nervous system and metabolism), lactic acid, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc (an antioxidant to fight the signs of ageing).

I'm A Vegan Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor Using Semen As A Daily Supplement

I’m A Vegan Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor Using Semen As A Daily Supplement

This year I qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition advisor and now understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle as I supplement my vegan diet daily with the aim to live longer, feel stronger and take care of my health both now and in the future rather than being skinny and malnourished or yo-yo dieting and putting myself at risk of diabetes, cancer and disease. I’ve found that I’m noticeably more perky and happy when I’ve consumed semen its natural ingredient melatonin is an antidepressant which also helps to induce sleep and relaxation. Perhaps not as well known is that oral sex assists in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of prostrate cancer in men with each ejaculation so there are undeniably health benefits for men and women alike in producing and consuming semen. But it’s the taboos of society that I feel are holding people back from trying or even admitting to already drinking semen. Yet we can all do with upping our vitamin intake, reducing the amount of daily stress we put upon ourselves and improving our diet and lifestyle without additional processed foods and pills. When I eat and live well I have far more energy, am more active well into the evening, sleep better, have a more positive mood and outlook throughout my day and fend off and prevent sickness more effectively. I drink a protein shake every morning before going to the gym and thanks to my friend kindly donating his semen to me I now have a naturally healthy dose of natural vitamins and minerals that I can add to it too. My children have had several sickness bugs, coughs and sneezes between them this term just like the hundreds of others at their school because of the changing of the seasons, yet I’ve managed to stay fighting fit throughout which I attribute to my strong immune system.

Being single I haven’t got constant access to semen from a sexual partner but it’s something that I would hope to find one day and could certainly benefit from in a relationship. As my focus is on raising my two children alone I have very little free time to myself and haven’t been on a date in almost a year – which ended up as a great friendship. I’ve made peace with being single now, I’m independent, hard-working and don’t rely on or ask anything of anybody – what will be will be and I’d rather remain single and happy than settle for the wrong relationship for fear of being alone. Currently I already use my friends semen as a facial beauty treatment to soothe my rosacea which is a skin complaint that runs in my family. Before consuming the tubs of semen that he drops off to me a few times a week for my facials I thought I should first check that he was ok with me now drinking it rather than just using it as a face mask. I suppose when you’ve already breeched the subject of using a friends semen as part of a beauty regime then it’s not as surprising to ask their permission to drink it too and thankfully he was fine with it. We’ve been friends for quite a few years now and have never been anything more, there’s no perverseness involved, no unrequited love or sexual interaction whatsoever. It’s a case of putting something to good use that would have otherwise been wasted anyway.

I Am Not Involved In The Ejaculation Process

I Am Not Involved In The Ejaculation Process

It’s a shame that we shy away from or are ignorant to natural cosmetics and remedies which I believe is down to the louder, more flashy and attractive commercial rivals taking the limelight with grand marketing budgets and campaigns. Just because something isn’t bright white and in an expensive glossy box doesn’t mean that it’s not just as good, if not better for you, than something designer that you’d boast to your friends about. I’ve found the most genuine, effective and helpful things in life by exploring, researching and speaking to people, not walking down a supermarket aisle and being hit by a wall of mind-numbing advertisements. If you ask anybody over the age of fifty for their health tips and tricks you’ll be amazed at what they’ll recommend, from stock cupboard ingredients to wild plants you can forage or exotic finds from abroad – today we know it as life hacks but not so long ago it was just called life. My nan always put raw egg whites on burns and swore by using vinegar as a way to remove headline, a few pence in basic ingredients for something leading brands charge you several pounds for.

Since word has spread about my penchant for natural products, health and fitness I’ve been called a cross between Jen Selter and Bear Grylls for my bravery I’m not afraid to push my limits and try new things, which is very flattering but at the same time shouldn’t we all be like this anyway? Shouldn’t we all want to step outside of the box, feel good about our bodies, be fit, healthy, live as long as possible and have our own minds? Since when did we stop being human in favour of easily led sheep? I think the birth of social media has undoubtedly made the world more anti-social as we now fear being singled out publicly as different, criticised for our appearance or our actions deemed as uncool or embarrassing. We can either go with the flow to put up and shut up or stand up and be counted, and after 25yrs of been a doormat I decided in 2013 that I could do with stretching my legs for once and now here I am three years on with over two million social media followers. But I’m certainly not against cosmetics, far from it, I do however believe in choice, having healthier options and knowing exactly what goes into the food and products that we consume. We owe it to ourselves to be informed and educated in our decisions because in the not so distant future the actions we take today will have a reaction on our health tomorrow and I plan on being a strong, nimble and positive 99yr old happily bouncing my great great grandchildren on my own knee.

My Friend Kindly Supplies Me With Semen

My Friend Kindly Supplies Me With Semen

Health and beauty varies between different cultures and countries around the world; in Thailand women put rings around their necks to stretch them out and make them longer, in Mauritius obesity is a sign of wealth, in New Zealand blue lips and chin tattoos are favoured by the Maori people, in China women bound their feet to make them smaller, in Brazil they celebrate big hips and buttocks, in France some women prefer not to use cosmetics, perfume or hair removal, in South Korea ladies have surgery to make their eyes wide and round and Ethiopia women mutilate their bodies by carving swirls into their skin because they think that it makes them look more attractive. With people prepared to go through such extreme actions in the name of beauty it makes my drinking semen seem respectfully mild in comparison. I would never want to push my faith, beliefs or lifestyle onto others as I will happy sit at a table with somebody of another religion, skin colour, age, gender and culture happily tucking into my raw food outnumbered by carnivores. But if people ask for my advice, my opinion or support I will happily give it to them because we can always better ourselves, improve or education and become more experienced, knowledgable and open to change.

