Taga10 Real World Dating

I have a bit of an obsession with the TV show CatFish, you know the one where people fall in love online talking for months on end or even years to their crush, but when it comes to meeting up in the real world it turns out they’ve actually lied about their age, occupation, relationship status or even used fake pictures from a random persons profile to lure you in; they’re not who they said they were, they’re a Catfish. I guess in this modern day it’s far too easy to hide behind a computer screen and pretend to be something that we’re not, and I’ve had many people set up fake profiles online using pictures of me and actually pretending to be me which is crazy. So the only way to be sure of a person is to meet them in the flesh, yet that’s a pretty scary idea if you’re not feeling so brave to jump straight in there and break the ice. Cue Taga10!

Taga10 Real World Dating

Taga10 Real World Dating

Taga10 have created the most ingenious concept to find a date in the real world by using clever QR codes printed onto clip tags that you can discreetly clip onto a potential partner that catches your eye when out and about. Perhaps clip it to the back of a guys hood, a girls coat, a dogs collar in the park, work colleagues keyboard, a shopping bag or even a gym locker the possibilities are endless. Keep a few in your pocket each time that you go out and if you see somebody who catches your eye then tag them, and when they scan the QR code it will individually link back to your online profile via the taga10 app.

You can leave your tagees messages, put some info about yourself or remain a complete mystery as you’re free to chat privately without exchanging any contact details until you both feel ready to. Think of it like a cross between a business card and Valentine’s card to reach out to the partner of your dreams, your lifelong crush or to tell somebody you fancy them and spark up a romance.

The tags are perfect to take on a night out where you’re bound to have somebody catch your eye, and rather than feeling shy or awkward you can stand next to someone at the bar, clip a tag on them and walk off into the crowd; when your crush discovers the compliment of being tagged as a 10/10 and connects with you online you can begin getting to know each other via the in-app SMS chat and perhaps arrange a date. The tags are available in a range of colours and each one is coded specifically to your profile, posted through your letterbox in a discreet box in sets of ten.

So if you watch your crush lovingly everyday from afar, fancy the newbie at work or spot a scorcher standing in a queue then tag them and let them know. I’m seriously tempted to get a group of girlfriends together for a fun night out with a few boxes of tags so that I can point to all the gorgeous guys that I see on the dance floor, making it their mission to go and tag them for me like a high-heeled military operation to find me a husband. The Taga10 tags are a fantastic gift for friends, family and loved ones and makes getting Catfished a thing of the past!

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