Veet Easy Wax Roll On Kit

Today I attempted to make history by quashing my fear of home waxing once and for all. I was determined to erase the horrific teenage memories of burning my legs with dripping hot wax, as I left the cloth strips stuck to my fuzzy shins, too busy crying like a baby to bare the thought of pulling them off. The Veet Easy Wax promised to deliver salon results at home so we’ll see how this adult newbie gets on.

Veet Easy Wax Electric Roll On

Veet Easy Wax Electric Roll On

The Veet Easy Wax is an electrical roll-on which comprises of a handset that you insert a wax cartridge into and heat up. No pots of boiling water, microwaves or clunky equipment, just a tidy little handheld unit that does it all for you. The salon-grade wax is specially formulated with natural beeswax making it suitable for all skin types, and it can cling to hairs as short as 2mm, with skin remaining smooth for up to four weeks.

It is impossible to get it wrong, as the handset heats the wax and maintains it at the correct temperature, with a red light to show that it’s on and a melt time of just twenty minutes. The kit comes with a handset, one 50ml roll-on wax refill, twelve non-woven strips, four depilatory wipes in individual sachets, a base to hold the handset, a mains supply, instruction leaflet and two year guarantee. You simply click the wax refill into the handset, stand it on its base and plug it into the mains. The red light comes on to show that it is heating, and twenty minutes later you are ready to go.

I peeled open my strips and had them near by ready, pressing the smooth roller of the handset against my shin as I moved downwards from knee to ankle. The wax is a pretty bright pink colour so that you can see where you’ve been and it feels warm and lovely on the skin. It’s recommended that you remove the wax as quickly as possible to get the best results, so after standing my handset back on the base I pressed a strip ontop of the wax, rubbing the back of it with my hand to ensure it was well stuck, then held the lowest part of the strip, took a deep breath and whipped it quickly upwards towards my knee.

I have to admit I was nervous as anything about doing the first strip because my first and only experience of home waxing as a teen left me petrified, and since then I’ve only ever been waxed at a salon, but not very often as I mostly shave. I literally had the biggest smile ever on my face as I held the finished strip in my hand, mammal-like fuzzy from my copious amounts of leg hair, and as I looked down at my gorgeously silky smooth shin I couldn’t help but laugh triumphantly. I did it! All by myself and without any pain or fuss. From that point on I could hardly contain my excitement as I stuck, rubbed, whipped and stripped both of my lower legs. There’s something strangely therapeutic about waxing your own legs, as seeing the offending black hairs sticking to the strip afterwards is fascinating, leaving behind fresh and glowing flawless skin as it exfoliates away the dead cells too.

Granted I wasn’t the most logical waxer, as my placement of wax was a little sporadic to start with, so I ended up finishing by going over odd triangular patches that I’d missed. By the time I got to the second leg I waxed my legs in straight lines from one point all of the way back round and it was far quicker and efficient. I don’t know how much wax I used as the cartridge is opaque, but I’m pretty sure there’s more left for next time as I only did the lower section of my legs so I’d imagine I’ve used a little under half of the refill.

Turning off my handset and peeling open the wipes, I smoothed over my legs leaving them glossy and moisturised, picking up any little pieces of pink wax left over, which there wasn’t a lot. My legs feel amazing right now, they’re speckled red from the follicles being open, just like at a salon, but there’s not a hair in sight. I’d left my leg hair a few weeks to get it to just over 1cm and it was the ideal length to catch in the wax and come out easily. Now I am feeling like a very proud and independent woman for totally owning my second ever attempt at home waxing thanks to Veet! It took around ten minutes to wax both of my legs, now that I have my handset I simply have to buy a refill to wax again in a month or so depending on how fast my hair grows. It’s cost effective, practical and convenient, and for that it gets a huge thumbs up.

The Veet Easy Wax Roll On Kit costs £29.99, with a 50ml wax refill costing just £9.99 available from most leading supermarkets and beauty stores. There are individual wax types for legs, arms, underarms and bikini line, with sensitive options also available to suit your every need.

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