Much like women are encouraged to check their breasts for lumps and attend smear tests the quality of semen can also tell a man a lot about his own health because if there’s a dramatic change in taste, texture or volume it can be an indicator of something sinister that a GP should check out. We should all feel comfortable enough in our own bodies and within a relationship to know when something isn’t right and have the freedom to speak about it to friends, family and health professionals without feeling embarrassed or judged unfairly because of it; after all it’s 2016 not 1816!

Drinking Semen Is A Natural Way To Increase Vitamin Intake And Fend Off Depression And Anaemia

Drinking Semen Is A Natural Way To Increase Vitamin Intake And Fend Off Depression And Anaemia

Trying my friends semen for the first time was certainly an eye-opening experience as I’ve only ever consumed semen as an act of love rather than understanding the many health benefits. Individual servings will undoubtedly vary as everybody has their own taste, and diet certainly influences the flavour. Consuming pineapple juice, peppermint, wheatgrass and cinnamon beforehand will make it taste a little more palatable and asparagus should be avoided in the days leading up to ejaculation if you’re put off by bitterness. The semen in this video was about an hour old by the time that I got to drink it and as a result it was kept at room temperature in a bowl but not yet refrigerated. In past relationships I have tasted semen during oral sex for which it delivers warmly to the back of the throat and the taste isn’t always apparent because it almost misses the tongue completely. However my friends semen was surprisingly cool, very salty and glossy as I poured a teaspoon into my mouth to taste it and I was surprised by how salty and strong it was.

Much like I would taste and compare protein shakes when deciding on which one to have for tomorrows breakfast, the teaspoon of my friends semen was cool, savoury, light and left a glossy film on the back of my throat with a slightly musky pang to the aftertaste. I suppose the thought of drinking semen is far worse than the actual taste itself and the health benefits certainly come out on top. Like anything in life the more you experience it the more normal it becomes and I don’t feel embarrassed or sickened by drinking my friends semen at all; I’d be more likely to gag over bodybuilders drinking raw egg whites or sizing up joints of bloodied meat in the butchers for dinner.  I’ve welcomed a daily shot of semen into my daily health routine; within a loving relationship and in a not-so-clinical way I think it’s also a mutually beneficial and beautiful moment to share. What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: My Semen Smoothies Make The Cover Of Closer Magazine

Tracy Kiss For Closer Magazine

Tracy Kiss For Closer Magazine

I’m super excited to be on the cover of Closer magazine this week! Filled with celebrities, fashion, dieting tips and the latest trends I hope that my natural approach to health and fitness will provide food for thought and reach a wider audience than those who already follow me. My aim is to show the world that kindness, positivity and good health is the key to true happiness. Excuse me whilst I do a cartwheel in celebration!

UPDATE: My Semen Smoothies Have Gone Viral!

It appears that my semen smoothies have reached almost every corner of the world which is utterly incredible! There are so many news sites, radio stations, tv broadcasts and magazines that it’d take me all day and night to list them all here and I’m sure you’ll agree that when you’ve read one story on it then you already understand my ethos so I’ll try to keep this short and just put up a few. If you think there’s something I should definitely include here then please send me the link and I’ll add it in.

Tracy Kiss The Lad Bible

Tracy Kiss The Lad Bible

The Lad Bible write: “For most of us, the idea of chugging down our mate’s sperm is nightmare-fuel. Personally, I’d say you’re better off waiting to meet someone you really, really like – and then decide whether or not you’re willing to swallow your pride. Or theirs. Also, when you’re scared of getting the flu, you just have a jab or carry round hand sanitiser, right? Well, Tracy Kiss isn’t your average influenza-dodger. She’s come to the conclusion that drinking ejaculation smoothies keeps her fit and healthy. To be fair, she’s in incredible shape so maybe she knows something we don’t?”

Tracy Kiss Elite Daily

Tracy Kiss Elite Daily

Elite Daily write: “Sexy Trainer Swears By Drinking Sperm Smoothies To Maintain Her Flawless Bod” Whoop, I’ll take that! Thank you 🙂 “In today’s fitness-obsessed world, it feels like we’re always looking for new, alternative sources of protein. Well, a sexy 29-year-old personal trainer may have just discovered the most unique and beneficial product yet. Apparently, personal trainer/author/journalist/model/blogger/TV personality/social influencer Tracy Kiss says the key to her flawless body is her daily “sperm smoothie.”

Tracy Kiss Mail Online

Tracy Kiss Mail Online

The Daily Mail write: “Despite being vegan Tracy says she is prepared to use the byproduct in the pursuit of better health.” Is semen from a man non-vegan? What are your views? It’s not from animals and doesn’t involve suffering.

Tracy Kiss COED

Tracy Kiss COED

COED writes: “What a tough spot for that dude to be in. On one hand, it’s gotta be a pretty cool feeling that a woman thinks your sperm has super powers and is willing to suck it down on the regular. It’s also very nice to have an excuse to constantly jerk off. But on the other hand, it’s gotta be tortuous not getting the real thing from Tracy. You know he’s begging her to cut out the middle man and just blow him. That would be some real farm-to-table type stuff.

Tracy Kiss CRAVE

Tracy Kiss CRAVE

CRAVE write: “THIS HOT PERSONAL TRAINER ACTUALLY DRINKS A ‘SPERM SMOOTHIE’ EVERYDAY FOR ‘HEALTH REASONS’ Remember Tracy Kiss? That model who admitted that she enjoys covering her face in semen to keep her skin soft? Well, she’s back, and this time she’s out to admit to the world for some reason that not only does she enjoy it on her face, she enjoys it in her smoothie. You know, Tracy, you can always just have your smoothie with fruit. That’s an idea.”

Tracy Kiss COED

Tracy Kiss COED

VICE say: “Today, her semen facial videos have millions of views, and off the back of that fame she’s become somewhat of a spokesperson for cum. When I call her for a catch-up she’s just on her way back from the gym, but chirpily makes some time to talk about her extensive views on sperm on the internet. “In sexual terms, some people put their tongue up someone’s bum. In relationships, you put fingers in holes, you taste things, and you don’t see it as cringeworthy. But when you take away the passion and say it’s scientific, people don’t like it.”

