Straightening My Teeth With Adult Braces

Teeth are a funny old thing aren’t they? Not only do they help us to chew and define the shape of our face and jawline, but they cause us so much grief over pain, aching, infections, fillings and now the fashion of whiteness. I am fortunate that I have never had a bad tooth, I possess no fillings and only ever had one tooth removed as a child for overcrowding, which was corrected with a clip-in upper retainer for around a year in my early teens. Since then my upper teeth have gradually began to move out of line and my bottom ones have been untouched my whole life. I brush twice a day, floss and use a mouthwash as well as having my teeth whitened when necessary to keep them bright and clean, but my lower teeth have been concerning me for many years.

Six Month Smile Cosmetic Braces System

My Six Month Smile Cosmetic Braces Treatment

I’m not in any pain, I can eat fine and people don’t stare at my mouth when they talk to me, as there really is no obvious issue with them, but I’ve noticed as the years roll by, my teeth are tilting inwards and gradually overlapping and moving out of line. I spoke to my dentist a couple of years ago as I felt my two lower incisors – the ones on either side of my middle teeth – were beginning to tilt inwards and look out of place, and I was advised that it would only get worse with time. At the age of twenty-six and as a mother of two, I try to take care of my appearance and keep my teeth healthy in order to keep them for as long as possible, but I’m aware that intervention is needed now to stop them from getting worse, complicated and more expensive to correct further down the line. Our teeth gradually move throughout our life and can end up at all sorts of angles, positions and alignment that can cause food to become trapped, plaque to build and tooth decay in areas that we can’t reach with a toothbrush anymore.

After having a browse around online I’ve been umm’ing and ahh’ing over treatments available, from fixed train track braces, nighttime only retainers or even invisible corrective shields that you take out whilst eating and are hardly noticeable. First and foremost I want my treatment to be successful and give me the results I require of straight and healthy teeth, but at the same time I’m also hesitant at the prospect of filling my mouth with lisping, unsightly metal for a year or so; which would affect my ability to speak normally, smile and eat let alone the possibility of pain and discomfort from moving my teeth and rubbing on my gums. As you can imagine, I’ve been giving this all a great deal of thought and consideration for what is right for me.

I have booked in for a free consultation for Invisalign aligners. It is hailed as a modern cost-effective treatment for teeth straightening that is almost invisible. The concept of Invisalign involves an impression of your teeth being taken which is sent to the HQ in America for an aligner to be created. A virtual 3D treatment plan charts how your teeth will move over the course of the treatment which is a bespoke package to straighten and realign each individual tooth. The aligner is switched to the next stage every two weeks and must be worn for a minimum of 20hrs a day, and only removed for eating, cleaning and taking selfies of course.

I Am Looking Into Having My Teeth Straightened

I Am Looking Into Having My Teeth Straightened

The benefits of using a removable Invisalign aligner means that you can take it out when necessary, there is no metal to irritate the teeth and gums like fixed braces, and you can brush and floss as you normally would; you also get to see the final results for free before the treatment even starts, if only everything in life was as simple. I will be charting my progress here in my blog each step of the way, taking pictures as I go and keeping a diary on how it feels, looks and affects my life. And hopefully very soon, after taking my first step into treatment I will have the teeth of my dreams. Roll on my consultation!

UPDATE: 11/04/14 Invisalign Consultation

I feel a little deflated after my Invisalign consultation and now I’m completely baffled over what to do next. The consultation itself was very helpful and interesting, I was shown the clear plastic brace that clips over the teeth and was amazed at how discreet and thin it seemed. Much like a teeth whitening tray, the clear brace was an exact mould of the teeth and has to be changed every two weeks for the next movement to slightly adjust the teeth a little at a time.

I saw a video of real customers before, after and during their treatment plan, watching weekly pictures of peoples teeth twisting, uprighting and correcting their alignment and it was fascinating to see the difference it made to the before and after pictures. After showing the dentist my teeth, she advised that the initial assessment would cost £350.00 which included having an impression of my teeth taken, this would then be sent to America to have my plan made and braces constructed, for which I would receive the full treatment in one big batch and have to keep on top of changing them myself at home. A photographer would also take a before, and later after, photo of my teeth, and following treatment my teeth would be whitened and a retention bar fitted indefinitely behind my teeth to stop them from moving out of place again. I would only have to return to the dentist two or three times across the treatment to ensure that my teeth were responding as they should, otherwise it would be a very handsoff easy process. Knowing I would have perfect teeth in just six months time was extremely exciting and I’d fallen in love with the thought of being able to take them out to eat and for special occasions so that they wouldn’t notice. A full 12 month treatment costs £4900.00, there is a 6 month Lite version for £3800.00 for less complex cases, and an i7 version for £1800.00 used for very minor treatment over 3 months. All in all I was happy with the price, which I was offered 0% interest free credit for a year, with monthly repayments ranging between £125.00 – £408.33 depending on the treatment needed.

I Received An Invisalign Brochure & Finance Information From My Consultation

I Received An Invisalign Brochure & Finance Information From My Consultation

I know that my lower teeth are out of line and some teeth have twisted around, but the top and bottom teeth are all corrected to ensure that the bite is in line. I was literally ready to pull my card out of my bag to pay for it when the dentist informed me of what I really should know first and it totally stopped me in my tracks. She advised that white squares would be attached to the teeth that needed hep with movement, and the braces fit over these and use them to push against and move the teeth into position. When the braces are on the squares are visible but still discreet, however they do stand away from the teeth and cause a lump. When you remove the braces for eating and cleaning, the squares really stand out and food can become tangled around them. So instead of having the invisible treatment I was hoping for, I had to consider the possibility of having white squares fixed to the majority of my teeth like lumpy porridge. The reason I wanted this treatment was so that I could remove my braces when needed, but now I discovered it would look worse without them during treatment. Well, it’s not the end of the world to grin and bare it for six months right? But my treatment wouldn’t be six months, as after looking at my teeth I was advised at least a year, and if I was unhappy with the final treatment then I could have it extended longer. Oh dear.

I had set my heart on having the Invisalign braces because they’d fit into my lifestyle perfectly, but in reality, after having my consultation they would be less effective than having fixed braces and take twice as long to correct my teeth. I think Invisalign is an incredible treatment and it is discreet, but it’s not completely removable, so sadly it’s back to the drawing board. Now I am at a crossroads, do I drag out a somewhat discreet treatment for well over a year or bite the bullet and have a clear fixed brace for half the time? The fixed brace will no doubt provide the best results in the shortest time, but equally it means filling my mouth with metal, irritating my gums and lips, and constantly watching what I eat. Argh! I have booked a consultation at another dentist to discuss my other treatment options, and based on the pro’s and con’s I will consider each treatment option carefully whilst blogging my findings.

UPDATE: 22/04/14 Six Month Smile Consultation

I visited a dentist today to talk about the Six Month Smile, which is a clear wires and brackets fixed brace system where small tooth-coloured squares remain on the teeth for 75% less time compared to other orthodontic methods. As they blend in with the colour of your natural teeth, they are more discreet than traditional braces, and claim to be unnoticeable from a distance.

After having an assessment, photographs and x-rays, the Six Month Smile braces can be fitted with the brackets and wires shipped over from America. You then have to visit the dentist every 4-5 weeks to have the wires briefly adjusted until the treatment is complete. The treatment is so quick because the nickel titanium wires focus on moving the teeth that show when you smile, rather than all of your teeth, correcting the cosmetic appearance of your smile rather than the position of your bite. It is said to use low force when moving the teeth to make the treatment more comfortable, which after the first few days you will become accustomed to, but painkillers can be taken if necessary.

It can affect your speech for the first week as you produce more saliva than normal, but you soon get used to it and readjust. After treatment is complete you have the choice of forever wearing a night-time removable retainer, or having a metal bar attached to the back of the teeth to stop them from ever moving out of line, my dentist advised that food can get caught in the bar and make brushing more difficult so I am considering the removable retainer. Prices cost between £1,000 – £3,000 depending on if you’re having the top, bottom or both sets of teeth treated. As I want to correct all of my teeth I am having both top and bottom fitted at once, my bottom teeth are my main concern to fix, but as I’m having the braces fitted I thought I may as well have the top minutely adjusted too as they are slightly out of line.

It really appeals to me that the treatment time for Six Month Smile is so short, and although having fixed braces was originally my last resort I’ve realised you just can’t get the same results in this time span with any other treatment on the market for the full extent of correction that I need. I was really sold on the Invisalign removable retainers up until I was told about white squares being fixed to your teeth and the treatment taking over a year to complete, as it basically then becomes a brace just without the wires. So after much careful consideration I’ve decided that I may as well have a discreet wired brace for a fraction of the time with the best end results. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to seeing my teeth wired up for the first time because it will be such a shock as I’ve only ever had a clip in retainer to close a gap as a child and it used a spring from behind the teeth so didn’t show.

I’m nervous about my teeth aching and hurting when I have it fitted and adjusted, as well as the thought of having a lisp and catching my lips on the brackets and wires. I think my lips will end up sticking out like Homer Simpson and I’m going to have to learn to stop smiling so that I don’t flash a mouth full of metal at people. But when I put it into perspective, six months is such a short amount of time and it will no doubt fly past, which in the grand scheme of things is well worth it for perfect teeth as they will only get worse if I leave them as they are. It’s safe to say I’ve quashed my hope of finding myself a husband for the next half a year, but come Christmas I’ll have a dazzling Hollywood smile! I paid a deposit at the end of my appointment today, with my appointment booked for eight days time. Eek!

UPDATE: 29/04/14 Mouldings Taken

Mouldings Are Taken Of My Teeth Using Trays Filled With A Mango Putty

Mouldings Are Taken Of My Teeth Using Trays Filled With A Mango Putty

Today I had moulds taken of my upper and lower teeth taken during a 45minute appointment which involved four sets of trays being filled with a squishy mango putty that was then pressed over my teeth. Each tray was held in place for a couple of minutes before being removed, which didn’t hurt and wasn’t unpleasant at all. From these an exact model of my teeth will be created and progress can be charted.

My Teeth Before Treatment Can Now Be Cast

My Teeth Before Treatment Can Now Be Cast

My dentist asked me if I had any questions prior to my treatment, and I raised the issue of time. My bottom teeth are my main concern and as I’m only having my top teeth slightly corrected, I wanted to know if my top braces would be corrected and removed sooner than the bottom, as it would mean I could have my smile back sooner whilst the bottom remained in place. My dentist advised that the treatment time really depends on the mutual decision of the dentist and patient together, as the most dramatic change is seen earlier in treatment when the shifting of teeth begins, which then gradually slows down as the teeth come into place and very subtle changes are made over the final months. He said that some people prefer to wait until the very end of their treatment to remove the braces, and others realise after a few months that once the major issues are corrected that they are happy to finish the treatment early without being too concerned about the final tweaks.

At the moment I would prefer to have the full treatment, even if it means going over the six months in order to achieve the best results. However when I’ve been picking food out of my braces and slobbering when I speak all summer I may just change my mind! I will give you my honest and unbiased opinion as always and keep you updated on my progress.

My braces are due to be fitted in one months time on the 29th May 2014, with my appointment already booked and paid for, and I’m told it will only take an hour. It seems pretty quick to fit the brackets, wires and tweak my teeth all in just sixty minutes, but I know that I’m in great hands and I’m looking forward to it. In the meantime I will be making the most of my final month of mouth freedom, by drinking plenty of red wine, eating fluorescent curries and chewing sticky toffees. Six months will come and go before I know it, and every day that passes is one step closer to the perfect smile. Let the countdown commence!

UPDATE: 29/05/14 Treatment Day!

I have been super excited and nervous all week as the days crept closer and closer to my treatment, and now here it is and I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof. I want it, but I’m nervous, I’m looking forward to it, yet I’m hesitant; I really don’t know whether to bite my nails or do a star jump for the butterflies that are in my stomach right now. I just keep telling myself that the sooner it starts the sooner it will finish and I will finally get to meet my new perfect teeth, it’s the beginning of the end.

My appointment was at 1pm today and after rushing around with the children between minders and shopping, I arrived with my six year old daughter at the dentists to check in a few minutes before my appointment. Sitting in the waiting room it felt like time stood still, I wasn’t worried about it hurting, but more curious to see what it would look and feel like and if I’d be able to talk normally again after. When my name was called by the friendly receptionist, my daughter and I were led to the treatment room so that the appointment could begin. I took a seat in the dentists chair before being reclined back so that I was laying flat, and I was handed a pair of plastic glasses to protect my eyes and a waterproof bib over my clothes from the dental nurse. The then dentist began by checking inside my mouth to ensure that it was clean and healthy before using a small camera on a long stick to take photos from all angles of my teeth which were shown on a TV screen in front of me. It was fascinating to see a worms-eye-view from inside my mouth at an angle that I would never have got with my phone. I smiled, laughed and cringed at how incredibly wonky and out of line my teeth looked, ecstatic to know that it would be the last time they would ever look like that.

Today My Six Month Smile Braces Were Fitted

Today My Six Month Smile Braces Were Fitted

So next the treatment began. My mouth was divided into four sections, just like cutting a pie into quarters, I had an upper left and upper right, lower left and lower right area that was worked on one section at a time and the steps repeated around my mouth. To start with a cotton bud was put under my upper lip to attend to the left upper teeth, this exposed my teeth and absorbed saliva as my mouth had to remain dry. A green paste was then applied across the surface of my teeth before being rinsed off with a water tube and suction, and then a yellow paste applied, rinsed and dried again. Next a clear tray containing the squares to fit to my teeth was clicked into place. When the mouldings of my teeth were taken at my previous appointment, they were sent to Six Month Smile where the technicians prepared the braces by suspending the square brackets to clear trays so that my dentist only had to set them in place. To set the squares to my teeth, a rod was pointed at each bracket with a blue UV light that triggered the glue and fixed them to the surface. It only took a couple of minutes to do a quarter of my mouth, and then he moved onto the next section doing exactly the same.

It didn’t hurt at all as my mouth wasn’t clamped, cut or hurt in any way. If anything it just felt like I’d been yawning way too much and as a result I wanted to close my mouth and let my jaw rest. I was so surprised at how precise and well planned out it was, as I’d imagined a little box of squares and a tube of glue and tweezers trying to fix each square to my teeth and get it on straight, but it was far less clumsy and time consuming than that. That’s public perception for you isn’t it! My teeth were then flossed and a thin metal strip, like a super strong sandpaper pulled between them to try and create space and help the teeth to move, it felt a little gritty but other than that no different to flossing normally.

Within half an hour all four of the trays were on my teeth and the brackets set with the UV light. Next the trays was ready to be removed. The dentist used a tool to prize the clear plastic tray off of my teeth which popped out with a little wiggling, leaving my teeth with perfectly positioned clear square brackets instantly on every tooth. Next came the fitting of the wire. At the four rear corners of my mouth, the brackets end with a silver metal cap which the horseshoe shaped wires slot into to hold them in place. The dentist slotted the upper and lower wire into the metal caps before hooking it into the square brackets and fixing it in place with little rubber doughnuts, just as you would tie your hair up with a scrunchie band. Again it didn’t hurt, it just felt like a little tugging and a ping as the doughnuts were snapped into place and then the excess wire was trimmed off with some clippers and my treatment was complete. The two clear horseshoe shaped wires are made of a special material that has a memory and will gradually try to return to shape, even though it is fitted through the centre of each bracket at the moment in a track more like a roller coaster than a straight line, as time passes it will pull my teeth into position a little at a time. I was asked to bite down so that the dentist could check the alignment of my teeth and when I did, my two top middle teeth hit the lower brackets so that I couldn’t close my mouth. A tooth coloured paste used to create fillings was shaped into a little ball and attached to my back lower teeth, one on the left and one on the right to prevent me from biting down onto my braces and potentially knocking them off. Now when I bite down and close my mouth my teeth don’t quite touch so I have to learn to chew again and eat at the rear of my mouth which I’m told will get easier as time passes and I get used to it.

