Springwell Clinic Juvederm Volift Lip Fillers

I certainly inherited my fathers deflated top lip when it came to dishing out the genes and as a result I have a thin, shapeless, slanted and uneven smile due to natural asymmetry. I’ve already had lip fillers twice in the past for which the results lasted several months at a time but nobody ever mentioned my asymmetry until I visited the Springwell Clinic in Marlow for a lip filler consultation. I hope that you’ll find this video log of my procedure informative and invite you to ask me any questions you may have in the comment box below.

The fresh and modern Springwell Clinic is set on the Oxford Road in Marlow with pay and display carparks just a short stroll away. I was greeted by a very pleasant receptionist as I arrived five minutes before my appointment and was shown to a spacious and serene waiting room to flick through glossy magazines with a glass of chilled water. Set across two floors bathed in pristine white walls with a splash of cobalt blue accessories, I admired the certificates and awards on the walls and was informed that the clinic first opened its doors two years ago.

Nurse Libbie Wallace has such a welcome and warming nature and instantly put me at ease when we began discussing my lips. She immediately picked up on what I call my Elvis lip, whereby I raise the left hand side of my face more so than the right which pulls on my lip and eyebrow at an angle. She explained that this is called a hyperactive muscle movement and can be corrected with additional treatments which was fantastic to hear as I hadn’t been aware of this before and had accepted my fate of always being lopsided. I explained that I also have my lips tattoo’d with semi-permanent makeup to enhance my cupids bow and wanted to add more definition and volume to my top lip without looking fake or out of proportion.

My Cupids Bow Is Enhanced By Juvederm Volift For Greater Volume And Definition

After completing my consent form Libbie began by removing the makeup from around my lips and mouth and cleansing the area before applying a numbing cream for several minutes to make the procedure more manageable as the lips can be tender. Being on my period I always have an outbreak of spots with each cycle and it just so happened to be the day when they were at their worst, thankfully directly after I’d had my treatment I could reapply makeup to my chin to hide the spots and continue with my day because it’s such an instant and discreet procedure. I’m typically more sensitive to pain on my period but this process was mostly unnoticeable and I took the opportunity to lay back on the bed, close my eyes and unwind.

The procedure involved injecting 2 x1ml syringes of Juvederm Volift filler into my lips and peri oral area to correct my asymmetry, which is the space between my lips and nose, and something I haven’t experienced before when having lip fillers. Typically I would have a 1ml syringe of filler for a single treatment solely to my lips as it’s best to start small rather than overfilling the lip and looking out of proportion, but as the area around my lips was also treated this is why I had two syringes this time. Targeting the area above my lips allowed Libbie to rebuild lost volume and balance the alignment of my top lip which gave me a more even smile. As the area was entirely numb from the cream I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort throughout but I had a mild sensation that my lips were being squeezed as the skin was positioned to insert the ultra-fine needle. The treatment itself took around half an hour and not only did it lift the slant from my uneven smile but also left my lips beautifully plump and smooth as it evens out vertical lines caused by pursing the lips.

Springwell Clinic Juvederm Volift Lip Fillers

If you’re not a fan of needles then this is a calm and fairly quick procedure that you can easily close your eyes for and be none the wiser as to what’s actually going on. I was able to speak to Libbie throughout and use a handheld mirror that she provided me with to see the areas that she was working on, giving my feedback throughout and feeling reassured and involved in the process. Libbie spaced several injections across the borderline and body of my top and bottom lips, slowly releasing a natural hyaluronic acid, which the body loses with age, in the form of a smooth gel directly into the desired areas for instant volume. The gel also contains Lidocaine which is an anaesthetic to make the treatment even more comfortable above and below the surface of the skin and as you can see from the video I can’t feel a thing – although I blink for fun!

It’s natural for the lips to bleed from the tiny pin-prick sites for which pressure is applied with a gauze for a few seconds and then it stops. Immediately after treatment my lips are beautifully plump, hydrated and more youthful looking. The results typically last between 6-12 months and it’s advised that you avoid touching the lips or applying makeup directly to the area for the first 4hrs to reduce the risk of infection. You should also avoid intense heat such as saunas and sun beds for the first 48hrs and there can be a slight discomfort, redness, stinging or itching to the lips as well as swelling and bruising which typically subsides between 2-14 days; so if you’re looking to have a perfect pout for a special occasion or holiday then make sure you book it for a few weeks before. Despite my lips being slightly swollen post-treatment I’ve not had any bruising this time or side-effects and as I don’t suffer from cold sores I didn’t have to take any preventative measures. I’m absolutely thrilled with my results and can’t stop smiling; bringing balance to my lips has given me just the je ne said quoi that I needed!

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