Tracy Kiss Fox News

Tracy Kiss Fox News

Fox News writes: “A single mom of two claims she beats the flu by drinking sperm smoothies. Tracy Kiss, 29, from Buckinghamshire, puts a spoonful of her best friend’s donated semen into her drink every morning in a bid to boost her immunity. The personal trainer, who is mom to Millicent, 9, and 4-year-old Gabriele, has previously advocated using sperm as a facial ointment.”

Tracy Kiss Bro Bible

Tracy Kiss Bro Bible

Bro Bible write: “Hey bro. You have digestive issues? Energy low? I got just the thing!! Kiss, a vegan who is qualified nutritional adviser, mixes the semen with fruit, seeds, coconut or almond milk—but is also happy to drink it on its own. She claims that it fights off the flu and other sicknesses, gives her heaps of energy and improves her mood. She drinks a semen shake every single day of the week. Let’s take a quick break from the semen talk so I can present you with a few pictures of Tracy Kiss. I think you’ll enjoy them.”

Tracy Kiss The Hollywood Gossip

Tracy Kiss The Hollywood Gossip

The Hollywood Gossip write: “In a world that’s increasingly fitness- and diet-obsessed, people will try anything … but this sexy personal trainer’s method may surprise you. Her unusual, all-natural source of protein? Semen. With other organic ingredients.”

Tracy Kiss Q9 Radio

Tracy Kiss Q9 Radio

Q94 Radio writes: “Sperm Smoothie Is Hot Model’s Secret to Sexy Body!”

Tracy Kiss Closer

Tracy Kiss Closer

Closer write: “Single mum-of-two Tracy Kiss, 29, leads a hectic lifestyle as a personal trainer as well as running after her two children. But she’s confident that she’ll avoid winter sniffles this year after discovering a bizarre ‘superfood’ to keep herself healthy.”

Tracy Kiss iHeart Radio

Tracy Kiss iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio writes: “She also stated, “Sperm is an awesome product and we should stop being so ridiculous about it.”

Tracy Kiss TVNZ

Tracy Kiss TVNZ

TVNZ writes: “A single mum and model in the UK is encouraging others to follow in her footsteps and drink sperm to avoid winter colds.”

Tracy Kiss Haberler

Tracy Kiss Haberler

Haberler translates from Turkish as: “A 29-year-old woman is adding and drinking a spoonful of smoothiesine’s closest friend’s semen every morning.”

Tracy Kiss News Monkey

Tracy Kiss News Monkey

NewsMonkey translates from French as: “Oranges, bananas, kiwis, apples … all fruit can be mixed in a delicious smoothie. It is scientifically proven, vitamins allows your body to fight against microbes. But Columbia said a miracle ingredient more: sperm. And she assures, drink every morning gives him more energy to say goodbye to the flu this winter.”

Tracy Kiss UPROXX

Tracy Kiss UPROXX

UPROXX writes: “Kiss doesn’t care about naysayers. She’s single right now — although, as we’ve noted in the past, many men have made her offers of love and friendship — but hopes to be in a relationship in which her partner eventually replaces the friend to provide her with a fresh semen supply and …Oh god. Someone make jokes in the comments please.”

Tracy Kiss Mouths Of Mums

Tracy Kiss Mouths Of Mums

Mouths Of Mums write: “A UK mum-of-two claims she beats the flu by drinking sperm smoothies. Yes. You read that right.”

Tracy Kiss Mamamia

Tracy Kiss Mamamia

Mamamia write: “I have a few feelings about this. Namely, they are: No, no, no, no, no, no, and bloody hell no. If, like me, you’re a bit skeptical that the stuff that comes out of a dude’s yogurt gun can cure the common cold, let’s hear the lady out – shall we?”

Tracy Kiss Health Medicine Network

Tracy Kiss Health Medicine Network

Health Medicine Network writes: “Bizarre as it seems, there might be something in Tracy’s speculation that spermatazoa has softened her skin. Semen contains proteolytic enzymes, that are designed to disintegrate proteins.”

Tracy Kiss Hello Giggles

Tracy Kiss Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles write: “Semen smoothies are apparently a health thing and we have LOTS OF THOUGHTS. Sure, we’re adventurous in terms of trying obscure vegan recipes and even that Khloe Kardashian’s rainbow smoothie thing, but immmmmmm.”

Tracy Kiss Be Lifestyle

Tracy Kiss Be Lifestyle

Be Lifestyle writes: “Let’s just pause for a second in case you happen to be drinking a smoothie right now, or need to remove any cloudy-looking substances from your immediate vicinity.”

Tracy Kiss Barstool Sports

Tracy Kiss Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports write: “Here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re all gonna call this chick gross and weird and disgusting for drinking a sperm smoothie every morning and then she’s gonna be the first person to live to be 200 years old. I’m not gonna judge her this. Maybe the solution to living longer was right under our dicks this whole time. If she says it works then I guess it works. But she says it makes her feel better so I say god bless. I will say this, I would prefer to give my sperm to a female who wants to drink it everyday rather than blasting gallons upon gallons of youth juice into dirty dish rags. I’d rather put that stuff to good use. Maybe even start selling it for top dollar if this sperm smoothie thing catches on.”

Tracy Kiss Distractify

Tracy Kiss Distractify

Distractify writes: “In a world dominated by health experts, bloggers, and Instagram influencers endorsing ‘fit teas,’ it’s hard to know which health products to trust. We’ve been burned by one too many disgusting green shakes to blindly place our trust in health gurus. That said, we’re always intrigued by the newest health craze. And this woman has a recommendation that has certainly piqued our interest. “

Tracy Kiss San Antonio Post

Tracy Kiss San Antonio Post

San Antonio Post write: “Tracy Kiss, 29, from Buckinghamshire, has revealed that she has enlisted her friend to provide her with regular sperm which she adds to her morning smoothies.”