Finally I was given a little pack of wax sticks which I was advised to rub onto any brackets that rub against my lips to stop them from hurting or cutting me. At the moment I don’t feel any rubbing or discomfort, it just feels like I have lots of hard toffee stuck all over my teeth and I’m trying my hardest not to absentmindedly pick it off. It’s like that dare where you eat a sugared doughnut and you’re not allowed to lick your lips, and all you want to do is get rid of it. I was advised that despite my teeth feeling fine now, as they begin to start moving, the ligaments in my jaw, gums and bone may start to ache and hurt so I can take some painkillers to ease the discomfort which will become more evident over the next 48hrs. And that was it. My Six Month Smile has begun! The dentist then took a set of pictures with my braces in place and one hour and ten minutes after I arrived, I was free to carry on my day.

After my glasses were removed, my bib taken away and the chair raised, I was shown the mirror to see my braces for the first time and I couldn’t help but smile and saw “wow” with a somewhat laboured speech. I was so relieved to not have a lisp and I can speak perfectly normal providing I take the time to speak slowly and pronounce my words properly. The braces aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be, they’re obviously there but unless I smile like a horse you can’t see them, as my lips cover the clear brackets and only show the untouched teeth. To start with it felt weird to talk because my teeth feel as though they are being held in place by something and I want to lick my lips and run my tongue over them which is pretty unattractive but funny. After driving home I realised that I really should have had a huge meal before my treatment, as I found it really difficult to eat. Fortunately I’d prepared some vegetable broth in the fridge just incase my teeth hurt to chew, and although they don’t hurt at all, I wasn’t expecting to no be able to chew as my teeth don’t touch at all. After pushing the pulses and lentils to the back of my mouth and trying to chew, I took a few air-bites and had to give up and swallow it whole. I’m glad that I had such finely chopped broth mix, but I have a feeling I’m going to really struggle with a normal meal as I’ll either have to mash it to a paste or very finely chop all of my food for the rest of the year as chewing does absolutely nothing to the food.

My Braces Only Show If I Lift My Lips When I Smile

My Braces Only Show If I Lift My Lips When I Smile

I realise not being able to chew is from the position of the two lower middle brackets, as they have to be in the centre of my teeth to be able to move them properly, so the filling material that has been put in the back of my mouth to stop me from biting down is what’s caused this and not the braces. It’s difficult for me right now, but I’m so happy with my treatment and I hope that in time I will find a way to eat normally again. I am so excited and thrilled that I have my braces on and I’m already counting down the days for my next appointment in four weeks time to see my progress. Brushing my teeth is something I’ll get used to as I normally run a brush at all angles and directions across my teeth in a frothy bristle frenzy, whereas now I’ll have to be mindful not to hit the brackets and ensure that no food is left trapped. Already it’s had a positive effect on my diet and lifestyle as I resisted the urge to have a chocolate bar for the fact that I have no way to eat it, so that’s a few calories saved already, perhaps I’ll put my extra pennies towards a new bikini?

UPDATE: 30/05/14 Day 1 – 179 To Go

The morning after the day before! I was expecting to need painkillers last night or even this morning but it’s not actually that bad. Whether I just have a good pain threshold or it’s the alignment of my wonky teeth, I’m thankful that it’s pretty easy to deal with. I can talk completely normal again now and it’s not even been 24hrs yet, and instead of pain I’d compare the feeling more to a dull ache or bruise. My mouth is tender, but not uncomfortable, I am aware of my teeth feeling different but it’s not unpleasant and as time passes I won’t notice it at all. Brushing my teeth last night was easier than I expected as I could still get the brush above and below the braces and it didn’t twang or pull on the wires at all. I guess I’d psyched myself up massively for a dramatic and painful procedure and lifestyle change which has turned out be be anything but that.

I also expected my mouth to stick out like a coconut/Homer Simpson and my gums and lips to rub on the brackets where I would to have to use my wax, but none of this has happened yet, despite laying face down on my pillow to sleep. Whether it will happen gradually over time I’ll have to wait and see, but so far so unbelievably good. As I’m still finding it hard to eat because my bite doesn’t fully close and I can’t chew, I had a bowl of broth again for breakfast today, which is my second meal since yesterday morning. I don’t feel hungry like I expected to, more thirsty and I’ve found I’m drinking more water and haven’t snacked at all which is a first for me as I’m normally constantly eating for the sake of it and not because I’m hungry. I was also expecting to lisp and dribble when I speak, but if anything my mouth actually feels more dry now, like when you nap with your mouth open by mistake and wake up with it feeling tacky instead of moist and need a drink.

Counting a month as 30 days, and with the treatment set to take six months this totals 180 days of wearing my braces considering extra time isn’t needed for further movement after. I find it fascinating to count down the days and blog exactly when my treatment completes, it’s slightly similar to having a pregnancy when you predict if a baby will arrive early or overdue. Place your bets now, 179 days and counting! Eek!

UPDATE: 03/06/14 Day 5 – 175 To Go

It has almost been a week since I had my braces put on and thankfully it is starting to feel more normal. The aching has died down and it no longer feels tender as though I’ve been punched in the jaw, I can still feel it as I am aware of my teeth, but more so like wearing a plaster as it’s restrictive rather than uncomfortable. A couple of days ago my lips started to feel sore where they were rubbing on the braces when I talked, and I really hoped that it wasn’t the start of the friction that would last me the rest of the year. Despite having my wax sticks I decided not to use them, as when I get food caught in my braces it feels disgusting and I try to lick it out and swish water in my mouth to free it but it tangles in the wires and is the most annoying and squeamish thing for such an OCD nut like me. My tongue does nothing to retrieve food from around my brackets, so right after eating I brush my teeth straight away. I therefore can’t stand the thought of rubbing wax across my teeth as well as food getting stuck, so for a day or so I didn’t speak as much as my mouth adjusted and luckily they haven’t rubbed since and I got away without using wax.

My Teeth At The Start Of My Six Month Smile Treatment

My Teeth At The Start Of My Six Month Smile Treatment

Eating is becoming easier, I still can’t chew properly but I’ve found a way around meal times. To start with I had soup from a spoon which I literally sucked into my mouth before swallowing. Next I moved onto baked beans, slow cooked with tiny diced mushroom and garlic so that it literally feel apart when you suck it and could be swallowed easily, you have no idea how good it was to eat a semi-solid food! After that I tried rice pudding as it was creamy, thick and delicious, another step forward as I still couldn’t chew but it helped to show me that I wouldn’t choke on food that was somewhat whole. After that I had ice cream that I had to sit on my tongue until it melted and it soothed my gums which was lovely. I then had steamed spinach and macaroni in a cream cheese sauce with finely chopped beans and asparagus, all nice and soft and easy to swallow, although the spinach was a mission to brush out of my brackets and wires. Yesterday I managed some potatoes with stuffed peppers, and I actually managed to chew a couple of times too, which was day four. To start with it was painful to chew as it felt like my teeth wanted to fall out, like when you accidentally pull your hair and handfuls just come sliding out and you convince yourself you’ll get a bald patch from it but don’t. Well it was the same feeling, wherever I chewed, left, right, back or front, it felt like my entire jaw of teeth were about to come tumbling out and my head was telling me to stop but my stomach was saying “FEED ME SEYMOUR!”

I’ve learnt to roll food about with my tongue and bash it with my back teeth which can’t fully close but turn it into a more manageable swallow for consistency. As long as I cut the food up small on my plate and give it a quick turnover in my mouth, then I’m now managing to eat adult food instead of mushy baby goo. I’ve been out and about as normal and nobody has noticed I’ve got braces until I tell them and they look in close and say “wow, how cool is that!” which has been kind of nice, as I really didn’t want something obvious. By the end of the first day I was talking normally again but I’m guessing that when I visit the dentist in just over three weeks for my checkup that my braces will be tweaked in some way and I’ll be tender again for a few days just as before. I am 100% happy with my treatment and it is the best decision I could have made for my teeth. I want to show you my progress warts and all, as there’s no point in me saying “hey guys this is cool go and buy it now!” because I’m pretty sure you see adverts like that all day on TV anyway. I have no gain from this, no contract and I am not working for any of the companies involved in my treatment. I am simply a customer giving you an honest and unbiased perspective on what it is like to have this procedure as an adult.

UPDATE:08/06/14 – Day 10 – 170 To Go

Today I noticed that one of the brackets had let go of the wire on my lower back left tooth. The tooth is quite possibly the most severely out of alignment as it is tilting inwards and further back than the rest of all the other teeth. I didn’t feel the wire separate from the bracket, so I’m unsure of when it happened. It didn’t hurt, didn’t break or cause me any concern, I just noticed when brushing this morning that the tooth was no longer connected. It could have happened when I was eating, sleeping or brushing as far much as I know.

My Lower Back Tooth Has Come Unhooked From The Wire

My Lower Back Tooth Has Come Unhooked From The Wire

I telephoned the dentist to ask for advice, as my next appointment is due in just under three weeks time. They advised I should come in to have it reconnected beforehand, and due to childcare I am booked in for a weeks time on June 17th. This means that my worst aligned tooth will have had less treatment than all the others, which could possibly delay the final result, or because of the position of the tooth, if it is easy to move then it may catch up over the coming months.

I can eat perfectly normally now as I am completely used to chewing with a gap. The only downside that I have found from having clear braces, is as soon as I eat anything remotely coloured they stain straight away, whether it’s from tomatoes, spice, vegetables or fruit. My brackets have now taken on a pale yellow colour which I can’t shift with toothpaste or mouthwash and in hindsight, because of the colourful nature of food and drink, I should have gone for a solid colour instead, as yellow would never have been my first choice for tooth accessories. I think a silver, gold or red would have looked far more attractive, as clear doesn’t stay clear or discreet for long.

UPDATE: 17/06/14 Day 19 – 161 To Go

Today I had my appointment with the dentist to have my tooth hooked back onto the wire that had popped off. My one-months adjustment was due for next week, but seeing as I was there today he decided to change my bands at the same time and then book my next appointment for a further months time on the 16th of July instead. First the bands were removed from each bracket by pinging them off with a metal prong, and then a gritty file was then pulled between each tooth to create a fine gap and help them to move easier. It felt like tingling through my teeth as if I’d bitten down on a fork and I closed my eyes as I cringed until it was over; I can’t say that it was the most pleasant feeling, but it certainly wasn’t painful as it just put my teeth on edge and was thankfully over in just a couple of minutes.

My Six Month Smile Treatment Day 19

My Six Month Smile Treatment Day 19

The same wires were then reattached to the brackets on my teeth but this time using new bands as they lose their elasticity over time and are less effective. Now they would be held firmer so that my teeth can continue to move and soon the wires can be changed, which will hopefully be by my next appointment. The new bands were attached, twisted, hooked and pinged into place which felt as though my teeth were being tapped with the back of a spoon by a short, sharp ping. And in just under an hour my treatment was complete and now I have another month until my next appointment. It’s amazing to see how different my teeth already are as the wires are noticeably straighter than just a few weeks ago. At the moment my teeth feel a little tender from being pulled and filed so I’m having a salad for lunch instead of anything too hard, but still I don’t need painkillers or wax, so that’s a reason to celebrate. I’m so happy with my treatment so far, almost one month in and I have just over five more months to go, the time really is flying past.

UPDATE: 24/06/14 Day 26 – 154 To Go

It’s been a week now since I had my bands changed and the wire reconnected to the bracket that pinged off, and last night whilst I was speaking I felt another ping on the other side of my mouth. This time a bracket popped off of my rear tooth and is now spinning around on the wire like a peg on the washing line. In all fairness, the two teeth that have come unattached so far are the most wonky and tilt inwards unlike the other teeth, so I know that they are holding the most force on the wires, but I can’t take it out or unthread it as it’s hooked through the wire and trapped between two other brackets. My rogue bracket is now literally rotating and hitting my gum and lip and I have to keep spinning it around so that it faces the right way and doesn’t stick out and catch, how annoying. I left an out of hours message on the dentist answer phone and hope that they’ll call me back some time today to book me in and have it reattached. Fingers crossed sooner rather than later as it’s difficult to chew right now. Boo hoo. Aside from that my other teeth are fine and my braces haven’t caused me any problems as I have been eating and talking fine up until bracket-gate happened. With each of the two incidents so far it’s been from my two rear tilted teeth which I was expecting to have a bit of bother from for how badly out of line they were. But hopefully as they get pulled into place they will settle down and behave themselves just like the other teeth who are all shuffling into position nicely.

A Bracket Has Come Off Of My Tooth

A Bracket Has Come Off Of My Tooth

UPDATE: 25/06/14 Day 27 – 153 To Go

Fortunately the dentist called me straight back this morning and gave me an appointment for lunchtime today to have my bracket reattached to my tooth. I was given a pair of goggles and a plastic apron and laid with my mouth open as the dentist tinkered with my braces. He started by removing the wire and then using what sounded like a drill piece and suction to grind the remaining glue off of the surface off my teeth. And just like before when he first attached them, he applied a couple layers of gel with a bud, dried, rinsed and prepping my teeth. He then placed a dot of extra strong glue on my tooth before holding the bracket in place and setting it with a blue light. Within minutes my wire was reconnected and some new bands snapped into place and I was fine to go.

Just as I had thought, my two most wonky teeth that were leaning inwards were the ones that had caused both of the problems, with the wire pinging off of one side and the bracket off of the other. The dentist explained that because of the extent of work needed to move them, these two teeth both put the most pressure and stress on the brace, but as soon as they start to move and correct the angle they will become less likely to cause any other problems, just like the other teeth. He advised me to continue to eat and brush as I normally would, as anything that I do shouldn’t effect the braces coming off, it was simply the tension on a very wonky tooth that caused it to come off.

My Bracket Has Been Reattached

My Bracket Has Been Reattached

My next appointment is in a months time, so let’s hope that my teeth start behaving themselves and I’ll only be back once a month from now on!

UPDATE: 28/06/14 Day 30 – 150 To Go

It seems that I really have no luck with teeth, as when I woke up this morning the bracket that was reattached only a few days ago on my wonky tooth has pinged off again for the second time. As it’s Saturday the dentist is shut so I left a message on the answer machine and hope that they’ll be able to book me in to have it reattached soon.

My Bracket Has Come Off Of My Tooth Again

My Bracket Has Come Off Of My Tooth Again

UPDATE: 01/07/14 Day 33 – 147 To Go

Today I had a lunchtime appointment to have my bracket reattached which involved removing my lower wire, regluing the bracket, filing between my lower teeth to create gaps and attaching the same wire with new bands. My teeth are now all connected again and I really hope that those two badly wonky ones won’t cause anymore trouble, they’re just so severely out of line that it puts a lot of pressure on the wires and brackets, and until they’ve shifted enough to behave normally I have to expect the odd setback and alteration. My next appointment is in two weeks time when I believe the wires may be changed if my teeth have moved the desired amount by then. I’m already noticing the height of them had come in line as my lower teeth aren’t as up and down as before, I just need them to stand side by side now instead of in front of one another. Eek I love noticing progress, how exciting!

My Bracket Has Been Reattached, My Teeth Filed And Bands Changed

My Bracket Has Been Reattached, My Teeth Filed And Bands Changed

UPDATE: 16/07/14 Day 48 – 132 To Go

A couple of days ago I noticed two of my brackets had joined the defiant ranks again and let go of my teeth. My lower back left wire pinged off of my tooth and my upper right bracket broke off of my tooth which I think happened after eating toast, but didn’t notice until brushing my teeth. Again I didn’t feel anything so it could have been off for a day or two, but fortunately I had my next appointment booked at the dentist for today so I was able to get it fixed.

My Top Bracket Has Broken Off (above) And Lower Wire Disconnected (below)

My Top Bracket Has Broken Off (above) And Lower Wire Disconnected (below)

At my hour appointment I had my wires removed, teeth filed, bracket reattached and bands replaced with new ones. The same wire was again reused and I’ve noticed over the past week that my lower incisors, the ones either side of my front teeth, have begun to ache and feel tender. The dentist explained that these have a large root on them and as they are pulled up into a straight position it is a big move for them, which will cause my teeth to ache. This is possibly the first time I’ve felt my teeth at all since I first had the braces fitted, and although it isn’t painful, I would said it was a 2/10 for how noticeable the dull ache is. My wires are already looking so much straighter as I creep into month two of my six month treatment and I am so pleased and excited.