Tracy Kiss Loaded

Tracy Kiss Loaded

Loaded writes: “The blogger and personal trainer is fast becoming the Bear Grylls of beauty. The Kiss is no stranger to controversy, having emerged as the breakout star of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction. Tracy Kiss: blogger, vlogger, model and curator of some truly eye-opening beauty secrets.”

Tracy Kiss Zoe Deschanel

Tracy Kiss Zoe Deschanel

Casually actress Zoe Deschanel has shared my love for semen smoothies with her followers – I’m literally the biggest fan of New Girl and this made me jump around my kitchen with joy. I wish she’d have commented a few words so that I could know her thoughts, but I’m imagining she’s sitting on her sofa in knitted socks stroking a puppy smiling to herself in agreement!

Responding To Comments

Now I know they say you should never read your own press, let alone comments left online because we all know how rife internet trolling is these days; and although I don’t read, respond or comment on anything about myself the media I’ll enlighten you with a few of my favourite public opinions here. For ease of communication I’ll write peoples names in bold and their comments in italics which I’ll copy and paste word for word here including all mistakes and/or insults followed by my own thoughts in red. The LAD Bible on Facebook always has some pretty harsh comments so let’s have a scroll through some.

Chris Tallon So she won’t eat eggs cause they’re “unborn chickens” but she’ll drink “unborn humans”? Hahaha what a pleb As you may know I’m vegan and don’t believe in supporting the suffering of animals therefore I don’t eat any meat, dairy or wear fur. I do however believe in the pleasure of humans and am highly supportive of masturbation as ejaculating helps to prevent prostrate cancer in men and feels pretty incredible as a woman! I’m also pretty sure no suffering is involved in masturbation but correct me if I’m wrong.

James Mattinson Why doesn’t she just help a brother out and suck him off? Then both sides are happy   Seeing as I’m single and using my friends semen there is no sexual contact between us, he delivers the goods to me in a take-away pot and we sit and have a cup of tea and catch up. However my life goal is to find a husband who I can extract semen from perhaps multiple times each day in order to support a healthy lifestyle – one of my non-negotiables in a relationship as Patti Stanger would say. Gentlemen form a queue!

Marty Nichol Spunk bucket haha no need to ask her if she spits or swallows 😂 For the record I swallow… Your mum probably does too!

Matty Steel What is this world cumming to? This made my inner geek snort – I love a good pun! Hopefully the world will become more honest, open-minded and less self-obsessed if we all start saying what we truly think and feel? #worldpeace

Natalie Parker ‘I had no energy but now Im full of beans’ you definitely are  Literally Natalie, on another note actual beans (as opposed to testicles) are a great source of vegan protein too!

Dani Powell Fair enough. I may ask my neighbour to come round and take a shit on my spinach and kale, tofu, bird seed, vegan, save the baby chicks, foie gras. And I’ll get my tits out for good measure. Amen for sarcasm, although you’d make a pretty shit vegan by the sounds of it – I won’t be recommending you at the tree hugger awards.  

Jessica Blake She should meet up with the vagina bread woman and they can eat thrush sandwiches and semen smoothies for lunch. Hmm.. that sounds oddly appetising. Is now an inappropriate time to admit cunnilingus with a woman is on my bucket list?

Ben Horrix When she asked him if she could drink his sperm I bet he thought he was in for a far better time than he was. The friend zone has free parking for all!

Adrian Pritchard These Youtube bloggers will do literally anything to get famous. A whole gang of losers desperate for some validation and recognition, it’s really kind of sad. Such as furthering my A* education and qualifying as a nutrition advisor and personal trainer whilst being a single hard-working mother leading a healthy active lifestyle to motivate and inspire others. I see exactly what you mean Adrian! Please don’t tar us all with the same brush.

Chris Willerton Bitch takes everything from the poor guy and apparently gives nothing back. Save him bringing it over in a plastic container love, and swallow it directly! She may as well. Now I can’t get the image of cute little girl puppies hopping around my Christmas tree… Much cheaper and less painful than getting pregnant! I’m sure Chris has all of his female friends gnoshing him off on his tea break at work…

Ashley Bastow If that’s not a hint when she’s saying I need your jizz for my smoothies I don’t know what is , lad open your eyes and get out the friend zone she’s clearly game  I can’t say I’ve ever used it as a chat up line and I’m certainly not interested in confusing our friendship – friendzone well and truly defined with double red lines and understood thank you.

Joe Aaron Richy Sanderson mate these people need to be stopped. Imagine having this mess as your mam? When your mates come round and she’s chugging down a nice nut juice smoothie and rubbing it all over her face Teenagers these day eh? I left home at 21 and must have missed this…

Katerina Mattock Had just about enough of all the weirdos flocking to veganism. We don’t eat animals. We don’t use or wear animals. The end. Your sperm guzzling ways are your own lady, aint got shit to do with veganism. I agree, drinking semen is unrelated to veganism but due to my diet I am deficient in iron and B12 which is why I use semen as a natural supplement.

Leon Teale i thought vegans didn’t eat bi-products from animals? I would just like to point out that I have never consumed animal semen incase of any doubt!!!

Eric Blondebeard She is barely vegan if she drinks proteins of a human 😛humans are animals with a face. And its animal cruelty only to demand its produce but not giving anything back (in this case a blowjob would be a start 😀Define barely vegan? I’m certainly not an animal with a face, I’m undoubtedly human. I don’t condone animal cruelty in any shape or form, even if you were to milk a cow and hand it a cocktail by way of an apology.

Jack Zani Not a true vegan lmao, believe it or not, semen comes from a male animal. Humans are animals. Vegans don’t eat/use animal products. Fucking spastics these days Contrary to popular belief my friend isn’t miserably caged and milked against his will for hours on end to fuel my dietary requirements. I’m 99.9% sure no suffering is involved in the art of masturbation. 