My Six Month Smile Progress Day 48

My Six Month Smile Progress Day 48

UPDATE: 29/07/14 Day 61 – 119 To Go

Tonight the lower back left bracket on my wonky bottom tooth let go of the wire yet again and I left a message on the dentists answerphone which they will hopefully get in the morning and call me back with an appointment time to have it reattached.

My Wire Has Pinged Off The Bracket Again On My Troublesome Tooth

My Wire Has Pinged Off The Bracket Again On My Troublesome Tooth

UPDATE: 30/07/14 Day 62 – 118 To Go

Thankfully I got an appointment for lunchtime today, where I had my wires taken off, teeth filed and the same wire reattached with new bands. I already had two metal twists secured onto my side lower brackets, which is a stronger way to hold the wires in place instead of using bands. Today I had a further two metal twists added, taking my total to four, and these pull the lower side teeth into place, as the middle ones have come nice and straight now but the sides are still twisted and wonky. Hopefully this will hold them more firmly and help to correct the alignment.

My Six Month Smile Day 62 Progress

My Six Month Smile Day 62 Progress

The only difference between using bands and twists on my part is that the metal twists have sharp edges which have cut up the inside of my lip, like a rough end on a blunt wire, despite being wound around the bracket and tucked away there’s still a raw edge that slices into me across all four fixings so chewing and speaking is pretty painful right now. This is the most discomfort I’ve had the entire time but so long as I don’t speak or eat then it doesn’t hurt, so I’m hoping I’ll feel better after a nights sleep.

UPDATE: 10/08/14 Day 73 – 107 To Go

Another Bracket Has Broken Off

Another Bracket Has Broken Off

Today my lower left bracket pinged off of my tooth, and there’s no prize for guessing which tooth caused it, the wonky trouble maker! Fortunately my next appointment is in a couple of days time at the dentist so I don’t have too long to wait until I can get it reattached, it’s so annoying when something goes wrong as I don’t want anything to delay my treatment and results and I’m beginning to question if my exceptionally wonky two side teeth can be corrected in just six months or whether I’ll be wearing my braces into the start of 2015. Eek!

UPDATE: 12/08/14 Day 75 – 105 To Go

My Six Month Smile Day 75 Progress

My Six Month Smile Day 75 Progress

Today I had my check up at the dentist and told them about my bracket coming off. So the glue was drilled away and a new bracket applied. My wires were removed as usual, my teeth filed with a metal strip to create spaces between them to help them to move, and then new bands attached which I have managed to stain again with yet another curry. I really shouldn’t have gone for a clear brace system knowing that I eat so much coloured food, but as I don’t smoke or drink tea or coffee I thought food stains would brush away, but obviously not. Ho hum, it’s only another three and a bit months until my treatment is over and I can whiten my teeth and have a perfect smile.

When my bands were changed today, for since my last treatment I’d had four twisty ties put on my lower middle teeth to hold the wire more firmly in place and concentrate the tension on that area to correct the bad alignment. My teeth have moved massively in the past few weeks and as a result I had normal bands put on in their place when they were taken off and changed. It is such a relief to have the normal bands as the ties are sharp metal like a sandwich twist and the ends were constantly catching on my lips, rubbing and cutting me, but now they’re gone and I have no discomfort at all. I have to admit that I don’t notice my braces at all anymore and a friend asked me the other day when was it that I had them removed and I smiled and said “I’ve still got them and I’m almost halfway through my treatment” but as I was talking and eating as normal he’d thought I’d had them taken off already and couldn’t see them which is good to hear. My jaw no longer aches as I think the major movements have happened now and it’s just slight shifting that is needed to complete my treatment. Overall I am very happy with the results that I am getting so far and I get on with my life as usual. I don’t eat chewy or hard food and sweets, but then again I didn’t really have that before my braces anyway. I can’t wait to see the final results and do a before and after comparison because I can’t stop smiling, cosmetic dentistry is so clever!

UPDATE: 21/08/14 Day 84 – 96 To Go

This afternoon I felt a pinch on the inside of my cheek and after running my tongue across my teeth I realised that a bracket had pinged off of my tooth again, and there’s no prize for guessing who the culprit was, my infamous lower wonky side tooth!

Another Bracket Has Broken Off

Another Bracket Has Broken Off

I hadn’t done anything different, hadn’t eaten anything hard or knocked my mouth, just the pressure of the wire constantly pulling on the tooth was too much for the surface and the bracket let go once more. It’s frustrating to have so many set backs as I want my treatment to be as quick and efficient as possible, but at the same time I still realise that my teeth were and still are misaligned and need help and guidance to correct them. So I called the dentist late afternoon to see if they could fit me in in the next couple of days for a repair, expecting to reach the out of hours answer machine, but a member of staff answered.

As it was Thursday they stay open until 8pm and advised if I could get across within the next hour then they could do it for me straight away which was fantastic. So I left my children tucked up in bed with a sitter and whizzed over to have my bracket reattached. This time I didn’t have my teeth filed, just the wire removed, bracket reglued and new bands fitted.

The dentist explained that although the bracket pinging off is annoying there isn’t anything more that can be done, as it is glued to the surface of the tooth. If it was the wire pinging off of the bracket it could be held on with a stronger band, but there is no other way to attach a bracket safely to the tooth without causing damage other than using glue. So we have to be patient, hope that it remains in place for as long as possible, and gradually as it corrects the misalignment then the pressure should decrease and it will become less likely to detach itself.

My Six Month Smile Progress Day 84

My Six Month Smile Progress Day 84

I had a twisty band fitted to my upper left tooth at the front in the hope of focusing upon correcting the upper alignment. I no longer have twists on my bottom teeth at all, as these have been replaced with regular rubber donuts once more. It’s effectively a metal band twizzled around the wire and bracket to hold them more firmly in place and create greater tension on the tooth. As a result my top tooth is aching and feeling a little tender as the tension is far more noticeable than the rest of my braces. Given the way that my other wires responded on the bottom teeth I’m expecting it to feel tender for two or three days and gradually ease off until I no longer notice them.

It’s a pretty exciting time as I have just under 100 days to go until the end of my six month treatment. I’m a few days off of the half way point and have noticed such a great change in the alignment of my teeth. When I look back at how they first were and how they are now after just three months it’s astonishing. I’m very pleased with my results so far and the time is going so incredibly quickly, my braces no longer look or feel obvious and I am talking completely normally, aside from when a bracket catches my lip and makes it sore. But overall my experience has been very positive and worthwhile. Now let’s get to that finish line so that I can show you my results!

UPDATE: 01/09/14 Day 95 – 85 To Go

Two Of My Six Month Smile Brackets Have Broken

Two Of My Six Month Smile Brackets Have Broken

Four days ago my braces broke off again and it’s the most frustrating thing ever. I ate a McDonald’s veggie burger in a soft bun with chips, which I never have, and when I went to brush my teeth after, my notorious lower side bracket had come off the wire completely and the lower front bracket had snapped off and was sticking into my lip. As my dentist was on holiday I had to wait until this morning for an appointment at 08:30am to have it replaced.

My Six Month Smile Day 95 Progress

My Six Month Smile Day 95 Progress

I had the two brackets reattached and my lower teeth filed, wire reattached and new bands fitted. The procedure took less than an hour and wasn’t uncomfortable at all, it’s just the inconvenience of my braces breaking off so often and having to find childcare to book in for an appointment. Aside from that I am very pleased with my results and treatment so far and can’t wait to cross the finish line and have them removed.

UPDATE: 10/09/14 Day 104 – 76 To Go

Today I had my monthly scheduled checkup and for the first time ever nothing was wrong with my braces. No unhinged wire or broken brackets and no tenderness or cut lips from rubbing. I came in with a smile and left forty minutes later just as happy as always.

My Six Month Smile Progress Day 104

My Six Month Smile Progress Day 104

Today I had my wires changed – hoorah! What an epic milestone that was, as up until now my wires have remained the same as when I first had them put on just over three months ago and my bands were replaced each month to keep tension. Now that I have new wires I can really feel the pressure on my teeth, as these are thicker and stronger. My dentist explained that my teeth had to begin with the first wire because they were so wonky to start with, but now that they have made the majority of their movement the stronger wire could be used to pull them into the final position, and he’s really happy, as am I, with the progress that I’ve made so far.

The last part of the treatment is always the most frustrating, as I was told before it even began that the majority of movement will happen in the first few months and then it may seem to stop still for the final few months. However, changes are happening constantly throughout and every day counts, so I am happy to keep going above and beyond the finish line if needs be, but fingers crossed, by the looks of it I’m on target for the perfect smile in just six months of having my treatment.

To fit the new wires my dentist took two horseshoe shaped thicker white wires, removed the existing ones from my teeth and measured them up against each other to trim them to the same length, one for the top and one for my bottom set of teeth. He then filed the spaces between my teeth, clicked the new wires into the brackets and pinged them into place with new rubber donuts. So far I’ve had metal twists on particularly slow-to-move teeth, as this holds the wire to the bracket more firmly using the added tension to get things moving, and after an assessment of my top teeth today my dentist decided my top teeth needed even more tension.

So not only do I have thicker wires to pull my teeth oh so perfectly into place, but I also have a chain fitted to two of my upper left teeth which need to twist into position. The chain is a loop that anchors the two teeth together very firmly and because of it’s constant pressure it feels as though somebody is pressing on my teeth even now. My mouth has been very tender all afternoon and it’s difficult for me to eat as when I try to bite my entire mouth hurts like all of my teeth want to come loose and fall out.

Much like before when my braces first went on, I’m expecting my teeth to feel tender for the next day or so as my mouth adjusts, and as there is no rubbing or soreness I’m not in any pain, my teeth and bones just feel very delicate and it’s not very nice trying to chew as it puts a lot of pressure on my teeth. I know that this is the ligaments that hold my teeth in place adjusting to where they need to be, and with each day that passes they will be one step closer to reaching the end result, so for now I am going to get an early night, sleep it off and eat lots of soft and mushy food tomorrow, perhaps some soup or milky rice and mashed potatoes. My teeth now look lovely and white as my wires and bands have been changed, and are looking more and more perfect at every checkup. What an amazing transformation already and such a relief to know that those awkward bottom teeth that had caused me so many problems have now given up and are joining the others in a beautifully straight line!

I have my next checkup in another four weeks time on the 8th October, which is just five days before my 27th birthday, and what a lovely present it would be to have my appointment and then book in for my completion date ready for my braces removal in November. Eek!

UPDATE: 15/09/14 Day 109 – 71 To Go

Boo hoo! I guess I jinxed my progress by thinking that my troublesome teeth would behave themselves from now on, as to my surprise I woke this morning to find the bracket on my back left wonky tooth had pinged off yet again.

A Bracket Has Broken Off Of My Tooth Again

A Bracket Has Broken Off Of My Tooth Again

I am booked in for an evening appointment on 26/09/14 as I couldn’t make any others sooner due to childcare and school runs which is frustrating, so I have ten days to wait until I can have my bracket reattached. Grr!

UPDATE: 26/09/14 Day 120 – 60 To Go

I arrived for my appointment today and my dentist was super impressed with my bottom teeth, as they’ve moved perfectly into alignment in such a short space of time. It is just a few days until I will have had the Six Month Smile four months and I never expected the results this quick. He said if it wasn’t for my top teeth I could have finished my lower treatment today.

My Six Month Smile Day 120 Progress

My Six Month Smile Day 120 Progress

Despite my lower teeth having started out incredibly wonky in comparison to my upper ones, the bottom have moved quickly into alignment whilst the top have hardly budged at all. There are two overlapping teeth at the top that have refused to move at all, and much like the story of the tortoise and the hare, it’s only towards the end now that we’ve come to realise what a sticking point these teeth are being.

He changed my wires today, this being my third time now, to the thickest wire available top and bottom in preparation for the completion of my treatment. He filed spaces between my top teeth and also placed a chain and metal tie on my overlappers to again increase the pressure on moving them apart. I never imagined my treatment could be finished in four months instead of six, but he doesn’t want to remove my braces until both sets are where they should be for alignment which I fully understand. I am more than happy to wait it out as I wouldn’t want to waste the time and effort spent so far, so we shall see how they move by my next appointment in two weeks time.

UPDATE: 08/10/14 Day 132 – 48 To Go

I woke up this morning with a tender upper jaw and when I visited my dentist he said it was from the ligaments moving as my final teeth adjusted. I was absolutely elated to be told that my top teeth had moved enough now for my treatment to be complete. The dentist asked me if I was happy to end my treatment now and if the alignment was what I’d hoped for and I told him that I am elated. I can’t believe how quickly my teeth have moved and the difference it has made to my smile. My entire lower jaw has moved in just four months, that’s two months quicker than expected!

Six Month Smile Day 132

Six Month Smile Day 132

Although I am ready to have my braces removed it couldn’t happen today as a mould had to be taken of my teeth in their new position first, a wire will then be created to attach to the back of my teeth to prevent them from moving back out of place in future and I can have this fitted in two weeks time. To take the moulds I had my wires removed and a purple paste put into a metal gum tray and pushed over my teeth, which was held in place for a few minutes until it set. As I still had my brackets on my teeth it made it quite difficult to remove the moulds, and with my upper teeth feeling tender it was incredibly painful. As the dentist wiggled the mould free from my upper teeth it felt like my teeth were going to snap out and my eyes were streaming with tears with my hands clammy with sweat. It’s a feeling I never want to experience again. Thankfully my lower teeth weren’t tender at all, so when the mould was pulled out it was nothing more than a little extra tugging and wiggling until it popped out from the brackets. If my upper teeth hadn’t have been tender I doubt it would have hurt me at all, I’m just incredibly thankful right now that it’s over and my treatment is soon to be complete.

I am due to have my braces removed on 22nd October 2014, which is a week after my 27th birthday. I dreamed it would be complete before Christmas, let alone by my birthday. So now I’m counting down the days until I can have my perfect smile! Eek!

UPDATE: 23/10/14 Day 147 – 33 To Go

I received a phonecall from the dentist a couple of days ago asking if I would mind changing my appointment to this evening instead of yesterday due to time constraints which I said was fine, so as a result my braces came off today instead of yesterday.

I was so excited to get to my appointment that I got there super early and read some fashion magazines whilst waiting. My appointment took just under an hour and a half and I literally couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear the entire time. To begin with I had my new wires fitted to the back of my teeth before taking my braces off to ensure that they were a perfect fit. To do this the dentist used a spatula and a variety of pastes to apply to the back of my middle front teeth top and bottom. Some roughened the surface of the tooth to allow the paste to grip, and others were set with a UV light, with the 2inch wire held in place with a clip until it set. Effectively the wire is glued to the front middle teeth to prevent them from shifting out of place, and as the front teeth can’t move out of position the side and back teeth remain in place.

Six Month Smile Completed On Day 147

Six Month Smile Completed On Day 147

Despite having a layer of glue across the back of my teeth it isn’t massively noticeable to me. I don’t speak any differently and the wire can’t catch on my tongue as it’s sealed in a clear glue all over. I think it’s far easier than wearing removable braces at night indefinitely, as it stays there untouched forever and I can’t mess up by forgetting to wear it or it getting lost or broken. Food can’t get caught in it so it’s hygienic, and very discreet as the glue is clear and the wires very small. It was certainly the best option for maintaining my new teeth.

Once my wires were in place my braces could then be removed. To do this the dentist used a pair of pincers to grip each bracket and twist them off. I was expecting it to pull or hurt but I didn’t feel a thing, I only heard a crunching sound as the plastic brackets broke off, still attached to the wires so nothing fell into my mouth, and when they were all unhooked he lifted the wire out of my mouth with the brackets attached and my teeth feeling naked. After removing the brackets and wires from my top and bottom teeth the dentist then used a drill to file off the remaining glue from the surface of my teeth.