Stephen ‘Stantheman’ Stanbury What a retard, she’s a vegan and doesn’t eat anything that is or something out of an animal, what are humans classed as?? Animals, so spank there for being a product of a animal, bloody hypocrite As a vegan I don’t wish to support the unnecessary suffering of animals but I personally class myself as human i.e. not a domesticated pet or wild species that is milked, eaten or hunted for fun and/or profit.

Dugald Hossack Ok vegan means no animal products, no meat, no dairy, no fish no poultry, sorry lady but us humans are animals so you are no vegan, just a dirty girl I wouldn’t class any of the above as human qualities, but by this process would this mean that vegans couldn’t reproduce or engage in intercourse?

Cheryl Parsons I read in forum magazine (years ago) that sperm contains vitamin k and is good for hair growth. So if you want long hair get swallowing girls x Its vitamin and mineral content are good for hair, skin and nails Cheryl – now that’s something to shout about!

Flume Akhtar What if they somehow still remain “live” and she puts in the wrong spot. Speaking of which, I need to buy a Turkey Baster for Thanksgiving. Thankfully I’ve never accidentally inserted food/sauces/supplements into my vagina by mistake before!

Ole Martin Ek I guess when people talk about coming up with new job possibilities for the future, this might be an option for men. Get healthy & get subscribers for for a monthly fee for your stuff  I could see this happening one day, after all we already have sperm banks for family planning, why not for health?

Rakam Shad This made me chuckle even more “She also uses the sperm as a face mask.” So she swallows and would rather take it on the face than her boobs lol 😂 ha ha ha How did my breasts become a part of this? I wouldn’t imagine they’d be the fastest route for semen to enter into the blood stream.

Mark James Cmon down to the salty seamen where we do shakes and beat off those blues we promise well drain all that salty essence right out of you – motto from vegan mother who is a fitness trainer that has opened up a fucked franchise Wow that’s a whole lot of marketing material and thought gone into that Mark. If I open up a fucked up franchise could I employ you? Contrary to popular belief I don’t sell semen, I don’t have my own semen and I make no money nor profit out of semen existing in the world. That’s probably why the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t talk about it either!

John Lachmund She is killing all those sperms and she ant even sucking cock for it she should be charged with voluntary man slaughter!!! How many years do you have left on your prison sentence John and is the porridge any good? I bet they make it with cows milk, right? #almondmilkonly

Peaches Marie Rudduck Gonna unlike this page. (LadBible) This is like the third time this month I have seen them post negativity about veganism. It’s truly sad that you have to go to these lengths to put down a lifestyle that is hurting literally no one Could this be a fellow vegan!? I don’t understand the negativity surrounding veganism either, it’s personal choice and I’d rather lead a healthy lifestyle.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the benefits of semen. Have you tasted it? Are you thinking of trying it for the first time? How does it make you feel and would you openly discuss it with your friends? Leave you comments for me in the box below!



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  • I bust much bigger, thicker whiter loads than that. I’ll damn near fill half that bowl for you. I’m sorry bt your friend is cheating you of some high quality man juice

  • Is semen also good for men (in a healthy way)? Cause I am a man (but eager to try out new things). I guess my own semen isn’t very healthy at all (cause my lifestyle is not very healthy). Maybe I shall try another men semen? But I’m not sure about it.

    • Hi Andre, your lifestyle will certainly have an impact on the nutritional content of your semen. As you say you’re not very healthy it may not be the most beneficial source, yet I’m sure it will still contains some vitamins and minerals your body needs to replenish on a daily basis x

  • Interesting! A few questions:
    Do you swallow “only” one load a day in a non-sexual way then? If yes, why don’t you get more nutrition by having for example 10 friends or more (?) deliver you semen every day? (let’s just say they are all healthy and clean of stds).
    Now that everyone knows of your semen drinking ways, would it bother you that some guys may actively add semen in your drinks/food without your consent?

    You go girl, I’m really considering pitching in on this trend!

    • Hi Zoe it’s about quality not quantity for me as our bodies need a replenished source of daily vitamins and minerals, anything in excess is sadly wasted. I’ve never had anyone spike my food or drink with semen to my knowledge and I can’t see it being very likely to happen x

  • I would think you suit every bit of the girl standing in the middle and receiving a good bukkake from a few men.

    Of course, all tested negative for any disease is certainly an essential part.

    And yes, you get to have good, glowing ski, as well as a good-drinking session! 😀

  • Hi Tracy, if you had a partner would you prefer it directly from the source or from the glass? If your daughter asks you about it when she will be older would you recomend this method to her? Thanks in asvance

    • I would prefer it as fresh as possible so directly from my partner if I ever have one. I wouldn’t recommend the benefits to one person and not the other, it is what it is, I’m happy to educate all who wish to know including my daughter in future x

  • Thank you Tracy. My GF and I have a new relationship now… has brought us closer I masturbate daily so now .. 3 x a week I cum for her and she makes a facial. It’s added another dimension to the relationship!!!

  • Hi. I salute your courage. It can’t be easy swimming against the stream and your courage and conviction is most laudable. You’re a star for paying no heed to the inane babbling of the empty headed toads who cannot see past their own noses and yet choose to criticise your own free decision. I do wonder if semen, being biologically active, may not be carcinogenic particularly with reference to contact points through the digestive tract? I’ve not heard of any long term studies which cover this particular aspect of the discussion. To conclude: you go girl and best wishes to find the lucky fellow and relationship you have in mind!

    • Hi Alice, given the origin of semen for the protection of children I would very much treat it under the same guidance as alcohol and not recommend it for consumption to under 18’s. From a nutritional perspective it has nothing but benefits for children yet from a social perspective it may be classed as a form of sexual abuse or misuse so anybody considering supplementing their diet with semen should be of a legal age to accept and understand it.

      • Hi Tracy, thanks for your reply.

        I think its an interesting topic because surely children will be able to understand and consent a bit younger than 18. Although semen comes from a sexual place so does breast milk and breasts is one of the most sexualized parts of a women yet no one has a problem with breastfeeding because everyone understands that breast breast milk is good for children.