I’ve never had a drill used on my teeth before and again I expected it to hurt, perhaps burn, vibrate or cause a short sharp shooting pain, but as it was only to the front surface of my teeth I didn’t feel a thing. It was a little noisy with its whirring sounds in my mouth, and it smelt quite strange like burning material when you do the ironing, but other than that I didn’t feel a thing and nervously kept very still just incase it caught my lips or gums, which fortunately it didn’t! After the glue was drilled off the dentist then used a fizzy metallic piece on his handset to polish my teeth, much like a mop or rough scrubbing brush it whizzed across the front of my teeth and made them beautifully smooth and shiny. I couldn’t help but rub my tongue across my teeth and smile for how big and empty my mouth felt. Finally the dentist drilled off the two fillings from my back teeth which had been used to keep my bite open so that my teeth didn’t knock against the brackets, and now I can close my mouth and bite my teeth together and it feels so alien but great to be able to eat properly again.

Six Month Smile Cosmetic Braces Before And After

Six Month Smile Cosmetic Braces Before And After

And that was the end of my treatment! The very final part of my Six Month Smile treatment is complete and I am over the moon with the results and time span, as it finished over a month earlier than expected and a year and a half sooner than any other procedure available. Where my upper teeth were overlapped before, now my front tooth has come into position it has shown a chip to the corner of the tooth that was hidden before when it was wonky, so I’ll be having it built up with a filling after I’ve had my teeth whitened to the desired brightness I’d like first so that the dentist can colour match it. I can’t believe how quick this has all happened, and although I had my fair share of brackets breaking and wires pinging off, it is unbelievable just how much it’s changed my jawline. My lower teeth are almost unrecognisable and I feel elated to smile now instead of worrying about exposing my wonky teeth. In a way I miss my braces as they’d become a part of my daily life, but I’m so happy that they’re off and now I needn’t worry about staining them with curry or eating hard sweets and chewing gum.

The Six Month Smile has made a massive difference to my confidence and it’s the best treatment that I could have chosen. I’m so pleased that I did my research first and took the time to investigate every method available, and now that it’s complete I have no doubt that fixed braces were the best option for time, cost and results. I wish you all the best in your dental journeys and welcome you to leave your thoughts, feelings and feedback for me below. Happy smiling!

UPDATE: 01/06/15 My Teeth Have Moved Out Of Line

Since I finished my Six Month Smile I’ve had my top middle tooth rebuilt to replace the corner that had worn away when my teeth were wonky for so long, this took less than half an hour and involved rebuilding the missing part of the tooth with filler, termed as a “cosmetic filling” for £100. Today I attended my regular six month general checkup at the dentist and unfortunately it was found that my front bottom teeth have moved. My dentist tested the wire on the back on my lower teeth which are designed to hold them in place and stop them from moving following treatment, and was shocked that the wire still fit me perfectly, held tight at every point of contact and hadn’t failed at all, yet somehow my two middle teeth had moved out of alignment.

I didn’t feel or notice the alignment changing at all, and although I brush my teeth 2-3 times each day I didn’t study them closely enough to pick up on it as I’m a busy single mum of two young children so it’s a case of tooth brush in, swish it around, rinse and run back to the kids again rather than spending hours in front of the mirror. My dentist said he was baffled as to how only my two middle teeth could move like this whilst the wire had remained perfectly in place and he’d never seen anything like it.

My Teeth Have Moved Out Of Alignment Following My Six Month Smile Treatment

My Teeth Have Moved Out Of Alignment Following My Six Month Smile Treatment

I’d just like to point out that this isn’t a fault from my Six Month Smile treatment, as it corrected my teeth perfectly in super fast time for which I was, and still am very surprised and happy with how fast my teeth moved into alignment and the results I achieved. However it seems that as my teeth enjoy moving so much, the wire that I chose as my aftercare device to prevent my teeth from shifting out of place following treatment probably isn’t the strongest method for my requirements. So we spoke about how we could go about stopping further movement and addressing the movement that had happened since the end of my treatment. It took six months of having my wire on after my treatment ended for only my two middle teeth to shift, which although it’s very slow and gradual, it has made a big difference to the alignment of my teeth. Despite having your teeth straightened they will continue to shift for the rest of your life so it’s essential to find a method of keeping them in place permanently. 9/10 the wire is a very safe and reliable method to maintain the position of teeth, but I guess I must be the 1/10 in this unlucky case.

Therefore my dentist suggested we move the teeth back into position once more with a clear aligner, before fixing a wire and backing this up with a night time retainer to provide maximum protection against movement. Whilst my first thoughts when wanting to have my teeth straightened was to go for a clear aligner, I ultimately chose the Six Month Smile fixed braces for the fastest speed and best results. However, as I only have two teeth to move this time rather than an entire mouth, my dentist advised the best method for me would now be an aligner which would involve having mouldings of my teeth taken and two clear trays made up to be worn daily for six weeks to complete my treatment. Then when he’s happy with the alignment of my teeth the new wire can be moulded as well as my night time retainer. I’m also going to have my bottom teeth built up to make them more square in appearance, as some corners have rounded off and chipped away from where they were wonky for so long, but this can only take place once my teeth are back in line. So today I had my old wire removed, and mouldings taken of my bottom teeth to prepare the aligner trays I need, and I’ll return for my appointment in a couple of weeks to have them fitted.

UPDATE: 16/06/15 Fitting My Clear Aligner

My NimroDENTAL Aligner

My NimroDENTAL Aligner

Today I returned to my dentist to have my aligner fitted, this started by filing gaps between my lower bottom teeth which wasn’t as tight as my original treatment but still had a little friction. Filing gaps with what looks like metal sandpaper helps the teeth to move more freely and worked great to complete my Six Month Smile treatment in super fast time, it didn’t hurt but just felt like a gritty rubbing sensation between my teeth like when you get food stuck. My dentist showed me the two trays I now have for which the first is worn for two weeks before being switched to the second and then I return for a checkup at week four to make sure the movement is happening as it should.

My Lower NimroDENTAL Aligner Before Clicking Into Place

My Lower NimroDENTAL Aligner Before Clicking Into Place

My dentist has used NimroDENTAL Orthodontic Laboratory trays to correct my teeth which are completely clear and surprisingly strong, smooth like plastic yet far more rigid like a gumshield without being bulky. He doesn’t provide Invisalign, but the Invisalign trays that I first saw at my consultation with a different dentist were half the thickness of these and rather flimsy in comparison. The tray clicked very firmly into place on my bottom teeth providing immediate tension which I could feel on my middle teeth, again it didn’t hurt or catch but I was aware of a slight pushing sensation. It felt strange to talk but he said I’d get used to it in a few hours time and there’s very little maintenance needed. In order to prevent the aligner from staining I should either avoid coloured drinks or take it out when I want to drink, especially red wine, green tea, coffee and fizzy drinks which I don’t have anyway as I usually have green tea or water. It should always be removed to eat, not only to prevent it from staining but also to allow you to chew properly as it is smooth across the teeth and provides no resistance for chewing. The aligners must be worn 24/7 day and night and only removed to eat or brush and other than that they’re incredibly discreet and easy to use.

My Teeth With A Lower NimroDENTAL Aligner

My Teeth With A Lower NimroDENTAL Aligner

Within a couple of hours of having my aligner fitted I was speaking as normal. To start with the bottom of my tongue felt a little tender from rubbing on the side of the aligner that finishes on my gumline, but now it has adjusted and isn’t catching at all, I think it was from where my mouth was adjusting to something being in it that I was holding my tongue differently for a while. Returning home nobody could tell I was wearing braces on my lower teeth and said how amazingly discreet it was, far more so than the Six Month Smile. However if I’d have had the clear aligners for my original treatment then white square brackets would have been fitted to my teeth to push them in the right directions which would have left lumps everywhere and not looked as minimal as these, so I believe I made the right choice in not having these to start with.

UPDATE: 17/06/15 Day One With My Clear Aligner

I slept perfectly fine with my clear aligner last night and it’s very non intrusive, easy to wear and incredibly discreet. I cannot fault it’s design in any way and am relieved that in six weeks time my teeth will be back to position. The only problem I have with the aligners is the fact of removing them, as it’s very difficult and sometimes painful to do. Because they have to be taken out every time that I eat, I’ve now switched my days to eating just two large meals a day instead of three average sized portions and the odd snack, simply to minimise the amount of times that I have to remove them. I’m no longer snacking between meals as it’s far too difficult to get the aligners out, and I drink only water throughout the day whilst they are in place.

Popping the aligner in is easy as pie, as it sits over the teeth and you push it down and it clicks into place holding super tight. However getting it out is literally impossible with my fingers alone, as pulling on the aligner from underneath bent back all of my finger nails and it didn’t even budge at all. I’ve therefore had to resort to using two teaspoons, one at either side of my mouth on the outside of my teeth which I hook under the aligner and pull upwards at the same time. This takes me a few minutes and numerous attempts to remove my aligner in a mirror with my teaspoons which catch on my gums if I slip or lose grip, and it puts pressure on my teeth as I try to lift them out, much like wiggling a screwdriver in the lid of a paint tin to prize it off, only every time you want to eat.

When the aligner is eventually out my teeth feel slightly tender and unsupported because the pressure has suddenly stopped, and so when I chew I chew delicately before brushing my teeth and putting my aligner straight back in. In all my aligner is out just twice a day for perhaps half an hour in total whilst I eat my two meals. When it’s in it’s fine and no fuss at all, but getting it out is the worst part of my day. I’m hoping as the weeks pass the aligner might become easier to remove with wear and tear, because right now I’m actually dreading it and I wouldn’t dream of going out for lunch and having to struggle in public with removing my aligner with spoons. But I can imagine if it does get easier and looser with time then the next tray that goes in will be just as stiff and I’ll have the exact same problem over again. Well, six weeks of no snacking and tap water here we go! On the bright side it’s sorting out my diet and healthy eating again and a good insight into the treatments available for teeth straightening as I’d never have got to experience this method otherwise. For initial comfort the clear aligners are far easier to wear, hardly noticeable and quick to adapt to speaking normally, but taking them out is difficult and leaves the teeth feeling tender. With fixed braces they initially take some getting used to, you can eat and drink as usual and don’t need to touch them at all and the results are far quicker with the teeth always supported. I guess it all depends on what you’re prepared to put up with to reach the end goal. But hey ho, each day is one step closer to ditching my teaspoons! I’ll let you know how I get on in two weeks time when I change to my next tray.

UPDATE: 23/06/15 Day Six With My Clear Aligner

My Teeth Without My Aligner Day 6

My Teeth Without My Aligner Day 6

Thankfully my aligner has become easier to remove as the days go by, and from starting off using my two teaspoons I’m now about to remove it with just my thumbs. I’ve found the best area to grip it is either side of the middle teeth at the front, and although I’ve bent back a few nails in doing so, it’s not half as difficult as it was at the start of the week.

The more times you take it in and out the easier it is to remove it, and as the teeth begin to shift the aligner becomes less tight because it’s doing its job. Although I feel no pressure on my teeth anymore, I have another week of wearing my aligner before I change to my second one. Despite it being easier to remove it doesn’t wobble or lift off in my mouth and fits very much like a second skin to the teeth. It’s incredibly discreet and comfortable to wear, and where I thought before I had it that I’d have to remove it to speak and for photos or special occasions I’m now happy to leave it in. I’m already noticing my teeth straightening up after just six days and have a feeling that like my Six Month Smile my results will be far sooner than the six weeks predicted for this treatment.

UPDATE: 29/06/15 Day Thirteen With My Clear Aligner

My Aligner Progress Week 2

My Aligner Progress Week 2

Now that I’ve had my first aligner tray in for two weeks it’s time to change it to my second tray and as soon as I click it into place it began putting pressure on my bottom teeth and for the first half an hour or so I was very aware of it. As I’ve been speaking and drinking water this morning I’ve gradually adjusted and now I no longer notice it at all. However, just like before, the new tray is now very tight and precise on my teeth making it impossible for me to remove it with my fingers so I’m back to using my beloved two teaspoons to prize the aligner out before meals, but thankfully I know that in a couple of days it will go back to being removable with my thumbs, I just have to wait it out.

Here’s a progress snap of my teeth without my aligner and I’m already noticing them moving into position. These past two weeks have literally flown by and I’ve come to realise what a non-invasive, discreet and wonderful experience the aligners are, as they’re far more manageable than fixed braces, although if given the choice of having these for 2 years to complete my treatment or the Six Month Smile for the 4 months that it took I would still choose the Six Month Smile because to me the best results in the shortest time is of the greatest convenience. In another two weeks I have an appointment to see my dentist when I’ll be one month into my six week treatment and then I can hopefully have my wire fitted, the chips rebuilt on my lower teeth and my night time shield moulded, and if the time goes as fast as it has been I’ll be in there before I know it!

UPDATE: 16/07/15 Fitting My Final Aligner

My Aligner Progress Week 4

My Aligner Progress Week 4

Today I had my checkup and my dentist is very happy with how my teeth have moved into position. He filed some space between my lower teeth before fitting my final aligner which will stay in place for the next two weeks until my appointment on 3rd August. As I’m having my lower teeth rebuilt, wire fitted and night shield made it means a little extra work than normal around my straightening but it will be worth it for the final results.

My dentist advised that when I return in two weeks time I will have a moulding of my teeth taken in order to create my new wire to be fitted to the back of my lower teeth. After this I can have my lower teeth rebuilt with filler, just like on my top tooth that was missing a corner, and this will square them off and remove the angled edges where my teeth were wonky for so many years. After my teeth have been rebuilt I will then have another mould taken to create my nighttime retainer and once that arrives a week or so later then my treatment will be complete and my teeth will be secure with a permanent wire and removable retainer. So now it’s just a waiting game for the final few weeks and I’m so excited to see the results of my finished smile. It feels like it’s been a long time coming but it’s totally worth it!

UPDATE: 17/08/15 Fitting My New Wire

My dentist called me in the last week to check my teeth and confirmed that my treatment was complete. He then took a mould of my mouth to have my new wire cast and today I had it fitted. First off I took my aligner out and the back of my teeth were lightly drilled to rough up the surface, with several tools and pastes used to stick and set glue on the back of my teeth. My wire was a part of a case that clipped onto my lower teeth and a UV light set it in place. The case was then snapped off and my wire sat perfectly in place as before. Fingers cross this time my teeth won’t move!

I No Longer Need My Aligner And My New Wire Is Fitted To My Lower Teeth

I No Longer Need My Aligner And My New Wire Is Fitted To My Lower Teeth

Now that my teeth are in the correct position we could discuss the shape of my teeth, as I feel that my top teeth are more square and tidy than my bottom ones which finish at different angles. I’ve already had the corner of one of my top teeth rebuilt with filler after it chipped years ago from when my teeth were wonky. But the problem with using filler to build a tooth is that it can chip off again if I bite too hard, and as my teeth are strong and healthy there’s no need to use a fake tooth to correct the shape. So the other option I have is to have my teeth filed down, which involves using a drill to grind the top of the teeth so that they’re flat. This way the teeth remain my own and strong enough to bite and chew as usual, only it’s important not to remove too much of the tooth or it could effect the way I eat and make my bottom teeth too short compared to the top.

My Bottom Front Teeth Are Filed Down To Create A More Even Smile

My Bottom Front Teeth Are Filed Down To Create A More Even Smile

Having my teeth drilled level wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, as I thought it would feel a bit like biting down on a fork but I didn’t have any shooting pain or discomfort at all. It was just a slight pressing feeling and the sound of the drill spinning as a water tube sucked in my mouth and after a few seconds it was done. If my two middle bottom teeth were filed too low it would make the tall side teeth look out of proportion, so just the point in the middle was removed and already it makes such a difference. My teeth look far more natural for being filed rather an rebuilt and I don’t have to worry about breaking or fading if I’d have gone for a fake option.

Once I confirmed I was happy with the final shape and alignment of my teeth another moulding was taken with my wire in place and my teeth filed down so that a night time retainer could be cast. I have to go back in a week or so when it’s been made so that I can collect it, so I’m awaiting a phone call to let me know when it’s in. Then I only have to wear my retainer at night to prevent my teeth from shifting. Hoorah! The finish line is in sight.