        I wouldn’t do it myself, but like I said its an interesting discussion.

        • Absolutely. I wouldn’t want to be accused of promoting or supporting any sexual act connected to children. I breastfed both of my children and live a vegan organic lifestyle for which I’m happy for them to participate in if it’s their choice. I do not push my views onto others and again I do not know where semen as a supplement stands with children in the eyes of the law.

  • What is your preference with the semen now? Do you rather have the semen on your face or do you swallow it? Or do you switch it daily? I have also heard that leaving the semen on your face over night is also very good for skin. Have you tried this method?

  • Hi Tracy I’m an 19 year old university student and I was wondering if you could offer me a little advice about how to start drinking semen to improve my health. I am always getting flue and nothing seems to be working so I’m really eager to try something new.

    Is there any point me even trying it because I’m a male so I would be using my own semen and I guess putting back what’s already in me? and also I think the most comfortable way for me to begin trying it would be to mix it in food like a sandwich or a drink or something.

    Any advise on how I can start out? have you ever tried using it in food and is do you think it will help.


    • Hi Chris I would recommend mixing semen into a smoothie as it doesn’t involve heat and is quick and easy to prepare, try a cup of oat milk with blended fruit and vegetables that are fresh and seasonal, a handful of nuts and seeds can be used to top it

      • Thank you Tracy, I will give it a go and see if it helps. I will try the smoothie but I also eat alot of sandwiches, do you think mixing it in the mayo would be a bad idea? as long as I avoid heating it?

  • Hi Tracy i think you are a competent, educated and open minded journalist and blogger!!! Also a free thinker and not biased at all!! I had already heard about human semen properties able to fight depression and also to strenghten immunitary defences! Plus also i heard human semen is helpful to stabilize women moods. I also read that some famous actress have this habit and believe in it like i read Sharon Stone! Again congratulations for your competence and nutritional education!!

  • Hi Tracy,
    I read that you’ve also been adding your friend’s sperm to your daughter Millicent’s smoothies. The cost of medical bills and prescription drugs can be overwhelming, so the thought of you letting your growing daughter consume HUNDREDS of healthy natural PROTEINS/vitamins/minerals from sperm in a smoothie on a daily basis isn’t surprising or disappointing at all. Nobody would hold that against you if they really understood your plight. It’s actually a very good idea.
    The law clearly states that feeding your children sperm is NOT illegal. Breastmilk is also in the same category, if you chose not to breastfeed that would’ve been your own decision to make in her life and it’s not illegal at all.
    Some Moms give their daughter’s fried dead pig’s flesh, fried chicken’s eggs and tortured cows milk for breakfast everyday ugh. I say remove the stigma and paranoia surrounding the method how sperm is delivered and just accept the nectar for what it is, a literal fountain of youth. In your home, masturbation and male ejaculation should be seen as normally as picking and squeezing an orange for it’s juice. And, if you want to strengthen your daughter’s immune system and boost her brain function by feeding her your friends sperm I say cheers!

    • This is untrue, I have never given my children semen. Being vegan I do not push my beliefs onto anybody else but allow others to make up their own minds when they are old enough and are well-informed. Both my children eat meat as a source of protein and I’m happy for them to continue to do so for as long as they wish

  • Thanks for clearing that up Tracy! Hi, i’m sure your 2 children are being raised with the love and attention that they deserve because you are a very empowering and resilient woman. I believe you and I support you on your fitness journey (but in all honesty, if you were dashing an extra shot of fresh semen into their smoothies or letting her take a sip of yours before school I wouldn’t chide you for it). Even if Millisent was to accidentally have a teaspoon of fresh semen at home it would only boost her immune system, enhance her cognitive skills and improve her quality of sleep. Semen allergies are very very rare. It’s very reassuring to learn that ejaculation reduces a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer, provides spiritual/nutritional value if/when consumed and is 100% legal. Supplementing with semen everyday certainly enhances your mood, satisfies your normal “cum craving” and also puts you in an advantageous position to reach your long-term fitness goals (you will be that 99 yr. old woman with the sharp mind and strong body). Semen facials and/or consumption is undoubtedly a unique pathway to improving your health and making the most out of this cosmic sally we call life. You have been consuming semen for several months and it’s obvious that you are enjoying all the added benefits and I am happy for you and the kids too! Cheers.

  • Hi Tracy,
    In BestFit Magazine you said “I’m currently taking on 1,800 calories per training day and 158g of protein, for which I munch through hemp and pea protein shakes and bars, chickpeas, black beans, lentils, tofu, quorn, almonds and cashews to hit my target. I consume mountains of broccoli, green veg and seeds, and eat four small meals a day with 100-200 calorie snacks in between. I nibble on handfuls of seeds, protein bars, rice cakes and avocados – I’m constantly eating or training as the deadline approaches.” You never once mentioned that in addition to store-bought items you also supplement with a teaspoon of sperm. I will assume that the 7 calories in a teaspoon of sperm contributed to your total 1800 calories per training day. Can you let your fans know if you continue to boost your shakes with sperm and also how much more power and endurance you have acquired as a result?

  • Tracy…do you continue to drink semen on a daily and/or weekly basis? And if so, are the health benefits still noticeable? I just recently discovered your semen drinking video (YouTube) and also read with interest your thoughts on the topic of semen drinking on your website. Im a guy and sometimes, but not always, will drink my semen. I don’t do it for health benefits but rather just out of curiosity to see what it tastes like after experimenting with different diets.

  • Dear Tracy just want to congratulate for your very health life style and your health competence….i made a girlfriend of mines read your article and…she convinced herself to try it!!!
    Since she is currently separated she asked me if i were available to provide my semen to try this healthy life style.
    I started to serve it about 2 times a week.
    Just wanted to ask you if is there some natural ingredients, food or herbs which could help me to increase semen production in order to provide her semen more often or a huger amount.
    Thanks for your help and congratulation for your healty diet!