I’d love to hear what you think of my new teeth and if it’s helped you to make up your mind on what treatment to have. Whilst our teeth will never look 100% perfect we can greatly improve their appearance by having them straightened and well looked after. You only have once set of adult teeth so take care of them and always brush thoroughly.

UPDATE: 24/08/15 My Nighttime Aligner Is ready!

My Nighttime Aligner Has Arrived

My Nighttime Aligner Has Arrived

My dentist gave me my nighttime aligner today and I simply had to pop it onto my teeth to make sure it fit. I only have a bottom aligner as these are the teeth that moved and my top have remained perfectly in place. When I clipped my aligner in it felt ever so slightly snug on my front middle teeth and my dentist advised I should wear it like my regular aligner for as much time as possible to begin with to ensure my teeth are held in place. Once the aligner isn’t as tight on my teeth then I can wear it just at night when I sleep. Or if I’d like to I can wear it 24/7 as it doesn’t just have to be at night, it’s just maintaining the position of my teeth when it’s convenient for me. Hoorah!

UPDATE: 15/09/15 My Top Wire Has Snapped

My Top Wire Has Snapped And Is Repaired With Filler

My Top Wire Has Snapped And Is Repaired With Filler

Yesterday I noticed an aching feeling in my top tooth, the same trouble maker that was linked with a chain for so many months to pull it into place when it refused to move. Looking in the mirror I could see nothing wrong with it but it felt tender all day like I’d bashed it, but nothing remarkable had happened. I hadn’t eaten anything hard or bitten down at a funny angle, as my vegan diet is mostly brown rice and lentils as opposed to opening bottle tops with my teeth or chewing through and tearing dried meat. But by the time I brushed my teeth when I got home I was able to properly inspect my tender tooth and realised with the help of my camera phone that the wire on the back of my tooth had completely snapped off.

I have no idea exactly when it happened or what I was doing at the time, as my day was pretty normal and I ate as I normally would, it’s not like I’d tried to floss or pick at my wire, so it see it snapped clean off was very surprising. I called my dentist and thankfully he got me in very quickly to take a look at it. I was expecting to have to have the wire removed, remoulded and a new one fitted like before, perhaps with an upper aligner for night time use like my bottom teeth, but my dentist advised that it could be corrected by using filler to mould the two teeth in place from behind so that’s what I had.

He roughed up the back surface of my tooth with a grinding tool before applying the filler putty and setting it with a UV light which took around five minutes from start to finish. I still have no idea how my wire broke but I have a feeling that as it’s the tooth that I had so much problem with before that it may be trying to move out of alignment now and this might not be the end of it. I’m crossing my fingers that the filler will hold it in place and this isn’t the case, but it seems my teeth are anything but straight-forward! Eek!

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  • Just had my braces put on today and I can not tell you how much your article has helped to put my mind at ease! Thank you so much for all this information!!

    • I’m so excited for you Kim, after a few days you will settle in and get used to them and they’ll be off before you know it! Please keep me updated on how you’re getting on, I can’t wait to see your lovely smile. 🙂

      • Hi Tracy, I’m looking to book in for a consultation, however I’m on a low budget do you mind me asking how much you’re work cost?
        I’ll have roughly around £1000 and only want my top arch done.
        But I’m worried that it won’t be enough and also keep getting hidden charges I won’t be able to maintain.
        Thanks for any help you can give me

        • Hi Lee I had no hidden charges with mine, the fee I paid was the final amount regardless of how many times I returned for tweaks and repairs. As I had both my top and bottom done my price was a lot higher than your budget but that’s not to say that it wouldn’t be around that amount for one, it all depends on where you go. But I would recommend treating both the top and bottom teeth because when they realign it will make any others look more out of place even if they’re naturally straight they won’t look as perfect. If something is worth doing it is worth doing properly and not rushing into it and cutting corners because you’ll regret it when you don’t get the results you desire. I would advise waiting and saving up, or visiting a dentist that is willing to take regular payments instead of a lump sum.

          • Thanks for the quick reply Tracy, I was worried about added charges if wires snapped etc.
            You’re reply has put my mind at ease and I’ll definitely book in for a consultation
            Thanks again

  • I’m about to start on my ‘6 month smile’ journey for a servere overjet! Like you, i’d investigated invisalign and was a bit disheartened to read that it can go on sometimes a year longer than predicted (and is also mega expensive!!) Your teeth look AMAZING! Have you got any tips for when the attachments start to look a bit yellow? Thanks so much for sharing your story, and so eloquently!!

    • Hi Jen, I’m so excited for you to begin your Six Month Smile journey! You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes so quickly. I was advised to stay away from foods that stain such as curry, spice, red wine and coffee, but you know what it’s like when you’re told not to do something you just want it all the more! So yes, my braces did stain and turn yellow, however it wasn’t the brackets or wires but the clear donuts that hold the wires on. Each time I visited my dentist he changed the donuts and the staining was gone, this was typically once every two weeks or so, and for a few days after I’d behave and not eat staining food, before giving in and staining them again.

      As the braces are very discreet I found the best way to distract from any yellowing was to wear a coloured lip balm or gloss as it helped to create better definition between the lip and tooth and people rarely noticed I had them on which was great. The time passed so quickly for me that by the time I got used to smiling with my mouth closed and hiding any staining they were already off and my teeth were perfectly straight and white! I love my results and hope you’re just as pleased with yours, please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

  • Hi Tracy I’ve just had my braces fitted they been in 6 days now, did you get any headaches with your braces because I had one start yesterday at the back/top of my head and cant seem to get rid of it, have tried looking on the internet for info but people seem to have there teeth realigned to stop migraines not start getting them! and did you take paracetamol on a regular basis, thanks.

    • I didn’t get any headaches with my braces but my jaw and teeth felt tender for a few days to begin with as the dentist advised the ligaments holding the teeth in position are put under pressure, so I’d imagine this is causing tension and leading to your headaches? It may be best to speak to your dentist for advice. I was told I could take painkillers whenever I needed them but thankfully I didn’t feel the need to, so I completed all of my treatment without any pain relief. Everybody feels pain and discomfort in different ways, if it’s lasting for longer than you like then seek medical advice. The very start of treatment is when you get used to it and it’s a lot easier after then.

  • Fantastic read…super helpful 🙂 Day 4 into my journey and am looking forward to the end result…thank you so much for taking the time to write this…extremely helpful 🙂

  • OMG this blog is amazing and so detailed. I’m 2 weeks into my course and cant wait to see some movement.Its great to hear yours got completed before the 6 months,.My birthday is in August so It would be great if I could have mine off by then too. I was surprised that so far there hasn’t been much pain in respect of the teeth ( gums have been sore at the start) but its more the inconvience of all the food being stuck in the braces during the day and being able to clean them whilst out. Im off on holiday to Disney in a few months so not sure how I will cope then. Wishing Sept would hurry up so I can see the results like yours!! 🙂 x

  • Tracy – you sound SO POSITIVE all the way through your blog. How did you maintain such a great attitude? I’m 63 days in and I am desperate to get them off. Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled with the results so far, I don’t regret taking the plunge, and I won’t do anything silly like have them taken off before the end of my treatment. BUT I really hate the way the braces look and could just cry when I think that I’ve got 2 weddings coming up as I know I look ridiculous, and am so self-conscious. I’d be grateful on some tips about how you kept-up your P.M.A!! ps: my dentist has estimated 8 months for me, how long did your dentist estimate for you at the start??

    • Hi Sadie, that’s great you’re so far into your treatment already! By now I’d imagine you’ve got used to them pretty well and can eat and speak fine etc. it’s just the extra brushing to stop food from getting trapped and finding a way to smile without showing your teeth if you get self conscious of them, just as I did. When I first had them on they felt so alien and I couldn’t stop noticing them, but as time when on it became normal and I almost forgot they were there. I found a great way to distract from showing braces was to wear bold bright lipstick as it makes more of a feature of the lip rather than the teeth. I was originally quoted 6 months for my treatment with my dentist advising it could take longer if the results weren’t right by the end of the treatment. As it happens my teeth responded very well and I finished far earlier than I ever thought possible. It’s 100% worth keeping them on for the extra time if your dentist advises, as you’ve put so much time and effort into it, a few more weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I wore my braces to a wedding also and chose a black pencil skirt and floral blouse with bright pink lipstick and everybody said how lovely it looked and how they hardly noticed my teeth. And those who did notice my braces said it made me look younger so I didn’t stop smiling from ear to ear all day! Please let me know how you get on with treatment, and remember each day that passes is one step closer to the perfect smile x

  • Hi Tracy ! Your article is great! Im into my treatment just past 3 months and i always go back to you as reference to read over your results and to see your improvement in the same time! Im just little concerned that when i have my teeth thightened they dont hurt at all… I dont feel anything! Front wise i dont see big difference in my teeth but from the bottom i can see big change! Im just worried from the front will be the same even after the treatment And thats what i dont want! Maybe i will need some filing on the bottom of my teeth as The fromt two are thining because of the position they have been in! Im just hope they will be done within the 6 months as im going on holiday and that will not be great to have them! I cant smile normal 🙁 im going to see my doctor on the 1st of may for another thightening 🙂 what would u advice me? And also do you think the last 2 monts will be even more progression?

    • Hi Marina that’s great news that you’re so far into your treatment and without any pain. Fortunately I never had to take pain killers as it didn’t hurt me either, and my dentist advised that the most significant changes would be seen at the very start, with it seeming to slow down by the end of the treatment. As my top teeth were rather slow to move I had quite a few tensioners put into place in the form of links and chains that put extra pressure on specific teeth to hold them to the wires stronger than the rubber donuts that are used. Perhaps it may be worth asking your dentist if you’d need this too, although I’d imagine with them being the expert they will be most suitable at advising what is specifically best for you. Please keep me updated on your progress! I wish you all the best for the second half of your treatment, it sounds as though you’re flying through it 🙂

      • Thank you for your answer Tracy! I have had the metal chains on the front of my teeth (as them been the main reson for the braces) since the start of my treatment. I went to the dentist on the 1st of May and we discussed my issues which i shared previously on here … so she did put some extra pressure on That one tooth im conserned about but when i look at them i can still see no difference in that particular tooth… Its like he is not moving at all… It did hurt few days after she thightened it but now there is no pain… Im wondering if it works now thats not hurting? Im going to be 4 mothis with them tomorow :)))

        • It should only ache as the ligaments move in the jaw and that only ever lasted a day or so for me. I found my top teeth were the slowest to move and needed most encouragement but it does happen, only it was right at the end of treatment for me that they finally pulled into place. That’s amazing you’re at four months! Please keep me up to date on your progress, it will happen! 🙂

  • Hi Tracy, I’ve just had my braces off yesterday and have had the wire on the back same as you , mine moved in three months . Was wondering did you have to wait over a week for your night retainer as I’m panicking that they will move again. By the way your teet look amazing !

    • Hi Nikki that’s great news, you must be so happy to have your new teeth! I only have the fixed wire on the back of my teeth which I had moulded whilst my braces were still attached so that it could be fitted the same day they were taken off. I don’t use a night retainer, did your teeth move with just a wire on? Are you now having to correct that with a retainer?

      • Hi Tracy , no same as you I had fixed clear retainers. I didn’t have a mould for my wire that he put on the back but he took moulds for the night retainer that he said I must wear. Strange I thought it would be the same as it was the six month smile. I think it’s really good that people are able to look at your blogs and see what’s it’s like thanks Tracy

        • My dentist gave me the choice between a fixed wire after my treatment or to have a night retainer for which I chose the wire. I’ve not had any problem with it as its on the back of my teeth and feels completely normal to me now. It will stay on forever and I need no further treatment or retainers.

          • Well I’m guessing my teeth will be ok then as I have a wire. I’m just getting paranoid that ther’e moving because he said I must wear a night time one lol .. Thanks for the reassurance!

  • Hi Tracy,

    Thanks so much for this post, I’ve been wanting to get 6 month braces for ages but have been too nervous to do so!

    I was just wondering if I could be cheeky and ask what the costs of the retainer have been like after the treatment? The wire seems like the best option!

    Thank you in advance, your teeth look amazing!

    • Hi Lucy I was advised the wire or retainer were included with the cost of my treatment and I was free to choose either. I chose the wire and this was sent off to be moulded in the same way that a retainer would fit to the teeth. The single treatment fee covered all of my appointments, treatment and wire.

  • I am a week into my 6 months smile – I only have braces on the top teeth and it is really only one tooth which is majorly wonky, so I’m hoping it will take less than 6 months! After seeing your results, I am super excited now!

  • I want to tell my story so everyone knows truthfully what they could be in for. It seems the internet is full of these success stories with 6 month smiles. I have a horror story with six month smile. They have screwed up majorly with my teeth. Tomorrow makes 6 months and I’ve seen very little changes and my teeth look way worse than they did to begin with.

    Ok so let me begin by saying before I paid in cash 3800 dollars my dentist told me I am a candidate for 6 month smiles and it will take about 6 months in my case. I made myself very clear I was only interested in this if it was achievable within 6 months because after 6 months my job will move out of state. The dentist assured me it was achievable, by the way notice I am saying dentist not orthodontist. They don’t come out and tell you they are not really orthodontist but during the process they want you to think they are referring to you as an “ortho patient”. When reality they are no more than a dentist that pays the fee and goes through a 2 day seminar and bam they are certified 6 month smile dentist. They are in no way as experienced as an actual orthodontist.

    Now my top teeth were pretty straight about like yours and my bottom teeth was just like yours also they was crowded. Well the dentist told me that I would have an under bite when the teeth went straight if I didn’t extract a tooth to make room. And he suggested extracting a front tooth on the bottom. He told me it was still achievable within six months. So even though my gut was telling me not to let him extract a front tooth, I told myself I wasn’t a professional in this line of work and trusted the dentist. So I let him extract it. And for 6 miserable months I’ve had a visibly missing front bottom tooth. Although the rest of my have made some slight improvements in straightening, the gap from the extraction site has shown very little improvement. Basically the extraction site is not closing, and they seem not even capable of correcting the minor problems. I feel mislead like the dentist told me want I wanted to hear to get my money. Because last month when I mentioned how I was going to be finished in 6 months the assistant told me that 6 months is just the average and they can take longer. So they went back on their word.

    I see the dentist tomorrow and plan on getting a lot of my chest on how mislead I’ve been by them. If you guys would like an update let me know I’d be happy to share what I’m going through if it could help anyone else. What was not even that noticeable before 6 months smiles have put me on blast for the last 6 months with a missing front tooth and looks at least like I have 3 months maybe 4 to go.

    • Cody that sounds awful! I’m so sorry for you. I was originally told that my treatment should take 6months but may be longer if needed and I was prepared for that, so please do not hold onto half a year as a set in stone timeframe as everybody is different and teeth move as and when they choose to, you can’t force or go against what is possible and something that is worth doing is worth waiting for not rushing and effecting the end result. I’m sure if your dentist felt that you needed a tooth removed from overcrowding that this is the best way to go about creating space, and the gap will close with the completion of the treatment, it may just take a little longer than expected. My top teeth were very slow to move and my bottom were fast, we are all different. Certainly speaking to your dentist will give you a better idea of your progress and answer your concerns. As always, wherever you have treatment it’s important to check out the doctor, dentist or surgeon doing the work to ensure they are suitable for altering your body in whatever way you choose. Always ask to see past work, do not be lured in by cheap deals and take time to look over the pro’s and con’s before deciding if it’s right for you. I had a tooth removed as a child from overcrowding on the top and the gap closed with time. Keep positive and speak to your dentist.

  • Hi Tracy, thank you for sharing your journey with us. What a fantastic blog – I have to say it has taught me to be patient and not expect results overnight. I am just through the first week of my treatment, and eating has been the biggest challenge! The slow cooker is definitely going to be making a few soups over the next few months…

    Congrats on making it to the end of your treatment in one piece. If my smile ends up looking half as good as yours, I’ll be over the moon.

    • So kind of you thank you Kenny, please keep me up to date on your progress. Fingers crossed it goes quickly for you, after the first week or so you adjust and it’s so much easier.

      • Hi Tracy, love your blog on six month smile! I’ve currently had mine on eleven weeks. What would be your opinion on retainers? Fixed wire, removable or both? INwould be gutted if they started to move back when the brace is off.
        Thank you,
        Amy xx

        • That’s great Amy how are you finding them? I believed the wire would be best as you pretty much leave it alone and can’t ever misplace or damage it, but my teeth have somehow moved so if you dentist gives you the option of having both a retainer and wire I’d say go for that as it’s what I’ll be doing once my teeth are back in place. And if he tells you your teeth won’t move with a wire then show him this blog post! Let me know how you get on with your treatment 🙂

          • Thanks for your quick reply!
            I read all your blog before I went for my brace fitting, it really helped me imagine the whole process.
            I think I will try and get both retainers (even if I have to pay more).
            I’m finding the experience ok, I just can’t wait to get them off so I can eat again! My top and bottom clash so I can’t bite, but hopefully she said the bottoms might be off next time..(2 weeks).
            My gums have been bleeding quite a lot but I’m assuming that’s due to teeth movement? Did you have this?

            Amy x

          • My top and bottom clashed too and my dentist added filler to my back teeth to stop me from biting my braces, have you asked yours to do the same? I had absolutely no bleeding at all so that’s a little worrying, could it be from your braces clashing on your gums when you eat? You shouldn’t experience any pain or injury with the treatment, only a mild ache from the ligaments moving the teeth within the jaw but this soon fades off.

  • Hi Tracy! This blog is incredible – thank you. I’ve had my top arch on for around three weeks now and I’m getting the bottom put on tomorrow. It’s been fine and I can’t wait for them to move but my main complaint is that the white has come off the wire pretty quickly and is much more noticeable. My dentist said that it could happen if I was brushing too vigorously, but I don’t think I am. Did you get this much?

    • How exciting for you! Why have you had your top and bottom put on at different times? Is his so they both come off at the same time? I had both of them on at once until my treatment was finished. My first wire changed colour moreso than the others as they weren’t on for as long. I found particularly around the sides the metal showed but I couldn’t work out why, I just presumed from chewing with the stronger teeth. I love brushing my teeth and do it after every meal so I’d imagine if it was down to brushing alone then all of my wife would have lost its white coating which wasn’t the case for me. I hope your treatment goes well, please let me know how you get on! 🙂

      • Well I was told that my bottom would probably come off after the top which is frustrating, but I think the top arch had to move forward a bit before the bottom arch came in – something to do with my bite (although I haven’t noticed any movement!). I wouldn’t mind keeping them both on for the same amount of time though, and I think I might have to. I want whitening and then bonding and I don’t fancy getting a before and after retainer. I’m mad about brushing too so hopefully my next wire will be better, I haven’t noticed the same problem with anyone else with all the research I’ve done. Thank you for your reply!

        • That makes sense! I was happy to leave mine on for the same amount of time despite having to wait for my top tooth to come into alignment, it’s better to be safe than sorry by taking them off early, and if you’ve still got one on you may as well have two in my opinion. I’m changing my clear aligner for the next tray tomorrow so I’ll post a progress picture of how my teeth return to position and then have my wire and shield at night to keep them there this time fingers crossed. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

  • Hi Tracy 🙂 Your teeth look amazing and your blog has been so helpful to me! I had my Six Month Smiles brace fitted 6 days ago now, I had some pain for the first 2 days but it has all settled a lot now and I’m already feeling used to them. It’s crazy but my lower teeth have moved already and it’s so exciting seeing them move so soon. I have my first adjustment on the 4th August, I’m a little scared but excited too! I have seen recently you have updated this blog after having problems with your lower teeth moving slightly out of alignment, would you recommend the removable retainers? I wasn’t sure what retainer would be best 🙂 Thanks, Sarah xx

    • Also sorry I forgot to ask one more question! I also wanted to know how long they affected your speech for if they did? My speech is still slightly affected and it’s been almost a week so I’m hoping it goes soon, it’s the only thing I am disliking about the braces so far 🙂 x

    • Hi Sarah that’s great news, it’s fascinating to see how quickly your teeth come into alignment with fixed braces. Yes I would recommend the removable retainer for keeping the teeth in position after treatment has finished. And after the first few days you normally adjust to speaking, you’ll never speak as you did without them but it will be a million times better and once they’re gone you return to speaking normally. I found when I had my braces I would be more careful about how I pronounced my words and speak more slowly to make it audiable. Please let me know how you get on and I wish you all the best with your treatment 🙂

  • Hi Tracy. Just looking into where to go for my treatment, which orthodontist did you go to ? i am nervous about choosing a good one! thank you

    • Hi Leila I had my treatment in Buckinghamshire, England but the cosmetic process is the same wherever the brand is offered, it’s down to the individual dentist as to how they handle the treatment and aftercare though. I hope you find a good dentist to complete your treatment.

  • Dear Tracy,
    I just heard about the 6 month smile and Invisalign from my brand new dentist. I had not seen a dentist in over 7 years (they horrified me). Even more horrible is the overbite and gap between my two front teeth. I had my previous dentist use bonding as a way to minimize the appearance but the price is sensitive teeth, chipping, cracks, and not being able to eat using my front teeth. I grew up going to orthodontic consults who told me they would need to extract 6 teeth, keep me in braces for 4 years, and possibly a head brace. Needless to say I was thrilled when my new dentist showed me the Invisalign and 6 month smile options.
    Your step by step blog has been very helpful for me as I have OCD and tend to be very anxious. I feel more confident now going into the process hearing first hand what it was like. Dentists can tell you the process and what it might be like but they don’t have the first hand experience. I go for my x-rays and cleaning end of September. At that time we will schedule my fitting. You have inspired me to keep a diary of my own progress.

    • Thank you Cassidy I wish you all of the best with your treatment, it sounds like you have a lot ahead of you but please remember that each day is one step forward. Keep us all up to date with how you get on, you are in my thoughts.

  • Hi Tracy!
    I just started my 6 month smiles and I am on day 4. I have already had 2 brackets break that were bonded to crowns. I was very upset about the brackets and was in a lot of pain the first few days. I am having trouble eating and I hate the way I look and the way they feel in my mouth. I was ready to have them taken out and cancel the whole thing until I read your blog. Your positive attitude, sharing of the broken brackets, and your awesome results made me decided to stick it out. Thank you for your blog!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re finding it hard Dara but please remember that it’s worth it for the end result, the difference it will have on your happiness is immeasurable and each day that passes is one step closer. It really does get easier and the first week is the hardest. Stay strong, I’m here for you! x x x

  • Hello Tracy, I’ve just read your blog and it has made me feel so much better.
    I’ve had my top ones on since April and bottom ones since July (my ortho said I needed the top ones on earlier so it can widen and make space for the bottoms to be put on). I am constantly feeling up and down. Somedays I’m ok and I’m happy that I have braces because I can’t wait to smile properly. However other days I’m just so down about them and I don’t want to go out and be seen with them etc.

    During my last appointment last month, my ortho said that I mayy be getting the top ones off in 8 weeks (which means end of October). However there is one tooth (next to my middle one on the right) that will just not budge! It’s like tilted sideways and it just won’t straighten. Everything else at the top is fine now but that and it’s so frustrating to think that I may have to have them on longer than 6 months just because of that one tooth! I have my next appointment this Thursday so I’m just going to see what my ortho says. Also my braces look identical to yours, however they’re called simply smile apparently?

    I go back to uni this weekend, and no one has seen me with them yet and I just feel so embarrassed to be having them at my age and at uni where I’m in contact with people all the time. And when I talk my top teeth are always covered, it’s my bottom ones which show and they’re the ones which I have to have on longer cos I only got them in July. 🙁

    Your detailed blog is soso amazing and reading it and knowing someone has gone through what I have is really comforting. And also reading people’s comments is nice too.

    Thanks beaut xxx

    • Hi Yazmin, that’s great news that you’ve already started your treatment and I know exactly how you feel about being self conscious, but look at your treatment as a very short time compared to how perfect your teeth will be for the rest of your life. Every day that passes is one step closer and before long you’ll be so used to them that it will feel odd when they are taken off, I couldn’t stop licking my teeth like a goat for the first few days when I was braces free. Keep your chin up, it’s a very popular treatment and you’re bound to see another person with braces at one point I’m sure. I had mine approaching my thirties and it cost me thousands of pounds, I would have much rather had them younger if I’d have known it was a possibility but I’m just thankful that this treatment exists because now I never stop smiling. Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on. I wish you all the best at uni, good for you! 🙂 x

      • Thank you for you quick and lovely reply. Yes that’s what I’m trying to think of, of how amazing they will be for the rest of my life. Yours are so amazing, I bet you can’t stop smiling!! That’s the bit I cannot wait for, not hiding my smile! X

          • Aww that’s great! Cannot wait to smile. I’m just happy they will definitely be off and straight before my graduation in July ?
            Yes literally taking photos and videos everyday haha. There has been a lot of amazing progress but like I said there’s this one teeth which just seems to love where it is and doesn’t want to move! But hopefully it will very soon! Cos I’ve had the tops for 5 months now 🙁 I can’t believe how fast yours moved with all the brackets and wires breaking off! X

          • How lovely! You should keep a blog on it too, it’s great to share your experience with others as teeth come in such a wide variety of alignments and crowding. Have you tried having a link attached to the tooth that won’t move? I think my dentist called it a chain, it’s basically a metal band that ties two teeth together to put pressure on them. I think because my brackets and wires came off so often it actually speeded up my results because I was constantly at the dentist having everything tightened. x

          • Aww that’s true I may do something like it! It’s just so nice to hear about others experience. And I haven’t had the chain! But I’ve basically had the white metal wires wrapped around my brackets and wires the majority of the time. But I prefer them cos they don’t stain like the elastic bands. I have my next appointment in two days so I will deffo ask about the chain on that one tooth, but I don’t want to be annoying and telling the expert what to do haha you know what I mean x

          • I think there are a variety of methods used to cause tension so the wire could well be the equivalent to what I had. Aching is a good sign, it means that the tooth is moving so fingers crossed it gets into position quickly for you! x

          • Saying all this, that one tooth which I’m complaining about has been aching nearly nonstop the past few days! I see no movement but I’m hoping that the dull aching means somethings going on!! X

    • Hi Nano, no he didn’t mention my wisdom teeth, I’ve actually had a bit of pain from them this week as it happens, a while back the gum was very tight over them and he sliced it back to relieve the pressure. They’re back to being pain free again now thankfully, if they hurt it’s only ever for a day or so.

  • I have found your blog so useful! I am finally getting my braces removed tomorrow after just under 6 months and I cannot wait to feel confident and smile with straight teeth! I will definitely wear my retainer religiously and just hope that they don’t shift back!!

  • Hi Tracy
    Your teeth look great – I’ve got 6 month smile braces on and am currently in month 9 🙁 even though they said 4 months!! I don’t seem to been near to finishing despite only starting with minor changes needed. I’m worried the braces aren’t working as they seem to have created new problems – I am thinking about asking to change to the Invisalign style as they seem to have worked for you at the end. Thanks for your posts on the problems you have had at the end – they have helped me as it shows things don’t always go to plan but it will all work our right in the end.

    • Thank you Lisa, it’s lovely to hear that you are having treatment and perhaps a bit of a spanner in the works that things a re a little slower to progress than you’d have hoped. But the best things in life are truly worth waiting for and progress is progress no matter how small. Certainly consult your dentist to see what else can be done for you and please let me know how you get on. I wish you all the best x

      • I have been following your post since I got my 6 months smiles on I have currently had mine on for 6 an half months now and not my appointments r every 2 weeks to keep the pressure it’s gone so quick and I thought the pain was nothin to worry about , just can’t wait to feel normal
        Again and get it off now tho .

        Brilliant blog by the way ?? x

  • Hey, I have stains on my braces 🙁 and i’ll be going back soon for the first time to get my adjustments done, will the teeth be cleaned as well as the wires getting changed? also, due to the stains i wont be getting into trouble will i? (as it’s quite hard for braces that are in colour white to be kept clean lol) x

    • Hey Aisha, each dentist is different but I would imagine your wires won’t be changed until your teeth have moved enough which could be in a few months time. They should however change the donuts holding the wires in place which will remove the staining, mine stained all the time and it’s something that you can’t avoid with clear braces. Don’t panic, it’s very normal. 🙂

      • Oh thank u and thanks for replying! I was worried lol as it will be my first adjustment that I will be going back for. However, I just don’t feel comfortable with the yellow stains around my teeth and thought the wire would get changed, but if the doughnuts do get changed I hope it makes a difference lol thank u. After ur first adjustment were u in a lot of pain? Did u feel like ur teeth was sensitive just like at the beginning of ur braces? Because I managed to eat as I got used to it, however I wouldn’t want to go through that phase again x

        • You certainly feel the tension once it’s changed but it’s nothing like when you first have your braces on, you only notice it for a few hours and then it becomes normal again. It’s amazing how quickly it goes, I wish you all the best with your check up and please let me know how you get on 🙂

          • Thank u! I had them a little tightened yesterday it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, which is good as I was worried lol!

          • That’s good to hear, by far the most difficult time is the first few days of having them put on and then each day that passes gets easier. I hope the rest of your treatment goes smoothly for you Aisha.

          • Hey Tracy. I kinda bit down hard on the right side of my mouth at the bottom. Thankfully, nothing looks like it has snapped but one of the doughnut looks loose when I touch it and kinda feels odd aswell, as its moved a lil bit out of place as its more downwards..was wondering what do i do? do I leave it how it is or speak to my dentist as my next appointment will be next month :/


          • Hi Aisha, it may be best to call your dentist and see what they advise. Whenever anything went wrong with mine they always got me straight in to fix it. Please let me know how you get on.

          • Hey. I managed to push it back into place thank god lol..however doesn’t feel wobbly or anything, but when I touch it/try to move it then it kinda does move. So I’m kinda unsure what to do, appointment is like in probs 2 weeks? So I’m wondering if I should wait then or no?


          • You could always ask to speak to your dentist on the telephone to see what he advises. A couple of weeks isn’t far off but it can delay your results if it’s something that needs to be reattached or tensioned.

          • Hey Tracy. I was able to make an appointment and get it checked out, all went well 🙂 however, I wanted to ask u how u kept up with the routine with keeping ur teeth, dealing with plaque etc?

          • Hi Aisha that’s good news! I brushed my teeth as usual and they always felt clean and fresh. At my check ups my dentist frequently filed between my teeth which I guess works a lot like flossing also and prevented any build up of plaque. I only had my braces on for four months and in that time my oral hygiene remained unchanged, if I’d have had them for a year perhaps it may have been different, I didn’t find a problem with it. How are yours?

          • Aww ur lucky! Well basically, my dentist didn’t really tell me how frequently to brush, how to keep them clean etc but obviously I know how to and have been trying to keep up with it. However, the annoying thing is ur unable to see how ur teeth looks in the mirror, unless u use like a torch/light against ur teeth which I did lol and I could tell I wasn’t keepin up with it properly as I should be. When I went few days ago to get one of the doughnuts changed, I’m sure the dentist must’ve seen my teeth properly but never cleaned them for me or anything. Also, it’s not good as plaque etc can build up and this is what I am afraid of. Nevertheless, I’ve been using an electric toothbrush and flossing at times.

          • I don’t think that’s anything to worry about as when the braces are removed the surface of the teeth are buffed to remove the glue from where the brackets sat so I’d imagine any build up of plaque will be taken off too. My dentist always ran a wire hook tool around my gumline whenever I saw him and when he filed between my teeth that took care of anything in the gaps. Once your braces are off perhaps you could visit the hygienist for a thorough clean to be sure? If not then flossing and using an electric toothbrush should work well enough. How long do you have left?

          • Well I’ve had mine in for 2 months now and I think I’ve probs got to wear the braces for 6 months in total..this is why I’d rather have them cleaned, as u can imagine how bad it may become as time goes on. I thought the dentist would be able to help any plaque etc for u, or do they just focus on straightening ur teeth for u? I’ve got the wire hook thing at home aswell and have been tryin with that, but it’s not as effective as the ones that the dentist use to clean between the gaps, as well as all the teeth 🙁 however if it means having to wait until my braces are off, then I just hope nothing worsens.