  • Omg, thanks for answer.. I am trying a challenge to ejaculate couple times and save in the fridge to swallow it later, can do it without problems?

  • I just started reading about this. I was wondering if a man can get the same health benefits as a women? Would it be healthy to drink my own sperm? I am very interested in this

  • Well done for posting this. I think you are missing out by not being involved in the ejaculation process though as oral is quite wonderful and it tastes better straight from the penis. Your friend would enjoy that too.

  • Hey Tracy I’m a single vegan male (32) and I have started to eat my own semen I find that masturbating upside down is the best way to drink it and sometimes I give myself a facial. It would be nice to share a cum kiss with you. xx

  • There are sure a lot of uninformed comments criticizing the supposed “non-vegan-ness” of this practice. Of course, since the man who provides his semen to you does so willingly it’s perfectly vegan. (Not that I have to tell YOU this).

    I am curious though if he himself is vegan, and if that would affect your choice of donor. In other words, would a non-vegan man produce essentially non-vegan semen (since his semen would be affected by what he eats). I don’t mean any criticism whatsoever (even if it turns out he’s not vegan and you’re fine with that). Just wondering.

    Congratulations on your bravery in discussing this unusual practice and absorbing all the negativity. One thinks that if some of these people consumed a little more semen regularly, they might be happier and a little less uptight! 🙂

    • My partner isn’t vegan but consumes small amounts of meat and dairy – far less than typical carnivores I know. Regardless of where his protein source is from it is broken down by the body and converted into building blocks as amino acids which ultimately become semen so I do not see this as directly consuming meats that he has digested – and as you also mentioned semen from a human is not exploiting or harming innocent animals.

      In our relationship I find it a very loving and intimate experience to consume his semen, both physically and emotionally for its many natural benefits. I hope that more couples will be open to and understanding of it with honest discussion x

  • First of all, congratulation for your site and secondly for your initiative to talk about this subject. I believe that a lot of women (or men) out there do this, but is a taboo to talk about it openly as you do.

    But, I’d like to ask you something, did you ever read or heard something about that vagina discharge can have health benefits as well for those who consume it?

    So there is also a benefits for the female partners as well 😉

  • You are welcome. I hope that you’ll find interesting information about this subject that I find really important to talk about it. Maybe Tantra massage technic should be more widespread, so women can have more intense orgasms which can also lead to the female ejaculation 😊

  • Tracy, Now that you have a boyfriend, How often do you perform oral on him and swallow his semen? How often do you have intercourse also? Do you swallow his semen and also accept his ejaculation in your vagina in the same day? Do you still accept your friends semen also?

  • I just started reading about this. I was wondering if a man can get the same health benefits as a women? Would it be healthy to drink my own sperm?

  • My wife swallows it no less than once a day, usually twice. She looks 10 years younger than she is, and is perfectly healthy and its been 16 years. Her previous bf did not make her swallow, but she actually has grown to like mine and sees that her skin and overall health has vastly improved. There is definitely something to it.

  • Tracy,

    If you want him to be able to give more or if he requires daily release, you should try having him “help himself” and just finish in your mouth or glass when its time to ejac. This saves us tons of time in our marriage/lives, Im happy, shes happy. Plus less work for you, and he doesnt have the guilt of receiving daily bjs. As weird as that sounds, it is a thing.

    best of luck

  • As a gay male, I’ve consumed a lot of sperm in my time. I find I get a ‘high’ afterwards than can last for a couple of hours. It’s also highly addictive so I always find myself wanting more. I would leave a warning, though. Many years ago, someone’s cum ended up mainly on my shoulder. Within minutes, intensely red ‘welts’ appeared in the area. I immediately jumped into the shower and fortunately, after washing the area, the welts went away. I often wonder what reaction I would have had if I had swallowed and not been able to wash the cum away. So I would suggest taking the cum on your skin the first you have sex with someone just in case you have an allergic reaction. This only ever happened to me once, so the odds of it happening to anyone else are probably very low. But caution always seems wise!

  • Hello Tracy. My male friend won’t let me gulp down his sperm. I’ve tried to convince him I want it for my face and to eat in yogurts but he just won’t do it. I’m so desperate to try this that I’m ashamed to admit that I have even tried grabbing his cock when he went to the bathroom. How do I get him do it? What tips can you give?

  • Greetings Tracey I reading with interest your procedure for sperm drinking and have question about this. I am Abeeha now live in Britan. I cannot get sperm from man because husband not authorise me but we have goat, can I use goat sperm for drinking? They have big balls so I could get much sperm to store in refrigerator. I’m good with man so I’m sure I can get goat sperms. Do you know if I can get vitamins from this also?

  • Hi Tracy. I have to admit I was highly skeptical about this topic when I first heard about it. I thought it was just for the purposes of titillation, to get attention and clicks. But I started to get curious, and I’m the type of person who is willing to try things that challenge my boundaries and take me out of my comfort zone. And there was a huge boundary here, because I’m a lesbian, and like it or not it’s very difficult to ignore the sexual aspect of semen. Consuming semen is not something I would normally ever do, especially not in a sexual context. But in a way that made me even more resolved to try it – maybe I’m just weird that way. So I convinced a friend of mine (who thought I had absolutely lost my mind at first) to provide some for me, and decided I would try it at least five times. It was definitely not as bad tasting as I thought it would be, but I had probably built it up into a bigger thing in my mind than it needed to be. By about the third time I drank some (about a week into it), I was absolutely feeling the psychological effects you mention – I felt happier, more optimistic and healthier. It was very surprising how direct the cause and effect was to me. Needless to say, I have continued to consume my friend’s semen, at least once or twice a week, and I’m now planning to try using it as a facial mask too. I wanted to share all all this to encourage people to try it who might normally have a big “NO” reaction – whether you are a lesbian, or a straight man, or a straight woman but not in a relationship, etc. Often the answers we need are right in front of us, in nature, and in each other, and we have to be careful that social rules don’t blind us to the opportunities. I’m sorry this note became so long – I hope you are still able to share it with your readers. Thanks for all you do!