          • Mine were on for four months and I didn’t have a problem with plaque, but I guess everybody is different. My dentist just had a flick around with his hook but it wasn’t his job to clean my teeth and now I simply go for my six month check and don’t need any further assistance. I think plaque can take a while to build and the braces me everything look a whole lot worse than it is because remember you have the glue on your teeth which isn’t actually food or staining it’s just holding everything on and it can look like plaque. I’m sure after six months if you had a great build up it can still be removed, please don’t worry yourself over it it’s perfectly normal.

          • I think diet can be an issue aswell as u have to make sure u maintain a soft kind of healthy diet for the teeth and braces. Thanks for reassuring me Tracy lol, I just hope time flies so quick for the braces! Did u get stain removal done to ur teeth after u got ur braces taken off?

          • Well I ate curry throughout and I was alright I just had my teeth whitened afterwards and I love them now. Fingers crossed that it passes quickly for you, with Christmas coming up I’m sure time will fly 🙂

  • Hello. I’m 10 hours away from having my braces removed. The 6 months has been a year and a hard one at that. However, I am super happy with my results. My teeth wasn’t so bad initially but now they are much better. I am looking forward to an empty mouth and bleaching!
    I very much appreciated your words and experiences. My brackets broke a lot and I had quite a few issues but without a doubt it’s been worth it. The pain, discolouring and sores are just a part of the process and in the grand scheme of things only a small price to pay for such a big confidence boost.
    I think your blog has been very fair and highlighted many of the pros an cons that come with Six Month Smile. Your level of positivity was refreshing to read even during the tough and frustrating times.
    Thank you ?


    • How exciting Ben, how do you feel now that they’re off? I’m surprised you had them for a year, were you teeth more wonky than mine? I was quoted a year or more for Invisalign originally which made me decide against it but regardless of the time it’s worth waiting for. Did you ever use wax on your braces? The time really flew by for me and I’m thrilled with the results as I hope you are too 🙂

  • I am thinking of looking to get my teeth fixed and looking at this blog has made me consider this treatment as an option. I just wondered if they say anything with having missing teeth? I have one missing from both top and bottom, and was wondering if this would effect the treatment.
    My main reason for getting something like this done is because on my top teeth I have one tooth that is pushed way back and is slightly over shadowed by one of my front teeth. > is this treatment something that could help with this problem

    • Hi Claire, you’d be best off asked your dentist what is the best option for you. Either way having straight teeth makes such a difference to your appearance and confidence. I had a tooth removed from overcrowding as a child and the braces closed the gap for me but I don’t know if that is the same for a missing tooth. Perhaps you could have a false one fit in after treatment? If you ask your dentist please let me know what they recommend, it would be interesting to know and I hope that they can help you.

      • Only recently came back to this blog, and I remembered that I posted the above question. Anyways just letting you know that I went ahead with the six month smile and its already straightened my teeth 😀 I started the procedure in July/ August this year after much research and consideration. I have been giving a date of 13th Jan 2017 for when they will come off and I can’t wait to see the final outcome.
        I am wondering though about what comes after? my dentist has said I will have the invasaline and the wire fitted, but I was wondering if this is an on going thing or is it simply they put it on and thats it or do you still have to go back every 2 weeks – 1 month for regular updates/ check ups?

        • That’s great news Claire, thank you for coming back with your update I’m so pleased your treatment has been so positive. I have my wires top and bottom but it’s still possible for the teeth to shift out of place with time so I pop in my bottom tray once a month overnight to see if it feels snug. You don’t have to wear it 24/7 it’s just a maintenance thing really. After my treatment completed I no longer go back, just my usual 6month check for oral health, not Six Month Smile x

        • Hi Claire I have just had my ‘six month smile’ braces removed after 13 months for the top and 15 months for the bottom! I am waiting for an Invisalign next Monday for the bottom teeth which will probably be two trays to wear 10 days each, this is just to correct a tiny misalignment that the braces didn’t fix. Then I will have the permanent wire fixed across the back of the bottom teeth (I already have the one for the top). I was given a retainer for the top teeth and will eventually have another one for the bottom teeth which as Tracy says doesn’t have to be worn too often, I wear the top one once a week at night just to make sure the fixed wire is doing enough of a job. The fixed wire needs to be kept an eye on as they can bust (as Tracy found out!), so get it checked once a year. Once the fixed wire is on, you don’t have to go back except for your usual yearly visit.

  • Hi I loved your blog wish I had read this before I got my braces on because I was so scared and seemed everything I read was negative but now I have had them on for 2 weeks now and it’s not as bad as I thought . Meaning the way they look and the pain .

    Only thing is one tooth is overlapping my front so they put the wire around the bracket for more pressure 1 week later the wire just popped off and straight away tooth starting throbbing the the front of the the brackets came off 2 teeth so the arch white was popping out every time I was brushing my teeth and felt lose . I have been back Monday to get the wire and front of brackets out back on it had to go back Wednesday again because the wire was really has cutting into my top lip and as I got the dentist the front of the bracket was ready to come off again . I know it literally takes 2 minutes to fix it but I feel like I am being a pain and also it’s lucky the dentist is local an 1 minute away from work .

    Did the wire thing ever happen to you at all ? Plus I feel like my brace isn’t tight enough even thought some of my teeth feel numb still did u feel this way ?

    • Hi Claire I’m glad that you’re already into the start of your treatment and can see that it gets easier with each day that passes. I too felt like a pain having to come back to my dentist so often to have things fixed but as he explained to me the braces are correcting something very uneven and out of alignment so it’s not a straight-forward procedure because you’re starting off on the back foot. My teeth felt weak and unsupported when the brackets would come off and stop their pressure but it’s the ligaments in the jaw moving that causes that. My wire popped off of my side teeth all of the time because they tilted inwards, it’s just one of those annoying things but the dentists who provide this understand that. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope that it goes quickly for you. 🙂

  • Hi Tracy – your blog is amazing. I had my six month smile braces taken off yesterday after nearly ten months. Whilst I still have whitening and crown replacements to do in the next couple of weeks I feel amazing. I can’t stop grinning at myself in all reflective surfaces after years of having a hand up over my mouth!
    I read your blog before I started and have re-read it again now it is all over. Your treatment stories are very similar to my experience so it has been great to see it all written down like this. Thank you so much for writing it.
    For anyone who is embarrassed about their teeth and wondering whether this will be worth it – I can absolutely promise that the end result is well worth every moment of discomfort, acheing, staining (I love curry!), soreness and dribbling into your pillow!!!
    Claire – I have a missing tooth (although I have had a tooth implant and am just waiting for the bone to graft so I can finish it) and it didn’t cause any issues at all during the treatment although food would get trapped in the gap so I had to make sure I cleaned it very throughly!

    • Oh how exciting! I’m so pleased for you, do you know why it took ten months to complete? Were your teeth anything like mine, better or worse? Once you’ve had the whitening it’s literally like being a whole new person 🙂 enjoy your new smile Natasha!

  • Did the dentist give u an option of getting a stain removal/teeth whitening procedure? Or was it another separate treatment which had to be paid for??

    • Hi Aisha, yes you can have your teeth whitened after the braces are removed but this wasn’t included in the cost of the treatment. I prefer to whiten my teeth from home. Do you have braces at the moment?

      • Oh that’s good, is it safe and cheaper to do at home? As I was contemplating about getting it done and yes I have braces at the moment. Also, I’ve commented before on here in regards to braces, but then I thought to ask about stain removal/teeth whitening lol

        • I’ve reviewed quite a few home whitening brands if you type ‘whitening’ into the search bar at the top of the screen you can see them. They’re all safe and give great results but I recommend if you’re new to whitening that you stock up on sensitive toothpaste and go for shorter treatments to build up the results at no more than 30mins per treatment building up to an hour. How long do you have left with your braces?

          • Thanks that’s great! I will have a look 🙂 well I’ve had them in for 3 months now (time flies), so I’m assuming another 3 months left? Unless I have to wait longer for the results.

          • Oh how exciting! Do your teeth have far to move still? Mine finished early which was a nice surprise. It really does pass quickly and certainly worth the effort.

          • Yes they do 🙁 I’m wearing elastic bands at the moment as its meant to tighten my teeth and push 2-3 teeths back at the front of my mouth, aswell as closing the gaps. However, it’s been kinda slow due to no regular use of elastic bands I think. And I also have a few gaps so I’m in the process of waiting for the teeth to be perfectly aligned and straight! Hurry up teeth! Lol 🙁 lucky u I wish my treatment was quick but it depends on the teeth.

  • Yes they do 🙁 I’m wearing elastic bands at the moment as its meant to tighten my teeth and push 2-3 teeths back at the front of my mouth, aswell as closing the gaps. However, it’s been kinda slow due to no regular use of elastic bands I think. And I also have a few gaps so I’m in the process of waiting for the teeth to be perfectly aligned and straight! Hurry up teeth! Lol 🙁 lucky u I wish my treatment was quick but it depends on the teeth.

    • It’s well worth the wait Aisha, just think that today is already one day less for your treatment and you’ll have a lifetime with a beautiful smile. My top front teeth seemed to take ages to move with the bands x

      • Thanks I will try, I just hope the whole process speeds up! Really? How long did it take? Did u get any elastic bands to wear?

        • Fingers crossed for you. I kept my progress up to date in my blog here and had the chain link to tie my top teeth together. My dentist changed the bands on my braces pretty often anyway, I think it certainly helped.

          • That’s good to hear. I’m still waiting for my 2 gaps to close which are left remaining. However 2-3 teeth are still sticking outwards, one of them is obvious as its so stubborn and won’t move lol. It’s been nearly 6 just waiting and waiting. I did tell my dentist about it and she did tighten it last week or 2 weeks ago i think. Also, I do wear my elastic bands mostly at night.. I just hope they all turn out straight and aligned very quick 🙁

          • I’m sure it will all work out the way you want it to in the end, even the most stubborn of teeth can’t avoid being pulled back into alignment! My dentist advised it could take longer than 6 months but it’s worth it to get the results, just think of the time you’ve invested so far, another couple of weeks will fly by in comparison.

          • I hope so! My dentist also told me it could take longer than 6 months. However, did u have a stubborn tooth which took long to move? Hopefully it speeds up the whole process ??

          • Yes my top tooth took forever to move because it was crossed over but the chains really helped. It was by far the slowest, as were my lower side teeth that tilted inwards but they all move eventually! 🙂

  • Hi Tracy! This has been so helpful to read, thank you so much! I’m definitely going to book a consultation now!
    My teeth are really similar to how yours were to start with and I’ve been quoted 4-6 months and £2500 for the top and bottom teeth. I was wondering if I could be cheeky and ask if you were quoted similarly? I want to check I’m not being ripped off! Can I also check that all off the treatment (except whitening of course) was included in the cost? I’m terrified about unexpected charges!

    • Thank you Lizzie I’m pleased that you found this helpful. That quote sounds very reasonable and I don’t think you’re being ripped off. All of my appointments and follow ups were included in the total cost of my treatment and I did my whitening myself at home. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope you’ll let me know how you get on!

  • Hi Tracy,
    I am looking into getting six month smiles to correct some of my crowded front bottom and top teeth. I was wondering if this kind of treatment is only for the front teeth or for all? (I have one slightly out of line molar too on the bottom that I would like to be in alignment). Also, how much did this cost you? Thanks! 🙂

    • My lower side teeth were really tilting inwards when I began my treatment and whilst they have straightened up a lot they’re not perfectly upright as these teeth are harder and more stubborn to move. The six month smile mostly targeted on my front teeth and those that you can see when you smile or typically the ones you would whiten. Although I’m not a dentist so yours may give more accurate advice on your individuals requirements but I wouldn’t imagine it would even be connected to a molar. Even when the teeth have been treated only the front ones are held in place. Each dentist will vary slightly in price but for one set it’s around £1,500 and for top and bottom you can expect to pay between £2,500-£3,000 as an all inclusive fee. Please let me know what your dentist says about your molar and I wish you all the best with your treatment.

      • Thank you for your reply, Tracy. Have you heard of the Inman Aligner by any chance? It’s another option for adult braces that align quickly. It’s supposed to be even faster than Six Month Smiles and is removable. But I don’t believe as comprehensive. Let me know. I’m deciding between the two. But I’m still unsure :/

        • Yes I looked at all of the options before deciding on Six Month Smile but with the removable aligners you still need to have blocks fitted to your teeth for them to push against so although you can take them out when you need to it still looks like you have something on them. A fixed system is a lot quicker but it all depends on what suits your lifestyle. Please let me know what you choose and I hope it goes well.

  • Hi Tracy! I went for the 6 month smiles consultation and I was a candidate!!! They took the impressions and I should be getting them fitted on the 22nd of this month! I am so so happy that I am finally doing it! Thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad I chose 6 month smiles instead of Inman!

    • Amazing news Kay I’m so excited for you! I hope that you have a speedy experience and everything settles in ok, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, I shall be thinking of you when you have them on and hope that you’ll keep us all updated on your progress! 🙂

  • That’s good to hear, did u have any elastic bands to wear? If so, how long? To be honest, I have elastic bands which I should be wearing 24/7 as advised but I only wear them throughout the night, however since the last few days I wear them during the day aswell. Maybe that’s why the stubborn teeth are taking time to move, as I have been reading up about it online. It’s annoying though to wear them, as sometimes I can’t talk properly and have to change them when it comes to eating and drinking.

  • Hi Tracy, your article was great actually very well described. I am seven weeks into my treatment and my teeth have moved quite a lot already. I just had the brace fitted on my top teeth. My dentist is happy with the progression. My teeth wasn’t that bad to begin with but needed a bit of tweaking. Did you experience slightly loose teeth during movement and when you had your braces removed? If so how long did it take for your teeth to firm up?

    • Great news with your treatment Andrea, yes as my teeth moved they certainly felt loose like they were going to fall out but rest assured they won’t! When the ligaments in the jaw are moving it makes the teeth feel a little funny so stick to soft foods for easy chewing. Once the braces are off the teeth return to feeling rock solid again within days, just make sure you keep them in place with a night time retainer so they don’t move back. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll let us know how you get on with your progress 🙂

  • Hi Tracy. I just got six month smiles two days ago and I am REALLY having a hard time eating. It is so frustrating! I have a slight overbite and so my dentist put in bite guards which are really preventing me from being able to chew at all. Any suggestions? I just can’t see myself doing this for the next six months. 🙁

    • Hi Nadia, I know exactly how you’re feeling but I promise it will get easier. Try eating very slow cooked baked beans, soft mashed potatoes, boiled rice and yogurts, all things that you can swish about in your mouth because chewing isn’t possible. Soups and ice creams are always quick and easy to soothe any aches. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll let us know how you get on! 🙂 The results will be worth it!

  • Thank you for your advice, Tracy. I have stocked up on many cartons of ice cream and cases of yogurt. I am hoping my treatment time is quicker than six months. Do you remember when it was that you could eat solid foods again? And will I always be limited to chewing with my back teeth only?

    Thanks again

    • Great work Nadia, all details are in this post, I can’t remember off of the top of my head I’m afraid. I had my fillings removed from my back teeth after my dentist was happy with how my teeth had moved and I now chew very happily! 🙂

  • Tracy, your blog has really helped me with my quest in researching braces v invisalign. I’ve had a consultation with my dentist and he is happy to do either method but has said that 6 month month smile is more precise, cheaper and much quicker. My dentist took some photos of my teeth and explained what he can do, the ones he can more forwards and which ones need to turn slightly.

    I hadn’t really thought much about the diet side of things, the coloured food is a bit off putting but I’m convincing myself that it’s only 6 months rather than a potential 2 years with Invisalign.

    You blog has really helped me, it’s confirmed that is isn’t too painful (depending on how brave I am) there are potential things that can go wrong but they can be fixed quite easily.

    Thank you so much, hopefully my experience will be a easy as yours!


    • Thank you Claire I’m glad that you found it helpful and I wish you all the best with your treatment and results! To be fair I still ate curry and drank green tea and each time the bands were changed the staining went away so you don’t have to avoid everything you love and it really is a very short space of time. Please let us all know how you get on x

  • Hi Tracy what a very well and comprehensive blog! I’m just a week into my treatment but I’ve been in a lot of pain ? My back teeth feel like jelly and hurt so much… I’m really struggling with eating, so hopefully may lose weight as a by-product! Cartons of ambrosia rice is my staple! Longing for a nice steak! Taking comfort from your story and hope my results are as good!

    • Bless you, the stronger teeth do ache in the jaw when the ligaments move but it won’t last for too long and you’ll get used to eating again. I know it feels like your teeth want to fall out but I can assure you they won’t. Try some creamy mashed potatoes mixed with soft cooked baked beans for a spot of carbs and protein to keep your energy up. Please let us all know how you get on x

  • Hi Tracy! I have got 6 months smile since 3 weeks but I don’t see any improvement. When did you notice a change? Does it heart when the teeth are moving? Thank you in advance for your answer!

    • All teeth are different and it depends from your start position as to how soon you will notice a result, but once they start moving it will be very noticeable, hold in there Anca! x

  • I’ve just been informed that my six month smile braces are going to be on for at least 14 months. I’m at 9 months so far. Sigh.

    • That seems an awfully long time, can I ask why they have suggested this? Do you have the actual Six Months Smile braces or are these regular braces which I believe take 2yrs as standard.

  • Hiya,

    I’m considering getting these braces but I’m just concerned it’s going to cause problems with my bite. Did you find this an issue at all?

    • Whatever method you use to correct the alignment of your teeth will effect your bite as you are moving the teeth from the position you are accustomed to. I soon adjusted to eating with braces and once they’re off it’s well worth the results. I wish yu all the best with your decision Amy, please let us know what you choose x

  • Hi Tracy, I had my braces fitted yesterday, i am so upset as i really thought they wouldn’t be noticeable if i had my mouth shut, unfortunately my top lip sits over the top of them and i look like i have a mouth guard in permanently, im pretty gutted. I have weddings and birthdays and parties and my 30th this year, i know no time is ever completely convenient but i am beginning to wish i waited until the beginning of net year. I cant see myself eating properly with them in at all, truthfully will i be able to?, or am i just going to have to wait until they’re off again to enjoy food? On the plus side i dont really have any pain and im pretty sure my bottom teeth have already move into line! They weren’t an issue anyway really and the displacement there was minor, i would have had just the top done if i could but he said that it would affect my bite afterwards. I know it will be worth it, but everything seems such a long way off and being the big foody that i am thats a pretty big issue to me, the fact i wont be able to enjoy a slap up meal on my 30th birthday makes me want to cry. Plus i look like ive been jabbed in the mouth, my colleague asked when i came back from the dentist yesterday had they made my lip swollen! So its not just me that notices it. Oh well. Cant go back now just got to ride it out!

    • Hi Katherine, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with how your mouth looks but even when I have gum in my mouth I smile differently. You have braces on the surface of each tooth which will always alter the shape of your lips because there’s something there that never was, so whenever you choose to do it it’s always going to be the same result. It’s not that you can’t chew but you have to adapt your chew and that will come with time, within the first week you should be in your stride and know how to move the food to the back of your mouth instead of the front. Each day is one less and you will have the smile you’ve always wanted, it is more than worth it for the results. Try not to focus on what you dislike about braces but what the years of happiness ahead once your treatment is complete. 6 months is a very short time in the grand scheme of things and my treatment was even shorter. I know exactly how you’re feeling but it isn’t forever, you’re already one day down now! 🙂 Please let me know how you get on x

      • Wow, what a quick response! Thanks Tracy! I know, i was naive maybe to think that they would be unnoticeable when my mouth is shut. I will work hard on adapting my chew then! I know, im praying maybe my treatment will be shorter and i can have them off for Christmas, unfortunately my birthday is October the 13th so no chance for that. I cant believe my bottom teeth had responded already! I have a crossover to my top teeth though which will be the bugger that takes the time im sure, I cant see how the space will be made for it as it overlaps my front tooth by about half a tooth! Ive tried taking photos so i can track my progress but its so difficult to get a clear shot! Your photos are great! Thanks Tracy for you quick response, and detailed blog, I have a feeling i will be visiting it very regularly! 🙂 xx

        • How crazy that is as my birthday is also October 13th! Great minds there! If you can see in my pictures my top front tooth which was chipped was badly overlapped and straightened out perfectly for which I’ve now had the corner rebuilt and it looks beautiful. I also had overcrowding as a child where a top tooth was removed and still my teeth overlapped until I straightened them. The slowest tooth was oddly not the ones which overlapped badly or bent inwards but the ones side by side at the top. When your teeth are filed it creates little gaps and your jawline takes on a natural shape as the teeth move to where they should be so don’t worry about space, I started off looking like I’d chewed a bag of spanners and now they’re so pristine I’m amazed it was fixed so quickly considering the amount of movement I needed. Taking photos will certainly help to keep your spirits up as day to day you may not notice a change but if you look back at pictures each week you’ll be amazed! x

          • A great day to be born too 😉 Yeh i have chips which will need filing off rather than rebuilding, (top and bottom!) this is possible as my teeth are long apparently. Well fingers crossed ill get to grips with eating, ive eaten a crumpet using a knife and fork and a cookie, (as traditionally we have toast and cakes on fridays at work) cookie was a terrible idea as i still feel like its in my braces despite brushing! Fingers crossed the time will pass quickly! Yeh ill try again with the photos later, couldn’t seem to get a clear shot showing everything, certainly not like your photos! Thanks very much Tracy, ill let you know how i get on. 🙂 x

  • Hi Tracey had my 6 month smile fitted on 22nd July, so true first week is the hardest, but I am getting there now! Can chew solid – ish food, but was pretty depressed at the thought of not being able to eat properly, got really hungry at day two, I am a vegetarian so I think it made it easier to find soft food. Got piccys they are very crooked at top and bottom and I am worried about stains or ending up with “white spots” your blog has made me happier as there is a light at the end and will be so worth it for my big, white straight smile ! Hopefully ! Small moves already ! 😁 Day 9 and counting…..

    • Hi Fi that’s fantastic news and I’m so pleased you can see an improvement already, it’s the greatest feeling watching them move into place. Please don’t worry about staining or white spots as it’s only six months and when the braces are removed the front of each tooth is buffed to make it even and get rid of the glue so it will take off whatever is on the surface. I had no stains at all and literally ate curry all the time which was the worst thing I could do but when I know I can’t have something it makes me want it all the more! Please keep us all up to date on your progress and I’d love to hear how long it takes! <3 x

      • Thank you Tracy! I have had tea and coffee still and the elastic thingys have gone a little stained but they change these yes? Developed a little lisp from the bite guards but will get used to it, dentist says she expects good results so I am excited ! Will update you later in the year 😁 x

        • Yes that’s absolutely normal, everytime that they change the little bands they go back to being clear again. Your lisp will adjust and once they’re off you’ll talk normally. I’m literally so excited for you! x

          • Hi Tracy! First month adjustment completed in August, ouch!! the gritty file thing really hurt!! I think its because my top teeth are pretty wonky so there is not much room for the file 😥 anyhow- coming along nicely and my Dentist is pleased so far, so am I, but I must admit, its no picnic and I am wishing the months away ! 😁 x

          • Wow that went fast Fi! You’re one-sixth of the way in and I can assure you the start is the most difficult part as you adjust your speaking and eating habits. Yes the filing is always interesting but so worth it because it had my teeth moving into line perfectly in no time, just close your eyes and think of something else whilst they’re doing it. I’m glad your dentist is pleased with your results, keep up the good work I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts and look forward to hearing how long it takes until you have them off and the smile of your dreams! x

          • Hi Tracy, had month 2 adjustment yesterday. The pain when adding twisty tie to my front tooth was unbearable!! Is this right?? Also teeth have bigger gaps because she used a drill / rotating file as my teeth are so wonky 😢 they are moving but really hurt and my gums are swollen, worried now x

          • When I had the metal twists put on they were tender but it will die down a bit. I had more of a sandpaper file to make gaps so haven’t heard of a drill but I’m sure it’s the best method for your treatment. If you’re in pain give your dentist a call, they may be able to prescribe you something to help x

          • Thanks Tracy, better today, just worried me as it was sooo painful when she put pessure on the wire to make sure the right tension was on the twisty tie , I cant see anywhere on line that describes this, or anyone havinv SMS on your blog, hopefully things will improve month 3 and half way 😀 x

          • Ahh, I remember that feeling well. The pushy ache that makes you wonder if your teeth may just drop out at any moment. I had that on my top teeth for what seemed like forever and the sensation is caused by the extra tension put on the ligaments to move the teeth. I’m excited that you’re already half way that’s gone so quickly. Please keep in touch and let me know how the final months go, I can’t wait to hear what you think of your new smile! x

          • Hi I recently messaged u about a month ago about worrying if I could still get my brace off whilst having a gum infection . Anyway I got it off after a needle and cutting the swollen gum off 🙈. Absolutely made up with my teeth even tho it was a little longer than it should of been ( 10 months) thisneas becoase of my bottom teeth moving a lot slower . I have got a metal retainer on the back of my teeth and also wear a plastic on of a night , but just wondering if u or anyone else since havin the brace of keeps having reaccouring dream off looking in the mirror and all your teeth have started moving and look terrible ?

          • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a problem with your gums, that doesn’t sound pleasant at all but I’m glad that you’re ok and have your final result. It’s certainly a good idea to keep a wire on the back AND wear a night time retainer as mine moved out of place with just the wire. I think because you’ve spent an extra four months waiting for your results it’s only normal that you’d dream about something going wrong or your teeth moving back, we often dream about the things that concern us. I’ve had the same dream a couple of times but not reoccurring. It’s been almost two years since I had my teeth straightened and I still love them as much as the very first time that I saw the results. I hope you’re pleased with yours x

  • Hi Tracy! Love this, I am also considering 6 month smile, any chance you can give me some feedback and photos as you’re doing now??

    • Hi April that’s great news, my teeth are precisely as my last photo shows, beautifully white and straight and I’m over the moon with them! I wish you all the best with your treatment, please let me know how you get on x

  • Hey Tracy, I had my braces taken off at the beginning of August and was really happy with the outcome! especially when my teeth was filed, cleaned etc. however, i wanted to know about the teeth whitening process? did it give u any sensitivity issues to ur teeth? as i have been told that it may occur whilst whitening? which i really want to avoid.

    • Congratulations Aisha that’s wonderful news and I’m so pleased that you’re happy with your new teeth. From my own experience teeth whitening has always made my teeth sensitive as it’s opening the surface of the tooth to clean away the staining so I use a sensitive toothpaste everyday no matter if I’m whitening or not. To start with you may find it very tender but with time it disappears, just keep using sensitive toothpaste. I hope this helps x

  • Hi Tracy I wrote before as my six month braces are on for far longer than six months. I’m now at thirteen months and will hopefully have the top brace removed in another month. It’s been a long old stressful journey and I think people need to know that some might not get it completed in the six months widely advertised. I am pleased with how my teeth are now looking. Nearly there!

    • Hi Jo, that seems an extraordinary amount of time at 13months, I’m surprised they suggested you’d be eligible for the Six Month Smile treatment and didn’t suggest another fixed method. Have they given a reason for it taking so long? Do you now have the results you were hoping for? x

      • Hi Tracy
        I think it caught us all unexpectedly. At 5 months my dentist said ‘another 8 weeks’ which I thought was fine, then she said the same thing at 6 months and then again at 7 months. I began to feel very stressed as I’d booked a holiday at a time when I thought I would be completely free from braces. It was not to be. She sent me off to see an orthodontist at 8.5 months for his opinion and he said everything is fine, you just have to be patient. I’ve had numerous power chains etc, but some people’s teeth just move very slowly, so despite the good start, mine just slowed right down. I felt very upset at the time as I was quite frankly fed up with the whole thing. My teeth weren’t even noticeably that bad! My friends and family wondered why I had bothered at all! However they are now looking great and I’m not far off the end. xx

      • Hi Tracy and Jo,
        I have had mine on going on 12 months. Before I started my choices had been 6 month smile, invisaline, or traditional braces. I had a horable overbite and gap between the two front teeth. I too thought I would be done in at most 8 months. I personally did not want traditional braces because the ortho dentist wanted to pull teeth and have me in them and possibly some full head gear for 8 years. I am happy with the results of the 6 month smile even if it took longer. I hope you are just as happy Jo. I just wanted you to know you are not the only one who has them on longer than 6 months.

  • I meant to add that your blog was so very useful to me and clearly to lots of people. Your description was so detailed that nothing my dentist did was a complete surprise. I’m very glad to have come across it and often referred to it during my journey when I was feel down and worried! Thank you for giving such a realistic description. x

    • Thank you Jo, that’s very kind of you to say. I just wanted to show others that if there’s a part of your body that you lack confidence in then you can always do something about it because to me my smile has made the biggest difference. I never used to show my teeth before and now I grin like a Cheshire cat and don’t feel so self-conscious. I also think that TV adverts and glossy magazines only sell the benefits of treatments without touching upon what it’s really like to live and breathe through a treatment and all of the ups and downs and emotions that go along with it. I’m sorry to hear your treatment is taking longer than expected but undoubtedly it will all be worth it for the moment when you have your braces removed and see your new smile for the very first time! Please keep us all up to date with how you’re getting on x

  • This article made me appreciate my train tracks. Your positivity through the entire this was phenomenal. I was reading like omg another bracket popped off. Ill keep my metal braces. Lol

  • Hello, where did you get your 6months smile done? As ive been to many places and this seems to be a good offer. Also how much did you pay? Did they offer you whitening with it? Thanks in advance xx

  • Hi Tracy, happy new year! I just wanted to let you know I am nearly done!!! top front tooth still stubborn, but they look great, I am completely at ease and in no pain with the brace now, and excited for final month, but think I may be a little longer than 6 months, will let you know next month! Cheers for now. X 😀

      • Hi Tracy, just a quick question, i am due to see my dentist next week, still got a bit of movement to do on my two front left teeth so she mentioned “chains”,what are these ? do they hurt ? looks likely to be longer than six months because of my stubborn front teeth 🙁 anyway not to worry i have come this far so not giving up now! 🙂 x

  • Hi. I had the 6 month smile and had the fixed white braces on for 8 months. I had them removed in December and the fixed retainer was fitted behind my 6 front teeth at the top. Although I was really really happy with the initial results, I’ve had problems with the fixed retainer. My teeth it seems are persistently trying to move back and the bonding and/or wire has come away from the tooth because my teeth want to move. My dentist has repaired this each time and reglued but unfortunately she was off for 3 weeks recently and I had to eat 2 weeks to see her after it again came off the tooth. I am getting a retainer but as I also opted for whitening and removing and replacing a protective covering on a tooth, she is waiting to complete this before taking a moulding for the fixed retainer. She’s given me the whitening mound to use in the meantime just as extra precaution but after only having the fixed retainer repaired again 4 days ago, it has again moved away and half come off one of my teeth. My teeth look a lot better than they did but they have definitely moved since the original result and if the retainer keeps dislodging I’m sure they’ll move some more. So was pleased with the result initially but bit disheartened now. Keep wondering if she should have made the mould for the additional more rigid removable retainer when the braces came out and the fixed retainer went in. My 6 month smile was £1700 including retainers. Got another appt next weds so really hope she resolves this before they move any more. I’ve signed the disclaimer so nothing I can do if it ends up not working out as I’d hoped. Good to hear success stories but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had this problem.

    • Hi Kimberley it sounds like you may now need an aligner like Tracy did for a few weeks to get your teeth straight again. Your dentist probably should have given you a rigid retainer immediately after your brace removal to wear at night in addition to the fixed wire. I wear one a few nights a week in addition to my fixed wire and it’s always very tight suggesting that my teeth would also like to be on the move. I understand the delay but probably you needed a rigid one and then have another moulding made once your cosmetics are completed. Good luck with it, I hope you can sort it out.

  • Sorry meant to say she is waiting to do a moulding for the removable retainer – had fixed retainer when the braces came out – this is what I’m having problems with.

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