  • Hi Tracy:

    Could you please provide a link to the research paper you referenced out of the University of New York about college students not using condoms? Thanks!

  • hi Tracy.. i have a question … i wanna ask you … is it different sticky semen or watery semen ? which one is better to drink ? can a man make semen everyday ? because as you know if a man make semen everyday it is very watery .. it is good yet in benefit or not? and what about multiple semen from several men ? would it be better to drink everyday or not? thanks in advance

  • Tracy, Should you ever find yourself traveling in Northern California alone for any reason and your part is back in the U.K., I would consider it a huge honor, as well as a psychological turn on, to provide you with whatever you may need while traveling.
    I would even travel with you at my own expense to serve as your personal provider while stateside.
    As a matter of fact, I’m going to begin training as soon as I post this. Practice makes perfect.

  • Dear Tracey, First I want to congratulate you for addressing a social topic which needs to be explored and discussed in an adult context. Some consider the consumption of ejaculate as repulsive or vile which is very much at odds with mainstream consumption of hen’s eggs, drinking cow’s milk, eating caviar and I’m certain most don’t realize what is in Black Pudding and many other ingredients used in daily foods. For all who want to properly consider consumption of human ejaculate it is important to separate the act of producing semen from the consumption of semen. It seems there is a mental barrier which stops many from accepting the wonderful nutritional benefits of human semen and many seem repulsed which is frankly perplexing considering daily consumption of animal products perceived as normal. It is important to consider that consumption is only for consenting adult partners; and in that I agree 100%. As you say, the health benefits of consuming semen are numerous therefore, I have experimented over many years with culinary applications. I first started by adapting standard recipes by incorporating semen bit by bit but with increased experience I have learnt that it has some wonderful culinary properties of its own. Production of semen, handling and storage should be the same as dealing with any other food and I have discovered that while fresh semen is always preferred sometime storage is required for larger quantities were recipes require a larger amount. Absolute hygiene, proper storage and proper handling are absolutely essential. With trial and error, and a lot of practice, I have numerous wonderful recipes which not only use semen as a constituent part but I have recipes where semen is the principal ingredient. A book was published some years ago relating to recipes using human semen which was disappointing. That aside, I have learnt some wonderful ways of incorporating semen into my diet, it is also worth mentioning that it is not entirely unknown for bodybuilders to consume semen because of its rich source of protein. I wish you all the very best with your happy, healthy and nutritious diet and thank you once again for broaching what is probably a taboo for many and I think many people need to reconsider proper and appropriate consumption of such a nutritious and wonderful, natural and wholesome ingredient. Kind regards, Trevor.

  • Further to my earlier comment I thought I would add a couple of wonderful ideas/recipes that you might consider which I have used many times over the years. I said in my earlier comment using semen should be a real consideration and totally agree that consenting adults using ejaculate as a ‘valid and nutritious food source’ should be commended. Some recipes require larger quantities of ejaculate require careful and hygienic storage by freezing in order to accumulate the amount necessary. Freezing ejaculate will surprise you because it is quite easy to do and it quickly add up. My first recipe is to consider a very simple ‘Creamy Mousse’ which is ideal with crackers and cheese as a starter or after a main course. Semen has a most incredible ability to turn into a rich and firm mousse when whisked (hand mixer). If your kitchen whisker has two whisks you can detach one leaving only one whisk which will be sufficient. When you have hygienically stored and collected approximately 100mL of ejaculate add it to a receptacle such as a jug and let it thaw in the fridge, when completely thawed again whisk the semen thoroughly which will very quickly increase in volume many times and become a very light, white and attractive looking firm mousse. This will keep firm in the fridge up to 2 to 3 days until when needed (it does not revert back to a runny consistency) the firm white stiff semen mousse is simply exquisite taste and is an absolute delight with cracker bread, crispbread, canapés or as a dip with crudités. I am always particularly pleased with this method of serving my semen because it is such an easy recipe and yet is so pleasing to the eye and impressive and a small amount of ejaculate can quickly quadruple (or more) in volume. Additionally, the complex and aromatic flavours of semen become more apparent when it is a mousse, it is delicate in flavour and is simply a delight to prepare and make. Eating it with all types of cheese is wonderful as semen (I have found) compliments mainly savoury food. I have found that my average amount of ejaculate is about 5 to 10 mL so within only a short space of time I can produce and store enough ejaculate to be able to make this wonderful mousse. Give it a go let me know your comments. Kind regards Trevor.

  • Tracy, I came across this article and thought it was a joke but I tried it anyway and the benefits I’m seeing are incredible! My hair skin and nails look years younger and even my body is tightening up!

  • Hello Tracy. I can’t say for sure what did it. But you sure are one beautiful, sexy woman.
    You mentioned diet effecting taste. I thought I’d offer you some information. I can’t give much detail. However my ex wife always wanted me to eat celery. Said it improved the taste dramatically. I’m sure you won’t accept the offer. But I’d gladly help you to explore the possibility. 😉

  • I actually find it a huge turn on sexually and plus knowing the health benefits makes it even better! I started when i was 15 or maybe younger. At 46 i estimate Ive swallowed approx. 2 TO 3 GALLONS! Luv it!

  • Tracy this article was a life saver. Ever since I added semen to my diet, everything has improved. My skin is healthy and hydrated, my hair is healthier, my libido is sky high and I feel so much better overall!

  • Can u freeze semen in a regular freeze and keep adding to the container for consumption after the container is full?

  • I’ve been drinking/ eating semen for many years. I luv it! It is so good for you! I prefer fresh over frozen though because the color and texture is not the same after it sits. Tara.

  • Do you recommended guys consume their own semen to experience the health benefits, of there is no other source available?

  • I have ate my own, and other men’s semen for years. I do believe it does have anti-aging properties. Between my own a few times a week, and a few friends, I get a steady dose.
    The thought of eating it frozen does no appeal to me, as I always prefer fresh food.

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